Sarah Shares Her Tonsillectomy Experience

Firstly, this site was a lifesaver for me during those long uncomfortable nights. I’m a 36 yo female who had a tonsillectomy 6/28/17. My biggest advice now (day 10 and seeing the light) is to expect the unexpected and give yourself permission to do absolutely nothing–not even reading.

For me, a sugar-hound in real life, Popsicles, ice cream, and anything containing sugar or acid was excruciating and out of the question. However, I took a liking to mashed potatoes thinned with bone broth and scrambled eggs. The ice machine has been my most prized friend. Also, my body got pretty sore from all the bed rest, but most stretching seemed impossible.

Bad days followed good days (which was disheartening) though the healing trajectory followed the average story on here. I was really nervous pre-op about the procedure itself as well as the recovery. Here are the play by plays:

how long to recover from tonsillectomy

Day 1: Despite my nerves, surgery was the best part of the process. In a great mood afterward and kept the discomfort down with ice chips.

Days 2-5: Progressively felt more energetic. Kept to a strict med schedule, steroids seemed to help.

Day 6: Felt good enough to go for a brief stroll and even a wobbly trip to grocery store (with assistance).

Days 7,8: Horrid. Horrid. Jaw pain, ear pain, nausea, and the medicine became nearly impossible to get down.

Day 9: Less head pain. Left the house, but still very uncomfortable and out-of-it. Day 10: Light! Despite a sleepless night, I woke up with a clearer head and a sense that the woman I had been ten days prior wasn’t totally foreign. Able to do some remote work for my job. Ate pie!

Not sure what to expect tomorrow, but I feel I turned the corner. . . and am so grateful to the site for keeping me company.

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