Drink Water After Tonsillectomy

If I can give any advice to my fellow brave tonsillectomy friends on this site it is this: drink LOTS and LOTS of WATER.

I literally cannot stress how this sped up my recovery and eased the pain. I didn’t have a spec of bloody throughout which I put down to the water. It also helped keep my energy levels up.

I also forced myself to eat as normally as I could from the moment I returned to the ward from recovery. Toast, pancakes for the first 3 days and then small portions of chicken, baked salmon, quiche, cucumber, tomatoes and basil, green beans and crisps. I had terrible sickness on days 4 and 5 due to the medication, but the hospital prescribed a lower dose which helped. McDonald’s strawberry milkshake great for lining the stomach.

Stay on top of the painkillers, don’t wait for the pain to kick in.

I was very lucky that I didn’t suffer the way that I expected to. Recovery is certainly not pleasant, but by staying hydrated and grazing on food I definitely made it easier. Resign yourself to the fact that you may need a minimum 14 days at home on your sofa to recover. That mentality will help with expectations. I started easing my way into a routine by day 11 and on day 15 was able to fly to Berlin for a long planned weekend with friends.

Good luck all, you are stronger than you think. Listen to your body, and again DRINK WATER! x

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