Tessa’s Tonsillectomy Experience

Hi all

I had my tonsillectomy yesterday afternoon. I’m still in hospital to be discharged today. So far my pain level has been really manageable. I’m on fairly strong painkillers but at no time has it been much over a 5 and it’s generally sitting at about 2/3.

I managed to eat quite a bit last night – half a ham and cheese sandwich a bowl of soup, mash and peas and jelly and custard. I had to eat slowly and drink A LOT of water but otherwise it wasn’t too painful. I also woke up at least every hour and drank through the night – the one time I didn’t it was about an hour and a half and that was when my pain was the worst.

I’ve got a humidifier for when I go home and I’m super prepared in terms of food, ice packs, lots of water bottles and frozen chocolate milk so if things take a turn for the worse I hope I’ll be fully covered.

I will keep everyone posted and hope my good news story continues!!!

Your Thoughts?