14 Days of Tonsillectomy Recovery

Vishav’s Experience

Hi! i am a 21 year old male. it’s day 14 post operation and i must say it has been hell of a ride but finally i am at the stage where i do not need pain meds. i am sharing my experience so others can exactly know what lies ahead of them. i had 6 cases of severe tonsillitis in an year which was the reason i had it done and i hope it never occurs again.
they kept me under care for 24 hours after the op. it was the best thing to happen because of what i need not swallow any pain meds day 1 post op which otherwise seemed like an impossible time. they gave me my pain med through syringe.
day 1-3 : i was on super cold liquids, ice cream and yogurt. more chilled the “food” more relief i got. thankfully i had no reaction to anaesthesia.

day 4-5: i started coming on to semi solid foods like rice and curd and milkshakes. started feeling better.

day 6-9: worst days of my life! the reason, as the pain struck i shifted back to ice creams and milk shakes. the result was my throat muscles remained stiffened, which equaled unbearable pain specially at night. i wouldnt sleep the whole night.

day 10: went to see my doctor(best thing possible), he gave me a muscle relaxant and he advised me to take my pain med 20 mins before my meals (as a result from when i said i cannot eat anything i moved back to ice creams). he said you have to try start eating normal to relax your throat muscles so take your pain meds first.

day 10-12: i started taking my pain meds before meal (only 20 mins before or i could get nausea for taking meds on an empty stomach) and it did wonders. my diet came back. i ate pasta , mashed potatoes and almost everything except spicy and sour and rough. i started eating more and i started keeping myself hydrated, it helps.

Easy recovery from tonsillectomy

Tonsillectomy Recovery Advice

day 13-14: i am off my pain meds and the pain is almost over.
first few days stay on a cold and soft diet
move to semi solids as soon as you can.
chew nicely before swallowing.
poop!!! if you keep eating soft milk products trust me its going to be rough in the toilet.
if it hurts and you think of going back, DONT! take pain med before. (my pain med was Hifenac P)
drink plenty of water.
do not take a head shower for at least 4 days (you might catch cold), you can take a body shower
don’t cough,sneeze,burp,yawn,try to clear your throat.
don’t speak much for the first week
don’t eat forbidden things.

it might seem hard at the time but trust me its going to be amazing afterwards. i lost 6 kgs too 🙂 good luck to everyone. stay safe!

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