Tonsillectomy Day 10 -Strep After Tonsillectomy?

Tonsillectomy Recovery Day Ten


A collection of various experiences of adult tonsillectomy patients on their tenth day of recovery

From thousands of post comments to the tonsillectomy recovery forum, I have assembled a sampling of various accounts and impressions of tonsillectomy recovery for each day. Below I share comments about tonsillectomy day 10. These comments are taken from tonsillectomy patients who were kind enough to share their experiences to help others as they navigate the bumpy road of tonsillectomy recovery.
Many will experience depression toward the end of of their tonsillectomy recovery.

Depression after tonsillectomy

Depression After Tonsillectomy?

Please feel free to add your own experience with tonsillectomy day 10.
-Greg Tooke 

Tonsillectomy Day 10 -Strep After Tonsillectomy?

Tonsillectomy Day 10

  •  Tonsillectomy Day 10 :First day of narcotic withdrawl.  This lasts thru day 14 or 15
  • Tonsillectomy Day 10 : day 11, 12 if you count surgery day, and my throat still feels enough pain that I only want liquids and super-mushy things. After the scrambled-egg attempt two days ago I got a little downhearted… like, Can’t I even eat THIS? Maybe I will try them again today.
  • Tonsillectomy Day 10 : Post-Op: Day Ten
  • I actually got sleep again last night. All in all, I’m feeling pretty good today. It feels like most of my scabs are gone, so that’s a plus. I went out for the majority of the day. Like I said before, it feels awesome to get out after being secluded in my house for such a long time! I took Tylenol at 12:00am and I’m feeling pretty good. By pretty good, I mean I can swallow pretty well, but now what it feels like is a bad case of strep throat (yes, that is a good thing)!  Still couldn’t eat much today. I guess I could physically eat soft food (pasta, soft bread, etc.) but since I’m not fully healed yet, I’m a little scared to do something that will push me back in recovery. So I stuck to peaches, yogurt drinks, water, etc…all of the usual stuff!
  • Post-Op: Day Eleven
  • Well, I did pretty good medication wise. I took my meds again at 12:00am; that means I waited 24hours between 2 doses of meds. It feels like I took a step back in my recovery process. My sleep was scattered and after waking up every hour to drink water, I was beyond exhausted when I woke up this morning.  Even though I did drink a lot last night, my throat was still very dry. And swallowing today is a little harder than yesterday; it still feels like there is a ball in my throat. So, as you can imagine, I haven’t eaten much today either. I’m a little tired of not being able to eat as I sit on the couch, watching my family eat all of my favorite meals – what can I say, I’m a little hostile at this point! The pain isn’t bad enough that I need to take medication again, it’s just very uncomfortable. Well, I decided after 11 days, I was able to drive today and that felt good also (not having to rely on people feels awesome). When I was in the car, I decided to look into my throat (because the natural light made it easier for me too see) and I still see A LOT of white! I’m not sure why I have so many scabs left at day 11, but it sucks. Why can’t I be one of those lucky people that loose all of their scabs on day 8! I wish! Other than that, I’m not that miserable today.
  • Tonsillectomy Day 10 : day 10-, 12 if you count surgery day, and my throat still feels enough pain that I only want liquids and super-mushy things. After the scrambled-egg attempt two days ago I got a little downhearted… like, Can’t I even eat THIS? Maybe I will try them again today.
  • Tonsillectomy Day 10 : day 10 (40/f). took lortab last night at 9 p.m. and have taken nothing since. not to say it doesn’t hurt, but it feels more like a normal sore throat, and let’s face it, i’ve been dealing with that for years w/out relying on tylenol or meds
  • Tonsillectomy Day 10 :Day 10,
  • Feeling much better now, thanks. Still a little pain in the ears, but bearable. Seriously , If you can get a hold of Tylenol Liquid Rapid Blast in your neck of the woods, get it. goes down easily. And eating much more now, try to gain back a few of the 20 lbs. I lost, course some things still taste funny / odd. And I can start to sing again. (actually better than before). Hopefully My tongue swelling will go down.
  • Tonsillectomy Day 10 : Day 10–my boyfriend ordered pizza for us. I had to eat some real food and this is what I was craving. BEST PIZZA EVER!! Couldn’t eat the crunchy edge pieces like I like, but the soft middle pieces were amazing. Throat still hurts a lot, especially in the middle of the night, but only taking advil at this point, every 6 hours.
  • Tonsillectomy Day 10 (post-op day 11) and beyond:
  • From here every day had less pain and discomfort. I was able to slowly return to a regular diet. It took few more days to get my throat muscles to become less tired when swallowing, My uvula and soft palate still felt weird for a while.

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  1. I’m on day 9 not counting surgery day still in pain and still on pain meds. I don’t think this will ever end.

  2. I am 21 and finally on day 10 and I am starting to feel like myself again! I couldn’t be happier. The pain I’m feeling right now just feels like I have a strep throat which is no big deal compared to the other days of my recovery. Like most, days 1-3 were relatively simple. Yes, they were uncomfortable and painful but nothing like days 4-8.
    Days 1-3: I was in pain, but it was manageable. Took my percocet every 6 hrs as prescribed. These days went by fast because I pretty much slept through all the days and nights. At this point I was thinking that this recovery isn’t going to be that bad if I can just sleep through the pain. On these days, very cold foods/drinks like frozen yogurt, ice cold water, and milkshakes felt the best on my throat.
    Day 4-8: During these days I found warmer foods to be helpful. I tried scrambled eggs, oatmeal, warmed applesauce and that’s pretty much it. The ear pain started during these days which is not fun. My throat was extremely sore and I wanted to cry every time I swallowed. I couldn’t wait to take my percocet every 6 hrs, I was in so much pain. I started taking it every 4 hours on days 5-6 because I think those were the worst days for me. The nights were the worst. I would just sit there and put ice packs on my neck and sit on the edge of the couch (I slept propped up on the couch every night, so uncomfortable) and slowly but surely sip my water during the night. I found warm water to be the least painful, anything too hot or too cold would hurt. Sometimes in the night I would add some honey to my warm water and I felt that the honey coated my throat nicely and made it feel a bit better. I would be so scared to go back to sleep because every time I would wake up I would be in excruciating pain due to my throat drying out. I would set my alarm for every 30 mins to wake up and drink water which was miserable. I even had a humidifier right next to my head which I think helped a little bit. I was exhausted. I didn’t sleep for more than 2 hrs in total until the 8th night going to the 9th day. I was so relieved when I finally slept for 4 hours at a time and woke up in pain, nonetheless, but it wasn’t excruciating. Also the fact that I was starving didn’t help matters. I just wanted REAL food, not applesauce or babyfood or oatmeal. It was so frustrating. And not being able to talk without being in pain, and then when I did talk my voice was so soft and barely audible. The combination of not sleeping, not eating, not being able to talk, and pain is a horrible one. I would cry to my boyfriend and mom (crying hurts a lot, try to control yourself) because I just wanted it to be over and I felt like I would never see relief. But then came day 9…
    Days 9-10: I actually slept for like 7 hrs in total (woke up like 2 times to take my pills and drink). It was amazing although I’m still in pain. I feel like compared to what it was like, this is not anywhere near as bad. This feels like the first time throughout my recovery that I’ve smiled because I just feel so relieved that it’s coming to an end. Today is my last day of Percocet and then I’ll just start using tylenol as needed. Day 10 as you can imagine was even better than day 9. Like I mentioned earlier it just felt like I had Strep which is fine by me, anythings better than what It was like just a few days ago.
    I am so thankful for this website, those nights when I couldn’t sleep I would read this blog and find peace in knowing that I’m not the only one that went through this. I would read people’s day 10 stories and think AHHH I will never get there, but here I am, on day 10. It feels great.

  3. hi thanks!! i actually have been pushing food because if i don’t take something with my pain meds it is complete hell so i’d rather suffer with my throat. i tried some really soft popcorn before and it was ok for the first few and then one got stuck in my throat and never again!! basically all i can really tolerate is soup, oatmeal, soft pancakes, soft crab cakes, soft oven roasted chicken, rice, and flounder. i just started with these foods this week though so my first week of recovery i really only ate soup and oatmeal and the occasional pancake since they are really fluffy and soft. I am on day 11 now and still feel crappy but definitely not as bad as the first week. i am soooo tempted to eat chocolate but i know i cannot just yet. i was at the mall today and had not eaten for like 6 hours so i needed something and i got chicken teriyaki with rice but threw it out because it was too hard to eat 🙁 wishing this nightmare will end! the ear pain is not as bad as it was but still there. i unfortunately am still feeling enough pain to have to take my pain meds which sucks because i want to stop them asap, but soon enough i will. hope you are doing better and have a smooth recovery 🙂

  4. hi, Emily! I’m having some ear pain too! I heard some people say heating pads or warm compresses help them, but personally I felt more relief putting an ice pack on my ears! Chewing gum helps my ears but burns my throat– may be worth a shot. I also had my doctor prescribe benzocaine ear drops and they work wonderfully! Hope you feel better soon– I can’t wait to sleep without being in pain, and I can’t wait for a real meal!

  5. i am on day 10 and i need some advice! i started having severe ear pain around days 7-8 and it only seems to be getting worse! i feel like i have a lot of pressure in my head and constant ear pain. the only thing that stops this ear pain is when i take my pain meds but lately they haven’t really been working! any advice on to how to help soothe this pain? thanks!

  6. I have had a difficult and very painful recovery similar to many experiences I’ve read on the Internet. I’m on Day 10 now and feel good as new. I woke up this morning and didn’t even take Tylenol until after I showered. This is the opposite of everyday up until yesterday. The best thing I could advise to anyone going through pain after a tonsillectomy is GO TO YOUR DOCTOR AND GET A STEROID SHOT! Up until I did i couldn’t even swallow saliva without trembling. I was terrified to sleep knowing the pain would be overwhelming when I woke. I wasnt even able to speak a word for 8 days straight.
    I wondered if this painful experience would ever end.
    The moment I got the shot it turned everything around. I feel human again. I ate solid foods like chicken and veggies and rice!!!!!!!! Up until then jello and water put me on my ass.
    I feel brand new and so thankful this experience is coming to an end.
    So if you’re suffering please go get a shot. You will thank me.

  7. Day 5 was my worst day as well but I woke up on day 6 with nothing more than a regular sore throat and I have been peachy ever since. The pain doesn’t last long, and the relief is dramatic. I did lose 8 pounds and sound like I inhaled helium but its pretty funny and I am hoping it isn’t permanent. One thing that really helped me was putting an ice pack on my throat. Try that! I hope it works and good luck on the rest of your recovery!

  8. My recovery has been pretty easy, and I am on day 11. Days 3-5 were the worst pain I have ever felt in my life but day 6 on has been amazing. It feels like a regular sore throat and I can eat almost anything. I do sound like I inhaled helium and my friends and boyfriend and myself are getting a kick out of it 😀 If you do as the doctor says and take care of yourself you should be back on your feet in no time! Best of luck

  9. So currently I’m researching online other people’s experiences and wondering if mine are the same. OMG it’s day 5 for me post-op and I feel like there is something huge stuck in my throat. I just want this feeling to go away. Yesterday I took 4 baths because being in the hot water made every pain temporarilly go away. I am on Tylenol and OXY. I stopped the OXY because it’s making me absolutely sick to my stomach. The children’s tylenol isn’t doing much for me…I need some help on how to get through this. I am following every direction my doctor told me to, but I’m in excruciating pain!!!!

  10. Day 10, pain is between 3-7 out of 10. Pain is more apparant during mealtimes. Cheated a little with pasta and macdonalds hotcakes 🙂 pain was rather bearable, but as it got dry it hurts a little. The moment it gets hydrated, pain comes in. Oh, found out an awesome way to drink water without much pain, mix isotonic drink with water with plenty of ice, it goes down the throat easily! Breath is horrendous! Pains were more notable at the corner of my tongue meeting the throat, it radiates towards the ears. Pain felt like ulceration. Throat feels a bit scratchy and dry.

  11. What should I expect on day 10 after tonsil operation? I’m going to have to go to school regardless if its day 10 for me :'( what should I expect?

  12. Hi Everyone! I had my OP on 26th June so on Day 9 recovery. Wow what an intense journey this has been. Today is the first day I feel “better”. I still have a very sore throat and it’s excruciating to swallow anything or talk but I have started reducing pain meds and have not taken a nap today. I will try and stay awake all day. Thanks for all the support this forum has been a life saver. Together we are stronger! Day 9 survivor

  13. Hi Sarah! My name’s Kaci, i’m 16, and I had my surgery on June 20th as well. I have lost the scab on the right side of my throat, but not on the left. The reason that your throat is in so much pain is because your scabs haven’t fallen off yet. They are tightening, (it will be incredibly painful i’m sorry to say). The scab on the right side of my throat is still there, and it’s causing a good amount of pain. The first day that the scabs fall off will feel amazing, but don’t eat anything that will aggravate your throat like chips, and pizza. Today, the left side of my throat feels like a case of strep, and the right side is still pretty painful. I am going to try and take my medication every 12 hours. I hope that I helped you to see what it will feel like, and have a quiet, lazy day!!

  14. Day 10 after coblation tonsillectomy on 6/20. Last night, I had much less pain than I’ve had lately – I thought I might even make it through the whole night (and morning) pain-free, but I think I was sleeping with my mouth open toward the end of the night, and I woke up with pain again. In a reversal of the pattern I’ve had the last few days, the pain stuck with me for most of the day rather than receding into the background. It was all throat pain, the kind where you don’t really want to swallow. I stuck to soft foods again and made sure to drink lots of water and slushies.

    I do continue to feel better overall, though, and I went out and did various errands today. I was out and missed my Tylenol dose at 2:30, and I definitely felt that. Chewing gum helped alleviate the pain. I’ve also found that if I am chewing gum while lying down with my head on some pillows, it seems to help the pain. I think that maybe that position, with the chin down to my chest, helps get the saliva into the right side tonsil bed, which is pretty deep. My pain is basically all on that side at this point. I’m not sure exactly what is causing the pain since the scabs haven’t pulled away yet, but I guess it is all part of healing.

    I keep looking in my throat to see if the scabs have come off, but I still have quite a few large ones, all where the tonsils used to be attached. I guess they are gradually shrinking around the edges, but I am definitely not one of the people who’s done with them. I am assuming that as long as they’re there, I have to worry about bleeding, so I’m staying cautious. My uvula is back to its normal size now, and I can talk for a while (though not at a very high volume) at this point.

    I took the whole coming week off from work but will probably work from home tomorrow and then go back to the office on Tuesday. I do feel up to it at this point and have had enough of being inside my house. Good luck to everyone who is going through this process, too!

  15. Awesome, Martha! You are giving me hope that normal life is not too far off! Very impressive about being totally off pain pills. I’m still on extra-strength Tylenol around the clock. It doesn’t completely get rid of the pain, but I feel so much better overall being off of the oxycodone that it is worth it. Hope you have a great day today!

  16. Post coblation tonsillectomy, day 10: If the scabs were off, I know I’d feel so much better. After having a few small spots cauterized last night, the areas I feel the scabs pulling are extra tender and feel sharp (I can’t think of another way to describe the roughness back there that I did not have before the cautery) when I swallow. The constant sense of having a lump in my throat (again, I’m not sure what is causing it, swallowing against the scabs hanging back there?) is getting old.

    No pain pills today! Nothing. A few Ricola throat drops to sooth that sharp/rough/dry feeling is all.

    I did wake up several times last night, perhaps from a sharp swallow, or bit of scab pulling off (does anyone else think it feels like pulling a band-aid off one hair at a time?). A few sips of cool water and a few minutes for the sharp pain to subside and I was back to sleep.

    I’m getting more and more energy back. It’s great! Too much using my throat to swallow or talk, but especially talk, and I get that strained lump in my throat. So I talk low and soft and as little as possible. I slept in an extra two hours, took one nap today and stayed up until my normal bedtime.

    Aside from not talking much, and the still present scabs and sharp pains that go with them, today felt as normal as can be. I’m almost there!

  17. You will be better before you know it. I was in so much pain, never had any bleeding or anything. Didn’t have to go back and see my doctor either. It took me right at 2 1/2 weeks to feel better. Close to day 12 I was feeling better. My medicine really had me off, I would sleep most of the day, at night I was restless. Than when I was off my medicines completely, I couldn’t sleep, I was emotional and cried and cried it was awful. It’s been 3 months since my surgery and I’m doing great. I feel so much better. I noticed a few weeks ago I got sick with a spring cold, I didn’t have a cough or sore throat, my throat was just super dry feeling. So I knew having my tonsils out was a great idea, cause before if I had a cold, I would lose my voice, tonsils were horrible, throat so sore. I hope you feel better soon. Best wishes

  18. Well I just finished day 10. Day 9 was better and the first day I actually went out and did things. I was able to talk better and enjoyed the day. But I think I overdid it, cuz I thought I was well enough to go to church. I was ok at the beginning but we had to have the service in the basement(due to our church being run over by donations for an elderly apartment complex that was destroyed by a fire) and it was really warm and humid today. I was ok til halfway through the sermon when i became very sweating and it was a cold sweat and I felt very sick. I ended up laying on my moms arm and almost fell asleep. Left right after church and came home to rest. Still been taking my hyrodoc. cuz the pain has still been non-stop for me. But I am almost out of these news meds. I’m thinking I will go back to the Tylenol with codeine and try to spread it out more. Sounds like it might be time to just start getting off the strong meds. I have been very forgetful on my antibiotic. Forgot to take it all day. I will try to remember it in the morning. I’m gonna take the last dose of the new meds before I head to bed. I’m really just praying the pain starts to lessen, I have one week til my post-op appointment with my doctor and I am hoping my pain level will be minimal at that time. Its got to get better right?

  19. I’m post op day 10 and finally starting to feel a little better. The pain in my throat is not bad today, however, my tongue is KILLING me! It hurts so bad to take a drink of water or eat anything. It’s very red. It’s not white (I read the thrush section). Any thoughts on that? I’m hoping once I can finally get to sleep tonight my tongue will have sometime to heal while I’m sleeping. Thank you for this blog. It has been so helpful to both my husband and I.

  20. So today ends day ten and I’ve been off the hydrocodon and amoxicillin ever since day 6. I had to start up work and needed to start driving myself around and after the day 4-7 vomiting episodes I refuse to take anything that makes me nauseous. The meds are a vicious cycle of being sick because you have no food in you, yet you can’t keep food down from getting sick. If the pain got bad I’d just take two idbuprofen. Which only happened twice. Once when I tried to eat pineapple. And the other happened when I ate some Mongolian shrimp on accident after it was tossed into my fried rice to go container. Though now after day 10 my throat is no longer all white and there are just a couple of white spots and the rest is a healthy pink. I also ate a delicious black bean, egg, cheese, and jalapeño wrap for breakfast and some spicy gumbo soup for lunch due to all the bad weather. I can say that I am so sorry for what some of you are going through, but my first 3 days were completely pain free. And like most. 4-6 were the worst. Not because of any throat pain, but just because of all the pink vomit that came out of my nose and mouth for three hours straight at a time. After the sickness and constipation were out of my system, the pain was gone.

    I just want everyone to know that even though some days were terrible, they all aren’t. And even though some of you are still recovering, I promise once you get past the sick and dry throat spells, you will be so full of energy.

    One more note. After I stopped with the hydrocodon because my throat didn’t hurt much, my mouth became crazy wet and still is. I had to keep a spit cup with me so that I wouldn’t have to swallow every few seconds. And even though you think that because there’s spit, you don’t need water. You’re dead wrong.


  21. I am having more pain on the back of my tongue than my throat. I think I have thrush 🙁 Had ENT paged 3 times, but no return call.

  22. Dee…im currently on day 11 and YES…I had bathroom issues, took a softner but took too much on day 4…so if you take one be careful. and yes I had the cold feeling all the time. My theory is your body is busy healing your tonsillectomy and regulating temperature is secondary. I just turned up the heat and did the best i could…the good news is that yesterday I pretty much dont have the “cold all the time feeling”.

  23. Day 9. I’m off of the perscription pain meds. I only use ibuprofen if needed. I have been feeling a little sick. I have the runs(TMI).i had a sugar graving yesterday and gv in bad idea. I was so nauseous.i have been running a low grade fever but doc said its fine. I’m healing good. I still hv a long way to go for the scabs he said overall I’m doin fine. Did anyone have any bowel problems or the feeling of being cold all the time?

  24. Day 10.. after 3 bad bleeds 7 nights in hospital nil by mouth & antibiotics pumped into my veins im finaly home. Dont feel like im going to die today. I can eat a little more today. Feels like a normal sore throat. There is light at the end of the tunnel

  25. It’s day 10 for me, I’m feel great, just a little pain nothing like before. Eating today was pain free and i was so happy. I had was in so much pain, so far i haven’t had any bleeding. Do the scabs dissolve? Ready to be fully back to normal.

  26. Day 10 after surgery, I woke up this morning expecting a dry throat and lots of pain. It was a pleasant surprise to have only a dry throat and not as much pain. The past 9 days have been beyond horrible. Thankfully, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I’m looking forward to pizza and wings as soon as possible!

    Thanks for putting this site together Greg and to those who added their experiences. The amount of information I received over the past days has been priceless! I only wish I would have found this site before my surgery. I will certainly recommend it to anyone I know who is going to have their tonsils removed!

    On a positive note, I did loose 16 lbs in 10 days on this Percocet and oatmeal diet I’ve been on.

  27. Had surgery 2/11/14. So from the start I was given Vicodin and a liquid steroid starting day 2 for 2 days. Took 2 Vicodin every 6 hours and the liquid steroid. Still hurt after day 2 liquid steroid wore off. So, I had some oral steroid pills (prednisone or something like that) from my last sore throat/headache issus I had (20mg pills). I still hurt and swelled on day 3, so I took the steroids. I took them them till I ran out on day 8 (I tried on day 5 to just do ibuprofen but I coughed and saw a little bit of blood so went back to the steroid). From later on Day 8 started 800mg ibuprofen every 6 hours and kept the doing the 2 Vicodin every 8 hours (instead of 6 hours). I’m on day 14 and back at work. I am still doing ibuprofen every 6 hours and 1 Vicodin at night when it is the worse and still on mushy foods with a little bit of ground turkey, or hamburger, or chicken like foods. AND YES THE DR TOLD ME NOT TO TAKE IBUPROFEN BUT DID IT ANYWAYS. IT HELPED WITH THE SWELLING (WHICH THE STEORID DID AS WELL)!!! And by taking the swelling down you can eat (mushy foods) and drink more to help with the healing process. Also I wouldn’t have been able to back off the Vicodin without the ibuprofen.

  28. Day 10 – Well good news and bad today. I still woke up in an extreme amount of pain BUT it didnt take until the afternoon to at least get to a comfortable point. Throughout the afternoon I was able to skip a couple Diuladid doses and just use the extra strenth tylenol. I agree with everyone that is noticing it seems to help differently than the narcotics. I actually left the house today in an attempt to get fresh air and MAYBE some food. I was able to have a small amount of the lunch that ordered but WOW does it feel good to be able to chew things and swallow them. The pain was still there but I now see an end in sight. Right now my biggest problem is my voice. From the beginning of this surgery I have sounded like a chipmunk. That doesnt seem to be going away. Has anyone else had this problem? I sound horrible and when I do try and carry on a conversation it really starts to hurt my throat. Aside from that I might be seeing a small light at the end of this hell hole. Here’s to hoping!!

  29. Day 10 – December 29th
    My pain was still pretty bad today, but I have forced myself to back off on the hydrocodone. I had been taking it every 3 hours, but I have backed off to every 4 hours to help wean myself off before I run out. If the pain gets really bad I am supplementing with a little extra Tylenol between doses, but it doesn’t seem to help much. It is better than ending up running out in a couple days and still feeling like I need it every 3 hours though!

    I am so desperate for real food. One thing I have found super depressing from reading all the posts on here is about everyone losing weight. I weighed myself the morning before my surgery. By the next day I had gone UP 3 pounds! After 10 days of nothing but liquids, I am still up 1 pound from where I started. All these people who have posted about losing 10, 15, even 20 pounds made me so optimistic (because I do have some weight I wouldn’t mind losing.) And yet, here I am gaining weight. Ugh!

  30. well.. day 10 of my recovery, Im 27 and am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! I noticed I started to feel a little better yesterday and today still have pain but can finally talk better and get out of bed more often to get myself water and ice. My scabs started coming off during the night of day 7, lots of drooling and spitting and trying to get water back there without choking myself just to spit it out, I was too scared to gargle. I still have white back there and almost have a metallic taste in my mouth from my throat, but is much easier to swallow now. I still have pain, more like a tonsillitis pain, (this is a good thing because I never want to go back to the pain I had for the first 7 days). My tongue is still really weird felling, I think its from all the pain meds, its still a little numb but just a weird icky feeling. still cant eat anything really. tried some soft green beans today, still burned. so I just kept drinking water and drinking my meal replacement drinks.

    A few suggestions to anyone who is about to have this procedure done or who is in the early days of recovery,

    -drink a TON of water, it will hurt, but drink, because if you don’t, the pain increases about 1000 times if your throat gets dry.
    -If at any time you do forget to drink water or you fall asleep, (sleep is your worst enemy the first 3-5 days), immediately go into your bathroom, shut the door, and turn your shower on HOT and let the steam fill the room, stay in the bathroom and breath this is for as long as you can stand it. this saved me on several occasions. Even when my meds were wearing off and still had to wait another hour, I would go into the bathroom and breath in the stream. It helps A LOT!
    -use a humidifier in your bedroom and keep you bedroom door closed throughout the night. this helps to keep the moist air in.
    -get a little kitchen timer or some kind of easy timer to re-set (because you will be exhausted with lack of sleep from the first 3-5 days) and set it for every 15-20 min to take a sip of water. ICE COLD WATER.
    -get meal replacement drinks to help with not being able to eat anything. I drink boost plus, it has lots of vitamins and protein. mix this with water to thin it out because it can be too thick by itself (I suggest using travel mugs or any kind of “sippey” cup) and then of coarse, add ice.
    -stock up on ice bags! I went though a bag of ice a day. between my drinks, and ice bags for my throat.
    -use ice bags on your throat as soon as you get home from the hospital. this helps a lot with swelling and just overall pain in general. Especially when you ears start to hurt, which they will, this will help ease the pain. I still use ice packs whenever I start to feel the pain getting strong.
    -don’t lay down flat! always prop yourself up 24/7 for the first 6-8 days. laying down flat for some reason makes the pain worse, and propping yourself up also helps with drinking. duh.
    -be careful of sugary foods. these tend to sting your throat just like salty foods. I couldn’t even eat jellow because it was too sugary.
    -stock up on movies. your going to be in your bed for a loooong time.

    Good luck!

  31. When should the pain start to go away I’m 17 and it’s weird cause when I start to eat that’s when the pain starts to come I’m already on day 7 and just wanna eat sold foods already

  32. Hey Sammy- usually about now- days 7 to 8. Everyone is different. People in the UK who eat a rough diet during recovery, seldom mention the event.

    Hope all goes well. Take care!

  33. I’m on Day 10 and feeling soo much better. Still tired, a little weak and throat pain when swallowing BUT finally feeling better! I came back to Uni on Day 8 and the first day was tough and I think it may have slowed down my recovery slightly the last few days but it has made me get out of the ‘I’m sick’ mentality. All my white scabs had come off by evening of day 8 however yesterday I noticed the areas were the scabs was have started to go very red and since yesterday have gradually risen and the areas are now very raised and now seem to be going white again. Is this normal? Does anyone know what this could be? Would be great if anyone knows anything- thanks 🙂

  34. Woke up feeling pretty good. Had a normal breakfast of scrambled eggs and an actual piece of toast! It tastes soooo good. Still hurts to swallow but the tongue pain is remarkable improved . I still have some scabbing and am kinda shocked and the deep holes where my tonsils once were.
    My voice gives out when I talk too much now – but hopefully that will improve soon as wel!
    I will post in follow up as soon as I am 100% without pain.
    All in all, this was pretty hard. But I am 100% glad to be rid of those nasty tonsils!

  35. day 10 monday finally has come after what seemed like an eternity! I still woke up with pain in the throat from sleeping a good 6 hours even with humidifier. But after 2 cups of ice cold water and mouth gargle I was ok soon. The rest of the day was pretty good only slight pain when I swallow my pasta chickens soup. I’m feeling more positive and optimistic and cant wait to binge eat again on everything from hamburgers to pizzas and steaks. I will try and be good and wait till the scabs come off completely before then even though I feel my throat can take it now. Its still white in there so I’ll wait and ask my ENT tomorrow when i have the followup appointment.

  36. Day 10: I think most of the scans have came off! Woohoo! My ear pain seems to have gone away so that’s a bonus. It’s still a bit sore to eat but nevertheless, I feel as though I’m a bit better today 🙂 I did notice a bit of pain from my tongue. I noticed it a couple of days ago as well however today it feels more sore than usual. I had a look in the mirror and on each side of the tongue there are two lines which looks as though they are sores

    Do anyone else have this problem? If so, what have you done to alleviate the pain? I’ve tried poking my tongue out and “stretching” it but I’m not sure if it’s working.

  37. Day 10 (50yo F): I made it… Woohoo! Completely off narcotics and relying only on NSAIDS. Thankfully, I can finally swallow pills so I don’t have to drink those awful elixirs. Went to bed with a warmed neck collar and it was very relaxing Took meds before bed (10pm), sipped water at midnight, woke up at 2am and took a little more, then slept until 5am. First night I didn’t set alarms and just let m body tell me what it needed. Feel great this morning. My throat is still tender, but I’m so glad to be here. There are only a few small white patches left way in the back. One side is far more healed than the other. I notice this while swallowing and all along.

    If you are going through this and reading ahead or planning surgery, remember to be patient and take care of your needs. Do what you can to be comfortable.

  38. DAY 10: 30 years old and had tonsillectomy (with adenoids removed too)
    Well almost all of the scabs have fallen off at this point and there is so much brand new skin in my throat…brand new skin which is super sensitive to EVERYTHING. It is amazing to me how something as simple as water, just plain room temperature water, can make my throat burn for a solid 5 minutes (I timed it) after taking the littlest sip.
    My doctor is prescribing a liquid steriod for the canker sores on my tongue so I can attempt to start swallowing without so much pain. They are also prescribing these lollipops that numb your whole mouth…crazy. Maybe once my whole mouth is numb I can attempt to eat something again.
    I did manage to get 4 full hours of sleep last night, the most at one time during recovery. I knew it was going to hurt when I woke up no matter what so I slept through my pain med time and just dealt with the pain afterwards. The pain sucked but the sleep was good.
    I feel very disconnected from the world due to being in my recovery bubble for over a week now. I am still not talking very much and when I do talk I get very exhausted and lose my voice. Doctor’s office said today that I might want to wait a few days later than originally thought to return to work part time (next week was going to be all part time days and then return fully the week after that). I’m gonna wait until Friday to make that decision…but if I had to make it today I would definately take a little more time.

  39. I’m day 8 and as you said, reading ahead looking for a brighter future! Thanks for the encouragement! Ouch….

  40. Day 10 – Well, I’d say that the worst is over. I’ve had very minimal to no pain for the last 3 or 4 days, which is amazing and I’m very thankful for that fact. The only problem that I am experiencing is that the right side of my throat where my tonsil used to be still seems to be a little swollen and tender. Its nothing too painful but it’s definitely irritating.

  41. Day 10, Gosh it’s been a long journey to here! Woke in pain as usual, however soon taken care of with meds. Still needs ibroprofen for day and paracetamol, but only need Strong tablets with codene for the dose at bed time – It just gives me a good 4hours-sleep with the stronger tablets, 6 hours last night infact. Got my appetite back today as last and managed porridge for breakfast, poached eggs on toast for lunch and a little pasta carbonara for dinner. my throat is not too sore, although at the back of each side of my tongue and underneath it it is quite stingy when I try to eat, although much better today. I don’t know if my scabs have come off yet, I can really see, it still hurts to stretch my mouth so far. Feel back to normal in myself now although not been out yet, want to catch any germs and put back my progress. I have been signed off work for one further week which I need, as talking is tiring and makes my throat sore and also I am still taking meds every 4 hours,I have a very busy job in HR and not talking would be impossible! this said i think my husband has enjoyed the quiet! I am 46 and I Have a suspicion that the older you are the more difficult the recovery seems to be apart from a few lucky people! So be patient everyone, if like me at day 4, 5, 6, 7, You are looking at posts for day 10 thinking I will never get there, take heart you will! Good luck to everyone and I will do one more final update on post recovery in a week or so to share what the next weeks recovery looks like.

  42. I actually had an ok day today. I woke up in less pain. I took the remaining 3 tsp of liquid children’s Advil. I had a party to go to. It was one of those bring a dish to pass Paris. So I was hoping for softer items to be there as well. I tried spaghetti and pasta salad, sauce burns and so does Italian dressing. Whoever made the pasta salad is evil and used spicy pepperjack cheese, that burned something terrible. I brought a bottle of Advil liquid gels with me, and of course it feel out of my pocket never to be seen again right around the time the pain.started to surface! I probably over-did it today with all the taking and telling over loud music. I was annoyed with what little I ate so luckily someone had some extra strength Tylenol I could take, and I ignored the pain and ate some more. Buffalo chicken wing dip is my absolute favorite and I could not pass it up. I think the spiciness if it recauterized my throat because it felt awesome! It was either that or the swig if whiskey I took… I am already starting to sound raspy so I know I overdid the voice part. Throughout the night I felt chunks sliding down my throat, which was both disgusting and relieving. When I looked in the mirror I could see a lot of my scabs were coming if and I almost look normal in there again. I’m excited for this to be over!

  43. Hello. My day 10 post op seems different and that concerns me. First I am constipated, still. I have serious ear pain and feeling of fullness in right ear in particular. I often have bouts of nausea. As far as the pain it is better, Id say a 3, but swallowing without pain meds seriously for me would be a 7. I don’t know. I ate some baked fish yesterday, I am still drinking fluids, eating cottage cheese, peaches, baked tatas (lol as my nephew says) and oatmeal. The ear pain, nausea and constipation is what troubles me. I still feel sluggish. Hopefully someone else has some advice for me. I called the ent office so much my first week, I don’t want to keep rushing to the extreme at my discomfort. I am 42 and have been thankfully healthy most of my life. This was my first surgery. Thanks all! Any advice or comments would help!

  44. I am just getting going on day 10 and I’ll say that I don’t feel like I’ve turned the corner yet. I’m getting to the end of the block I think as the pain is different than Day 7/8. I let my meds run out this morning so I could switch from tylenol to ibuprofen to see if that makes a different. So between 4a and 6a my throat was on FIRE and my Eustachian tubes were painful, burning and each swallow hurt a lot. I didn’t drink enough water yesterday, the pain in the ears is more prohibitive than just throat pain for some reason.

    I’ve been coming her and reading religiously since day 6 and I think it’s helped my mental outlook. This surgery is enough to make you go crazy with feelings of pain and helplessness, then it drags out so long and messes with your sleep. This is like a crime against humanity.

  45. So I just finished day 10 post surgery. I still feel pain but have been cutting back on the painkillers. For me day 6 was the worst pain I felt. I can eat the sidekicks pastas and itcheban noodles well cooked. Tonight I had chicken cut up small in potato salad. And am thinking of trying something more substantial tomorrow.

  46. I consider surgery day #1 because my surgery was at 7am.
    Today is day 10 for me and I am not in any real pain at all. My throat stings a little but nothing horrible. I haven’t taken Tylenol or any other pain meds in about 3 days. I think I’m doing pretty good compared to some peoples stories. I had my follow up with the ENT yesterday and he said my scabs were thinner than most at this point. I Sometimes when I swallow it feels like there is gritty sand in my throat kind of on the back of my tongue. Is this the scabs sloughing off slowly. Its so nasty it makes me have to walk around with a spit cup.

  47. Today I woke up feeling like I had a really bad case of strep throat…let me tell you, as silly as that sounds, that’s excellent news. I’ve been able to talk for short periods of time, can go a little bit longer without my pain meds, and I’m beginning to be able to tolerate chugging water rather than just gingerly sipping and wincing.

    I officially weighed in an exact 20lbs less than I did the morning of my procedure. Can’t say I’m happy about losing that much weight in 10 days time, but I suppose I can’t complain. It’s better than gaining 20lbs anyway. (On a side note, if you want to lose 20lbs, you’ll definitely do it getting your tonsils out after the age of 18)

    Through the last 10 days I’ve had a lot of regret with going through with the surgery, but now I’m starting to feel the positives. I noticed it’s easier to breathe and swallow (minus the pain of course), there’s just a lot more room down there. When I used to try to swallow a pill, it would take two tries sometimes due to my giant ass tonsils, not anymore.

    I’ve also noticed an odd absence of my allergies the last 10 days, mind you, that was my biggest concern going into this was sneezing and coughing while having a burnt throat.

    Would I recommend this surgery to other people who need to get it done, or would like to? Only if you’re ready for probably the worst 10 days of your life. And when everyone tells you that it’s going to be terrible, you better believe them because it really is terrible. If I were given the chance to do it again, I’d say hell no.

  48. Dear god will this ever be over? I’m technically on Day 12, but my ears still hurt, my throat still hurts, I can hardly talk and I’m still eating mushy food!!!!


  49. Ok thanks! I’ll just be ready to lay down at a normal height and not wake up not being opening my mouth in the morning, go back to work next week hoping i can get through!

  50. it varies. USUALLY around days 8 or 9 they’ll begin to slide off while you’re swallowing. People who eat a rough diet throughout-UK and Australia- never really get the scabs.

  51. Try biotine, mouth wash! It helps with dry mouth but I’ve only used it 2x today , this morning nothing had taste. I just drank juice that actually tastes like apple juice!

  52. Thanks quick question, I feel something in the back of my throat I’m guessing the scab how do those normally fall off?

  53. So today woke up with my mouth almost glued shut, thanks to the pain meds, I’m done taking them! Thank goodness I felt ok to go get some biotine mouthwash! Omg felt so much better instantly. Also was able to eat a whole microwave meal and some fruit, it never tasted so good! I see the ENT for my post op tomorrow, even though I saw him yesterday to have a blood vessel fixed. I finally feel like this two week ordeal is almost over, only if he says I can go to work Monday! Hang in there everyone and get excited about the little steps, eventually the big ones will come! This website has been amazing, thanks Greg!

  54. Day 10: No pain for the last two days. Scabs are still there. I ate macaroni and cheese yesterday which went down easy. There was some discomfort but nothing major. Woke up with some minor bleeding. Hoping the scab is coming off. Still no signs of this major pain that is supposed to occur from scabs though. It is deceiving..

  55. Day 10 coblation tonsillectomy: itchy. The pain is gone. I was only on Tylenol the past 2 days and now I don’t need anything. I even have a whole extra bottle of Vicodin that wasn’t needed. Anyway, back to itchy throat. I guess it’s the scabs going away, the itch hits me out of nowhere and I have to chug water nonstop not to cough my brains out. So I’m making sure to always have water and keep chewing gum.

    I felt good enough to walk a mile today but was a bit dizzy when I got home. I haven’t had an appetite since before surgery. I think I need to eat more even if I’m not hungry. Anyways, almost to the finish line! It’s been a good recovery considering. I think once it’s been two weeks I’ll finally relax and stop worrying I’ll become one of the 5%. Shh, can’t say the B word!

  56. Day 10 was pretty good overall. I am out of pain pills, so at this point am only taking Ibuprofen. It works pretty well, but I can tell as it starts wearing off. So there is still some pain, but nothing like before. My other main problem is still with sleeping. I still cannot lay down. My uvula is still huge and immediately falls back and cuts off air in my throat. I am ready to be able to have a decent night’s sleep again! Other than that, I think I am doing great. I ate two real meals today! Scabs keep getting better, but are still there. Getting closer all the time, though!

  57. Depends how old you are. Old procedures made that possible (tonsils degenerating) coz some tissues were left. Newer procedures, not gonna happen.

  58. Nobody told me about the taste thing either ! 🙁 I have eaten pretty much nothing in the last few days because everything tastes absolutely horrible, I would be eating anything and everything despite the pain if it tasted the same by now, and i’m dreading it, i hope it comes back to normal in the next few days 🙁 I need my taste. It better be worth it !!

  59. I hope this was all worth it so far I have not used my cpap machine to many days as the air scares me and i really dries out my throat but day 10 still a little tender especially in the mornings. the doctors all said it would hurt but i guess you need to try it yourself I thought i could handle it having 2 c-sections i thought there would be no problem i was wrong i would never have this done ever again I just hope it will help me hear and breathe better in the long run.

  60. I’m on day 10 of recovery, I posted a few days ago saying that I never regretted getting them out however I’ve changed my mind now lol. My throat is STILL sore, and my jaw hurts when I swallow. The most annoying thing though is that I’ve lost my sense of taste =( Everything I’ve eaten so far doesn’t taste the same or has no taste, and upon researching this it can apparently take months/years/if at all to come back! I’m pretty sure nobody mentioned this to me before I had the OP, and I’m so hoping that is doesn’t take long to return to normal. I’m a very slim person so I can’t afford to be put off food and I love to eat! At the moment, I’m eating some soggy cornflakes…yum. I can still only manage soft foods like custard, rice pudding, fish pie, pasta, had some chicken stir fry the other day but the chicken was hard to swallow. Made noodles yesterday which ended up in the toilet as they tasted horrible! I was at the Docs on Friday to check how things were getting on and she said I’m healing well and it’s clean, but it has felt like the longest 10 days of my life. Signed off work till Monday so fingers crossed I will be all good by then. Oh another thing, I was never told that there would be a chance of my Tonsils growing back again either? They should really tell you these things…I for sure won’t be getting them removed again if they do!

  61. Carmichael is that you???? Its Trish…had mine out on the 15th so this is day 7 for me and to be honest with you day 7 is no different than day 2. The rash means your having an allergic reaction to one of the meds…go see doc asap

  62. A rash marks an infection. You should be on antibiotics which should control this, but if a rash has developed something isn’t working and you should seek medical help to rectify the situation. Your face hurting can be normal, but it can also signify infection. The combination of the two leads me to believe you have an infection and need to see your doctor.

  63. Day 10 for me now… Pain hasn’t lessened in the least. I am still on a liquid diet, water, chx broth mostly. I am severly lactose intolerant which has made this process even more of an inconvenience. There is no sleeping for me whatsoever. At the very least I get short 15-20 min naps where i wake up to the searing pain caused by the cold air passing over my wounds. I am also starting to feel withdrawals from the pain medications prescribed to me and am going back to the doctor today for more.

  64. day10-
    throat and ears hurt more today then yesterday. really hurt. and i have a rash on one side of my face. why do i have a rash?

  65. Reading some of these posts are encouraging. I had my surgery yesterday and thought I would be able to sleep more than I have been. I’ve been drinking so much water and eating a Popsicle here and there or a jello. I’m peeing like every ten minutes I feel like but hey that means I’m drinking plenty. My doc said the people who eat and drink a lot are normally the ones that do great with recovery- I hope so!! I can’t really eat too much because everything tastes like metal/rubber/plastic which is absolutely nasty. I try to ignore it though. I think tomorrow I’m going to try ice packs and see how they help the soreness. My uvula is swollen a tiny bit, I can feel it flapping when I talk but its not horrible. I guess I’m waiting for the worst day to come…sounds like that can be anywhere between day 3-8? Fingers crossed I’ll heal fairly quickly and will be back a routine schedule without the help of my husband who will be staying home for at least another five days. Probably will be more..we are playing it by ear. All while trying to be as patient as possible cuz everyone’s body heals differently and at slower/faster paces.
    Good luck to everyone else and thank you for posting on here- most comments have been very helpful. If you have any extra advice for the “worst” days please email me or post back on here.


    I took your advice and today when my dad was talking to the doctor they said that was the absolute worse thing I could be doing. What is happening is the pain is from swelling. Heat will make the swelling worse! If you have ear pain call your doctor. Instead you should be using ice packs and only ice packs.

    I am now on antibiotics on top of all the other medicines I have to take because of this.

  67. I am on Day 9 and I feel so much better. My voice is back and I’m back to eating solid foods, off pain meds and life is pretty much back to normal. I am 27 years old and wasn’t sure how fast I was going to recover. I think Days 4-6 were the worst, and I was definitely overconfident on day 1 and 2. This website has been great. A couple of pointers I used- Don’t sleep laying straight down, I actually was propped up in my bed with pillows, and used an “airplane” neck pillow to really help keep my head up. This helped me relax and watch tv as well as dose off upright and helped my throat. I also gargled with Salt water quite a bit which seemed to help. The worst part for me was constipation from all the pain meds…which I fixed with prune juice. Overall I’m so glad this is over with.

  68. Day 10 and I think I’m done with the worst!! I’ve been off my pain medication for 24 hrs now as my throat only feels like a bad case of tonsillitis (according to my doctor, it was supposed to feel this way since day 1. Obviously, he never had his own tonsils taken out :-). I do feel very sharp stinging pain every now and then as my scabs are falling off but it fades after a few minutes.
    I celebrated with muffins and bread with butter and salt – salt has been a no-no all the time as it always turned my throat into a burning inferno. Not anymore!
    Also, I’m trying to catch up with all the sleep I didn’t get in the past 10 days. My best result was 4hrs a day – and tonight i could do 4 hours in one piece! My throat was dry, raw and painful after that but good lord, it was worth it.

    So keep your spirits up, it does end! Fingers crossed for everyone.

  69. I am on day 10 day 11 if you count surgery day and I finally stopped the pan meds yesterday & switched to Ibprofen which works really well but can cause bleeding so I wouldnt recommend it until your nearly out of the woods on big scabs coming off. But what I found worked best for my jaw and ear pain was a heat pad I wouldn’t have made it through without it. I can just now eat soft foods I’ve lost 10lbs which is a plus , I finally feel like I’m on the mend:) best of luck!worst surgery ever! So glad it’s almost over!

  70. I think I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!! Its day 10 for me and I haven’t needed pain meds since really early yesterday morning. Still have some scabs but for the most part they are gone. I did wake up in the middle of the night last night with some pain but after some sips of water that seemed to help. I haven’t tried to eat anything too crazy yet because I’m a little afraid. My worst days were days 4-8. I think that the most important things you need are water, schedule your meds, ice packs, applesauce (easiest thing for me to eat on the bad days), and movies, books or magazines. I still don’t have tons of energy or much of an appetite but I’m sure it will come back. So far I’m down 12 pounds and hoping to keep at least half of that off. Good luck to all my fellow recoverers! It gets better!!!!

  71. Day 11 and everything took a turn 2 days ago. The entire time I only took Tylenol & I had been eating pancakes, waffles, soup since about day 5. Not anymore. I ended up in emerge with the worst pain.. not only in my throat but my tongue as well. The only thing I am able to have without problem is tea. Everything else seems to cause pain as if I am swallowing needles & razors. This pain is worse then what I felt the first 2 days. No help from emerge, they are not sure what is wrong. Hopefully this passes soon.. I am starving!

  72. Day 10 and I just ate pizza!!! This recovery was awful to say the least. I am almost 18 and being cooped up in the house for over a week was very challenging. I don’t know if anyone else feels like their ENT didn’t tell them enough of what to expect. I didn’t know about the thrush on day four. I am off of narcotics, but I had to take pill form cut in half or crushed up because the liquid made me vomit. Thanks to everyone who posted, and believe it or not you will get better!

  73. ya im on day 7, definetly one of the better days, a bit more painful but than yesterday but that is with no medication and by the end of the day im eating my first solid meal (mom’s lasagna! mmmmmmm) still got plenty of white in the back but it’s clear that it’s scab ready to come off) the horror stories i read worried me a bit but it was really not that bad in the end, we’ll see how I feel day 8, tomorrow. I’m recovering from dual septoplasty and tonsillectomy and it seems the worst is far over; only some sinus and ear pain but actual noise and throat pain seems to be almost gone

  74. Is anyone else uvula swollen? Mine has been swollen since day one and I’m on day ten with little difference.

  75. This is my day 9, it has gone fairly well with not much pain at all. I was able to eat three sandwiches today, but they were only bread, butter and turkey cold cuts.
    The scabs are beginning to disappear and I’m glad that they are, I can finally see pink. I can chew gum a lot easier today and I gained 0.7 pounds.
    The worst part I would say of today is that I still can’t talk, but when I do I tend to choke on my own tongue and its just weird. I’ve tried to figure out why this happens, but I assume that it is because my tongue isn’t used to the amount of space in my throat. I’ll be going back to school tomorrow so I hope that I will be able to talk with a much greater ease than I have had today.

  76. So this is it, Day 10. I was finally able to speak whole sentences for the first time since Day 4, and had three very short conversations during the day. I was able to gulp water for the first time since the op, by which I could drink multiple sips without having to stop, take a breather, and start again. Night 10 for the first time I didn’t have to sit up in bed every time I wanted to swallow saliva. I woke up at the end of night 10 and took a small dose of painkillers for the last time, and then stopped. I got right through day 11 without. Day 11 I had three telephone conversations in excess of 45 mins each. None of them was comfortable, and I could feel my throat tensing and drying out. But I did it. And I ate a fairly normal dinner. Weight loss has stabilised pretty much, and I’m 9lbs down from where I was when this started. I still have white scabs inside my mouth, and the right side is marginally more painful, but I know that the operation was complicated on that side. And I still can’t move my tongue freely around my mouth, and that’s the one thing that has not progressed as much as I’d have expected.

    So that’s it. In summary, 72 hours of feeling totally fine and wondering what the big deal was, followed by a sudden turn for the worse and 96 hours of significant pain with bad nights and false dawns (or afternoons), and finally a steady improvement over the course of days, with real noticeable changes every day. I was able to get up and move around the house completely normally throughout, to read and watch TV, even respond to emails (though perhaps not advisable when under the influence of opiates). I would not like to go through all this again, and there were times when I got a bit frustrated. But I saw it as an opportunity, first to get rid of those infections that leave me feeling lousy a couple of times a year, second (and unexpectedly) to lose some weight which I was planning to shed anyway as soon as I’m fit again, and third to catch up on a big backlog of reading. So it’s had its plus points, and they have helped get me through. Good luck to everyone else!

  77. My daughter is 8 and stopped taking pain meds 2 days after having her tonsils and adenoids removed. It can be done. I would have preferred her to stay on them cause I worried but she refused! It can be done… some people are just lucky I guess…

  78. If you try chewing gum at least 30 mins before you eat it’s seems to be easier to eat foods that are soft.

  79. Today is my day 9 and I felt REALLY good today (: I took my pain pills at 9 am and 2 pm and haven’t had them since. It is now 11 pm. I managed to eat two burritos and some broccoli cheese rice. Oh, and a chocolate chip cookie. I was surprised that I could eat this, because last night it was so difficult eating.
    My whole recovery process was a terrible nightmare. I’m happy to finally reach day 10. I’m 18 by the way. Day 4-7 I would cry in anger and want to cut all my hair off. I would never wish that pain upon anyone. I do still have stinging in my throat from time to time, but that’s because the blisters are still coming off!

  80. Day 10. Woke up feeling a little sore nothing major though. Took my pain meds and pain went away after a while had some biscuits pizza and a sambo. Had a cigarette and it felt a little weird but no pain. About 7 o clock and the pain was starting to come back a little went up and lay down for a while. 11 o clock i had another smoke again no pain, had more biscuits. Half 2 and i ordered pizza with a friend, it took a while and it hurt a little but i managed to get it down and it was amazing, it felt so good to eat something other than biscuits or crackers. I had another smoke and now it’s half 4 and i’m just about to go to bed. There’s a little bit of pain in my throat but it just feels like having a sore throat nothing that should keep me awake. Also my mam had a look at my throat today and said there’s no white marks it’s just red so that’s a good thing, i’m finally healing and just in time too because it’s my birthday in a few days 🙂 Hopefully tomorrow i’ll be even better than today. Hope everyone else is doing okay too..

  81. Well day 10 it’s getting better!
    Day 5-8 was terrible I called the ent every day . Do much I’m do not want to go in on Friday! Off all pain meds but once a day in the moring!
    Hope everyone feels better!

  82. I’m a 37 year old and day 10 so far is going great for me. I have been eating pasta and other solid foods since day 2. I stopped all pain pills after 1 day and I think this has helped me recover faster. Days 6-8 were the hardest for me and just because I have not been on pain pills does not mean I did not have pain. I have had a lot of pain, but I think that pain is ok and you will get through it. It’s amazing what the body can do and how it can heal itself.

    I wish you all the best in your recovery.

  83. Today is day 10 for me, and I’m getting a little downhearted, because I’m so dang hungry and still can’t eat hardly anything. I don’t understand how poeple are eating mashed potatoes! Even runny, I can’t manage to eat more than a spoonful. Pudding, cream of chicken soup, and yogurt is all I can manage to eat. My tongue is still numb and most things taste very bland. My teeth hurt extremely bad when anything sweet touches them. I am doing better as far as throat pain, though. I found that coughing up a scab this morning made my throat hurt less overall..and I had my last dose of hydrocodone this morning. It’s liquid Tylenol from here on out. I just can’t wait to eat again! I honestly feel like that’s the worse part of all.

  84. Just as a heads up it is quite common for a bleed around day 10 I live in new Zealand so when mine happened i.rang up healthline and told them I had a bit of bleeding but then i kept swallowing blood clots it felt like swallowing slugs. Anyway they told me to go to hospital so up i went. They were going to admit me overnight as it can get worse but instead they used silver nitrate and burnt it so it wouldnt bleed again. Sent on my way with extra pain killers and antibiotics. That happened at lunchtime and was able to eat my soft dinner with no trouble 🙂 got told blood clots are ok but if I get anymore actual fresh blood to go back. Hope this helps

  85. Day 10:
    The light! I see it!
    I can’t really complain, because I feel like compared to a lot of other people, my recovery was a breeze. I would say days 3 and 5 were the worst, because the night before day 3 I spent the whole night puking, and the day before day 5 I think I pushed my luck by eating McDonald’s.
    But I’m not really getting the whole “Days 7-10 were the hardest!” thing. Mine were really easy, probably because I only stayed on the liquid diet for three days.
    So glad this whole constant sore throat/swollen tonsils/hoarse voice thing is OVER.

  86. Day 10:

    Finally (fingers crossed) I’ve turned a corner. Yesterday was miserable most of the day. I felt pretty good very late in the evening, took my meds and went to bed. I awoke a few hours later, drank some cold liquids and couldn’t get back to sleep. It was almost time for my meds so I stayed up for a while. By the time the next dose kicked in I was actually pain free! Previously, even with the meds, I had pain. This time I felt normal. I went back to bed at dawn and slept another four hours.

    I awoke relatively pain free! Took my meds and for the first time in 10 days I feel somewhat normal. What a relief! As I write this, I have no pain at all. My tongue is still a little swollen but no pain! I’m going to try to get some real food in me this afternoon 🙂

  87. Wow, day 10 finally! I feel as if I turned a huge invisible corner today.

    My morning started off horrible. I was in extreme pain for several hours. Along with this awful cough that won’t go away. After my morning meds and smoothie with protein kicked in, things were much better. I went 8 hours with no meds this afternoon, and was even hungry enough to attemp soup again. Success!! This was the first full meal I have managed to eat in 10 days. It was room temp, but I did it! I was so happy I tried both yogurt and pudding both with success. I did have to take my meds at the 8 hour mark due to all the eating and talking, but I was definatly a happy camper. Tonight as a snack I even joined hubby in a bowl of oatmeal. It was MUCH harder to get down, but I took my time and ate the entire bowl.

    My throat now resembles a war zone. There are some scabs, but ALOT of bright red flesh. It’s no wonder everything was burning tonight. There is some swelling still on my right side and uvula, but I know this to will get better with time. At this point I’ve lost around 90% of my scabs. I figure the rest will fall iff in the next few days.

    My ears are still tender and sensitive. I’m constantly turning the tv down and trying to quiet the dogs since loud noises hurt. Almost like an ear infection that’s almost gone.

    This had undoubtedly been the most painful and uncomfortable 19 days if ny life. I know there is still a long recovery, but I’m so glad the worst is behind me.

    Things that worked for me.

    Stay hydrated with ice cold drinks
    Keep ice packs on
    Sleep on a wedge pillow or propped up
    Cepocal drops work great as does the chloroseptic spray( look for the highest amount of benzocaine- numbs very well)
    Roxicet mixes well with a small amount if chocolate ensure
    Stay up on protein even if it’s powder you mix into a smoothie- it helps heal
    If it hurts, don’t do it. Wait and try agin in a few days
    If your not eating don’t be concerned with no bowel movement. I drank apple juice every day, but did take stool softebers on days 3 and 4 (impaction from constipation runs in my family.
    Stay up on meds around the clock. Set your alarm and get up to rake your meds. I also would drink a large glass of ice water or juice.
    Morning suck, just know that and be prepared. Get thse meds in right off the bat!
    Have someone take care of you. On day 10 I admit I still need help sometimes.
    When family and friends don’t understand. This board is/can be a GREAT outlet and source of support / information.

    Good luck, and I wish you an easy recovery 🙂

  88. Day 10 still woke up with sore throat when pain meds were due. But now that I’m up I feel ok I’m eating cheese on toast with no crusts it was delicious I’m going to attempt pizza later :). I got endoscopic sinus surgery at same time and now under my eye is puffy and my eye is sore not sure what to do 🙁

  89. today is day 10 and it is the best i have ever felt since i did the surgery on Tuesday, December 18, 2012. Not much pain when i swallow. Very few scabs in my mouth….it however hurts when i yawn. I am eating solid food but still have the problem of feeling like it itching up somewhere in my mouth. But the terrible pain i was feeling the other days has gone and i did not have an effective pain regime so u can imagine the discomfort i was going through. Still having a little breathing problem, seems as if there is still swollen gland in my mouth affecting my breathing so i have to be careful how i position my head when sleeping.

  90. I’m in a terrible way on day 11. My surgery was the result of my first case of strep at 34. The surgery followed 5 weeks of antibiotic treatment of the lovely tonsilor abscess that just wouldn’t die. I’m still not eating solids and had a 30 minute bleed that produced massive clots and necessitated a trip to the ER to get suctioned just e days ago. I am crossing my fingers for the leap of improvement I have been reading about looking forward to narcotic withdrawal. Overall weight loss from sickness onset until today 25 pounds. Nope I didn’t have extra to lose. I am a circus performer (aerials) and lost a lot of muscle. I have managed over the course of an hour to eat a quarter cup of chicken shredded and mashed into mayonnaise. You do what you’ve got to do. So when does the pain ebb?

  91. Today is day 10 of my recovery, had my tonsils out on the 14th. I was told to consume a rough food diet to avoid the build up of debris on the tonsil area. I was forcing a slice/half a slice of toast down me each day. It got extremely painful by day 3 with the ear pain and severe throat pain kicking in. I wanted to cry when it was time to eat. I am taking co-codamol every 5 hours and also an antibiotic every 8 hours to avoid infection. Today feels better than the past few days. Day 3-9 are the worst. I’ve had such a big improvement over the past 24 hours, I can’t believe it!!

    The ear pain is minimal, I’m now eating soft foods as the doctor says its okay to do so. Throat pain is still there but not that bad. Scabs are thinning and more pink skin is coming through. I had bleeding from where my right tonsil used to be on day 5 and day 8. Went into my ER and they then gave me antibiotics as they said it was infected! I was so scared they’d have to put me to sleep and reseal the area!! Phew for that!!

    Hope you all are doing well and it seems I’m now on the way to a successful recovery. Overall, I’m feeling good and I’m glad I had my tonsils out due to the constant inflammations and stones. I had trouble sleeping, bad breath and all the other horrible stuff!!

    All the best to everyone, hope you all recover fast. Hang in there. DRINK LOTS OF WATER!! It helps, even if it hurts, think of it as medicine!

  92. Today I am 10 days post-op tonsilectomy. (13 Dec surgery) I thought I’d never make it to this point. I think days 8 and 9 were the worst for me. Last night was the first night I slept 4 or 5 hours in a row. I was so tired today, even getting more sleep than I have since the surgery, but I did go out to one store Christmas shopping which could of wiped me out. I feel like I have a big ball in the back of my throat. Sometimes I can gargle and spit out this combination of what seems to be spit, snot, and scab. Sorry Gross! My teeth ache horribly, but it’s much more tolerable than the throat pain. I’ve taken my Lortab twice today and some Motrin in between.
    So hang in there everyone! I should have had this done years ago, do to chronic infections, swollen lymph nodes, and over the years developed the crypts and had a deep crypt hole in the right tonsil which I was accumulating stones. Gross!! Just to be rid of those will be worth all this pain. I had to call off work this weekend, wasn’t ready to go back and with a doctor’s note to return on 31 December I had no choice but to call in. I’m an RN so I feel bad, I hope they did okay without me. Go back to work 1 Jan. I think I’ll be ready by then. I need to enjoy this break for as long as I can………….soon it’s back to the grind, work and school.
    Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday! It really does get better, so hang in there!

  93. Yeah after reading all this I know I’m really abnormal. Day 1 felt fine and so did day 2. So well that I was eating fried chicken but I did have to skip on the fries. I drank about 6 beers and felt even better. I’m a smoker too. No problems with that either. I’m 35. I’m on day 7 now and many of the scabs/ white stuff are gone probably because I eat less but when I do it’s normal foods. Even chips. I make sure I chew everything well though. Throat does burn, stinging pain when not on meds Lortab liquid and 800mg ibuprofen but I found its only on one side, the right, so if I tilt my head to the left while eating and swallowing it doesn’t touch that pain. I assume its from throat being raw as the scabs are coming off. Yesterday, day 6, I did nearly pass out 6 times in the am because I took meds and didn’t eat right away but that’s the only issues I have really had. Also some bleeding yesterday and spitting up blood but the day before I drank lots of beer and smoked a lot cuz it was Friday of course. Dr said some bleeding is normal. So beyond that I feel fine. No issues sleeping. I shower everyday. Clean my house. Everything is normal living for me. I have discovered that thing need to be room temp and not too hot or too cold so ice cream is out of the picture but I still do Luke warm coffee every morning. Well. Hope it continues to get better and glad to know I’m not the only one with this sharp stinging on my right side. Good luck to all.

  94. I am about where you are, counting surgery day, I’m on 10. It’s not great but better than past several days. With scabs coming off, a lot more burning, even with water. Going a little longer without pills which is encouraging, but I still think we have some healing to do. Ear pain is getting better, and eating about the same. NO PIZZA OR ARBY’S HERE,! Hang in there we are getting close to the light at the end of this tunnel.

  95. My surgery was on Dec. 4th,counting that day I would say I am at about day 10. I am older than most, 53. Mine was one tonsil and a biopsy of it, and uvula. I am cancer free, yea! And pray they never have to do the other side. This site was so helpful, and I believe I could have been a lot worse had I not gathered all of this information. first 4 days, uncomfortable, not too terrible. Waking up was the worse, but day 5-6 things got pretty bad. I got the ear pain, and difficult to swallow anything. Had to eat jello, or pudding or applesauce in order to get pain meds in. Husband was grinding up oxycodone into it. Eat it as fast as you can safely,and get your relief. Took it every four hours ,until I ran out , they replaced it with something less strong that did not touch the pain just when I was at my worst. The next day saw the dr. For thrush, and he gave me my old meds back! Aaahhhh! That got me through horrible nights and mornings, day 6-9. I have now turned corner, and am taking pain meds every 6 hours and doing ok. Don’t worry, it will get better! Fluids non stop,you will be glad you did, I hear dry scabs are a lot worse than the wet ones as they come off. And more likely to have no bleeding like me. Good luck on your journey, “This too shall pass”.

  96. End of day 9! I am on the end of day 9 post op and up until several hours ago thought I was going to never make it through due to the excruciating pain. On day six I started feeling better so I asked the doctor to change me from Tylox to Loritab. Big mistake! After suffering through day 7 the doctor put me back on Tylox. The pain was once again bare able. I have drank lots of fluids and followed instruction to a T. When I woke up this morning I was wondering if I would make it through the day. I drug my self out of bed and forced myself to eat a Arby’s Beef and Cheddar sandwhich. I literally shook the whole way through the sandwhich. I had to take Zofran to keep it down and an hour later all of a sudden I felt like I swallowed something big and the pain was instantly gone. I checked my throat and all the white stuff is still there but I am assuming I swallowed a scab. That was at 4pm and I haven’t needed a pain pill since. I am really hope that it’s up hill from here! I had read on this blog that once the scabs come off the pain almost disappeared and didn’t believe it but since this afternoon I would say I have to agree. For dinner I had Doritos, Jello, cake, butterscotch, mountain dew, and more Arby’s…lol all without any pain! Hang in there everyone!

  97. The fact that this day by day ends on day 10 is deceptive. I am clearly not the only one still miserable at this point. Thankfully I stopped getting worse on day 8 and have been stable since then, but I am now only about 5% better. I thought when I stopped getting worse I would turn the corner faster. Now I wonder how many days this will last. Most of my scabs are off though I still have patches of yellow slime like thin scabs with angry red blistery looking spots showing through. It is very sore. Everything still tastes strangely chemical. Not that I am eating much since I am still limited to blended and very soft foods. The quality of my sleep is slowly improving though. I am doing my best not to get discouraged.

  98. Yup. I had my surgery on Nov 30 and up until Saturday, I was an emotional train wreck. Mainly because I’m always out and about and very active so being bound to my bed 24/7 and in pain and zombies out on vicodin was rough, but now is day 2 of no pain meds at all and everything is looking UP. Don’t worry, you will be fine! Just stay positive and keep busy, mentally 🙂

  99. I had my surgery on November 27, 2012. The information all of you have shared has been very helpful and has reassured that this is a terrible experience! I am 56 and do not have a history of illness. I did snore bad but the apnia test were negative. On October 30th I had emergency surgery for a peritonsillar absess-just thought I had a sore throat. After this surgery my ENT surgeon put me on antibiotics but my tonsil was not healing so out they go! You all know pretty much how the rest of the tonsillectomy process goes. The last couple days I have been an emotional train wreck! So on top of all the other issues in this process I’m a mess. Has anyone else experienced this? I’m off my prescription pain killers, my husband has taken FMLA to help me and I do not expect to go back to work until Wednesday December 12th.

  100. day 5: staying up all night cause I can’t sleep. 🙁 switching between painkillers every two hours. today I coughed up a scab or two… so now I feel a stinging pain in the back of my throat. right now I seriously want some accual food like a chicken sandwich… but NNOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  101. I am on day 10 today, surgery day was Nov,20th 2012. I switched from hydrocodone to Tylenol on the 24th and off all meds on the 26th.
    This surgery was pretty bad I would say I went to work the day after surgery I was pretty tired being almost no rest that night before, but I got through it.
    I had thanksgiving off with the weekend so I rested and back to work Monday day 6, and I’m workin today. It has been rough but need the money.
    The first night was the worst of it for me I would say. Today I am feeling pretty good had pizza yesterday, my uvula is very swollen still hopping it goes down soon. I am not eating solids just semi solid like pizza, and after I eat I get sore. All my white is about gone and still have a few scans left.
    I hope this helps someone.

  102. Day 10- I’m finally seeing some improvement, but this is still very painful. I couldn’t eat anything the past two days, but I was able to choke down a protein drink, some jello, and a little yogart earlier today. I was finally Able to rehydrate myself after getting dehydrated on day 8. Gargling with salt water is my hobby and I do it before and after swallowing anything more than water to minimize the pain. I was having a great recovery until day 8. Day 10 is still worse than days 1-7, but it is much better than day 8. I really thought I’d be back to work on day 7 or 8, now I’m hoping to go back to work day 14. It’s going to be worth it. No more strep throat or tonsillitis and this is going to help my snoring and sleep apnea. And I’m down 18 pounds!

  103. Day 10. After a most painful overnight and early morning (filled with ice packs and pain meds), I found that the pain seems to be decreasing!!! Could this really be!?!? So it seems that days 9-10 were the worst out of them all for me (as I am posting this from my day 11). I am still taking my Tylenol Jr. rapid melt tabs, which go down SO easily. It still hurts to swallow, but it does not seem as excrutiating at it was yesterday. I may be starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel after all!!! I managed to swallow a bowl of soggy cornflakes in cold milk without cringing, because the past few days anything cold just killed my throat, and I could really only tolerate warm foods. I have been taking gummy vitamins (kids), which are pretty easy to swallow if chewed up really small, and they slide right down without any effort. I still occasionally choke/cough whenever swallowing (even water!). I hope this goes away soon, as it is embarassing if I am out somewhere!! I’ve been out of the house for the last two days, and boy does it feel good to drive again! Trying not to overdo it though, because by evening I feel exhausted. Must save energy for recovering! The scabs look thinner, almost see-through in some places on my throat. And the uvula looks almost normal size again, except for huge scab still on left side (right side scab is gone). I feel like I am healing so much slower than most people.. but maybe that is because I am 50. ?

  104. im now on day 11 and havnt lost scabs yet. lost 10 kilos from no food or water. give me a broken leg any day instead of this.

  105. I found this site so very helpful. I’m on day 10, my surgery was oct. 24, 2012. It was painful to say the least, but by reading this daily I felt secure that what I was joining through was common! I ate food today and feel that things have turned in the right path! A lot of sleepless nights, pain beyond my comprehension and timing my meds right and ten days later I feel 75% normal! Thanks so much to all who posted here.

  106. First day of Non-interupted sleep. Guess i slept from 12.30 a.m until 7:30 a.m when i woke up with a slight pain(must be because my throat was dry). French toast for Breakfast with the help of Paracimol. Work at 1 pm. Cold Coffee thoughout the day with an Indian Non spicy white gravy lunch. I feel much better today and i also tried my first drink in 3 weeks. Dark Rum. Bad Idea!!! Drinking dried up my throat and the sting was felt in about two hours. Overall i feel much better though!

  107. Very good day; even able to eat Chinese and the Halloween candy I have here which probably was a waste to buy because of this impending hurricane storm thing. Pain at times, but have pretty much transitioned to ibuprofen. I go for my first check up post-op tomorrow. We’ll see how my progress is. I think I still have a lot if scabs back there.

  108. Slept much better last night and have way less pain in my throat and when swallowing. But the ear pain is still there, especially on one side. Ran a fever too and have almost a tooth ache. I’m wondering if I may have to check if I have an infection.

    Another progress is that I’m not checking my watch every 20 mins to count down the hours to my next dose of Pain meds. (Paracetamol/tylenol since I’m allergic to everything else.) That is definitely something….

    It still hurts to talk, I’m fatigued and I wore my wool hat indoors also today to protect my ears, very sexy…

    Ate a plain cheeseburger at Burger King, it was painful but I managed to almost get all of it down. So tired of the sugary stuff I’ve eaten lately. But I think it’ll be pasta for dinner tomorrow.

    I can’t believe this journey is not over yet. Sorry to say, but I’m still regretting the operation.

  109. 18 yrs old had my surgery 9-4-12.
    I’m doing much better I went back to work last Friday & did an okay job there was room for improvement but the good news is I ate fast food for the first time last night I enjoy a wonderful Burger King Whopper. Left side of my throat still hurts so it wasn’t easy but I was bound & determined.

  110. Hi all, 46 y/o female, 10 days post op. All previous days seem to be following suit as far as 3-7 being most painful, ill include day eight though. My turning point was likely day 9. Feeling ok day 10, but the scabs/white stuff in my throat is still quite heavy, primarily on the left side. I can eat soft food, today I had a tuna salad sandwich on soft white bread. It was so nice to eat! My swallowing is still quite sore, earache and some neck pain still prominent. One thing I find is that there seems to be pockets, or holes where my tonsils were. Food seems to collect there, so it’s mind over matter to get the meal down. Then drink plenty of fluids to flush. It’s a weird feeling–so looking forward to feeling normal again. Thanks for this site, it has made me feel more confident in my recovery 🙂

  111. Okay today was day 10, nighttime was miserable as usual. I can’t wait to have 1 good night. I haven’t even had it as bad as most people but ahhhhhh!!!! Today was a little better than yesterday, my voice was pretty stable and normal. I somehow got the energy to throw my brother a birthday party and went grocery shopping and made lasagna from scratch and panda cupcakes! I was shaking violently the whole time. Is anyone else shaking a lot? Malnutrition I guess. Anyway I ate everything I just mentioned plus salad and the inside of the garlic bread (not the crust.) the white scab is getting thinner but its nighttime again and I can already tell its going to be another painful one. It just keeps going…. It’s like even when your 1000 x’s better you still feel like crap! And for me what I thought was the light at the end of the tunnel just turned out to be constipation. First time in my life to experience this horror. I had diarrhea at the same time so that was fun. I think my biggest suggestions for everyone is: 1. Stay hydrated (most important) 2. Buy a humidifier pre surgery 3. Sleep slightly sitting up 4. When you are off you meds (especially if your doctor had you on antibiotics) get on probiotics immediately!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why is there no day 11 12 13 14 15 is this ever going to be really 100% over?

  112. I am so thankful for this forum! My entire family was over, my husband and friends and ALL of them still have there tonsils so it was literally impossible to explain to them that this was literally the worst experience of my life. I feel like they all thinking exaggerating and there is really no way to explain the emotional and physical toll it has on your body and how close you come to cracking up and losing all hope that there is an end. As much as I hate the fact that other people have to go through this pain… I’m so glad I had the company of this forum. I’ve never really had anything to compare it to so I keep making people read when you guys say like “it was worse than giving birth” haha. Thank you so much for giving me hope!

  113. Day 10 was pretty good compared to the others. It’s nice to actually feel that you’re going to get better now!! Still pretty painful waking up in the night & swallowing..but not unbearable. Still on pain meds though and almost out. Tomorrow i’m going to try liquid tylenol at least during the day. I’m hoping it will work for me like it does with others or i’m in trouble. I spaced out my doses today longer finally. Mainly by 5 hours. I’m ready to be off of this stuff! I also couldn’t handle it and ate a cheeseburger from mcdonalds…okay…i ate 2…lol. One for lunch & one for dinner. It tasted amazingggg but i think i should of waited a little bit longer. I took baby bites and chewed it completely but i think it still irritated my throat so tomorrow i will stick with soft again. My advice to everyone? Keep hope and STAY HYDRATED! I think i did a really good job of that because i only spit up a few tiny, tiny scabs and the rest dissolved. Oh & i finally looked in my throat. Holy cow i think my tonsils were like 3 inches big!!! It looks so weird without those things in there. But im loving it i don’t look like i’m gonna choke to death 😛 still have the mucousy stuff back there and it’s still pretty red in some spots but i think it looks pretty good. Check up appointment in 3 days..can’t wait to see what they say! Good luck everyone! 🙂

  114. Im on day 11 and am really excited for this whole procedure to be over with! Days 1 and 2 weren’t as bad as i thought they would be.. Days 3-6 were miserable… I was dehydrated and one of my blood vessels opened up so i started throwing up blood. They did another surgery to stop the bleeding and kept me over night to get rehydrated. Days 8-10 were alot easier once I got back home… the key to this whole surgery is to stay hydrated!!! Drink whatever you can, Water, Gatorade, Tea, and clear juices. I was having some issues with nausea while on the loritab, so my doctor gave me demerol which is a lot easier to function on and helped a lot better with the pain, making drinking and eating soup a 100% easier. So here we are on day 11, I have been off the heavy pain meds for the most part. Im only taking the demerol when the pain is super intense, other wise i just stick with extra strength tylenol. I’ve been drinking alot of water and gatorade, some ensure, but it leaves a ton of flem in the back of my throat and has a terrible after taste, mostly because of the scabs. I can drive and eat most normal foods again.. I tried to have a big mac today, but wasn’t able to open my mouth wide enough to consume the darn thing, so i just munched on fries… This week should be a bit easier eating and speaking wise. Looking forward to being normal again!

  115. I’m now on dat 10 , day 8-9 was awesome i finally qot a chance to eat some Ramen noodles. I only take Pain meds Once a day. & today its fine i ate some pizza bread (One) . & a chocolate cookie
    I still have the burning sensation in my ears. but I brush it away. Because out of a 10 its Like a 5 . But I REALLY CANT WAIT TO EAT Solid foods. My Checkup on Thursday Hopefully it’s all qood news. GOODLUCK EVERYBODY

  116. I too developed a UTI, which was no fun at all! I am on day 10 of healing as well. It was by far the most excruciating pain I’ve ever endured and I’ve had 3 kids and a hysterectomy and thyroidectomy. If I had it to do over, I wouldn’t of done it! :0(

  117. Holy tonsillectomy batman! Today I am on day 10. I feel 8.5 out of a 10 today. This was the worst experience in my entire life! But the misery is almost over. I am looking forward to day 11 and on when I will feel normal again. I thought I was going to die. My recovery was really rough. I ended up with a urinary tract infection due to lack of hydration. I was severly dehydrated and needed IV fluids to prevent me from getting worse. For another woman who might be reading this, hydration hydration hydration and. if you can, try to eat yogurt to prevent a UTI or a yeast infection, and if you can tolerate it, try cranberry juice to help your body heal your UTI. (sorry girls, our bodies tend to react worse when we are given antibiotics). So if I had to give you advice, point blank it would be: FLUIDS FLUIDS FLUIDS! Stay on top of your pain medication, rest, sleep when you can, let others help you and don’t be afraid to ask for it, and more fluids. No beating around the bush, there isn’t a whole lot to do to to stop the pain. It will be there. I had to be told that this will NOT be forever. You might feel that you will break down emotionally. I was at the cusp of madness, but with support it was prevented. This is no fun. Do not minimize this procedure. It is sound like its easy breezy, but I will be totally honest with you, you will be miserable 2-3 weeks, do not take this procedure lightly. If I had a do-over, I wouldn’t have done it. So now, I’m just hoping that the surgery was worth it. Take heed and make sure you are 100% in need of this procedure.

  118. Ears hurt like crazy, kinda hurts to talk, and hurts to swallow anything, including water now. Pain is manageable with medications, thankfully, but there are peak times in between doses that are pretty miserable. However, I was able to stay out of bed for the most part for the first time today and I ate a Taco Bell plain bean burrito with cheese and did ok with that! Progress thru the pain! 🙂

  119. My throat feels as if the skin is ready to fall off. It feels raw in some areas, but the medication helps a lot. I have now been able to eat pizza and spaghetti as long as I’m careful to chew the food really well. Blow Pops have been soothing on my throat. I’m hoping I will be back to normal within another few days.

  120. I was in so much pain after my surgery. I could barely open my mouth, and even after taking my lortab I had a hard time even drinking. I felt like my first 3 days post-op were not too bad, but as the days went on, the pain was so excruciating. I was physically and mentally exhausted and just cried. I never had any problems with bleeding whatsoever, but the swelling in my throat was terrible!!!!! I would take my pain meds every 4 hours as directed, but by day 8, I was needing more pain meds after an hour of taking them. I called my ENT in tears, and they called me in an RX for a steroid dose pack. Best thing ever!!!!! Withing a couple hours of starting the dose pack I was able to drink with minimal pain!!!!! I still have to take my pain med every 4 hours, but overall I’m feeling much better physically and mentally. I was able to eat more foods…. I actually had a PB&J sandwich yesterday!!!! Prior to that, all I could get down was broth and Popsicles. I’m on day 10 now, and I’m slowly eating more foods (still soft) and am able to move around and actually SLEEP!!!! I still have the scabs but things are looking up! I’m hoping to go back to work on Day 12. We will see how I’m feeling. This has really been a roller coaster ride post-op. you really don’t know how you will feel every hour; just when you think you doing ok at one point, immediately after the pain would kick in and gets so discouraging. Just hang in there…. It will be a long, painful ride. In the end it will be worth it not having to deal with multiple infections every year. This website is so wonderful and had helped me know that I’m not alone. I’m so glad others were having the same issues I did. This has really helped me mentally to read everyone’s experiences. Thank you!!!!!

  121. I’m actually on day 11 now but I am completely off the codeine at this point. I am on to liquid tylenol now. Things are going well. I can eat anything I want and have little to no pain. The only time I run into serious pain is when I yawn. I am getting intermittent ear pain from time to time. I am chewing a lot of gum to manage that. I am also still going through some mild tongue swelling making talking a bit of an adventure from time to time…

    -Matt F.

  122. Amen!!! I am delivered day 10-12. I can even go outside and have weaned myself off those heavy drugs… Even though it is still painful, there is a ray of sunshine compared to the other days. I definitely would do it again just to improve my quality of life. It is so worth it. Still can’t eat everything, but at least I am eating something. Post-Op appointment went good and the tissue is healing. The key is hydration, drink drink drink and when you get tired of drinking, drink some more. The more water you drink, the easier the pain. Tip: The new Ensure clear drinks (not the milk based ones) are good to sip on. It may burn a little, but the little sips gives you nourishments that your body needs.

  123. Nearing the end of day 10 and I’m starting to lose the very little patience that I have. I can handle the throat pain because I’ve had varying degrees of sore throats the last 10 years of my life (I’ve always have enlarged tonsils but they didn’t become a problem until high school). My problem is the ear pain. I’ve been reading a lot of articles trying to figure out how long the referred pain is supposed to last but I can’t find a concrete answer. My ENT said to expect to be out of work for 7-10days and a modest amount of pain until a day comes when I’m simply not in pain. I’m also getting sick of my food options– even though I’m expanding my soft solid choices, I still have an extreme case of food envy whenever someone is eating something I can’t have. Plus I feel like I’m living in the international house of spice ‘n’ crunchy.

  124. Going back to work tomorrow thank god. Day 10 was good for me, I attended a meeting and gave a 20 minute presentation. It was sore afterward but Its a huge turn around from just 3 days ago when I was back in the hospital because I couldnt swallow at all or keep hydrated. The next question is in the long run will I think this is worth it.

  125. I’m 44 and had my surgery on June 25, 2012. I opted for it because I suffered from tonsil stones since I was 11!!! The bad breath and taste in my mouth was unbearable! I finally read that someone had tonsil stones as well and had their tonsils removed and that doing so was the best decision they made. It makes me feel so much better the agony I’m going through now is worth it! I’m on day 9 and I am feeling a whole lot better. Last night I found a new “trick”…it would hurt so much to swallow so what I found is that if you shrug your shoulders up as you swallow, it doesn’t burn as much!!! Good luck to all of you and Godspeed!!!

  126. Day 10 – July 1st, 2012 – Same as yesterday. I cur the dose of my Roxicet from 5mL to 3mL. I am not ready to give it up quite yet as I still have scabs that are trying to come off. But I am hoping when I finally do wean off my head will feel clearer. I find the new tissue after the scab falls off burns when exposed to food and drink. This only lasts for a few hours. Now that the more sever pain is subsiding, I find new pain in my jaw and neck and right ear that I didn’t notice before. I have been sleeping upright and I think it’s finally taking it’s toll on my neck. I did try lyin down yesterday and lasted about 2 minutes, even at this stage. It felt like continued pressure and then shooting pain. I’ll continue to sleep upright. I still find myself dozing off every 2 to 4 hours, for between 2 and 4 hours at a time. Everything is just blah and fuzzy. I’m hoping these scabs are completely gone in a few days and I can get off the pain meds and start getting a normal diet back in me. Maybe then I’ll actually get some energy back. I want to give a big thank you to this site for guiding me through my recovery. It isn’t easy, but knowing what to expect made things a lot more bearable and tolerable.

  127. Your tonsil grew back?! As for the bread and butter, soak the bread in butter? That sounds so good right now!

  128. Awesome on the no smoking part! Two gifts from that operation, no more tonsils and more money to spend from not buying cigarettes!

  129. What a difference a day makes. After painful coughinh and sneezing, I got 90% of my voice back and my pain is minimal. It does get better!!! Another big plus is that I was a smoker prior to this surgery. But after the surgery the wounds looked so bad and I was in such pain that smoking was the last thing I wanted to do in fear that it would slow down the healing. Now that I’ve gone 10 days with no smoking (counting surgery day)… I no longer want to so yay!

  130. Eva
    I had my surgery on 6/12/12 I am 51 and I am so glad I didn’t read any of this until my surgery was over I had my tonsils out when i was 10 but my right one grew back and it had a tumor attached to it and I honestly think i would have been scared out of going and i know that may make me sound like a big baby but this site is real scary with all the bleeding going on the doctors say only 2 to 3 % but how do you know what percent your are, well all in all this is my 8th day none of the scabs have came off and yes i am so worried about the bleeding i am on liquid prednisolone once a day Tylenol with codeine I have ate a lot of what everyone else have been eating and have added some soggy lucky charms, fish sandwich from McDonald and soaking bread and butter in B&M baked beans I had to have food I still have plenty of ice water its stopped me from drinking coffee and after 37 years of smoking i had my last cigarette on may 26th and with the good news of the tumor not being cancer I am glad I quit and cant really complain about the surgery the pain is a lot less than what i have read and I feel so bad for everyone that’s gone through such pain I hope it gets over soon for everyone GOOD LUCK TO ALL AND GOD BLESS

  131. Dont worry i went back to work after day five it helps when you talk at least it does for me

  132. @ yolanda I have to say i was nervous myself but it was not that bad by day three i was eating my normal meals, yes i have a sore throat but it feels like a regular sore throat nothing major i dont need my pains meds as much, and i have not been confined in my home i recommend you keep yourself busy keep your mind off the pain thats what i did and i’m just about healed after day nine, wishing you the best and A fast recovery 🙂

  133. Today is day 7 from surgery. Tonsilectomy & Uvelectomy. Bad problems trying to sleep at night. Not taking pain meds most of the day. But at night must take every 4 hours. Ear pain pretty bad. Today tasted some blood going down my throat. Could see small spot of blood on upper area of where white/gray scabbing is. Ensure or Boost vanilla with ice feels so good going down. Tried frozen yogurt today at a ice cream place. Not good it burned. Miserable. Living on jello, scrambled eggs, cup of noodles, chicken noodle soup. Lots of ice water, ahhhhh.
    Good luck. I am tired of the long recovery.

  134. @ Eva i am having surgery June 15th, and i am totally scared and confused as well, i have read most of the comments on this site and some are good and some are very scary to read, i just hope that i can bare the PAIN. hope everything goes well with you Eva. I will be praying for the both of us and for everyone that had this procedure done already.

  135. I am going to be having surgery on June 12th and I am scared. This site has helped but has also scared me for what is going to happen. I hate pain and don’t know how it is going to be.

  136. Day 10 is tomorrow for me and I am supposed to return back to work which involves talking on the phone constantly. I think I should of took more time off because my throat is still very sore and it hurts to talk

  137. Thank you so much for creating this site! It has been a true God-send during my recovery. This is no walk in the park for sure, but to be able to see what everyone else is going through helps calm me down some.

  138. I’m on day 12 and I’m way more miserable than all of you! I’m able to eat though, which is the odd part (thanks to my pain medicine). I’m still taking my pain meds 3-4 times a day! My scabs haven’t all came off, comparing myself to this picture, mine look nothing like that!! I’m getting really discouraged, since I’ve been in so much pain for the last 2 weeks and maybe I’m not progressing the way I should.

  139. probably. I did the same thing and ended up leaving work after about 20 minutes- My responses seem to be going in the wrong places – lol

  140. I took 10 days off of work, but it’s looking like I should take 2 weeks! Is that what I should go ahead and do?

  141. This day by day recovery is great! This site is so helpful for what to expect during the recovery! Without it I would have been in so much more pain and probably pretty depressed by the pain. I just wish I found this site earlier than the night before my surgery…best thing for me was the humidifier…I cannot believe how much of a difference it alone made (as I found out from half a night with it turned off). Thank you so much for this site Greg! What a huge help it has been!

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