Tonsillectomy at Age 26

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Tonsils Removed at 26- the Recovery

I am a 26 yrs of age (female) and am recovering from having my tonsils removed. First of all it is such a comfort reading everyone’s experiences. It has truly helped me with my recovery. I am currently on day 12 (including surgery day)

I had my op on monday 5th march 2012, stayed overnight in hospital, due t o the anaesthetic from the op i didn’t have too much pain on the first 2 days. As soon as that wore off I experienced a lot of pain from days 3 through to days 8 i was in extreme pain, only having a break 2 hrs at a time due to the meds. I ended up back at hospital on day 8 as my body could not take it anymore, i stayed at the hospital until we found the pain medicine that actually worked & subsided the pain so my body could rest. In the end i was taking 2 X panadine forte & 2x nurofen every 6 hours ( i had to take an anti-nausea tablets prior to taking the panadine forte) As soon as I started taking this pain medicine I started to improve, the pain subsided significantly, the Nurofen helped keep the swelling to a minimum & my body was able to rest & repair itself. Each day the pain has subsided & I have been able to take longer periods between meds.

Today I am on day 12 and I am able to eat without having too much pain when swallowing, I have even managed not too take any strong pain meds =) All I Can say is HANG ON THERE GUYS!! It does get better, the most important thing is to make sure you have the right pain meds for your body, I can not stress this enough!!! I also used ice packs, heat bags ( for my ears) & a vaporiser for nightt ime so my mouth didn’t dry out too much. Well I hope this helped. Good luck & remember there is light at the end of the tunnel =0)

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