Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy Recovery

I had my T&A and also tubes in my ears done on May 16th im on day 15 and let me tell to this has been the worst thing i have ever had done..

Day 1 and 2 i was admitted into the hospital for observation and pain management durning the initial 7 days cold fluids felt great, my life saver was light blue Gatorade with crushed ice, about the only thing also orange sherbert push pops life savers! I was able to tolerate. Until day 8 i was given oxycodine for pain which helped a little, no matter how much paid medicine you take there is always pain, even when in the hospital they were giving me IV diladid and roatating every 2-3 hrs with a oxycodine pill and i still was in unbearable pain. Durning the course of recovery i have found that frosted flakes that have sat and got very soft are easy to eat with cold milk, yawning is the worst it feels like i am rippimg the middle of my throat out everytime i yawn. Between day 5,6, and 7 i started feeling pain in my jaw and on each side of my mouth in the crease of my lips but doctor said that was from surgery from the tools they use to keep the mouth open.

Easy recovery from tonsillectomy

Tonsillectomy Recovery Advice

Day 3 Pain unable to eat (cold drinks help)

Day 4 pain unable to eat (cold helps)

Day 5 pain unable to eat (cold helps)

Day 6 worst pain of my life

Day 7 worst than day 6

Day 8 cold drinks started hurting switched to luke warm tea which felt amazing.

Day 9 tried eating some solid food made to pieces of toast was able to eat half of one

Day 10 starting to feel normal ate a normal meal of chili and crackers.

Day 11 follow up apt with the doctor says everything looks great still wont allow me to go back to work.

Day 12 i go back to work against the doctors suggestion

Day 13 did ok pain but manageable

Day 14 same as 13

Present day 15 may 31st i woke up this mornimg in several pain on the right tonsil and ear side about as worse pain as day 6 i have called off work and contacted my ENT but he is in surgery all day, i am trying to manage the pain until he is available as i do not want to go to the ER because they are not specialist in this field. I am trying to sleep but that pain is so bad bearly able to drink anything or eat.

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