Tonsillectomy bleeding

Kate’s Tonsillectomy Story

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Day of surgery/day 1: vomited a lot. It was black and full of blood (due to fasting and swallowing blood respectively). This was pretty terrible and they had to shoot me full of anti nausea drugs for hours. I was operated on at 4 and they let me leave at 10 at night.

Days 1-4: slept all day, kept up with the meds and pain was under control. When pain spiked I iced my neck and slept. Day 3 I cried a couple times but never since. Mornings definitely the worst bit; I had to sleep with my mouth open due to my swollen tongue which really hurt my throat in the mornings. Once it went down I was able to sleep with my mouth closed.
Felt surprisingly depressed. You always assume eating ice cream and watching movies in bed for a week would be fabulous, but it was terrible.

Day 5- had to go to a job assessment centre for a law firm. It was pretty taxing stuff but I managed to speak 9-5 and function as a normal person. If you put the effort in you can manage life. Food however you cannot really.
That night I got a terrible spike in pain and had to stop eating and run to bed to concentrate on sleeping through the pain. Headaches agony.
The burns around the roof of the mouth/tongue restrict proper speech and make you sound like a little bit of an idiot. I found myself speaking gently and laughter was out of the question. Hiccups were pretty terrible and I had a cough which lasted a day and made me want to cry.
Keep thinking about the end result; no more tonsillitis 🙂

Day 6: finally managed to poop. I know it’s bad, you people should be prepared for this. By this point you should be eating relatively normally to exfoliate the scabs somewhat and avoid infection. Antibiotics should also be finishing. Keep taking your meds. Pain still there but I was able to spend most of the day out of bed. My throat isn’t even the biggest problem at this point; they burned the roof of my mouth and all over my tongue pretty severely which is the real issue concerning eating. Genuinely your throat is the least of your worries if you’re having them burned out. It’s not just doctor’s handwriting that is messy.

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