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Liza’s Tonsillectomy Recovery Tips


I had my tonsils out on Feb 20th. I’m now post op day 10…. I’m 47.
Wow! What a hard 10 days!

Like most, my surgery day was ok just a bit of discomfort really… day 2-3 was bearable but eating was uncomfortable. Night times are hard and hardly slept. Day 4-10 were by far the hardest. My pain peaked on day 8. I had a small bleed day 8 and a clot on day 9 but today day 10 there is improvement. Still keeping up with regular meds. Co-codomol and ibroprofen .

It’s been a very painful experience that i definitely wouldn’t want to go through again. I had read the horror stories and the not so horror stories  and had hoped I’d be somewhere in the middle. I’d say Day 6,7,8&9 were the worse. Eating was the main issue because it’s very painful to do even if it’s soft foods. I won’t lie it’s not an easy four days. I struggled big time with pain.

My tips for a good recovery are,

Set alarm during the night to take meds…DO NOT let them run out!!
Sip cold water regularly use iced when really sore
Ice pops are a god send but avoid highly flavoured ones as they sting.
Ice cream is ok but does leave a mucussy film  which when your throat is really painful is hard to clear.
Ice packs work well. I did use heat pads too after day 8 which did bring some relief.
Use lip balm, my lips were very sore afterwards.
If you have any damage to your mouth, I did, it gets better. I had a numb swollen tongue and the feeling is returning slowly,
Sleep will be limited as your throat dries out and wakes you. It’s very uncomfortable when it happens so keep water close by
I slept propped up every night which was easier than laying flat.
I ate things like runny thinned out porridge, rice pudding, soups, scrambled egg, jelly, yoghurt. My mum made me some dinners but I literally mashed them up and tried. Hurt like hell but felt nice to have tasty food. Oh talking hurts a lot too so limit that. My kids have learnt my sign language lol
You get a horrible taste in your mouth and your tongue goes yellow, I’m told all normal and simple teeth brushing or gargle helps.
One tip to remember on day 4-9 when the scabs come off don’t use a mouthrinse it really stings bad! I had difflam but did not help at all really.
Today Is Day 10 post op & was brave enough to try toast!!! I was surprised that if you eat it in small bites and chew it’s not that bad….
am feeling brighter today but I’m lightheaded and weak from lack of nutritious food and sleep. Rest lots…. being a hero will delay the healing process.
What ever you do, whatever your pain you have to eat and drink. honestly it is essential.
It’s tough but you get there. Ive still got  a way to go but it does get easier
hope everyone gets on ok and has a speedy recovery

4 thoughts on “Liza’s Tonsillectomy Recovery Tips

  1. I’m my mothers primary care giver. She lives with my husband and I because of dementia and diabetes. She’s 75 and scheduled for tonsil removal next Monday. She has cancer in her neck which metastasized from another source. They also believe the cancer is in her tonsil so want to remove them to get a better idea of need for radiation and chemo. I want to make this process easier for her and appreciate all the recommendations. One major concern is her blood sugar levels if she won’t eat. Did anyone else have this issue and can you recommend some food alternatives that aren’t too sugary or full of carbs. Thank you in advance

    A concerned daughter

    1. Hi Brenda,

      Some folks have good luck with scrambled eggs after tonsillectomy. Perhaps the hospital has a dietician who can offer other suggestions.

      I don’t want to hope for anything but the best for your mom. At age 75 the recovery could be rough. Most people report 10 days of varying degrees of pain.

      Check out some of the other pages on the site to get ideas for preparing and recovering.

      Wishing you the best. She’s lucky to have your help. Please stay in touch.


    2. I had mine removed yesterday and I find a lot of the popsicles and yogurt and pudding make my mouth mucousy. Best nutrition so far has been a chicken broth I have found that is higher in protein. I warm a cup of it in the microwave and add a raw egg. I figure its about 10grams of protein per serving. yes to setting alarms to take your meds on schedule. yes to lots and lots of water. yes to chewing gum.

  2. why did u remove your tonsils

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