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Should I Get a Tonsillectomy?


Are You Glad You Got a Tonsillectomy?

I posted this funny picture on our Facebook page and asked readers who had had a tonsillectomy in the past four years if they regretted it. I got quite a response.

The question was:

Do you regret getting a tonsillectomy?

The responses:

Should I get a tonsillectomy
When I asked people who had undergone tonsillectomy surgery, and the subsequent recovery, I got quite a response…

Lalana I have!! I know in the long run I will have a different perspective, but I now have a bronchial issue post tonsillectomy . Hopefully very soon I will feel normal again.

Courtney I got viral bronchitis thrree days post op, it was rough and it is still hanging on a month later. ugh, I feel for ya

Lalana  Courtney you must try this! Yesterday my friend gave me oregano oil and I put it in a diffuser next to me bedside, first full nights sleep since my surgery and I didn’t cough at all last night!! Give it a try!!

Courtney Yep, the whole time I had peppermint and oregano in my diffuser. It works really well!

Lalana Oh good!! I had never tried oregano before. I researched it and found out its one of the top 10 natural antibiotics.

Courtney  It helps me a lot with congestion too. If you have a natural foods store close there is a natural hand sanitizer spray, in a white bottle, made with oregano oil instead of alcohol. I keep it in my car.

Lesley-Ann  It will get better

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Crista  Not once. I’m 4 years post surgery (I was 40 when I had my surgery) and have had only 1 single throat infection in that time where previously I was having 8+ per year.

Crista My son is 3 years post surgery (he had his out at 18). His only regret is not having it sooner.

Laura  Nope. BEST thing I ever did to get rid of my sore throats and tonsilliths! It’s 4 years later and everything’s been great.. I don’t get sick much at all! smile emoticon

Tommie  I have to agree with Crista Black and her son. While the recovery was hard, the only regret I have now is not getting it done sooner! I’ve never felt better and wished I had gotten it done as a child just to have saved me from the misery all those times I got sick!

Sher Hild Never!


Beth Ann  I agree with the others who said they only wished they’d done it sooner. I was 46 when I had mine done, and it was only fear that kept from doing it for so many years! 

Becky  Sometimes, but then I remember I don’t choke when I eat, or snore when I sleep.

BeckyFood and drink still sometimes taste funny to me.

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Laura I don’t regret it at all. Just wish I hadn’t had to wait so long to get it done.

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Kitty No regrets!

Alison Rae Respass Still too soon for me to know if it’s worth this nightmare I’ve been living for almost 2 weeks. But I’m sure it will be in the long run.

Crista Alison you should be turning the curve soon. I know it’s awful the first couple of weeks – and you’ll still feel a little iffy for another couple of weeks but the hardest part is almost over! You got this!

Kitty Yep, hang in there! Almost done smile emoticon

Tracy  Alison, I promise it’ll be worth it. You’re gonna get through this!!! It sucks so badly right now, I know, I remember. I had mine out in November 2014. It helped to read Tonsillectomy Resources and see that what you are experiencing is not abnormal!

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Alison Rae  Thanks for the encouragement Crista & Kitty! I’ve definitely improved a lot in the last 2 days. My follow up appointment is tomorrow. I’m looking forward to getting out of the house! Lol

Courtney  It gets better. I am one month post op tomorrow, and the two weeks after seemed like years. I feel So Much Better Now!!

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Chente  At the time, but not now! It was sooo worth it!! 😀

Lisa I’m still going through the recovery. I’m 7 days post op so I’m pretty miserable. Never thought it would be this painful for this long. Starting to feel depressed. Is this ever going to end???

Tonsillectomy Resources Hi Lisa- yeah it’s pretty rough but it will get better soon. It’s common to get pretty down toward the end- here’s a little something I wrote about that:…/

Courtney  Think about this: you are in pain, on pain meds, not eating, and everyone around you is normal. Depression is only natural, just cry it out. Let it out. Feel it. Then you can buck up and continue being awesome at healing. Don’t feel bad about feeling sad. We all go through it. It is short term in the big picture.

KittyYes Lisa, it will end, but I remember the feeling of wondering. It felt like interminable intense constant pain and I hated it. But I’m so glad now and you will be too. You are facing the worst of it over the next several days so be patient and keep sipping water! Keep on your meds and sleep as much as you can (I know it’s hard). heart emoticon

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Alison Rae Lisa, I was very depressed at the beginning of my recovery. Especially around the 1 week mark. It’s natural to feel that way when u r miserable and can’t do what u want to do. I could cry about nothing just because I was so emotional. Just let it out and know it won’t last forever.

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Lisa Pacini Omg thank you….it is so nice to know that other people have felt this way. I have been feeling so alone sitting in my recliner watching the world going on without me. I have told my husband I feel like I am in the movie Groundhog Day. In the morningSee More

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Tonsillectomy Resources imagine you are in a healing cocoon and when you emerge….!!

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Tracy  Lisa its gonna end!!! Hang in there, it WILL be worth it! We all know your horrible pain.

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Alison Rae Lisa, you are welcome to message me if you need to vent!

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Doug Speaking as an ENT, it’s exceptionally rare to find someone who regrets the decision. But I know better than to ask the question too soon.

Courtney  In the immediate after surgery people often think they made a mistake. Once the healing is over though, the reason for surgery is validated and they are happy.

Lesley-Ann Very true

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Tracy  OFTEN.

Tracy But it WAS worth it.

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Juliet i have never, ever regretted the decision!

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William Nope! Recovery was better than the recurring strep throat alternating weeks. Vicodin withdrawal was not fun though….

Lisa  Yikes. How long were you on Vicodin? I’ve been on Percocet for 8 days so far. That’s something I hadn’t even thought to worry about yet.

William  About 16 days, I think.

Lisa How bad was the withdrawal?

Christine  I was on liquid percocet. it was hard to say no to my ent to getting a refill ha.

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Lisa  Was it a problem for you Christine? How long were you on it. I just don’t want to worry about using it if I need it. But I’m less likely to use it if I’m worried about having to withdraw from it.

Christine  no I didn’t have a problem with it. it def made me tingly and silly but I recovered really quickly from my tonsillectomy so I was fine after 10-14 days just taking OTC painkillers

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Kate Having mine out for a third time, still don’t regret it.

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Lisa  For the 3rd time??? How can you have them removed more than once?

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Tonsillectomy Resources Doug ever have a 3 timer??

Kate  Right??? They can grow back if not all the tissue is removed (and you happen to have really aggressive tonsils, which is true with me). It’s extremely rare, but it does happen. Mine grew back on both sides after having them out when I was 15 (the seconSee More

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Lisa Wow. That’s crazy. I’m sorry you have to go through it again.

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Doug  Nope, never had to do it a third time.

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William  I’ve asked why I waited so long, actually.

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Tonsillectomy Resources same here Big Will!

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Sarah It was soooooo worth it. I feel like my entire immune system has improved dramatically – like I don’t even get the colds that everyone else gets anymore.

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Tonsillectomy Resources Hey- Would you folks mind if I copied and pasted these responses to the website? I’d take out last names…

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Sarah  Fine with me

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Lisa I’m fine with it!

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Tommie Not at all

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William  Sounds good to me.

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Traci Sure!

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Kate McNally Of course

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Caroline  Fine by me

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Natasha I just had my tonsillectomy today, so far so good

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Christine  I had a quick but very painful recovery but it’s made the biggest difference in my life. I had strep 2-4 times a year and it got pretty severe and I’ve had like, 2 colds since my tonsillectomy in 2010. seriously.

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Emma I don’t regret having the surgery 1 1/2 years ago…but my God the pain was horrendous. ..thought it would never end.

Natasha My tonsils were swollen and they were causing me sleep apnea

6 thoughts on “Should I Get a Tonsillectomy?

  1. I wish I hadn’t gotten this done. It’s been pretty awful. I had terrible nerve pain for six months after the surgery, now have sleep apnea and the emotional recovery from the stress has been bad. It ruined a year of my life but if you have to get it done then you have to do it. It’s been nine months and I’m still dealing with the trauma of it. Proceed with caution if you get it done.

  2. Getting a tonsillectomy is one of the best things I ever did for my health. Prior to having them out, my sleep quality was very poor. I was sick and had tonsilliths often, & frequently required time off from work. As a busy career mom, who has time/energy to spare for all that???
    The recovery for the first few weeks post-op was, honestly, miserable. However, with that pain behind me now, I am so thankful that my sleep quality is so significantly improved. Also, my immune system is much stronger & I don’t catch every little big from my kids or colleagues anymore.
    I hope this helps any of you who are struggling to make the decision or recovering post-op. It gets better!!!

    1. Thank you Kristy- this is nice to hear!

  3. I am so happy. It’s been a few years now. My tonsils were very lumpy but no cancer. Last year my younger brother was diagnosed with cancer in his tonsil. I am grateful my nodular tonsils were removed before I had to go though the hell he went through. And no more ear aches.

  4. It was one hell of a recovery, but I feel so much better. It’s been 3 years now since my tonsillectomy and I have maybe been sick one time since. I’m much healthier now and don’t catch virus’s as easy. You will definitely regret it the week adds surgery but trust me, you will be so glad you did it after your feeling better (which could be 21 days from surgery- at least it was for me).

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