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Tonsil Surgery Recovery Tips

I recently had a tonsillectomy on 1/2/18 to bring in the new year right! Currently on 8 and the past 2 days my scabs have been slowly coming off which is a good thing but also bad…
I majorly planned ahead and got everything I needed prior of surgery day

Day before surgery- I ate big ole slab of red meat and drank a glass of water every hour. Even drank a glass of water at 1130pm since I was not aloud to eat/drink anything after midnight.

Surgery day- got to the hospital at 545am/scheduled surgery at 715am. Soooo glad my doctor does everything early in the morning!

Post op- woke up unsure where I was and what I was doing ha! Surgery went good 20 minutes in and out dr said!… Pain wasn’t too bad just felt completely weird and instantly wanted to clear my throat. DONT! I accidentally did once and the RN was mad.

Day 1 (post op)- made it home to my parents around 1130am. Pain was 3/10 mainly discomfort. I drank ALOT of water all day long. Ate jello, popsicles. Ice pack on all day. Pain gradually intensified greatly in the evening 6/10. Took liquid hydrocodone at 6pm. 6 hour intervals here on out for pain management.. 6p,12a,6a,12p

Day 2- pain was constant. Hurt! 6/10 Did the same routine as day 1. Ate and drank same. I started to bled a bit but I was able to get it to stop from gargling water. I was trying to chop popsicles up into small bite sizes but I was pushing to hard.

Day 3- pain intensified. Felt like strep throat. My uvula was huge. My neck, jaw ears all hurt. Forced water and applesauce in my stomach mainly all day long.

Day 4- pain was same as day 3. I was in pain, starving and fatigued. I did the same routine as day 3. Struggling.

Day 5- Still struggled to eat and drink. Felt like strep throat when I swallowed. Minimal pain when I was resting.

Day 6- still on pain regime. Very minimal pain. Got out of the house. Pain ramped up towards the evening hours. Scabs coming off???

Day 7- Oh yes. Scabs are coming off. Pain is severe but for me feels like strep throat but with a bit more pain. Pain in throat, jaw, tongue and ears. Holy crap this hurts…

Day 8- tried my luck and took my last dose of hydrocodone at midnight and went to bed. Slept all through the night and woke up at 7am and very minimal pain! Felt like a normal sore throat!

WATER! That’s all I drank. Occasionally had this tea that was a Throat tamer which helped a lot during the painful days.
Humidifier!!! 24/7 directly at my pillows.
Followed the regime that the hospital gave me. What to eat,drink daily.

All in all I was completely scared outta my mind like most us adults leading up to this surgery. Overall the pain wasn’t to bad for me but then again everyone’s different. And I just want to thank my parents and my girlfriend who treated me awesome! And thanks to the doctor who was awesome!

Don’t worry. You’ll get through it. SOME HIGH QUALITY H2O!!!!!

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