Tonsillectomy bleeding

Paige’s Recovery From Tonsillectomy

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A week today I under went my tonsils out… at lets just say it’s not the best experience although it could be worse.. day 1-2 I felt absolutely nothing, I was able to eat anything I wanted I even had a McDonald’s! I was taking regular pain relief by Just paracetamol and ibruprofen every 4 hours which seemed to work. Let’s just say day 3-4 wasn’t the best! Although I was able to sleep most of the night the pain was unbelievable… I woke up on day 4 not be able to move my neck or jaw at all! Although the swallowing part was hard it was much harder to get out of bed or even talk to anyone! What I would suggest is 100% rest your voice you don’t realise how much pressure you

Put on your voice by speaking!! Day 5 all I did was sleep! The pain was probably the worst at this point, I even got some stronger pain killers from the doctors which was 30mg codine which just knocked me out. What I would suggest is not to rush food, because I was eating solids on day 1/2 a lot of the scabbing came off which is very painful as it’s stings where the flesh is showing! Day 6- couldn’t sleep at all during the night woke up to not that much pain just sore ears and a headache. Although I am so bored in bed and feel like I want to go out and about, I 100% wouldn’t! Don’t rush your recovery it’s the worst thing you can do trust me…. anyway it’s Been a week today, still got ear pain and headache and eating is a struggle I do feel like I am on the mend! Most of my scabs have come off now which makes it more painful but it’s worth it! Just make sure you DRINK DRINk DRINK! It’s the best thing! I’m just hoping I get my taste back soon because if I eat anything it tastes awful:(( anyway good luck to those who are having it done! It will be worth it in the end:)

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