20 days of Tonsillectomy Recovery- a Photo Journal

Many thanks to a reader who shared this pictorial of her recovery from tonsillectomy surgery from day one to day twenty.

tonsillectomy photo journal

photo journal of tonsillectomy recovery from day one to day 20

7 thoughts on “20 days of Tonsillectomy Recovery- a Photo Journal”

  1. I had mine taken out 12 days ago (I’m 26). Overall it wasnt as bad as I thought but my dr only gave me pain meds for the first 7 days. Now I’m finding it reeeeallly hard to sleep because of the painful swallowing. I have a humidifier but it doesn’t do enough. Thanks for the pictures. I am too afraid/queasy to look at my throat. I have a follow up appointment in two days to see if I can begin eating normally again but I don’t think he’s going to tell me I can. It hurts a lot to eat anything that isn’t complete mush. Even scrambled eggs hurt. How long did it take you guys to begin eating/being normal? Again, thanks for the pictures and posting your experience.

      1. Since I’m under 18 they don’t prescribe pain meds at all. I’m 17 and this pain is the worst pain ever. I can’t sleep or eat, and in general everything I do seems impossible due to the pain.

  2. Hello,
    For pain relief I was prescribed codeine 30mg & took x2 every 4 hours. I also took ibuprofen & paracetamol. I worked it so I was taking some every hour to keep as comfortable as possible! Mornings were the worst as I had to start from square one with painkillers again. I was back to normal quite quickly. I remember been out walking the dogs at Day 6 when I had a slight bleed as you can see. However I didn’t go back to college until 3 weeks post up as I really didn’t want to expose myself to that amount of people until I felt my throat was visibly healed… I now it takes months deep down.
    I would go through it again for sure! I now have much more energy, I don’t feel like I have bad breath constantly, no tonsil stones flying out when I cough & of course no tonsillitis, at least not like I used to get it.

    Can I also recommend Costa coffee creamy toffee coolers with full fat milk. They’re the only thing I could drink & been so calorific almost acted as a meal substitute when I was having 3 a day 🙂

  3. Cool. What did you do for pain relief? Especially when eating?? And would you do it again? The reason I asked the last question; my doctor only removed my right tonsil and adenoids. The left bled too much for him to remove the left one. But because of the bleeding I am reluctant to go through a second surgery. The pain was as bad as I expected it would be but with Italian Icees, pudding, pain meds every 4 hours and ice water I survived. Had 1 round of antibiotics last week because of a sore red throat. I had my surgery 9/2/14. The plan for right now is to continue healing and in 2 to 3 months he will we wil decide if its worth the risk to do the left one. I am wondering how common this is?

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