Samantha’s Tonsillectomy Experience

Seven Days of Tonsillectomy Recovery

23 y.o. female. I’m now on day seven and I have had almost no pain throughout my entire recovery (1’s and 2’s on the 10 point pain scale, so I guess I’ve been lucky).
I experienced extreme nausea as a side-effect from the medications, which I remedied through only taking my pain medication every 8 hours instead of every 4 because the nausea medication needed the 8 before being retaken. I’ve also been wearing some peppermint essential oil in a diffuser necklace, because I’d heard peppermint scent would help.
After 5 days I stopped taking the prescribed pain medication and switched to Tylenol. Now, on day seven, I am not taking anything.
My throat was pretty sore for the first three days but I think I was saved by two things.
1. My surgeon is amazing and also apparently used a (something)-sonic tool in performing the surgery that is supposed to be more gentle.
And 2. The advice of a nurse in the before surgery pre-op. She suggested buying a snow-cone machine that made the ice very soft (more like shavings).

I mixed water and some juice together (for flavoring) and then would run it through the machine. They kept me and my throat hydrated and kept my throat numb–everything I wanted to be during those first couple days. I honestly think this advice was AMAZING and hope everyone else gets too. Talking is a little strenuous for me, but otherwise, I am thrilled to be heading more towards recovery each day!

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