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Post Operative Pneumonia After Tonsillectomy

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Christi’s Tonsillectomy Experience

Hello everyone! It has been a few weeks now since my surgery, and I apologize, but I didn’t take the best of notes. But, I do want to share my experience as this forum helped me prepare tremendously.¬†

My surgery was scheduled for July 31 in the morning. They put my IV in and wheeled me to the operating room. Next thing I remember is waking up in recovery. About two minutes after waking up I immediately threw up three times. I then fell back asleep for a few hours. Eventually I came to, the nurse had me drink some water, and off to home I went. The first three days were manageable pain wise. I was prescribed oxy and Tylenol which I alternated between. By day four the pain set in! I could not eat and I had excruciating ear pain. I managed to swallow some apple sauce and water, but that was about it. On day 5 I threw up ALL day (I’d say 15-20 times). I could not keep any food or water down at all. Plus, throwing up after a tonsillectomy is painful enough. I went to the ER where they told me I was allergic to oxy and they switched me to Hydro. That worked fine for about two days, and then I found myself throwing up again. I stopped taking the narcotics and just took Tylenol which reduced the throwing up. At this point I was still eating applesauce and instant mashed potatoes. The pain was still pretty high I’d say an 8. On to day 7 and I’m having difficulty breathing. I cannot take a deep breath without coughing or exhaling abruptly. This goes on for three days before I go to the ER where they diagnosed me with Pneumonia (from the breathing tube they used while operating). This was something I didn’t read about beforehand and is very rare! There is a high death rate associated with post-op VAP Pneumonia, but luckily I knew something was wrong and caught it early. My doctor said she has only had three patients who have had pneumonia and she doesn’t know why it happens. I was prescribed antibiotics, prednisone, and a breathing treatment. I had terrible night sweats for two weeks straight sweating throug four shirts and two sets of sheets s night. I also ran a fever of about 102 for a couple of days from the pneumonia. I started to get better, but then went downhill again. My family is very wholistic approach in their life and so I started taking colloidal silver which acts as an antibiotic. Immediately I started feeling better again!

I’m on day 26 now and am doing well. The tonsillectomy pain eased up around day 10 for me, but I couldn’t eat solid foods til around day 18. If you have breathing difficulties please go to the ER!

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