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Hi there! I do my best to keep on top of the comments on the tonsillectomy resource pages, but I do miss some posts.  If you’d like to contact me directly, email gregtooke (@) hotmail (DOT) COM.

I write my address way this to elude the robotic spammers that seek to draw the life out of me and the site.

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  1. Why does it feel so odd when I blow my nose. It’s like a hollow feeling if that makes sense. I am day 10. I do not blow my nose hard but it is such a blizzard feeling. Will this go away?

  2. Hi Am on 17 days post op I had one tonisil remove and 1 grommets put in but I went back to see the E N T doctor and good new I was all clear had the tonsil out because it was 2 big am 58 years old been not 2 bad but I have still got a bit of scab and no taste buds but doctor Said it my be having the grommets in they why my taste buds are bad so got some more drop for my ear for a week But when I put them in hits the back of my mouth but Also will not let me fly as I was going to Portugal sat 30 April so can I still have a bleed at the stage that my worry and very tired but some people think am being lazy
    Thanks Mrs c m Hughes

    Date 29 / 4/ 2016

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