Tonsillectomy Recovery

Let’s start with my own tonsillectomy recovery story. I wasn’t always this healthy. As a kid I ingested more penicillin than a corporate-raised chicken. I was in the doctor’s office several times each year with a sore throat. As the doctor or nurse peered into my mouth, the reaction was always the same: “Whoa, those are some big tonsils!” The diagnosis was usually tonsillitis, or strep throat. As the doctor wrote the prescription, he’d explain that years ago, tonsils like mine would have been removed, but, “these days,” we try to hang onto them. “These days,” were the 1970’s. I guess the tonsillectomy pendulum had swung back from the days when kids got their tonsils out because their brother was getting his out.


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Thanks! – Greg

Aunt Kate’s reassurance helped, but I still wrote out some just-in-case instructions for my brother and hid them in my closet. I sheepishly told him where they were, just in case.

“This is temporary. You WILL feel better. Hang in there and stay hydrated!” -Greg Tooke


As an adult I continued to suffer from frequent bouts of tonsillitis. It seemed that I caught every bug that passed through my house or workplace. I guess those big ugly tonsils were a nice home for those nasties. It wasn’t until my 40’s that I also became aware that I suffered from something called, Obstructive Sleep Apnea -a condition in which a person stops breathing while asleep. I snored often and would awake abruptly, gulping in big breaths. I felt tired most days. After raising four babies, I had come to accept fatigue as a normal part of life! One day at a routine physical my doctor remarked about the number of episodes of strep throat and tonsillitis I’d had. We also talked about the sleep problems. While he didn’t formally diagnose obstructive sleep apnea, he suspected that I had it. He recommended a tonsillectomy, because of all the tonsil problems I’d had. As a bonus, I might find relief from the sleep apnea as well.

If not, I’d undergo a sleep study. Forty four years old and father of four boys and a doctor finally said it: Those tonsils are doing you more harm than good!
As much as I hated those tonsils, I was terrified at the thought of going under the knife. I started reading about tonsillectomy recovery on the internet and talking to friends. That didn’t help. “My cousin knew a guy who got a tonsillectomy and bled to death.” “At your age, tonsillectomy is dangerous.” When I met with the ear, nose and throat specialist, (an otolaryngologist), he told me that the risks are the same for an adult undergoing tonsillectomy surgery as for a child, but tonsillectomy recovery is longer and more painful. He was right about that!

Deciding to get a Tonsillectomy

Tonsillectomy Recovery Tips

Tips for tonsillectomy patients and families

I scheduled the surgery for the day after Thanksgiving. A traditional day of feasting in the United States. If it was to be my last meal, I planned to make it a good one! As it turned out, I was so nervous and scared that I could hardly eat on that day. I was recently divorced and had shared placement of my four boys. So many people counted on me that I began to question my decision. What if I died on the table? How reckless to leave behind a family, simply to avoid frequent tonsillitis? My aunt, a registered nurse reassured me about how simple the surgery was, and how far anesthesiology had come. I had nothing to worry about. Aunt Kate’s reassurance helped, but I still wrote out some just-in-case instructions for my brother and hid them in my closet. I sheepishly told him where they were, just in case

“My tonsils were like a 400 pound gorilla on my back. I don’t miss them at all. Ever.” -from the forum ________________________________________________________________________________

I took a week off from work, asked my ex wife to take care of the boys that week, and asked my uncle to drive me to and from the hospital. (a requirement with anesthesia) That was about all the tonsillectomy recovery preparation I did. I was about to learn a lot!   Surgery went fine. I awoke in recovery with a serving of Jell-o in front of me. (“Jelly,” to my British friends) The nurse said that I had to finish it before I could check out. I swallowed it with great relish. It was divine! I called my uncle and we were out of there. I felt ok. I told him thanks and not to worry. I’d be fine. I believed this. Aside from a couple visits, I spent the next ten days alone in misery. The pain set in after about 24 hours. Streaming movies and television shows were my friends. Sleeping became my worst enemy. I’d wake up with my mouth dried out and my throat on fire. Oh my God. I was not prepared for this! I ran out of Popsicle’s on day three. I ran out of pain medicine on day five. The pain peaked on day seven. I broke down and cried in front of my brother on day eight- a combination of pain, drug induced depression, and sleep deprivation. Since then, I’ve read thousands of similar accounts on the tonsillectomy forum I created. It didn’t have to be so hard. If I’d known what I do now, I could have done so much to make my tonsillectomy recovery better. I hope to reach as many people as I can to help guide them through the tunnel. It has been my passion and taught me more about compassion and the amazing strength of the human spirit than any other life experience. When you shine a light for others, you also light your own path.

In the pages at follow, I’ll share tonsillectomy recovery tips with you that I learned from my tonsillectomy experience and years of coaching others through tonsillectomy and recovery. More about tonsillectomy…read more

I’ve put together a collection of items that I think would be helpful, if not essential, to making tonsillectomy recovery a little more pleasant. Check out the Tonsillectomy General Store.

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  1. Hi 43 year old male had three procedures done at once so tonsils is not my only issue but I agree with this forum ice peas and lots of water I am in Day 8 and I hate waking up to a dry mouth it makes me shiver and feel weak until I get the energy to eat a popsicle and then take some pain meds which by the way run like hell

  2. I am 20 yo female, and I had my surgery May 15, first 4 days were a walk in the park. I only used my 800mg ibuprofen the doctor gave me. Haven’t been eating much however. Days 5-7 (which I’m just finishing) were much more painful. I had to take two small doses of oxy on day 5 and a small dose this morning as I woke up in the worst pain of my life. Scabs are starting to come off which I think is the root of the pain. But boy is it a big pain. This seems to be the low point everyone is talking about, so hopefully things will get better from here.

    I have an event I need to attend this Saturday (with really good food I hope I can eat) it would be day 12. Thoughts from anyone who is on days 11-14??

  3. I’m on day 9 of recovery and at this point it just feels like I have strep. Most of the pain is gone, and I’m pretty much back to eating normal foods. The biggest issue I’ve had is waking up with a dry mouth and throat. This is the only time the pain is severe enough for me to take a dose of pain medicine. Other then that I’ve been taking extra strength Tylenol here and there, becaisenliquod vicodin is no longer necessary every 4 hours. At first the pain was miserable and my voice was very altered, however now I’m talking clearly and have way less pain. Keep yourself hydrated, don’t be afraid to ask for more pain medicine, and please don’t be a baby about it . A tonsillectomy is a simple procedure, while it’s painful it’s not the end of the world. I’ve seen too many stories of people exclaiming how terrible this surgery was and how the pain lasted for such a long time. Children heal faster than adults. As and adult, be one,hydrate yourself, take your meds, rest, and look forward to no more tonsillitis.

  4. FOR THE BAD BREATH TONSILLECTOMIES: hey guys just wanted to post because I used to come here a lot and I struggled with my breath before so I wanted to spread some hope. It’s been a year since my tonsillectomy and my bad breath(tonsil stones) is GONE. Yay. Hang in there, the pain sucks but it was worth it. Btw make sure it’s your tonsils that are causing it before you get surgery, you may end up disappointed post surgery if they aren’t the sole contributor.

    1. Kay: Thanks for sharing. The ENT told me as well my bad breath could be from something else besides the tonsil stones. I am looking into everything before a tonsillectomy. Did your doctor fully examine you for the tonsil stones? I saw 4 different ENT doctors and never got a full exam. They were all willing to give me a tonsillectomy anyway. I am horrified to have this done, but know if the stones are the culprit, my life will be so much better once they are removed .

  5. 17 yr old (M) I always read threads and never usually comment on them once I’m passed the whole experience and pain myself but this time I feel like I should as I had a lot of help from this forum myself so I think I will offer some tips too

    Day 1- I woke up from surgery in the post op ward and was greeted by a very nice nurse who told me the operation went well and asked if I would like some more pain relief to which I said yes, I was given morphine and slept for about forty five mins until I was wheeled back up to my room, The pain was basically non existent because of the powerful drugs I was on and I was overall in a good mood, I was given an omlette and a bowel of soup after surgery but felt very nauseous due to the anaesthetic so I couldn’t eat it, the nausea persisted for a few hours and eventually went.
    I stayed the night at the hospital and woke up nearly every hour sweating and in pain I thought the night would never end and I still felt kinda woozy after the anaesthetic which didn’t help matters, I was discharged in the morning after getting more pain relief and I went home.

    Day 2- I was drugged up to the max on pain killers and felt little to no pain at all, I also slept the whole night through and was quiet content when I woke up that it wasn’t as bad as everyone said it’d be unaware of what was going to come in the following days

    Days 3-7- these were the worst days, I struggled to swallow my own saliva and honestly in these days I just felt like dying it was so bad, the pain was unbearable and my pain killers were doing nothing for me, I set an alarm every half hour at night to wake up and sip some water as I found the morning the worst because my throat would dry up when I went to sleep and the pain in the morning was a solid 12/10, I found that sucking on mints was great it kept my saliva slippery and it would just slide down my throat, I also regularly garggled with Coca Cola as my doctor told me this helps and he was right too.

    Days 7-present(day 13) – I noticed the horrible green slime had started to peel off the tonsills beds and this was my scabs falling off, by day 8 I was off all my pain killers as I wasn’t in much pain at all, the scabs falling off caused no pain at all and I’m finally getting back to eating normal dinners and food today (day 13) it still feels strange and there is a slight pain but I’m sure it’ll ease away in another few days

    Tips: Keep hydrated drink when you don’t even need a drink and take your pain killers on time don’t take them when you start to feel pain, I would also strongly recommend sucking on mints as I found this really really helpful.

    I am glad they are out now as I suffered with a allot of severe tonsillitis over the years but on days 3-7 I would of take 100 bouts of tonsillitis because the pain was so severe, I would nearly go as far as not recommending a tonsillectomy as the pain is so much worse than any tonsillitis I’ve ever experienced.

    Any questions feel free to ask

    1. Have you had tomato sauce at all? In pasta or pizza perhaps? I have heard that it burns really bad but as many days out as you are maybe you can speak to this?

      1. Is seemed to get inflamed after eating spagetti….but not so much during. I had created scan and all was clear. My right cheek still bothers me as I still get inflammation mostly right side. It comes and goes and still feels like piece of something is back there. My lumps went away……thank the Lord but I don’t get the residual swelling and discomfort that comes and goes….my surgeryveas on April 7…… 6 weeks out…….they treat me like I’m nuts.

  6. Hi ,
    Starting day 3 on prednisone and lumps are not going away…….really bummed. I’m doing everything from not eating inflammatory foods to taking powder Vitamin C. I’m at a loss… 28 post surgery. I know it hasn’t been 2 weeks but would of thought some improvement by now. The glands in my neck were swollen last night. I used ice pack…….the swelling around the area seemed to get better but not the lumps.1 on each side where the tonsils were.

  7. Hi,
    Previous message marked Alan is Les. I’m really praying for some encouragement. In the recent post I had a lot of anxiety. I was told today I have reacting tonsil tissue with inflammation. My worries are cancer. I was put on steroid for 2 weeks and off work for rest of week. I was also told this happens and it’s very uncommon….like 2% of people encounter this. I would like to know if anyone had inflammation of left over tonsil tissue anytime after surgery. Mine seem to be found 3 weeks after! If this doesn’t go away they will do a CT scan. Any help and hope would be greatly appreciated. I’m so far depressed it’s not even funny. All my pain is right side. I was told by a second ent with Cleveland Clinic that I should be healed in a month…….? Everything I read here has been contradictory to what doctors expectations are. I have lost 22 pounds only 5 to 7 pounds since surgery. I do not see the light for me at the end of this tunnel. I’m not trying to frighten people……I had my tonsils removed due to right side being enlarged and cryptic due to tonsil stones.
    Overall surgery wasn’t bad and was what was expected. I got better but to get worse. This means some areas I improved and some just got worse and would change day by day. I thought when I got these things out I would feel better. My problem started in December and January when I had back to back colds in 2 weeks. Then my tonsil became inflammed and sore and hurt to swallow like a lump was always there. If anyone can help or knows a good ent who can answer to this thread it would be great.

  8. Hi,
    Day 25 and I had followup. I guess I have a reactive tonsil tissue with inflammation. Dr. Gave me 2 weeks steroids and off work now till Sunday. Really upset. He stated if doesn’t get better then I will need ct scan for the big C word. Totally upset. Anyone ever had this issue after tonsillectomy……please respond.

    1. Hi Les, I am sorry to learn of your expressed concern that you didn’t receive any help from this forum. We have all been thought tonsil removal, (and the subseqent recovery) and share our own experiences in this forum hoping that other folks in recovery will gain helpful hints to make their recovery better
      – along with the phenominally helpful information appearing in (Greg Tooke, our forum host) drop-down menu at the top of this page, We are NOT doctors/surgeons, no one is paying us for our time. We are a group of compassionate recoverers offering validation via our experience. No one can disseminate medical advice, but refer you to your own Doctor for a medical opinion. Undoubtedly, the lump you speak of is TYPICAL swelling associated with anticipated swelling post-op, and I truly hope the condition isn’t more nefarious in nature. Once one of us gain access to a crystal ball, you will be the first to be contacted. Good luck, wishing you a speedy recovery@!

  9. Hi,
    I’m 41 year old male…….I’m on day 23 and all is not well. Yesterday morning I woke and checked things out and found a lump where or close to where the tonsil sat. They found no cancer in the tonsils. I had them removed due to tonsil stones and enlargement on the right side. Now that’s where this lump is on the right side. Anyone else experience this. It’s still sore on this side. I’m down and out. Go to doctor tomorrow…….can anyone help!? To calm my nerves.

    1. Hi Les, Are you having any difficulty swallowing? Does the “lump” interfere with your eating? Be sure to mention to your Doctor, asking if a “barium swalliwing” exam is warranted. It may still be swelling (mine was swollen for over two months) and told by my Doctor, it’s normal. I think you should ask your doctor at your bmvisit. Im sure its going to be fine. 🙂

      1. Thanks Janet,

        If you read more of my comments above. It is reactive tonsil tissue which became inflammed…..I’m in horrible pain from it. Was Sunday it’s now Tuesday. He gave me prednisone for the inflamation. He actually stated it was on the other side too but not as noticeable. I’m freaked out to the max. I appreciate your reply and thank you. When and if I fully recovered I hope I can turn back to this forum and laugh because all is good because I freaked out over nothing!
        God bless all you!

      2. I hope so Janet…..He gave me prednisone. I have a red pimply blister towards the back left also and a lump on that side. Could anything worse be that some cemetrical?
        Just really down…looking into alternative medicines to get me over hump and to heal me. I been doing powder vitamin c and curcumin. Seems to help but only time will tell. Right now my neck is sore down the fronts and sides…..27 days post op. Is this normal also. Or is all of this normal? I know your not a doctor but you know stories.

  10. Hello everyone

    I’ll start by saying I have a high pain threshold, but this was the worst pain I’ve ever experienced.

    I’m 23, F(UK) and on day 13 today. I still have a sore throat (4/10) and some scabbing, so I still can’t eat as normally as I’d like to, however I can eat A LOT more than I was able to in the first 10 days. I now only take painkillers (1 x 400 mg ibuprofen) once or twice during the day and once before sleeping. Best of all, I no longer wake up with excruciating pain (like 2 knives in my throat) and I can sleep through the night (note – I no longer have to sleep upright). So for those of you who’ve just had the op or are going to, I promise you CAN get through this and it WILL get better.

    So on the day of surgery I woke up in recovery and was taken back to my room. Not long later I was given soft jacket potato with cheese and salad. I tried to eat really tiny bits of the potato but my throat was too sore. I was then given some soup to try but unfortunately it was tomato based and stung really bad. So eventually the sweet nurse brought me some ice-cream which was soothing and gave me some energy. I know some people have no problems straight after surgery due to the anaesthetic, but I pretty much felt the pain from the beginning. My op was in the morning but I wasn’t allowed home until around 12 midnight because I was struggling with pain and eating.

    Day 3-6 were absolute torture, I just wanted someone to put me out of my misery and I regretted having the op. I’m serious, it was BAD…

    Day 3 I woke up at 5 am – OH THE PAIN – like I’d been stabbed in the throat and collapsed on the kitchen floor. My parents found me, put a pack of peas on my throat and consoled me while I cried and swallowed 2 Tramadol capsules. The same day I experienced nausea and threw up around 6/7 times- to the point I was just throwing up bile (sorry). I was re-admitted to hospital, kept in overnight and given fluids + morphine. The doctor said my medication was contributing to my nausea, and as a result of all the vomiting I’d become dehydrated. And they were concerned throwing up could cause bleeding.

    Day 4 I was still in pain, but thankfully no more nausea. I still couldn’t eat, and swallowing water was painful.

    Day 5 I woke up in the early hours again, and this time the pain was incredible- 11/10 (worse than day 3 if possible). Again my amazing parents put an ice pack on my throat, encouraged me to swallow my painkillers (2 x 400 mg ibuprofen) and generously apply Difflam spray. They brought me some crushed ice to keep in my mouth and this really helped. Later in the day the dreading ear pain began…

    Day 6 I ended up in A&E with a heavy bleed. But thankfully it clotted by itself without the need to be cauterised. But it did continue to bleed just specks of blood, so I was really frightened to sleep that night in case the bleeding started again- but thankfully it didn’t.

    Day 7 I felt a tiny bit better and there was no further bleeding.

    Up until day 10 the pain was bad and I couldn’t eat solids. But After day 8 the pain was noticeably more manageable.

    Top tips –

    – Prop yourself up with a few pillows and sleep upright (I used a travel pillow for neck support and to stop me from rolling over), Personally, I started sleeping normally only after day 10
    – At night set an alarm for every 30 minutes and take a sip of water (especially during the first 6 days) – if you let your throat dry out believe me you’ll regret it.
    – Keep water on your night stand
    – Set alarms to take your medication/antibiotics – keep on top of the pain. The first 6/7 days you’ll likely be waiting to take your next dose, but don’t let any ‘lack of pain’ fool you – KEEP ONE STEP AHEAD
    – Be painkiller smart – my medication was 2 tablets every 6 hours, and I found that after 3/4 hours I needed more pain relief. So I took one tablet every 3 hours instead- and this was WAY more effective in terms of managing pain
    – Personally I didn’t find my humidifier as useful as I hoped and it made me feel strangely sick – maybe I had a dodgy one. BUT definitely give it a try as it could work for you (especially if you think you can’t wake up throughout the night to sip water). It will help keep the air moist and prevent your throat from drying out.
    – DON’T breathe through your mouth- it will dry out your throat
    – I would sometimes put my painkillers in jelly to help me swallow them
    – WATER, WATER, WATER (just keep sipping, just keep sipping…)- it will help your scabs come off without bleeding
    – Ice water, Hartley’s strawberry jelly, Kelly’s cornish ice-cream and ice packs for throat = best friends
    – Difflam spray was amazing – it would numb the back of my throat and provide instant pain relief – speak to your doctor about using this!!!
    – Hot showers were very soothing – mentally and for my throat (in and out)
    – Oral hygiene – gently brush your teeth and if possible your tongue too!
    – Chew gum to exercise your mouth, throat and to keep saliva moving (this helps heal)
    – After day 7 I started doing gentle salt water gargles which helped clear phlegm and other build up
    – Ice pack for throat, and hot water bottle for ears

    I personally couldn’t focus on things like reading or movies, so I kept watching cooking shows (since I was hungry and couldn’t eat) – worked for me!

    Thank you to everyone who has posted – it helped me so much. And goodluck to you all.

    1. Thanks, N A, for sharing your experience, offering validation to all of us going through the same thing. Be sure to check out our host’s helpful hints, found in the drop down menu found at the top of this page. Greg, our host, welcomes new input and would value any new helpful hints. Good luck and happy healing. Jan

  11. I had my tonsils removed April 7th, 2017. It is April 30th and this morning I noticed a lump on right side just above or right where the tonsil used to be. I am very upset and worried as that side has been more sore. The lump itself doesn’t seem sore but my jaw on that side feels funny. it seems a little sore when I open and stretch my jaw. I know I’m not healed yet from surgery but if someone knows or has had same expirience please email me at Asap……I see doctor on Tuesday……..really worried.

  12. Hi Jack, The best way to sleep right now is upright; keep your head elevated as much as possible. Have a recliner? Setting an alarm clock every 4-6 hours to take your pain medication? The toughest part of pain is letting pain get away from you. Meaning, going too long without pain medication. Keep hydrated, sleep when you can, keep ice packs around the neck, and know that you are at the hardest part of recovery. Be sure to check out the drop-down menu at the top of the page. Our host, Greg, has put together very helpful ways to get through recovery. You will feel better soon. Jan

  13. I am on day 5 post op, can anyone recommend ways/positions to sleep to avoid pain in the morning? I have found myself avoiding sleep because the pain in the morning isn’t worth it but it is catching up on me

  14. Ok so I’m ending day 6 post op of my T&A. It has felt like absolute hell. I can’t sleep because of pain and can’t eat or really drink to much. I am trying to stay hydrated but I feel like there is a lump in the back of my throat like something is stuck and I don’t understand it. I have no idea if anything has happened with the scabs. I have no clue what I am doing. When does the pain start to calm?????

    1. Hi Desiree, I remember my 6th day post-op; it was probably my worst day! The ONLY two things you really need to worry about right now is water and meds. Yes, that “lump” you feel is swelling, which isn’t going to get better unless you start sucking on ice (since you find it hard to drink) and get ice packs around your neck. I found frozen peas worked better than regular ice bags, I could position them closer to the swelling. An air humidifier running at night will help keep you throat moist, but I ran mine all day and night. Don’t worry about the scabs, most people swallow them in pieces and never notice. Don’t expect that to happen for a week or two. The pain will start to subside when the swelling goes down, and its different for everyone. Most report a week or two – but you are at the peak right now. Hang in there, it will begin to get better every day! Really. 🙂

    2. Hi Desiree
      I’m glad I read your comment, I had my T&A 6 days ago
      The pain Is unbelievable and I am taking my painkillers regular , you r talking about the feeling of a lump at the back of your throat, I have exactly the same and it scares me as I don’t understand what it is ! I also got know idea about my scabs, are they there ? Are they going ? I am sticking to my ice pops & cold water, I drink as much as I can & also sleep when ever it grabs me, the pain is meant to b better after the 8th day so fingers crossed !!! But if anybody knows what this lumpy feeling in the thraught is , please post an answer !

      1. I was told that the uvula that is swollen, is what makes you feel like you have something in the back of your throat.

  15. HELP. I am on day 12 post-op. Occasionally after I eat I can see very minor bleeding where the scabs are coming off and it isn’t even enough to notice it in my saliva but it starts again when I eat. What can I do to help the bleeding and when will this end? I refuse to go back into surgery again for bleeding this minor so any help would be appreciated!!

    1. Hi Anne Marie, its not uncommon to see a LITTLE bit of blood for several weeks following surgery…especially after a meal. So, I wouldnt worry unless the bleeding escalates or you experience difficulty swallowing. And be sure to mention the issue at your next follow-up visit with your Doctor. Good luck.

        1. Hey Anne Marie. Yes, once the scabs have completely fallen off, the bleeding will stop. No worries, completely normal.

  16. I’m on day 8 and my scabs are nearly off, from what I read I was dreading this part because most people seemed to claim it was agony but I’ve barely noticed a change apart from slight discomfort when eating but it’s nothing really, each recovery is individual so I guess it’s different for everyone. Day 2-5 was the worst for me but it’s soon passed, I’ve been able to go out since day 6, I wish everyone a fast recovery. The pain won’t last forever!

  17. Wow! This forum has been so helpful! I had my surgery on 4/11 so today is Day 10. Everyone who said to “hang on…it does eventually get better was so right!” Things really started getting better at Day 9 for me and I was able to stop taking pain meds. It’s also interesting how different this is for so many. Here are some tips that I found helpful:

    1) Stock up on Sonics ice and drink/sip plenty of water. I found that Gatorade or other drinks were too sugary which made me produce saliva making it difficult to swallow. Even if it hurts, keep sipping to make sure you stay hydrated. Someone else posted that the constant sipping and swallowing allows you to build up tolerance and that was a great tip.

    2) If it stings to swallow something cold, try warm water with honey or tea. I ended up alternating between ice cold and warm drinks depending on how I was feeling. I also think it coincided when the scabs were coming off.

    3) Use an ice pack to help with the swelling and pain. It really helped with the sharp pain I was getting in my throat and ears. I had really bad ear pain. I used the Chattanooga cold pac (can find on Amazon) which wrapped around my neck. Got it from a co-worker who read about it and it was a LIFESAVER!!! I alternated between that and waters bottles that I froze and put into a long cotton sock.

    4) Use a humidifier and elevate your head when you’re sleeping. Nights were the worse for me. I was up every 1-2 hours or so changing out ice packs and making sure I was sipping to stay hydrated.

    5) I have been living off Top Ramen, mashed potatoes and chicken and stars soup. I found the warm liquids were so much better for my throat. There were a couple of days that pudding, applesauce, jello and ice cream were tolerable but the extra saliva it was creating wasn’t worth it.

    Best wishes to everyone who is recovering…there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Also a big thanks to Greg for starting this and for all who contributed their experiences and expertise.

  18. Day 6 of recovery done and I’m recovering, albeit very slowly. Its still agony to eat, but I’m forcing my way through some small meals. Can I expect to feel better any time soon, seeing as though days 5-8 are meant to be the worst??

    1. Hey Arthur! You are almost through the hardest part, yay!! Stay the course. I predict a much better weekend. Stay on soft diet until then, and avoid anything crunchy. Keep drinking loads of water for a few more weeks. Congratulations. You are doing great!

    2. I know it’s different for everyone but Day 9 was when it started getting better for me. Hang in there, I know you’ll start feeling better soon! Agree with Janet…keep drinking tons of water…either ice cold or room temperature. Warm tea helped for me too.

  19. SOS i had pudding today. first thing i have eaten in 6 days. however, as i’m lying down to sleep i’m having difficulty breathing. i’m trying to breathe through my nose to avoid drying out my throat, but bubbles keep forming in my back of my throat. i coughed and spit some out and it was a reddish brown. I can’t tell if it’s pudding stuck in my scabs or blood. my doctor gave me no instructions when it came to stuff like this. can i gargle something, ANYTHING, to get this out of my throat so i can sleep! I’m running on slim to no hours of sleep and tomorrow is Easter!

  20. How long will it be until I can enjoy food again? I know recovery varies but in the UK they give two weeks off school for recovery time so if everything goes as should is this correct? Or is there often prolonged discomfort

    1. Jacqui – I believe the average recovery time is two weeks and it definitely varies. My Dr. told me I would start feeling better into the second week and she was right. I’m on Day 9 (Day 1 was surgery) and while I am sticking with a softer diet, have found I can tolerate rice and thicker soups. Hang in there, it will get better!

  21. I had my surgery on Wednesday so this is day 3 of recovery.
    I’ve been doing okay, drinking a lot and eating normal food with only slight discomfort.
    The most horrible part for me is this uncomfortable cough I have and I’m getting up load of horrible stuff…
    The pain is also worse in the evenings from around 8 until 10 pm.
    I’m trying really hard to stay off the reall strong pain killers the doctor prescribed in fear of it getting worse throughout the recovery and not getting any realise.

    Is there any advice on these things?

    1. Hi Ri. Yes, take your pain meds as directed to stay on top of the pain. Most report days 5 – 7 as the most difficult, so dont let the pain get ahead. Check out the drop down menu at the top of this page for helpful information. Let us know how you’re doing, hang in there. Good luck!

  22. I’m on day 5 post op. The worst pain is in the morning for about 15 minutes. My tips for managing the pain:
    -Stay on top of you pain meds.
    – avoid fruits, any acidic foods and drinks ( even getorade)
    – gargle after EVERY meal even ice cream ( dairy can turn acidic after while) hydrogen peroxide and luke warm water 1:1 ratio with small spoon of salt!! You don’t want any food sitting on the sore area.
    – when in lot of pain spit saliva out don’t swallow
    -drink plenty of water
    – make sure you have plenty of humidity in your room

    I’m a patient, tonsilectomy survivor but also a nurse.

  23. Don’t let up on the pain meds and keep hydrated
    Ice chips etc
    My daughter is 14 and yesterday was the first day she could function and eat somewhat normal food noodles
    She had horrible ear pain at night which made it hard to sleep
    I kept the humidifier running all the time to add moisture to her room
    She said the heating pad helped

  24. I’m 16 & had my tonsils taken out 12th April (UK), so I’m only on day 2 of recovery. Yesterday was a lot less painful than today and I could speak easily and ate food/drank regularly but I have woke up with my throat / neck / ears in mild pain too making it difficult now to even open my mouth and I’ve already broken down in tears. I don’t know how I’m going to get through the next two weeks when these two days have felt like an eternity. Managing to drink water and I’m taking painkillers every two hours is there anything else I can do to ease the pain externally (neck etc) Should I try to speak to exercise muscles etc or just try and rest? Does unscabbing always have to be so painful and is there anything to do to prepare as I’m extremely nervous considering the amount of pain I’m already enduring.

    1. Freya, pack your neck with ice packs, and keep humidifier running all the time. Drink all the water you can (glass every hour) and use heating pad for ear pain. Its the swelling causing the ear pain, which typically starts around day 4, but everyone is different. If you keep the ice on both sides of your upper neck, it will help with the swelling. Be sure to check out the menu at the top of this page for other helpful hints! Let us know how you are doing.

  25. i’m day 6 in recovery and only get some painful moments here and there but cough up this very thick substance that is whitish and i’m wondering if that is my scab? also i’m wondering if gatorid will sting my throat when it goes down i’m afraid to try, as well as wondering if i’m recovering fast.

    1. I’m on day 7 of my recovery !! I couldn’t drink the gatorade in the first few days but by day 5 I was able to and now it’s almost all I’ve been drinking. That and authentic coconut water for some reason feels really good haha. Anyway, the white might be mucus actually. The scab is more brownish yet subtle. My scab just started falling off today(7) It really freaked me out at first because I wasn’t sure if that was actually ok. It caused my nose to bleed the first time, (only the left side–the side the scab fell) but it quickly stopped so I knew it was ok. What I’m trying to say is that when your scab actually comes off, and if there is some bleeding, DON’T freak out! It’s normal and expected. However, if you’re bleeding a lot, and it won’t stop, definitely call your doctor IMMEDIATELY! Wishing you a speedy recovery and healthy heeling!

  26. Hello everyone! I need to say i’m so glad i discovered this because i’m in a world of hurt. I’m going on day four now since my operation and i feel no better than i did the first 24 hours. I find myself constantly coughing and choking on something back there, which usually leads to heavy gagging. I’m too scared to look, however, because of all the pictures i’ve seen. I also am having excruciating pain in my jaw, ears, head and now back (presumably because of laying in the same position). I have been keeping myself hydrated (monitoring with my urine) but it fluctuates. I just don’t want to feel the scabs peeling but that’s what it feels like every time i swallow. It makes me gag. I’ve learned to pain manage with Tylenol but even then i’m in unbearable pain as soon as that wears off. I haven’t eaten in four days and i’m starving! I tried mashed potatoes the first day because i was feeling good, but then i threw up blood and now i’m too scared to try anything else. Jello just doesn’t fill me up and it feels warm in my mouth, even straight out of the fridge. I just want this stuff to be over, i’m miserable!

    1. Hi Kylee, Most report the worst days of recovery as days 5 – 8, so you shouldnt expect to feel better than the first 24°, and unless you are under the age of 10, you should ask for medication stronger than Tylenol. Its way too soon for scabs to be falling off (usually around the second week) so I suspect its the dairy that causes you to gag! Avoid dairy for awhile. As long as you are keeping hydrated, you can go without food for a couple of weeks. Keep hydrated. Keep a humidifier running full time. Popcycles, gatorade and water. The most important right now is water! And more water. Others in this forum report drinking ICED water has better helped them. Try jello again in a few days, then soft foods. Hang in there, we are all rooting for you!!

  27. I got my tonsils removed 2 days ago, and the pain wasn’t as bad as I anticipated. but yesterday was so bad, I could hardly swallow. still on antibiotics and pain meds, I prayed last night for less pains, and God answered. today wasn’t as bad. I was able to have just a small slice of fish as I was hungry; but I have been on Gatorade and water till tonight.

    I also use ice pack on my cheeks. overall, I’m able to speak better but not far away from my pain medication.

  28. hi
    I am in 7 day of tonsillectomy and hvae severe pain and I feel very week.
    my diet last seven days only milk , bread and juices I am unable to eat something els any suggestions for me.

    1. I was told by my Dr. not to consume any dairy products b/c it thickens mucus and makes it more difficult to swallow. Water is probably better for you than milk right now(and always, IMO). You can also try Gatoraide–worked well for me.

    2. I agree with JILL, try to avoid dairy products for a few weeks. Cold water. Thats all your body needs right now. Most people can go weeks without food, but water is essential. Add popcycles – make your own to make them perfect!

  29. I got my tonsils removed two weeks ago and I was prepared for a rough recovery because I read a lot of people said it was the worse thing but I had a fast recovery I’m guessing because I didn’t use the medicine that I was given I used liquid Tylenol extra strength I highly recommended it !

  30. I am due to go in for this operation in the morning and I have never felt so anxious and nervous in my life. Can anyone suggest any helpful tips especially what foods are easy to eat? Also what pain relief is most effective?

    1. HI Abi, you will find a list of food perfect thru recovery at the top of this page in the drop-down menu. (Thanks to Greg, our host.) I could handle nothing but popcycles, jello and pudding while others have said they ate anything they wanted. So, start slow, and make ice cold water your staple. The more water you drink, the faster the scab will fall off, so the faster you will feel better. We will all be thinking of you, wishing you a speedy recovery. No worries, you can handle this. 🙂

        1. Thank you for hosting a forum so beneficial to so many. Tonsillectomy recovery sucks, and hearing others validate our own experience is comforting, as well as educational. You did a good thing here, Greg. Kudos!!

      1. Hi Janet, I had my tonsils out on March 28. I’m in such severe pain and I’m already maxing out my doses of Dilauded and Tylenol. Any other tips for me? I’ve got ice around my neck/head, ice chips, humidifier, etc. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy!

        1. Hi Ally, I would encourage you to talk to your Dr. to reassess your pain management; because yours isn’t working. Its important to stay on top of pain. It sounds like you are doing your part, its time for your doctor to do theirs. On the timeline of recovery, on day 3, you need to find something that works for you. Keep hydrated, really. The more water you drink, the faster the scab will fall off and the faster you’ll be back to chips and salsa! Keep in touch, and rest. Call your doctor NOW and if they can’t get you in quickly, go to urgent care. Really. ♡

          1. Hi Janet, Thank you for the quick reply. My surgeon is unreachable so I’ve called my GP as this feels out of control. The advice on this blog is great, it’s been very helpful to feel like I’m not the only one going through this.

          1. Hi Janet, thank you for asking. Truthfully, I’m at my worst. I’m now 6 days post op, but had a terrible day 4 and 5. I ended up in the ER last night due to passing out after a day of nausea, vomiting, etc. The swelling and pain was so bad I couldn’t get liquids down, so I got some new drugs via IV and some saline solution. Feeling much better now and slept a full 7 hours with no interruptions, but I’m still just on a liquid diet and can only handle ice chips and watered down Ensure. My scabs haven’t fallen off yet so I know that is still another hurdle. My mom has been staying with me and I am SO thankful for her care.

            How long was your recovery, Janet? I’ve read through your posts and have followed all of your advice, it’s been so helpful <3

        2. Hi Ally, I am sorry you ended up in e.r., but it sounds like you were dehydrated and needed the aid. My worst days were 5 & 6, taking me a full two weeks before the scabs to gradually fall off. Everyone is different in their recovery, but it sounds like you are on the road to recovery! 😃

          1. Hi Janet, I think I am. Still off work but slowly improving. Looking forward to solid foods this week!

  31. This seems like an active website. Has anyone ever has an experience with little to no pain? My 5 year old is on day 6 and has not once complained of pain. She started eating regular, soft food hours after surgery and hasn’t had issues sleeping or anything. She started eating her normal diet on day 4 with no issues. I checked her mouth many times to make sure they took her tonsils and they definitely did! Just curious. My family seems to think she has a high pain tolerance. I’m not sure. It’s bizarre to me!

    1. Yes! My granddaughter had hers out at age 7, she complained the first night and appeared fine the next day. So, when I had mine removed, she told me, “just eat two popcycles and it wont hurt anymore.” I was on narcotics for two weeks, frozen sugar water did not instantly heal. Lol. Ive heard children do extremely well, its worse the older you get. Lucky for you and your daughter! 🙂

    2. Children heal much faster than adults, and in children under 16, their tonsils are much smaller (and less deeply rooted) than adults, which translates to less surface area to cut or cauterize, resulting in significantly less pain. After age 16, the surface area will be the same as an adult, though they’ll still heal faster. It really isn’t too terrible of a surgery when you’re young, but let me tell ya, at 40 it was no picnic! Day 19 here and still struggling, still not back to work.

      1. I’m on day 17……it feels dry and it’s sore to swallow on right side… a lump when I try solid foods. Left side don’t bother me at all. I went back to work last night and it wasn’t fun. It’s still hard for me to talk. I feel like I have the same problem with the right side as I did before this surgery. My right tonsil was irritated and both were a plus 3 in size…….Not sure what think……Anyone else struggle with this?

  32. Hi guys. I had my tonsil removed on the 24th march and I’m really suffering the pain is absolutely unbearable I can’t eat and drink and I’m starting to get depressed because it doesn’t look like its gonna get any better soon. About a week before the surgery I’ve booked tickets to go to Poland 🇵🇱 with my family because I had no idea that it’s going to be as bad. I need some advice because I don’t know what to do. Should I stay in London or go to Poland.?? Is there anything that could happen on the plane.?

  33. Hey Jordan, you are on the WORST days post-op. Take your pain meds when due, with as much water as you can handle. The ear pain is from swelling and will lessen in week. Ice, ice, oh, and more ice around neck. Sleep sitting up, and use air humidifier if you have one. You will feel better soon, I promise. You are at the hardest part, but will start feeling better soon. Get a popcycle, and hang in there!!!

  34. On day 5-6 it’s 4am in London and I’m in a lot of pain. Can’t drink and not even thinking about eating. I know not only have pain in my throat. the pain is soo bad I’m starting to have tooth ache and ear pain. I’m literally praying for this to be over.

    1. Hello Jordan – the middle of the night is the worst ! Suck on some crushed ice. I also tried sucking on sugar free strawberry losenges, and used a throat spray . It is normal to be at your lowest at this point – things will improve in a few days time (after about 10 days I found a hot water bottle helped relax my throat and neck too). Download some podcasts/tv programmes or listen to the radio to help distract yourself. This will end !

  35. On day 17 here and i’m still having a significant level of discomfort/pain when i swallow. I am not taking any meds and finding it difficult to sleep/worse when i lay down (even still with head propped up a bit using a travel pillow). Seems to mostly be on one side and it just feels as though my throat is swollen, or as though there’s something stuck in my throat What concerns me is that this is the exact discomfort/pain i had prior to the surgery, and am wondering if it is something other than my tonsils (though one was pretty swollen). I had described the pain as a small pebble stuck in the back of my throat. I still have what i think is a thin white layer of scabs. Anyone else feeling similar discomfort? I’m waiting to call the advice nurse in an hour. Hoping this is all normal. I definitely felt better on days 11-12 and feel like since then i’ve slowly gotten worse.

    1. Yes,
      Same here…exactly……I’m on day 17….I have exact same issue. I ran out of pain meds and feel like since it’s been days of use everything got worse. Please let me know what happens the longer you go as I will update you. I still have the same film….. .I felt better after surgery then I do now… lol…….Thanks!

  36. I’m on day 5 of recovery, and the pain only seems to get worse. As much as it kills me all I can do is sleep. Swallowing causes me so much pain that I haven’t eaten anything in the past 45 hours and honestly this is the worst pain I have ever experienced

    1. It is truly an awful experience. All I can say is, hang in there, it does get better. Drink lots of water, and stick to your medication schedule. If you’re getting no relief from your meds, go back to your doctor, and demand stronger ones.

  37. I am on day 6 and the pain just feels to get worse, silly me decided to go back to work the next day; hey bills need to be paid! I am slowly starting to eat some foods but with a real force

  38. Believe it or not I am on day three of the surgery
    Have not slept at all swallowing is a monster and after so much sleep loss your mind starts playing horrible tricks on you.. as of now when I swallow my ear pops and throat Is on fire. I can hardly eat anything but popsicles.. can’t wait for the rest of the recovery days

  39. I need to schedule appointment to get my tonsils removed… My doctor prescribed a tonsil fire extinguisher to help me deal with the pain associated with a tonsillectomy… Has anyone in this forum heard of or used this to help after surgery?

    1. Hey Krista, you are not alone, just about everyone in this forum has been where you are on day 9. Ouch. Really ouch. This will pass. Check out gregs helpful daily tips at the top of this page. Please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.

    2. Hi krista, I too am on day 9, and I would honestly prefer dying to this pain. My throat is stinging and burning, and I still need to take the narcotics which knock me out. I threw up yesterday for two hours, I just want this pain to end.

      1. Hi Kehndra, I also was on the narcotics until day 11 – then I seemed to improve quite quickly. It’s now day 15, I’m still in a bit of pain on one side. Are you still in any pain?

        1. Hi Krista
          I still am in some pain, but it’s more of a sore throat type pain. I’ve only needed to take ibuprofen and lozenges for it. My eating is almost back to normal, although I’m only eating one meal a day. I’m hoping to do a half day at work tomorrow, to ease myself back in.

    3. Hang in there. it will get better….I am on day 2 and with prayers I’m feeling better. just be prayerful, trust me, it works

  40. Day 8 here, 40 year old woman. Yes the pain is awful–it’s every thing i read about and i have an unusually high pain tolerance so I was hoping i’d be ok…..nope. Days 1 and 2 weren’t bad at all, but i ran out of Oxy day 3 and it took 29 hours to get a refill–why they don’t provide enough meds to last at least a week is not right. Now doctor denied a second refill–i’m guessing doctors are so scared about creating opiate addicts that they think it’s better for people with legitimate pain to suffer through it……(and maybe it is but it sure doesn’t feel like it right now!)

    Something i found TREMENDOUSLY helpful is sleeping upright. This helps to keep your mouth closed while you sleep which prevents scabs from drying out (which is when i’ve felt the most pain). I don’t have a recliner so i just propped myself up on the couch and wore one of those U shaped airplane neck pillows–i consider this to be the best thing i purchased so if you don’t have one, borrow or buy one!

    Also, i live alone and was really worried about being able to care for myself after surgery. Everyone told me “you’ll need help with EVERYTHING”….but no one could ever give specifics. Doctor said someone had to stay with me for 48 hours and i would need help for 3-5 days. For me, this wasn’t at all the case. After surgery a friend drove me home and that was it–luckily i haven’t needed anything (other than neighbors to walk my dog) from anyone since. Not saying everyone can do it like this, but i almost hired a nurse for $240/hour for first 48 hours and it would have been an absolute waste of money.

    Hang in there everyone, this is awful but it WILL end….

    1. Congratulations, Jill, you are thru the hardest part! What a great idea on the u-shaped pillow. I wish someone would create such a pillow with a flap around sides and front that could be filled with crushed ice. Btw; following my surgery, I slept upright for about ten days, and I don’t have a recliner either. I took every pillow in the house and created one on my bed! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Jan

  41. I’m on day 5/6 (it’s 1.30 am in Australia) of my tonsillectomy. My throat feels swollen and tight right now. I’m so over this pain, I have an anxiety disorder, and the pain is really making me anxious. I’m on oxycodin and paracetamol for the pain, it dulls it a bit, but it’s still there and it hurts to swallow. Everything aches, I’m so tired of this pain. I’m scared my throat will swell up more, and I won’t be able to breathe 🙁

      1. Thank you Janet. Today has been a bit better, I’ve been very strict with my medication schedule. I just want this to be over! It’s so painful. I got my tonsils removed because of constant tonsillitis, and sleep apnoea issues, and I just want to hurry up and reap the benefits.

  42. Hey guys! Just thought I’d share my tonsillectomy recovery story as many on here are terrifying! I needed a tonsillectomy as I suffered with recurrent tonsilitis since being a child. I am 20 years old and on 2016 had 9 bouts of tonsilitis.I had been mentally preparing myself for atleast 8 months after cancelling 3 appointments for a tonsillectomy. I did loads of research and read everyone’s horror stories, worked myself up, changed my mind about the op again then just thought, just go for it your well and truly prepared for what is to come! I had my operation on 3rd March 2017. Coming round from the general anaesthetic I was quite teary, not due to the pain more the confusion of where I was and not seeing a familiar face straight away! I was observed for 4 hours after before I could go home and was prescribed 30mg codeine, ibuprofen and paracetamol which I was to take every 6 hours. The codeine had me feeling so high it was unreal! That night I slept through from 9pm until 7am in the morning. I managed to sleep through every night I haven’t been woken in pain once.

    The mornings are definitely the most painful. As soon as I woke up I would take my pain meds and get some frozen peas to put under my neck to reduce the swelling. After about half an hour the tablets kicked in and I was absolutely fine. I just kept on top of the medication taking it on time, and I also brought an ozone generator prior to the op – I ozonated all the water I consumed as it attatches itself to free radicals in the body and gets rid of any bacteria. I also ensured I brushed my teeth every morning and night. I have consumed a very normal diet I have eaten loads of wotsits, toast, roast dinners anything that was put in front of me I ate. I barely ate any ice cream as it caused phlegm and it was sore to bring up.

    Day 5 was probably the only painful day for me again I still managed to eat solid foods but it was more the earache that caused a problem. I have been out everyday post op just little trips to the supermarket or matalan just to get me out of the house I made sure I wore medical face masks to filter bacteria which I got on eBay for like 50p.

    Today is day 11 post op I have been completely back to normal since day 9. All scabs have disappeared and my throat looks healthy again just a slight twinge when swallowing and a dry throat in the mornings but it doesn’t cause any pain.

    I think I worked myself up so much that in the end it was nothing like I thought it was going to be. I’m not saying it wasn’t painful, but it was definitely manageable and far from excruciating but everyones experience is different 🙂

    I would definitely recommend drinking as much water as possible as this thins the scabs and makes it less painful when they come off. I would also like to mention that on the pain killers I have struggled to pee and also have not gone to the toilet for a number 2 since the morning of my operation (11 days ago) but I was told this is a side effect of the codeine (which I stopped taking on the 10th of March) so if this happens I’d recommend some sort of laxative however I have been drinking 8 movicol a day and still nothing. Eat as much solid food as you can even if it hurts force it down it really does make you heal faster as it encourages the blood flow to the wounded area.

    I wish you all the best with your surgery, don’t let people’s experiences put you off. In the long run it will be worth it!!

  43. Does everyone get massively swollen lymph nodes following their tonsillectomy? The pain in my throat pales in comparison to the pain from my gigantic lymph nodes.

  44. I am on day 5 and The thing that’s been bothering me the most is I’ve had a swollen tongue since day 2! I can’t breathe that well and everytime I move my tongue it feels like I’m being stung by a bee. Last night and the night before were the worst nights as I spend the night before throwing up chunks of scabs and then last night I spent coughing up blood. I just want to know if it will get better anytime soon. I’m a 19 year old college student in the middle of my semester and this recovery is probably the worst thing I’ve ever experienced.

  45. I am in day three…. the night after I was back in the er because I wouldn’t stop bleeding thankfully they manange to stop it some how….. now I live in fear that each time I cough I am going to start bleeding and it won’t be able to stop this time…..

  46. Hey everyone! I had surgery on the 28th, I’m now on day 5, 6 if including the day of surgery, and my throat and ears are the worst. Sleeping is my enemy, especially at night. For some reason, sometimes there’s a little irritating prickly feeling in my throat that causes me to cough it out and that makes everything hurt especially my ears! I take my pain medication just once a day, I’m taking Etoricoxib (Arcoxia) 120mg which is I believe not yet FDA-approved in the US (I’m in the PH). Believe it or not, it’s actually enough to to keep the pain away the whole day except when I cough when everything’s triggered, but I’m thinking that’s only because of the antibiotic I’m taking. Days 1-3 I managed to always drink icy water and ice cream, but from day 4 til today, I completely lost my appetite. I have acid reflux and it’s causing some major acid attacks because I haven’t been eating, but I still couldn’t manage to keep everything down. I asked for three weeks off of work, I work in a call center that handles credit cards so you can already imagine the volume of calls I take in a day. I literally only have a second to rest before the next call comes in, and to be honest, I feel a little afraid to be back on the phones after three weeks because I’m thinking that might not be enough time to prepare my throat for the Armageddon, which is basically a day in the life of a call center rep.

    I really hope things get better soon. I miss eating!

  47. Hey everyone
    I got my tonsils out Feb 27th, so today I am 5 days post op. Today has been the hardest day for me so far. The first few days weren’t bad they only got worse. I was able to eat foods and drink and talk but today all I can do is eat freeze pops and can’t talk at all. My ears hurt and my jaw is sore. I’ve already almost gone through all of my Percocet so my doctor gave me 40 more. As long as you keep up with the medications you should be good. I’ve been taking a lot of naps. Getting them out was a really easy experience. I simply met the team of doctors and nurses, they started up an IV, gave me some relaxing meds and the next thing I knew they were strapping my legs to the OR table and I fell asleep. It was so quick and easy and even as I’m laying in my bed in so much pain it was worth it!! Feel free to ask me any questions 🙂 xo

    1. Hi Rachel, we have all been where you are, and it does suck, just a few more rough days. I encourage you to check out out host’s menu at the top of this page; Greg is an expert. Check out what to expect daily- he even has pictures during the time the scabs fall off. Most report expanding their diet from popcycles and jello, to much more fun foods and cutting back on pain medication because they feel so much better sans scabs. Please stay in touch. You are in our thought and lin our prayers.

  48. Hi Jill
    You should not prolonged the surgery if you think lymphoma is the case. I did not get any liquid medications. I got pills and I crushed them into my applesauce which dissolved perfectly. I let it sit for 2 mnts in the applesauce and it was perfect. I found that it help me with the pain faster.
    Now if you get nauseated from anesthesia let the anesthesiologist know so they can give you something before. They did it for me so I wont puke when i wake up from surgery and it helped me alot. Call your doctor again and stress the concern of your anti depressants medication again. Good Luck !

  49. Did anyone here get pain meds in pill form? I have only heard of people getting liquid pain meds. My doctor will only prescribe pills. I also htake anti-depressants and wrote to him about my concerns about not being able to take it and how i will become dangerously depressed in a matter of days if i don’t…..they are extended release so cannot be crushed. He said “just swallow it”, and the pain meds can be crushed if needed. He also refuses to prescribe an anti-nausea medication/patch. I have been very sick (vomiting) the last 2 times i came out of anesthesia. He said he didn’t think an anti-nausea was necessary. Please advise if you’ve had liquid or pill form medications? I’m very close to cancelling this surgery. I don’t feel like my doctos has my best interest at heart. However, there’s a possibility my tonsil is inflamed due to lymphoma and the tissue needs to be biopsied asap. I don’t really want to delay if it’s cancer…

    1. I just got a tonsillectomy on Monday. I asked for antinausea medication as well and they said no but I ended up being fine. My doctor gave me Percocet in pill form, very few doctors are giving liquid form of pain medication these days. I would do the surgery asap and get If over with. You’re going to need 2 weeks of rest, it hurts. 🙁 hope all goes well

    2. Hey Jill, pain medication can be in liquid or pill form (I used pill form at home and I had little difficulty in swallowing tabs within a few hours post-op) as well as one of the many anti-nausea medications, mine came in a tiny tablet form that dissolves on or under tongue that worked almost immediately and lasted 8 hours. Med called, “ondansetron ODT 4 mg.” I’m so sorry you don’t have confidence in your ENT. I still believe you should interview another ENT; someone who will give you what you ask for – you know your body better than anyone, and doesn’t only do a telephonic follow-up! For pain post-op at home, my ENT prescribed 15 mg oxycodone to be taken every 4 hours, and 1 mg xanax 3 x a day, along with a medicated gargle and antibiotics in liquid form. He prescribed one tablet of xanax for me to take at home the night before surgery which really helped me to chill out and get some sleep. I was pretty anxious. I, too, feared results of biopsy.

      In post-op, they gave me morphine admintered in my i.v. (anesthesiologist ordered as patient requested – which was like every 10 minutes – I was in severe pain!) Also in the i.v., they gave me anti-nausea meds, antibiotics, and some type type of steroid for inflammation. When i was ready to go home, they gave me 2 percocet tablets to get me home and time to get my prescriptions filled.

      I hope this helps you. Prob tmi, but i just wanted you to know that medications to help with pain and anxiety can make a huge difference in your recovery, but more importantly, you need an ENT that gets it; apparently, yours doesn’t. I want better for you. We all do.

      Be sure to check out Greg’s (our forum host/expert) tips on recovery. You will find the menu of these guidelines at the very top of this page. Greg has included “day by day” info, helpful diet guidelines following surgery, and he’s even included pictures of the scab recovery! (Dont look at pictures before surgery, will just add to your apprehension.) Warm wishes, keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

      1. Jill, i just saw Brenda’s comment, and she offers a very good idea. Should they only offer you tablet form, and you can’t get them down, crush them in applesauce. Pain meds can be crished, unlike the meds you are taking now. Good one, Brenda! 😉 And Rachel is right, if your doctor has expressed any concern it might be cancerous, do surgery asap.

      2. I was told it’s Kaiser’s policy to only do a post-op phone call 3 days after surgery. They just “don’t feel it’s necessary” to come back in to be seen. And the ENT who i’m dealing with is not the same one who is doing the surgery (Thank god!!). He did order me one ativan and i was told to take it on my way to surgery, which will be in the afternoon on Friday (i asked for it to help me sleep the night before, but again, he is not paying attention to what my wishes are). He said he doesn’t find an anti-nausea necessary, and refuses to prescribe so i’m hoping the anesthesiologist will. I think they can give something with the IV. Other than that, all he will prescribe is 20 vicodin. There are no antibiotics and I’m sure he won’t authorize a refill (nor do i feel like i could even ask if i needed them or it will just confirm that i’m “drug seeking”. I truly believe they have something in my patient file indicating this drug seeking–the way i’ve been treated throughout this entire process has been really upsetting (enough so that I plan to follow up with an attorney about the drug test they gave me 2 months ago without my consent or even knowledge). That is *if* I can manage to survive for 2 weeks without my antidepressant. I have warned my friends that I will become very depressed after surgery and if bad enough I could be suidical without my antidepressants–but there’s not much they can do. I’ll be on my own for most of my recovery. I feel like i’m appropriately expressing my concerns to my doctor and he simply does not care. I cannot delay surgery anymore–i’ve been in pain and discomfort for 6 weeks now and can’t play around with the chance it’s lymphoma. I will crush the pain meds if i’m able, and hope for the best with regard to everything else. But i am leaving Kaiser the minute my work offers open enrollment. I will NEVER deal with them again. This has truly been a nightmare that has had me in tears. And i know it is only gonna get worse.

  50. I had a tonsillectomy on February 28th and so far it hasnt been that bad. Pain so far has been pretty manageable. I take diloudid and tylenol when my pain starts to get bad but goes away. I think the biggest thing in my recovery right now and what has helped me the most was to drink drink drink. The pain isnt nearly as bad when your throat is good and moist. The most annoying part for me sp far is all the phlegm build up. And i really cant open my mouth up to brush my teeth. And yawning sucks

  51. Wow I just want for the surgery and man it’s sore. The throat not so bad as the ears. Swallowing is bad for me!!!! Wow let’s hope it’s worth it!

  52. hi to everyone.:-) is already a month after my tonsillectomy(feb1,2017)..i just wanted to know from those who had tonsillectomy after a month or 2 if you still suffer from dry throat? i observed that i always have dry throat especially the upper part. as if water can’t reach that part of my throat. i drink a lot of water to wet my throat but i feel like my throat dries fast..

    1. Are you taking any medication? While I was still on meds following surgery, my mouth was always dry. If you aren’t on any meds, it’s an issue you should bring up to your doctor.

  53. Hi All , im on Day 7 (5-7) have been my worst days and haven’t slept at all. Yes I understand that there will be pain and that I’m ok with at the moment but the biggest problem for me is my ears!! It makes my entire head feel unbalanced my ears have been the worst – the rest I can slowly deal with

    It feels as If am two people at the moment

    One during the day – with no pain what so ever then comes the night or early mornings and I feel like jumping out the window 🙂

    Anyway thanks for all the messages on here keeps me smiling knowing that soon this should all be over !

    Love From Sunny South Africa ( Sebastian )

    1. Hi Seb. First of all, lock the windows. Secondly, (and you won’t like this) its completely normal. Following my surgery, I described it to my doctor as “theres a nail in my ear and a dry sock in my throat.” He told me that when the swelling goes down, the pressure building in the ears will go with it. And he was right. This, too, shall pass. Take care and hoping you heal quickly. You are through the hardest part!!

  54. Hi all,

    I’m finding this site to be very helpful as will be having a tonsillectomy soon (still awaiting a call from the scheduler.

    I’m a single woman living alone, and my doctor says I MUST have someone stay with me the first 24 hours, and then i’ll need a “helper” for 3-5 days. I have a couple of friends who will help me post-surgery, but they won’t be able to stay over (or even stay long). What sorts of things will i need help with? Do you think I can do it on my own? I don’t like to ask anyone for help, and i’m even worse about accepting help, so this is tough.

    Thanks for any tips you can offer!

    1. Hi Jill, You’re having major surgery; a procedure (proven beneficial) is, quite simply, going to knock you on your butt…and onto a bag of ice. Your doctor is absolutely correct. In fact, the hospital won’t insert the I.V. to get things started until they have first confirmed you have someone to drive you home and will stay with you for the first 24 hours. If your friends won’t stay over, maybe you can stay with them. Do you have family that might be willing to stay with you for a week? You will need help with everything! Arrange for help, THEN get 3 bags of crushed ice, humidifier, popcycles, jello, applesauce, and any other soft food you may try to eat in 2 or 3 days (when nausea has passed.). And NO, you should not do this on your own. Put the “Wonder Woman” shirt way. Suck it up precious one, and ask your TRUE FRIENDS for the help that you will need. Everyone on this forum truly wants to help you get through this, and always willing to offer words of wisdom and support. And we ALL recognize that you should not try to do this on your own. You will be in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy (2-3’week) recovery. And if you don’t get the help that you need, at least for the first week, recovery may take longer. Always here for you, accompanied by the compassionate supporters on this forum. Please keep us updated, because you will be in our thoughts and prayers.

      1. Thank you Janet. It’s pretty terrifying because i’ve always been so independent (my first phrase as a toddler was “I do it!”, and it’s been tbat way ever since). Unfortunately this is more out of necessity than choice now, as i don’t have family and it’s really hard to ask my friends to leave theirs to help me. Most have young children who need them home and also, everyone works. I don’t know how i can possibly ask anyone to take off work to help me (all my friends are pretty broke….). I thought about maybe offering to lay them to miss work, but they’ll still have to use their vacation time, and i’m not ok with that. My best friend unfortunatley will be out of town the first week, but she can help me the second week. My main concern is my very active dog who is used to getting out for a couple of hours a fay. I plan to hire a dog walker for that but i have a feeling she’ll drive me nuts. I looked into hiring a nuse for the first 48 hours, but it was over $1000. As i’m already going to be off work unpaid for 2-3 weeks, that’s out of the question. So the best (or only) option for me at this point is my neighbors, who will pick me up and get me settled at home. They’re just a text message and 30 seconds away, have a key and can check on me frequently. I scheduled this for a Friday so that they won’t have to take off work. Unfortuately that meant going with a doctor i haven’t met before, but i was assured anyone can do this surgery. They also told me they’ll call me on day 3 and that will be considered my “post op” appointment. I was really surprised at that. Also they said the hosptial will start me on Tylenol and see how i’m tolerating the pain before they’ll give me any pain meds. That’s scary because i have been warned by multiple people to take the pain meds every 4 hours at first if i need it or not to stay on top of the pain. They also onky prescrive tylenol w/ codiene, which i’m prone to vomiting. I will have to ask for something else. I’m grateful to have found this forum because this is the mos alone i’ve ever felt in my life, and it’s pretty scary and stressful. I just have to plan ahead the best that i can.

        1. Hey Jill, it sounds like you have explored all of your options, proving “I do it” mantra remains. 😌You’re lucky to have a kind neighbor. Tylenol for tonsillectomy pain is like using child’s water gun on a house fire. If nothing else, get pain meds that will stay on top of the pain. Please keep us all posted. You are in our thoughts and prayers, Jill.

          1. Latest update–Kaiser refuses to dispense any pain meds prior to the surgery. Let me clarify–i’m not asking to take anything now–haven’t asked for or been offered any medication for the last month with my tonsil the size of a golfball–but just asked that i be able to pick up pain meds prior to the surgery. I said “even the night before, or eve the morning of–just so that i don’t have to ask someone else to do yet one more thing for me”. They said “We’ll assess your pain needs in recovery.” As if they might not even prescribe anything….? They then said “you know, we can’t give you narcotics ahead of time–these are for after the surgery and only if you need them”. I honestly feel like they’re treating me like i’m drug seeking. My primary doctor ordered a urine test for me (without my consent or permission–i thought it was for something else) 2 months ago and i tested positive for marijuana (legal in Oregon, although i was totally unaware the brownie i ate was a pot brownie until an hour later….) and i truly feel like this is behind the way i’m being treated. They claim it’s policy but i’ve had 2 previous surgeries with them and i was able to pick up pain meds days prior to surgery. They are playing games with me and i am not comfortable going into this knowing that they may try to deny me pain meds when i’m unable to advocate for myself. I think i may need to cancel this surgery. From everything i’ve read, tylenol isn’t gonna cut it. And quite frankly, i don’t deserve to be treated like this.

          2. Hi Jill, I bit my tongue not to say that! “Anyone can do the surgery” – um, no. Greg; you’re the expert here. Will you please offer your thoughts for Jill? Btw, as a Paralegal, I can tell you that NO DR. may run drug testing without your prior consent. It may be an opportunity for you to interview other ENT’s for your surgery, and arrange when your best friend returns from out of town. Stay in touch.

    2. Hi I am a 41yr old female 11 days post surgery & I have to say it wasn’t as bad as what I thought it would be. I did conblation laser surgery which was less painful. I read a lot on the internet before I went in for the surgery & I was afraid! Some people were saying it’s more painful than childbirth & the pain level was 11 out of 10.. However my experience was overall not that bad.. Yes the first couple of days it’s hard to swallow & the only thing I ate was Ice & drank loads of water. I also had ice blocks. I avoided ice cream as it creates mucus & it’s harder to swallow!
      I had a flatmate in the house however I wanted to be left alone as you are tired from the medication & Can’t talk properly so it actually hurts more to have someone there that you have to communicate with..
      my advice is to drink lots of water constantly! It stops you from becoming dehydrated & helps with the removal of the scar tissues. I never had any smell because I kept up the water in take. You are still able to move around & do things it’s just your throats that’s sore.. it gets better day by day! I’ve had no bleeding post surgery & generally it’s been a lot less painful than what I thought. Keep up with your painkillers & take them on time before the pain sets in. You can brush your teeth after surgery & rinse with water.. i was given betidine mouth gargle & that has helped. Sleeping at night is the worst as you will wake up dry & need water & constantly have to pee!
      Day 9, 10 & 11 I could start to eat bread & toast.. after the 1st week I was out & about shopping & back to normal activities however I was tired due to not sleeping properly & not being able to eat like I usually do.. Give yourself 2 weeks to be back to normal & feeling good! It’s one surgery that I have not regretted doing.. The two weeks downtime was worth it! Good luck

      1. Thank you–all i’ve heard so far are horror stories (i’ve heard the “worse than childbirth” thing from 3 different friends!) and i’m happy to hear it wasn’t as bad as you expected. Still pretty terrified, but i hope my experience is like yours! I think maybe after reading so much bad stuff, we expect it to be worse than it is. At least that’s my hope! I’ll know a week from tomorrow…..

  55. Great Advice Janet! Kimberly It will be over soon. Janet is correctly right. You are in the beginning of your days. Everyday will be different so try to rest.

  56. Hi i had my tonsils removed and also my uvula ( the dangly thing in the back of my throat) removed last thursday so in on day 4-5 and im 34 years old.
    My advise to everyone – DO IT!!! yea its paunful but no worse to me then my regular bout of tobsiliris or strep . Mine were so far gone oral antibiotics didnt cut it. I had to have injections.
    Even laying here now with 7 stitches to the top of my pallet id do it all over again. My biggest advise BUY A HUMIDIFER, totally worth it. Crush up some ice and constantly have some in your mouth. Lastly stock up on some cold packs so soothing on youth throat and helps me sleep. Dont be a hero and think your ok and dont need your meds or you will feel the full force of the pain ( i thought i was fine and missed a dose- takes a while to get back in your system) other then that rest and drink. I genuinely thought it would be worse from all the horror stories i read; i nearly chickened out. If you want a better quality of life – just do it!!

  57. hi! i had my tonsils removed last wednesday on the 22nd. its now day 4. and these past 2 days have been the worst, i have constant ear and jaw pain and of course throat pain. i havent been eating so im easily aggravated. ive been laying down sleeping mostly during the day. im always tired. and constantly taking medicine that wears off too quickly. it always hurts, it constantly hurts everyday even when i take medicine. i havent eaten since wednesday and try to drink as much fluids as possible. though its very hard. as a result im super dehydrated and always miserable. im 16

    1. Hi Kimberly, I’m so sorry that you are in so much pain, and I know that me telling you everything you’re experiencing is normal won’t make you feel any better, but it is normal. The ear and jaw pain is from your throat swelling – has nowhere to go but your ears and jaw. Keep ice on your neck and jaw, you NEED to drink more fluids, even popcycles is better than nothing. Do you have a humidifier running 24/7! You can go quite some time without food, but you CANT go without fluids – 8-12 glasses a day minimum. For most people, Days 4-7 are the worst! Some find it lasts up to 11 days before they feel human again. We all heal differently. The folks on this forum are AMAZING; always ready to share their helpful advice – you are not alone. All of us are here if you need to share or ask questions. My prayers for a speedy recovery. Keep us updated, we all really want to know how you are doing. Hang in there!!

  58. I feel Amazing! I’m on my 10th day of recovery with minimal pain. I’m able to eat more and I even went to the movies. However I am a little concerned. I am having post nasal bleeding. Is this normal?

  59. Hi Isabel
    I agree with Janet. You are still in the early week of healing. A full recovery can take atleast 2 wks. As Janet mention the days will get worst first as you start feeling better. Pressure of pain of the ears are the worst, lack of sleep will get you so irritated being at work on day 5. Let along you wont be able to talk. You need more time recover. But I can say alot of people recover differently. As for myself it took me 3 wks to get back to work as my pain got worst on day 10-14. And Omg i had severe tongue pain that let me not to talk. Drink lots of water l, take your meds timley and definitely get enough sleep. Have a good recovery.

  60. I’m on day 3 this is the most pain I’ve felt in a long time. I am due to be back at work on Monday. I work at a dental office and talk all day. I really hope all goes well.

    1. Hi Isabel, Undoubedly, you have read other experiences in this blog. I’m going to be blunt, You haven’t yet hit the hardest days of recovery, days 4-6. On Monday, you will be smack-dab in the middle of the worst part of recovery. My fear that you overdo it troubles me, as it will others who learn of your expectation to return to work at a dental office on day 5. We have all been there, done that. The most common thread of all of our journey through recovery are days 4-6, which are, without a doubt, the most difficult. We all share our experiences in this journal hoping to help others traverse the difficult path of recovery. I hope you do what’s best for you, take care of your body, and give it more time. And to my new found friends in this blog, please back me up. Since we wouldn’t be here without having compassion for others, while trying to learn from the experience from others, help Isabel know what to expect on day 5. Be sure to remind Isabel of the scab, and the ear “pressure.” My hope for a speedy recovery, Isabel, along with my prayers. We are all here for you!

    2. Hi Isabel. Yeah it’s rough. I hate to say it but you might not be ready to go back to work by Monday. Everyone’s recovery is a little different but for me it wasn’t until day 11. Best of health to you!

    3. Hi Isabel, I will go back to work on Wednesday and my surgery was on 16th of Feb. I think Monday it’s too soon for you, seriously consider to postpone it at least a week. Believe me it will be best for you. You won’t be able to work and you will delay your recovery. Wish you the best and a fast recovery!

    1. Hi Skyler, I think each of us recover on our own time; it took me two full weeks to get back to work. I’ve read posts on this blog where some go back to work in a few days! And, others who don’t return for a month or two. I think it also depends on the type of job that you have, if it’s jackhammering concrete, no, give it more time. If you sit behind a desk, and don’t have to do a lot of talking, eh. Go for it. You be the Judge, don’t let anyone tell you when you’re ready, or not. Good luck, and I hope you completely recover soon.

    2. Hi Skyler
      Is true eveyone recovers differently. It took me 3 wks to recover and head back to work. At day 14 is when I started to feel a better. It was long journey for me but i pulled through and I know you will too. Since you are back to work try to take cepacol. It soothed me through out the day.

      1. Hi Sally, How are you feeling? Painful tongue? Hard to swallow? I hope you are pounding the water, and forcing soft foods into your diet. Keep humidifier going full time. It took other bloggers on this journal to teach me that water/humidifier will hasten the scab falling off. Once that happens, your recovery will quicken! I know you are just now hitting the hardest part, but this too shall pass. No coughing, yawning or blowing your nose. (Ouch!). Gargle every time you pee, even if it’s only warm salty water – no spitting, just let drool from your mouth. I’ve got you in my prayers, for Speedy recovery. Keep in touch. We are all thinking about you.

  61. Hi Nikita. We are all here waiting for an update, and always ready to share our thoughts on your journey. You will be just fine. Ice, at the ready!

  62. So I’m 6 weeks post op in 2 days. I went to see my surgeon yesterday for a checkup on how everything went and his really happy though I’m still healing. Yes, still healing and apparently this is normal.

    I still have not got my taste back properly since surgery and he said that this is normal and can happen and it should come back in time.

    I asked him exactly how gross my tonsils were? He said they just kept on going and going, they were buried so deep that everytime he thought he found the end of them he had to keep going. Followed by, and omg, they were just full of stones. Everytime that I grabbed them stuff come flying out. They really needed to come out for a long time.

    So today I’m feeling so happy that I went through with the tonsillectomy. I don’t have tonsillitis anymore, I don’t have bad breath 24/7 anymore. I have stopped snoring like a steam train – I was getting super bad at snoring. I feel like I have more room in my throat if that makes any sense.

    Upon yawning and similar I still get ‘stretching’ pain on my tonsil beds – but that will settle in time.

    It was the most cruel thing in my life I had to recover from (as far as pain goes), but I did recover and I’m so happy THEY ARE GONE!

    I wish everyone that makes the ‘tonsillectomy’ journey the best of luck and prayers ♡

    1. HI Shondell. I am thinking of getting a tonsillectomy because of tonsil stones. I have seen several ENT doctors and one told me that my bad breath could be from something else besides tonsil stones. Did you have any test done prior to the surgery or did they take them out because they could see a stone or two? I am terrified have the surgery

      1. I had mine out because of stones! I got so tired of cleaning them all the time. I was tired of bad breath! I’ll tell you what, the first couple days the pain is bad, and intense! But even on day 1 I still didn’t regret it!!! I’m day 4 and I’m feeling 90% normal ( I’m sure it’s temporary). The worst part is not eating… lol

  63. Hi Everyone, I am 22 years old and I get my Tonsillectomy on tomorrow February 21, 2017. I am very nervous but I’m preparing myself for the WORST . I hope my recovery is bearable. I will keep you posted

    1. Good luck Nikita – I was terrified before my op, and the recovery was hard, but you DO get better – being young means you should heal faster too. It’s a quick operation, then two weeks for the worst part of the recovery… and then you can spend the rest of your life free of tonsils/tonsil stones/infections etc. There is some good advice on this forum, but the best part is knowing that it is normal to feel rotten, be in pain, have a swollen uvula etc – you WILL get better soon. In the meantime, prepare to bed down and convalesce for a couple of weeks. !

    2. HI Nikita, just thinking in on you. Nowbb that you have the surgery behind you. How are you feeling? Are you keeping ice packs around throat? Got humidifier going full time? Drinking plenty of water? Taking meds when due? We are all thinking about you, hoping that you are recovering well. Stay in touch!

  64. Hello I had my tonsils out 16th February and of course I’m in pain. The first day was difficult since my uvula was swollen. The size is reduced, I swallow easier, but is still difficult to sleep as it blocks my throat. I eat, I mean drink, almost everything like chicken, steak ect as I cook them and then make it cream. Cold water makes huge difference, so I drink many lt a day. Painkillers like depon and ponstan do amazing job. I hope I will be ok till 27/2 and able to go back to work.

  65. I had my tonsils out 8th February and it has been ten days from hell! The day of the surgery and the few days that followed wasn’t too bad. I was able to sleep right through the night and took enough painkillers to see me through the day and drank plenty of water. When it got to day 6 this is when the pain kicked in but I thought this was due to my scabs falling off and didn’t take much notice to the pain increase. By day 7 and 8 I was in so much agony I was constantly upset as the pain was so unbearable and it was so painful to even swallow my own saliva.

    I went to my GP and they had a look and instantly he told me I had an infection and prescribed my penicillin. After being on my antibiotics a day I feel so much better in myself already

    If the pain is too much I would definitely go see a doctor and I wish I done this sooner as I was so run down from the lack of sleep and pain I was in!

    (And I can finally talk properly!)

    My top tips would be to hydrate a lot- even if it’s super painful. My doctor told me that because I was unable to drink or eat properly I was lacking sugar and told me drinking flat Coke? Would help this. I read not to eat ice cream as it causes a build up at the back of the throat and I ate plenty of lolly ices as they soothed the throat and I would put an ice pack on for the swelling and took plenty of ibuprofen to help with any ear aches

  66. I have had my tonsils out on Monday and the pain is crazy my ears An throat hurt, I can hardly swallow I have to spit every few mins, paracetamol isn’t working, the throat spray they give you doesn’t work, I have been really unable to eat , my neck and throat and face are swollen, it’s so Hard An painful I can’t hardly sleep I keep chocking and bring up yellow stuff.. when does it get better it seems to be getting worse not better, when I try to drink it stings and I have a horrible cough 😭

    1. From what they explained they burn the site to stop the bleeding. I was sent home but I haven’t sleep because I’m still bleeding. It has slowed but still bleeding and I swallow it which causes me to vomit up the blood. Ent refused to get out of bed to come in I have to go to their office to see if he’s sending me to get another surgery which means I have to start all over for scratched. This surgery has been a murphey law. i guess I will see what this doctors says tomorrow. The er was amazed this is happening so late in recovery. For some reason my recovery was very long. I just ready to get back to normal and eat. I haven’t ate in 2 weeks. The thoughts of starting over is causing major anxiety. Thank you for your prayers I need them.

  67. Hi everyone,

    I had my tonsillectomy on January 30th. I am now about 18 days post surgery. I am 27 years old, my profession is a teacher in a very rough school. So I requested 2 weeks off from work – since I unfortunelty have to speak loudly often.

    Now that I’m thinking with a clear mind I just want to reassure all the people on here looking for help/guidance that you can do this! I got my tonsils removed mainly because of the tonsil stones and also because they were huge and in the way. They disrupted my daily life. When I went to the ent she suggested right away to get them out, but I waited about a year until I actually got the guts to do it. I heard SO many horror stories and kept putting it off.

    So here is what I experienced.

    Day one- I was so nervous for surgery! I got the to hospital and prepped. They gave me a sedative to calm me down before surgery and that’s the last thing I remember before getting the anesthesia. I woke up very confused I felt a little sore. The nurse gave me applesauce with ginger ale. I was surprised to find I could actually swallow! I was able to go home and rested for the day. I drank a lot of water and took my Percocet every 4 hours. Day one wasn’t bad. Just keep an ice pack on your neck, crush your pills up in applesauce, use a humidifier and drink ALOT of water. Pain was about a 4/10 day 1.

    Days 2 and 3- so the worst part about this recovery for me was the first 5 days I got absolutely no sleep. I had to get up every 5 minutes to drink water to stop my throat from drying out. I also needed to sit up while sleeping because if I didn’t I would choke on my swollen uvula. On top of that you don’t want to let too much time go by in between pain pills. Make sure you have your doctor prescribe you something for nausea just incase!!!!! Being on the pain medicine with no food caused me to have awful awful nausea the first night into the second day. I was convinced I would throw up and that was my worst fear. Thankfully I had someone to take care of me and forced applesauce down my mouth to get some substance in my stomach. The next day my doctor prescribed me promethazine, it worked wonders. It did make me feel super loopy combined with the pain meds but whatever no more nausea. I could only eat soup broth, applesauce, and water ice. Pain was 5/10 on days 2+3. Drank a lot of water about 3 large glasses per hour.

    Days 4-7: these days were probably the most painful for me. Big thick yellow scabs formed in the back of my throats leaving a weird like mucusy feeling in my throat, which was fine not painful – just something that happened. The pain was a throbbing feeling in my throat, ears, and head. I couldn’t turn me head it was very sore, just keep the ice packs on there it helps! someone also said put a warm washcloth on your ears; this was great too. I didn’t get much food down on these days – still soup broth, ices, and applesauce. I also didn’t get much sleep I was so out of it from lack of sleep and being on medication. But again this wasn’t anything unbearable – YOU WILL SURVIVE It was a very sore/stiff feeling. Not being able to sleep was the worst. I tried to sleep in a recliner. My humidifier, ice pack, and staying hydrated really really helped! Drinking water was so important to me because it kept the scabs wet which made them falling off so much easier for me. I honestly didn’t experience any serious pain with the scabs falling off because they didn’t dry out. talking was hard I sounded very weird – it’s best not to talk because it’ll be sore later on. Pain was about 6-7/10 during the days 8/10 in the evenings.

    Days 8-11: these days were like a roller coaster for me. I would feel great and then the pain would set in during the evening / night time. Not as bad at the previous days. The scabs started to look like they were going to fall. It is so important to drink a lot of water! My friend said the scabs coming off were the worst part for her because she didn’t hydrate but for me I didn’t really feel anything! They fell off in my sleep on days 9-11. I still didn’t eat anything crazy the most I ate was a little over cooked Mac and cheese and some potatoes with butter. I still was taking pain medicine.. I needed it during the nights especially. Sleeping became possible again on these days I would sleep for about 2 hours wake up and hydrate and sleep and then wake up for meds and water. Pain was 6-7/10 but again nothing unbearable!

    Days 12-14: I started to see the light!! The scabs were almost all gone. I was able to eat potatoes and Mac and cheese. I ate ice cream too these days. I was able to open my mouth much more. I didn’t take my pain medicine too often. I still used ice packs, humidifier, and lots of water. Sleeping on my side became possible, and felt amazing! I slept through the nights. Still be careful with what you eat because I cut my wound a little trying to eat a soft brownie which caused everything to sting that spot. Pain was 4-5/10.

    Days 15-today: my voice is almost back to normal! My students said I sounded like I had a bubble stuck on my throat. Talking at work was really hard for me and caused me to be sore but I survived. I felt a lot better I could walk around and do things. Still no hard foods. Until about 5 minutes ago on day 18 I at a chicken nugget and it was glorious!!

    Anyways, my recovery wasn’t too terrible. Yes at times is sucked but I made it and you will too!!! 14 days of rest I needed. 17 days of soft foods. I lost about 12 lbs. But, guess what? I feel like I can breath because there is actually room now. I feel fresh and not self conscious of my breath because I don’t have those darn tonsil stones! I don’t regret getting the surgery at all and I’m only 18 days out. You will be okay and feel so much better soon!

  68. Hello,
    I was looking for some relief on your blog.. on day 6 as I had surgery on the 8th of February. The most pain I’ve been having in these few days is from my ears, not even from my throat that much. I hope the pain is almost over!!

    1. My 2 year old had his tonsils out on the same day. The first few days were fine, but the last couple he refuses to take his meds, he just spits them out, and he won’t drink. Once in awhile I can get a popsicle into him, but that’s it.

  69. Hi Nicole
    I agree with Janet.
    Now the pain you are having are all part of the surgery. You will have swelling in your tongue/ throat/ excuses ear pains and that will last for awhile. I was getting anxious on my day 10 after surgery that all my pain was not easing down. I had to take another week from work aside of the 2 wks I took off to heal. It little took me 3 wks to actually feel better. Alot of us heal different some may take a few days others like me took longer. I know is very frustrating as you looking for answer with your surgeon. Just try to rest as much as you can as when we rest our body heals faster. Yes gargling with warm salt water will help. Keep drinking lots of water because you will definitely feel dry. I also managed to gargle with peroxide that helps alot as well. The cold compress will definitely ease the pain and swelling just keep doing it. I wasnt to much on the oxy as they wasnt doin to much for my pain so serious crush tylenol will numb your pain faster and longer. I know food is hard to eat but dont push it if u cant is very stressfully painful when you trying to chew and that tongue hurts so bad. The more fluid you intake the more hydrated you will be. Chicken broth will help too. I really didn’t care of food while i was in excruciating pain. Yes i did lose weight but my liquids kept me hydrated and away from heading to the ER for hydration. I am so sorry you going through this but keep strong i promise you it will get better. You will have them bad days and it will turn out to be good. Keep me posted please.

    1. Ok it makes me feel a little better that someone else was in pain this long. I knew pain came with it but most of what I read people were getting relief or starting to get relief by now. I haven’t ate due to the swelling mostly, and the pain. 9-10 days without food is taking a toll on my body but I am not dehydrated. I’m by a humidifier 24/7 and I drink water all day long. Bewtween the lack of sleep more than a few hours at a time and no food I began to panic. But knowing others were in pain this long soothes my mind because I was really thinking something was wrong. Because my pain is mostly in my mouth, in my throat too but my mouth more. Thank you. Your post has let me calm down a bit now I just need to finish this recovery I hope the pain starts to decline soon!

      1. I am glad I can ease your anxiety. Believe me I was also going crazy thinking why I wasn’t healing as fast as everyone I was reading there post. My surgery was on 1/23. And to be honest just last week Thursday I started to feel some relief. I still have a bit soreness in my throat but I am over the pain as of last week. I kept chewing on ice chips for my tongue swellingness to go down. Or and also i kept drinking warm tea with a teaspoon of honey/ and ginger and a slice of lemon. I felt some type of comfort doing it. I bought cepacol extra strength (honey) to help to numb my throat and tongue. Chewing gum sugar free will also help for the tongue relief. Believe me it will hurt at the beginning but push through just for a bit. Doing it everyday your tongue and throat will start feeling different. The humidifier will help. You are almost there. It took me more than 10 days to heal. So dont you worry. I even lost my voice. I just got it back last week. Everyone goes through recovery differently. i kept my ice pack all the time around my neck.

  70. Hi Lauren
    I am sorry you feeling that way. Unfortunately it may get worse as your body is needing to help you heal. This is going to be a hurtful process so you are going to be strong. What help me was to crush one tylenol into my applesauce the pain will control itself faster that way. Try drinking lots of water to stay hydrated and also to speed up the recovery. Get a humidifier and be on it all day. Also get an ice pack and wrap it around your neck it will help soothe the pain down. Dont try eating anything hard it will irritate your throat. Applesauce/ jello/ mashed potatoes/ soup dont forget the water. Try gargling with warm warm and salt that will also soothe the pain. For now all you are needing to just sleep. Sleep will be the most impossible thing now your body needs the rest to heal. Please be strong it will get better.

  71. I’m now on day 7. Pretty much out of pain meds. Scabs still haven’t fallen off but my tongue is still very swollen and hurts! I had to get stitches so no easy days for me. Now when i drink it comes out my nose every time. I went into a dr visit he says I have to tough it out. I have to wait another week for pain to subside but everyone’s pain seems to decline after day 5,6,7 but my scabs haven’t even begun to fall off yet. I regret having this done. I haven’t ate in a week. I’m going insane at this point. I am very weak…..

    1. NICOLE; how are you feeling now? Are you in as much pain as you described? Because you should not be at this point. With all due respect, you need to see another doctor – at least for a second opinion. A doctor that will check the status of the scab, evalate your pain, and refill your pain medication for another week or so. Ask DR about xanax a few times daily; boosts your pain meds and help you not go insane. DEMAND pain medication when you truly need it, but wean off as soon as you no longer need it. Try taking Tylenol in between doses of your pain medication. And you shouldn’t be dripping fluids from your nose any longer after you drink fluid. That might happen the first day (as it did with me) but not a week later!! You need to eat Nicole. If you can’t handle applesauce or other soft food like jello then hit the baby food aisle;I know it sounds crazy. Try their applesauce, bananas, pureed fruit – anything that you would normally eat in an adult food and not pureed – try it. You are starving your body from the energy that it needs to heal. I understand. it hurts too much to swallow, but please, just try. I survived on pudding ,Jell-O. and juice along with huge amounts of water ( and I hate water) for almost 10 days – I get it. But I also had a kind, understanding experienced surgeon that recognized I was in pain and refilled the medications that I needed. If yours doesn’t, shop for another doctor or go to emergency room….every day if you have to. Your tongue will hurt for about 7 to 10 days but each day it should get progressively better. Btw: it took 11 days for my scab to completely fall off, no worries. Keep ice or bag of frozen peas around your neck. Keep humidifier on 24/7. How are your ears feeling? You will be in my thoughts and prayers, contact anytime. Watch this blog, a lot of followers have amazing advice!

      1. Hello Janet,
        I am still in as much pain if not worse today. I am giving it until Monday and if I’m no better I am going to a emergency room out of state. I demanded a refill in tears and the doctor basically said he will not refill because he says I must be a addict! I could not believe what he said to me i gave him a few choice words and hung up. I did get stitches and he says that’s why my pain is stronger and longer but I have to tough it out. As far as eating I want to eat i physically can not eat my tongue is too swollen to swallow. I have aten a few bites of apples sauce but that burns very bad to the point I feel sick to my stomach and loose my appetite. My doctor said he isn’t concerned with me eating as long as I drink. I can only seem to get down water painfully but I get it down. My hiccups are back too. I’m on day 9 I think and I take ibprophin and alieve religiously. I’ve been to the er once they gave me fluids, steroids and if pain meds and sent me home. My doctor is tied into the my local hospital so I would get no relief for pain just iv fluids by going to the er. Which I’m drinking so it seems pointless. He also refuses any more steroids. My lip is still numb and my tongue still swollen. The emergency doctor visit and my er visit could not even see my throat due to the swelling but didn’t seem to be concerned. Something just doesn’t seem right to me so by Monday I’m traveling out of town to have another hospital who didn’t do this work look at me because I really feel like they might have done something wrong. I’ve felt the same since i woke up from surgery with NO relief whatsoever. I’m weak I’m starved and I’m frustrated. 🙁 I’ve been watching this blog for advise I have tried several throngs just nothing seems to be working. I hope to find someone who went through this and what was wrong or what solution works for them. Thank you for your prayers and thoughts.


        1. Hi Nicole, About two years ago, a law was passed that permits hospitals, physician offices and pharmacies to share information. Nationwide, Nicole. So it doesn’t matter what State you go to, they can easily access your medication records. It was prompted by the outcry against opioid addiction – which really is a problem in this country more than any other. Doctors are the first to admit their guidelines are harmful to those really needing pain medication. Like you. Clearly, you cannot become addicted in five days, I think you should make an office visit appointment with your physician to see what he can do to lessen your pain. And after day 10, it should be manageable with OTC medications. If you truly fear there was some medical error, then see another dr., and be completely honest. There are alternatives to hydrocodone or oxycodone that really help with your pain, including antidepressants. Or, maybe go in to see your doctor. Do not discuss with staff on phone, just make an appointment for complications from surgery and you need office visit appointment right away.
          Be honest with your Doctor at visit, and tell him/her that you are not an addict, you’re not exaggerating your pain. Either something went terribly wrong with procedure, or there is something more sinister going on in your body. Have you ever been tested for MRSA? Had a recent physical? This is your life, and YOU have got to get back to it. Tell the doctor you need their help to do just that. You are in my thoughts and Prayers. Now, go gargle with warm salty water! 😇👩🏼‍💻

          1. Yes I know. My reason to go to another hospital that is unaffiliated to look for any damage they might have done. I live on the state line so another state is about 30 minutes from here. While I am in pain, pain medication is not the main reason for me going. The swelling and me not being able to eat and me being in this amount of pain still is making me feel something is wrong. That’s why I want to go somewhere Unbiased to check. My doctor and surgeon are all affiliated with my local hospital. Cahoots if you will. I’m afraid they may not tell me if their is something wrong to cover their doctors butts. I been gargling so much It’s drying out my mouth. I haven’t been checked for mrsa. I had a CBC done when I went to the er last week. Wouldn’t mrsa show up?

          2. A little update. I’m in the er. My throat began to bleed out of no where. May need a second surgery. 🙁

  72. today is my 9th day after surgery.on the very early morning of my 7th day,i woke up from tasting blood in my mouth.then i started coughing up stopped.sfter 2 hours i started to bleed again but not as much as the first one. Morning time,my sis checked my throat and found out the the scab on my left side was gone so with my offensive smell.Maybe that’s the reason of the bleeding? 8th day from my post op, i went to the hosp for follow up check up and the doc said i should have gone to the a&e when the bleeding started becuase i might have an infection.Then he prescribed me an antibiotics for 7 days. I started taking it last night. Now,i woke up again tasting blood in my mouth and started coughing out a bit of blood then it stopped after i applied ice pack on my neck.i went to sleep then i woke up again tasting blood in my mouth.this time i was just spitting i am applying ice pack again on my neck. does any one of you have same experience? i am a bit scared. The doctor said tho that my throat is healing.
    when i cough or spit blood,there is a black curdled blood on the this normal?
    the pain in my throat is managable now. I started eating a solid but not so hard foods..

    1. My new friend, Nicole? Why 2nd surgery? Whats going on? Debridement and repack? In local hospital, or go across state lines? Need update! My thoughts and prayers are with you! Jan

      1. No state line I tried ensure and my energy began to rise. From what they explained they burn the site to stop the bleeding. I was sent home but I haven’t sleep because I’m still bleeding. It has slowed but still bleeding and I swallow it which causes me to vomit up the blood. Ent refused to get out of bed to come in I have to go to their office to see if he’s sending me to get another surgery which means I have to start all over for scratched. This surgery has been a murphey law. i guess I will see what this doctors says tomorrow. The er was amazed this is happening so late in recovery. For some reason my recovery was very long. I just ready to get back to normal and eat. I haven’t ate in 2 weeks. The thoughts of starting over is causing major anxiety.

  73. I haven’t seen to many people who share my symptoms. I am currently on day 3. I was admitted after I was supposed to have a day surgery due to a complication with me having a hard time stopping bleeding. Causing me to get stitches on my left side. I have lost my voice my tongue is so swollen I can barely close my mouth. As well as my throat causes me to have a hard time sleeping. I wake up gasping. Also I have hiccups maybe 45% of my day. And it hurts! And from what I read the worse is to come. I have obstructive sleep apnea and had strep throat 5 times last year. My doctor has gave me Percocet pills and I have a pill splitter and they are still getting stuck! I called for a liquid and they refused. My advice is get liquid everything if you can. And take the pain meds religiously 30 to 45 minute prior to due dosage. I have had 4 children 2 surgeries and 2 dislocated knees and this one tops the cake. This hurts! I find sherbet and water are the only things that semi swallow with the least amount of burn on my throat. I tried soup and that was awful. Also a ice pack on your throat works wonders. Good luck to anyone going through or about to go through this.

    1. Hey Nicole, you have really had a hard time, and I’m so sorry, even without complications like you have had, it’s hard enough. If your doctor won’t give you liquid pain medication, and liquid antibiotic and stool softener, find another doctor who will. No tell him or her exactly that. Your swelling is only going to get worse over next few days, get what you need to be comfortable. Keep your throat moist; get room humidifier (cheap at Wal-mart, ice packs around neck, and gargle every time you go pee. Warm-salty water (drool it out, don’t spit). Kind gross, but works. Sleep upright (blood rushing to area will increase swelling.) when swelling maxes out, your eats will hurt – may be normal, but sucks. Try not to yawn or cough (hurts) Keep crushed ice in mouth constantly! Or popcycles. My prayers with you, reply anytime. (I promise, your voice will return!) Janet

      1. Thank you Janet for your prayers. I appreciate all your advise. I have a humidifier going at all times. As for the popsicles I can’t open my mouth wide enough to eat them. That’s how badly my tongue is swollen. I’m now sitting at the emergency room at 1:41 am getting steroids and duladid and fluids in a iv. Have you ever heard of this type of complication? I expected the throat swelling and pain but my tongue? And the constant hiccups? That hurt my throats that much more. The worst part of recovery is I feel starting to rear its ugly head but I’m already miserable. I’m going to be calling the emergency line tomorrow and demanding liquids because I’m starting to suspect some malpractice may have taken place. My doctor never spoke to me or my family after surgey and I’m here stuck with a swollen tongue and hiccups and choking on the pills given to me for pain. Before I called and started chewing people out I was trying to research if this is normal. But the people here at the emergency room seem to be stumped too. Hopefully I make since as I am on a strong iv pain killer right now. Thank you for all of your advise.

        1. As a paralegal, i should warn you NEVER to use the phrase malpractice with any health care provider; puts them on defense and you will never get a straight answer. That being said, have they given you any benedryl? Almost sounds like allergic reaction, huh? This is not normal. While in ER. Ask for surgical consult (another way of making paper trail) and you comfortable, and they send you home, the Er DR can give you liuid medication don’t take no for an answer. Stay in touch. Ill be thinking about you and sending you loads of preyers. You will get thru this, and one day, laugh about this nightmare. Peace be with you.


  74. Hey everyone,

    I got my tonsils out on the 27th and didn’t find day 1 that bad…but ever since after, I have trouble even sipping water. I’m trying to eat a large variety of food – in England we are encouraged to follow a normal diet post tonsillectomy so I’ve been forcing down bread, pastas etc as its thought that these texturised foods scrape the back of the throat stopping bacteria from building up.

    But the pain is becoming unbearable…I think during the operation surgeons caused trauma to my tongue and its swollen from one side which just adds to the pain. I can barely speak and the right side of my neck aches so much and that side of the throat hurts even more when I swallow. I don’t know if anyone has experienced this? I am worried as its come on since yesterday…like having a permanent lump in the right side of my throat along with right-sided ear ache.

    Also does it hurt when the scabs fall off?

    1. Hey Adina, yes, your tongue will be sore for a week or two – completely normal. The pain on side of neck is from swelling, usually hits around day 3. Ugh, right? That pain passes pretty quickly if you are using ice packs on your neck, and drinking lots of water. Hugs to health. Janet

      1. Ive been icing it a lot and it feels a lot better! Thanks so much for you advice 🙂 but it does feel like I have something stuck in my throat?

  75. Have a big selection of soft food. Jellies, custard, mac & cheese, milk shakes, diet shakes (good nutrients in them) cordial, power drink (like power aid). Medicine, Pain stop, Panasonic, nurofen and pheregon (if he feels sick). Try to get liquid medicine. Make a place weready he can sleep sitting up, laying day causes swelling. Get some flexible ice packs for his neck. Hopefully cause his young he’ll heal quickly.

    1. My husband who’s 56 just had the procedure 2 days ago. His doctor strongly recommended the liquid Tylenol, which you can find easily for children. The liquid dosage is equivalent to that of the tablet. My husband has to mix it with water and take is slowly using a syringe (pharmacies have these, often give for kids). His tongue is also still very swollen, and he’s had an awful time swallowing even water.
      It’s so hard to see him suffer like this.

  76. Ice pack your neck. Take ibuprofen every 4 hours – it reduces the sweeping in your throat. Keep ice on your neck 24 hours. Dry room temperate water, it just goes down easier. I feel so sorry for you. I’m on day 21 post surgery. Also if you can, get stronger pain meds as well. My throat still has scabs but I feel so much better now.

    1. Hello to anybody who is reading this, I am a 15 year old girl and I have had tonsillitis 14 times during the past year. So my surgery is in a week today and it was reading here that I first heard about the tongue swelling. I have tried to prepare myself for the pain but I’m really quite dreading it. I just want to know if the swelling is common or just in certain cases? Thanks!

  77. Hi everyone,

    My name is Brittany I am 26 years old. I posted a few days before surgery about how I was nervous! But, here I am now got my tonsils removed on January 30th.. I am going into day 3.

    Days 1 and 2 were bearable. I was able to drink water and juice, eat soups, mashed potatoes. The only problem I encountered was sleeping. I haven’t slept for more that 15-20 minutes at a time.

    The pain medicine they gave me is 1-2 tablets of Percocet every 4-6 hours. I honestly cannot wait more than 4 hours for my pain medicine- if I wait or try to take only 1 pill the pain becomes rough so don’t skimp out on the pain medicine like I tried to.

    Anyways…..I’m starting Day 3, my throat is really starting to hurt almost like it’s completely swollen shut! I am even having a hard time taking down water. It’s currently 1:30AM here in the US and I haven’t been able to sleep normally since I got out of surgery. I have to sleep sitting up and I wake up every 10 minutes needing water or feeling like I am choking on myself. From reading everyone else’s experiences I can only expect it to get worse before it gets better. It Is nice to have a support group on here where others know what I’m going through!

    So here goes nothing… bring on day three!

    1. Great attitude Brittany! Yes, today and tomorrow should be your sleeping days. Ask your doctor for stronger dose of percocet if you dont get better relief by tomorrow. Avoid mashed potatoes and other dairy products, sticks to the scab. Once the scab does come off, you will feel a whole lot better. That choking feeling is the swelling thats kicking in, then your ears will begin to hurt when swelling maxes out. Set your alarm every 4 hours, so you stay on top of the pain. Gallon of water a day, and if you cant drink that much, include popcycles and gargling with warm salty water, really helps. Wrap ice around your neck to bring down the swelling. Git a humidifier going? You are doing great!!

      1. Thank you for your advice! I just gargled a little and feel better. The nausea was so bad this morning from being hungry – that was no fun. My throat is covered in a yellow coating – is that all scab? Set up my humidifier, so helpful!

        1. Hi Brittany and Adina. Yes, the yellow coating that you see is the scab. It usually begins to fall off little by little starting around day 4 or 5. You usually will swallow it and won’t even know it. Others have reported coughing really hard and the scab coming out with a little bloody tinge to it. But once that scab goes, so will most of your pain. Keep gargling with warm salted water (drool it out, don’t spit.) kinda gross, but more comfortable that way. Try not to cough or yawn. How are your ears feeling? Keep up the good work, so proud of you. You are both in my thoughts and prayers, Janet

          1. My ears are feeling a constant pressure in them. Sometimes I hear ringing in them too. My whole face, neck, and jaw are sore. Awful taste in my mouth constantly – so I am trying to gargle with salt water and alcohol free mouth wash. I’m trying not to over due it with medicine, but it’s hard not to with this sort of pain! I have been taking medicine every 4 hours.. going on day 4 today! Late nights/early mornings seem to be the worst for me. Happy to announce I got some sleep finally = yay! Can’t wait to start feeling better…..

        1. My name is Lauren I am only 14 years old and I had my tonsils taken out and the pain is killing me I ache everywhere I hate the liquid medicine makes me feel sick can anyone tell me how I can get better and what to do as all I want to do is feel better and all I keep doing is feeling worse. I hardly can get to sleep this is the 2nd day from when I ahd the surgery done please tell me what I could do to make the pain go away.

  78. My son is 8 and has had tonsillitis 10 times in the past 13 months … theyre being removed on Monday!! Any advice for me and him?

    1. Rebecca,
      Lots of water for him, make sure he takes the pain medication on schedule, humidifier so his throat wont be so dry, it helps keeping it moist. Just makes sure he doest not eat anything hard that will scrape his throat. I have heard in childrens the recovery is less painful than when is done to adults. Have a speedy recovery!

  79. I’m 17, I got my tonsils out on the 27th of Jan, and am now in day 5. I’ve heard day 4/5 is usually the worst! I could eat soups on day 1 and 2, but other than that I feel really sick and I can’t swallow anything! It hurts just to drink water 🙁 I don’t feel as drained and tired today as I did the last couple of days, but my ears and throats are killing me!! Can people please tell me some tips that helped them? I want this to be over already hahah

    1. Hey Crystal, you are experiencing the worst part, and you only have a few more days before you start feeling a whole lot better. The more water you drink, the faster it will heal. I hate water, so when i got my tonsils out i really struggled with drinking a gallon of water every day. Try popcycles or freeze your favorite juice. Ice packs on your neck helps too. Sleep upright, and keep humidifier going full blast, all day. Try not to yawn, and don’t blow your nose!! Argh. The best advice i can give you is to sleep as much as possible, only waking to take pain meds regularly and drink a bunch of water afterwards. This too shall pass, you’re almost thru the hardest part. I believe in you!! ♡♡

    2. Crystal,
      Cold compress has helped me. Also one tablet tylenol. I smashed it and put it on my applesause it works faster and also goes down smoother than trying to swallow the pill. Drinks lots of water as well. Good luck! Dont forget your humidifier.

    3. Hey Crystal! I had my tonsils out the same day and today kills…I don’t know if you feel the scabs atm? I’d really say ice creams and just anything icy helps! Hope you get well soon 🙂

  80. So I’m a 19 year old male and I got my tonsils out on January 25th, and I do have to say that it isn’t all that bad! I had woke up from the surgery begging them to put me back to sleep because I thought they hadn’t done the surgery!🙈 They had to give me quite a bit of morphine afterwards, this is because of how much pain I was in. I slept most of the day after surgery, I came home and ate Mashed Potato and Gravy this didn’t seem a problem. I kept on top of my pain medication, the doctor had given me paracetamol&Codeine, this just basically knocked me out for a few days, constantly eating mash and gravy (it seems to be the easiest food to eat) day 3 was the same as day 2 and then day 4 I went out for the day with my parents and I didn’t have much pain, haven’t been getting much sleep though and it’s rather annoying as whatever time I sleep I wake up at around 5/6am, I’m now on day 5 now and I’m doing quite alright! Had quite a bit of earache and more pain than normal in my throat. But I think that’s due to my scabs falling off, I’ve started taking ibruprofen instead of Codiene and it’s working wonders, I hope this helps anyone who reads this!

    Just remember, drink plenty of fluids and do whatever you feel comfortable with, getting my tonsils removed has got to be a good descision for me, I had tonsillitis 9 times since August 2016!

    1. 9 times is actually not that many times. So your tonsils were probably quite small and soft. The more infections you have over your life the harder the recovery. I had maybe 70 infections before I got mine out at 38, it was terrible and still have a little bit of pain 21 days post op. I thought I’d be fully recovered by now. Glad yours went so well.

    2. I had my tonsils out 20th Jan, so today is 2 weeks since I had them out.. just wondering as you’re my age do you still have a pain almost as if somthing is stuck in the back of your throat and head ache?

  81. Thank you for this! I am a 26 year old preparing for my tonsillectomy this coming Monday. Of course I have a flare up 4 days before surgery, I hope they will still go through with it. I am a teacher in a REALLY “challenging” inner city school so I gave myself 15 days to recover before going back, I hope that is enough?!

    My main reason for wanting to get these awful things out because of course I get sick often but more annoyingly I get tonsil stones. I am always self conscious due to them.

    I am SO nervous about this recovery, mainly because of all the horror stories I have read on the internet! My doctor was honest and said it wouldn’t be an easy recovery but she said that is the only way I could cure the tonsil stones from coming back.

    Thank you for your posts, I feel much more prepared now. Wish me luck 😖!

    1. Hi Brittany, I’m Casey & I’m 23. I had my surgery done on the 19th January.
      Hang in there! The worst part for me was day 4-5 and the referred ear pain. It’s excruciating! My advice is have ice packs ready for when you wake in the middle of the night. Quickly take your medication (it will hurt, I won’t lie) then put an ice pack on both ears and just try and breath through it and try to fall back asleep. This will help dull the pain but also the swelling of your neck/face.
      Regarding pain medication, I would take it every 3 hours, because by the time that 4th hour hits it’s already peaked again.
      I’m currently on day 10. I’m able to eat most food, drink with minimum discomfort however still taking panadol 4 hourly. The most painful thing for me is yawning! My god, they don’t warn you of that.
      I hope this helps! If you have any questions, feel free to ask. 🙂

  82. I just had my tonsils removed on Thursday 19 January and I was two days away from my 19 birthday which was yesterday. So at the time of the surgery I was 18. Going in to the surgery was nerve racking and when the anesthetist injected me with the anesthetiser it was really painful on my right arm and all I remember before being knocked out was complaining about the pain and then I was completely out. I woke up in incredible pain, really hysterical, crying while asking for my parents. They had to put a heat blanket on me because I was in shock and was freezing and they called my parents to the recovery area, because I was such a baby and have low pain tolerance. this surgery and recovery was very hard for me. I couldn’t drink any water or even have any food in the first day and so had to be hospitalised. I kept being injected with pain medicines and they really didn’t do anything for me. Waking up on the second day was horrendous. I woke up twice, once at 2 am in the morning and the second time at 5 am in the morning. The nurse was reluctant to give me some pain medicines since she had given me some already but I think my complaining persuaded her to give me some. My jaws were BRUISED and I couldn’t even turn my head. My uvula was also really enlarged and I could feel it blocking my throat and making it hard for me to breath properly. After the pain medicine I was feeling about 60/70 percent better and so was allowed to go home.

    Day three in the morning was really painful waking up. I kept waking up in the morning and taking my pain Medicines (paracetamol and ibrooroojjne and sometime taking codine) because I forgot to set up my alarm and after reading all the advices in this blog, I ordered myself a humidifier which is coming on the 25 of January which is day seven of my recovery 😪😥. The pain was dulled after I toke my medication but I began feeling a small ach in my abdominal that continued through day three.

    Day three was the same as day two. I kept waking up in pain in the middle of the night and sleeping was very hard. I tried to eat porridge and mash potato and that was an absolute fail so I stuck to water, ice cubes and ice lollies (as you guys call it ice popsicals in the US, I’m from the UK if you haven’t noticed from my writing haha) the eating from my side was very minimal because I was afraid of the pain since I’m not good with pain. By day three I noticed that the mornings and the evenings were the hardest.

    By day 4 early in the morning (also my birthday -yesterday) I started developing intense abdominal pain and really strong nausea. I called our countries help like 111 and they instructed me to go to the nearest A&E (Accident and Emergence) as I might have ingested too much painkillers. After I went to the hospital they gave me some IV mendicants to counteract the painkillers (I felt pretty stupid but I was in pain and didn’t notice my painkiller intake) they also gave me Medicines that would protect my stomach lining (Omaprazol) and instructed me to be careful when taking my pain medicines.

    Day 4 was the first day I ate proper solid food. My mother and sister organised a surprise pizza party because it was my 19th birthday and so I ate 1 barbecue chicken wing and one chicken and sweetcorn pizza which was uncomfortable but not too painful. This REALLY surprised me as I was expecting pain. I also drank a whole bottle of water and so was pretty proud of my self.

    Now it’s 1.45 am in the morning in the UK so day 5 for me and I woke up with intense pain in my throat because I sneeze really hard which is a no-no. I noticed some blood in my spit but it’s not heavy bleeding, it’s just a lot of spotting so I’m not that worried. I woke up at 12 pm to take my pain medicine and am not feeling as bad as I did in days 2-3. I’m still waiting for the middnight pain but I’m not that afraid since days 2-3 were the worst for me. I’m hoping that amazon is going to deliver my humidifier soon, however since I don’t have it yet, I’m trying to sleep with my mouth shut. I’m not having really dry throat as I did in day 3-4 because I began sleeping with my mouth closed.

    One of the biggest tip I can give is to drink A LOT OF WATER even if it hurts a lot because this will stop your throat drying out and it’ll stop you being dehydrated which is a painful experience. I also advise eating ice cubes because that helped me a lot and don’t be afraid to eat solid food like I was. Just go for it and don’t anticipate it. I anticipated it and it hurt but when I went for the pizza and chicken wing it didn’t hurt that much.

    Overall my recovery has been up and down and I’m only on day 5 so hopefully it’ll be better.
    Sorry for the long writing just wanted to put all my recovery stages on here.

    Many thanks and I wish you all in your best recovery ❤️❤️

    1. Day 5 has defiantly been the hardest for me. I can’t physically eat food soft or hard. I tried to eat some scrambled egg I made my self and that was a total fail. The only thing I could do today was drink water and after a small nap, my whole throats is aching and I’m spitting blood in my spit bowl and it hurts to spit or swallow. I’m in so much agony and i feel so weak. No wonder people say day 5 to day 7 or 10 are the hardest. If athe next few days are like this then I’m very worried. I changed my order for the humidifier to tomorrow and had to pay extra for it because I couldn’t deal with the night pain any longer. I just hope this week goes really fast as I’ve said befor I have very very low pain tolerance

      1. Hi, you need to put ice packs on your neck. It reduces the swelling. DO NOT sleep lying down. Sleep in a chair upright. Even if you only nap for an hour or two at a time. Get one of those airline head pillows to suport your head. Lying down brings all the blood to your neck and makes it big, pain and throb ‘pain’…. pain in your tummy, that is from taking medication with nothing in your tummy. You can take something like ‘nexium’ before your meds and this will help with that. Also if you start to feel nauseous, I found just 5ml of liquid Phenergan really helps that.
        I’m on day 11. I can remember how sad I was, especially on days, 4,5,6,7,8 & 9. I’ve finally started to feel better. I also could not handle drinking cold cold stuff. So try room temperature liquids. Can’t stress enough about taking pain mess every 4 hours wether u think u need them or not at the moment. Ice that neck – all the time. And sleep up right only ♡ salaam sister

        1. Thank you for the advise Shondell ❤️ I remember typing this and relised that day 1-3 were not as painful as days 5,6 and day 7 which I’m on. The added ear pains are a nightmare and I feel like crying each time I get them because I keep getting them really frequent. I’ve bought myself an ice pack that I put on my neck area and today I’ve eaten a whole toast which I’m pretty proud off but the whole eating thing for me has been a disaster to be honest. I love my mum so much and she keeps bringing different types of food for me too eat and I just feel sick looking at them. My appetite has gone and I can barley keep down baby apple sauce 😪. I’ve received my humidifier but I don’t think it’s helping me. Also I don’t think I can find those medicine that you wrote here in the UK but I’ll ask my doctor tomorrow since I made an appointment with her. I’m just hoping my recovery goes quick.
          I’m glad your feeling better, at least your nearly done haha. Have a great full recovery – Salaam to you too sister ❤️

  83. Hi, I’m 12 years old and am getting my tonsils out Friday the 27 (in January) reading through these really scared the crap out of me. I have a quite high pain tolerance but I’m still scared for my throat has always been a weakness of mine. I also despise plain water, apple sauce, jello, basically everything your supposed to be eating… I had my pre op today and they said I could take pills or liquid.. I have been taking pills since I was 2.. but I fear I won’t be able to swallow them. Any tips would help, I’m really scared!!

    1. Hi Justin, I got my tonsils out last month, and it’s all healed and over! I hate drinking water too, but any fluid is better than nothing. Try tea with honey (iced or hot) or sports drinks. It heals faster when you drink a lot of fluids. Popcycles count too! Most of your medicine can be in liquid form. I couldn’t swallow the huge pill for antibiotic, so doctor wrote a prescription for liquid antibiotic and liquid pain medication. Gargle a lot, it actually makes ur throat feel better, even if it’s warm salt water. Gargle then spit!! Have your mom get a humidifier and leave it on all of the time. They are cheap and found at any drug store or Walmart. Get favorite headphones and set up playlist of your favorite songs and movies. Sleep a lot, but have your mom set an alarm to take your pain medicine so you don’t wake up in pain. It hurts the most when you swallow, so swallow slowly with your head tipped slightly to the side. It won’t last long and you get out of school for a few days and can play video games. I believe in you, and know you will do okay. Don’t be scared. Your tonsils are only about an inch long (at your age) so it’s easier to get them out before you get older, it hurts cuz it’s behind your tongue and you feel it every time you swallow. Just take your liquid medicine and get favorite popcycles. You can have mac&cheese if you cook noodles a Little longer. Ramen? Jan (Grandma) in Arizona.

      1. Hi everyone..

        Don’t be scared.

        I had my tonsillectomy on Monday so tomorrow it will be a week and I am loving my new space in mouth. Everything is still swollen but soon I will be better…it is still painful and hard to swallow tablets or food or drink but I keep sipping water bit by bit and hoping I will get better tomorrow.
        It is painful but putting an ice cube or two (not together!!!) in my mouth always helps! Ice cube before taking my medication, ice cube before eating & ice cube just to keep me going…
        I have made few herbal tea ice cubes and orange ones too..experiment 🙂

        Good luck everyone with the recovery and keep smiling.

        Also big THANK YOU to our awesome doctors & nurses xxxx


        1. I am on day 4 of my surgery and All i can say is OMG what a crucial painful experience this has been. For me it has been really hard to drink anything because of the pain but I do it anyways just so I wont get dehydrated. I must say I have thought many times what in the world did I get myself into but my tonsils needed to be removed. If it wasnt for my mother and twin sister to actually take care of me I wouldn’t know what to do. All i want to do is cry. But reading everyone experience I can see I am not a whoose. Hope everyone are recovered and for the ones going for it Good Luck! Stay Strong.

    2. Get liquid medicine pain killers. Make sure you have ice packs for your neck. Nurofen/Advil REALLY helps keep the swelling down. Think of any soft food u actually like and stock up on it mac & cheese made extra mushie is yum. Get a vaparisor. Sleep upright. Get a gurgle mouth number is you can. I found I could only have room temperature drink/food. Sleep when you can. It’s going to hurt – a lot but it does get better. I’m currently day 10 post op and I’m just starting to feel human again ♡

    3. Hey! I had my tonsils out 11 days ago and I found liquid medicine so much easier to take (normally I’m fine on tablets) I’m afraid plain water is the best thing, I have found that anything else really stings – like apple juice, or that they don’t taste the same as before the operation – like milk.

      Things I have found good to eat apart from jelly which slips down a treat! Pasta, peas, rice, mash, pears, toast with lots of butter, raspberries, ice cream etc soft things.

      Things to avoid, yogurt (it stings!), spice, cheese, cake, salty things.

  84. I’m 17 and i can say this has been the worst pain in my entire life. I had the option to get them out but of course that scared my mother too much so she convinced me that it would be better to wait in hopes that my tonsils would stop making me sick and i would grow out of it. Well, unfortunately i never did grow out of getting strep, tonsillitis and other nasty infections in my mouth and tonsils. So we decided to get them out.
    Day one (the day i got them out) was a breeze. i felt so good in the hospital and it must have been due to all the pain meds.
    Day two was also fine… it hurt a bit more but i didn’t think much of it. Both days so far i was able to eat mac and cheese and some other foods.
    Day 3 was pretty bad. i made the mistake of leaving the house for the day assuming I would be fine. I tried to eat a muffin and it was a no go. I got home and I believe that I just had a frozen drink and popsicles.
    Day 4…. ugh the pain started to set in here. I started to feel helpless! i was able to eat a really thinly sliced hot dog. I tried canned ravioli and that was extremely painful. I had a few popsicles but wasn’t able to finish my last one. my tounge started to swell badly this day.
    Day 5 – so bad! i slept the whole day for the most part. my scabs were starting to come off. it stung so bad. i could hardly drink water. I can’t eat anything without my tounge swelling and stinging. i tried oatmeal and ate about half of what i made for myself. it wasn’t as much my throat in pain that it was my tounge and ears burning. the night was bad. the roof of my mouth stung horribly! even my humidifier felt drying.
    Day 6 – today it is 9am and the start of my 6th day. very painful and similar to yesterday. but i feel a little more hopeful because more of my scabs have fallen off. my throat is bright bright red and hurts so bad. it feels extremely dry.

    for pain meds i was told to take liquid acideminophin (sorry that is totally spelt wrong.) but luckily yesterday my dad was able to get me some acideminophin and codeine. i’m not sure if it makes that much of a difference. but i find the pills fairly easy to swollow.

    now i’m just waiting. last night i broke down and cried. this is worse than any of my tonsil sicknesses. i know that when i am healed it will be awesome. but for now i feel helpless and lonely even though i have a lot of support. I wish i could post pictures of my removed tonsils on here since i have been taking daily photos. i am not sure how they are healing and i would like to be able to compare my photos to others. hopefully the pain is over soon.

    you guys don’t know how bad i’m craving some spice!! ahh!! hopefully soon.

    1. Ahhhh I remember feeling the exact same. That was in November and now I dont even think about it and I haven’t had any sore throats or dry throats. It took a little while but my taste buds have returned to normal near enough. I’m not snoring/holding my breath in my sleep. No nasty smelly and sore tonsil stones. Just when you think you can’t take any more it will all start to ease up and get better. I remember wanting to cry because I felt so sorry for myself but decided that it would just hurt my throat more so wouldn’t have made me feel any better lol I would do it again and I imagine most other post tonsilectomy peeps would agree. It will all be worth it. Nearly there 😊

  85. I’m 21 year old male going on day 7.

    First 3 days were a breeze, day 4 the pain started to kick in and now it is very bad. Drinking water is a challenge and the stinging in my ears is almost as awful as the taste in my mouth. This is the first day I haven’t been able to eat anything. Definitely use a humidifier 24/7, gargle salt water, keep on top of the pain meds, and take a stool softener every 8 hours. Did anyone else begin developing dark blood clots on their scabs around day 7?

  86. I’m 37…I had my tonsils and adenoids removed on 11/29/16. Last night my boyfriend said that I was still snoring. Has anyone else had any problems with continuing to snore after your surgery?

  87. I am a 16 yr old female who decided to get their tonsils out on December 22, 2016. My family and I made this decision based on the fact that I kept getting recurring sore throats and colds. After visiting with my ENT doctor, he said that it would not be an easy recovery but it would definitely be worth it in the end. I did some research about a few weeks prior to surgery to prepare myself, and make sure I knew what I was getting myself into. It came the day of surgery and since my surgery was at 11am, I didn’t have to suffer not being able to eat for too long. After I woke up from surgery, I remember balling my eyes out and seeing my dad holding my hand and my mom putting a wet washcloth on my forehead. From reading multiple stories that all said people woke up in no pain, that was what I was expecting…NOT THE CASE. The nurse that was in the recovery room tried feeding me crushed ice to help relieve the pain, however it did not help. Eventually they put more pain meds in my IV and I went back to my room. They tried giving me a popsicle but I was in too much pain to eat it so I tried applesauce instead. After eating a few bites, they told me I was ready to go home. Once I got home I felt a little nauseous from the anesthesia so I took a nap. After waking a few hours later, my pain intensified. I took more pain meds but those made me sick so I had to switch to children’s liquid ibuprofen. Throughout the night I woke up every 2 hours to take my medicine and drink lots of water to keep my throat moist,.
    Day 2- I woke up in the morning very dizzy so I was not able to get out of bed pretty much all day. The pain was a little bit better than the actual surgery day so I was feeling good, aside from the fact that I was super dizzy. I continued taking naps throughout the day because I had no energy and couldn’t stay awake, probably because I didn’t really get any sleep the night before. Food/drink I had: lots of water, applesauce, chicken broth
    Day 3: Today I woke up feeling so good! I took my pain meds and the pain was almost gone so I decided to run errands with my mom. We went to the mall and got coffee and I felt like I had superpowers. This continued throughout the whole day until night time. Around 7 pm the pain came back but I was grateful I could spend a whole day in minimal pain. Food/drink I had: lots of water, caribou coffee, mashed potatoes, chicken broth
    Day 4 & 5: These were hands down the worst days ever. I cried constantly for 2 days straight and got no sleep at all. Swallowing water was not pleasant and did not feel good. My pain meds did not seem to help and I had no hope on these days. There is no point in sugar coating these days because this was easily the days where I had the worst pain I have every had in my life. Food/drink I had: water, few bites of applesauce
    Day 6: Today was better than days 4 & 5 in that I was able to go out to lunch to get soup. While swallowing, I didn’t have pain, I just had a stinging sensation which was very uncomfortable. Throughout the whole day, it just stung when I swallowed. My scabs did come off in bits as I ate food today. It was not painful but I am assuming that is why I had stinging when I swallowed. Food/drink I had: lots of water, few bits of tomato basil soup, spaghetti o’s
    Day 7 & 8: These days were a lot better than the previous days however the pain started to come back but it was definitely not as extreme as it had been. I was able to go hangout with friends and actually leave the house. Food/drink I had: lots of water, milkshake, mac n cheese
    Day 9: Today was much better than every other day. I was able to have my first real meal! I had shrimp Alfredo and was able to eat it just fine. Friends came over and I continued to have minimal pain all day. Food/drink I had: lots of water, shrimp Alfredo, scrambled eggs, malt
    Day 10 & 11: These days were better and the pain was almost completely gone. Food/drink I had: lots of water, scrambled eggs, chunky soup, pasta with meatballs
    Day 12: This is by far the best day. I could basically eat anything I wanted with minimal pain. Food/drink I had: lots of water, scrambled eggs, salad, pasta, chips.

    -drink a ton of water, it will keep your throat moist and keep the pain down
    -gargle salt water, it seems like it would be gross and painful, but it helped speed up the healing process and keeps the site clean
    -have a humidifier in your room to keep the air moist; helps your throat to stay moist so it won’t dry out and become even more painful
    -take your pain meds on schedule; my mom created a chart that layed out when I should take each medicine so that really helped me stay on track

    1. Even though it was the worst pain I have ever experienced, I am so glad I did it, and do not regret it one bit. It will benefit my greatly in the future. I had no bleeding probably because I drank so much water and kept it super moist which helps. However, your voice will be scratchy and not sound like normal for a few days. But it gets better, I promise!!

  88. Hey guys! Thought i’d also share a few tips that are helping me through. I am from the UK so hopefully we have the same meds (just different brands). Remember everyone’s pain tolerance is difference, just because someone recovered more easily than you doesn’t mean you should be a hero and try and cut back on the pain killers, seriously, if you are hurting, take them. You need your strength to recover quickly.

    I am post-op day 6 (inc day of surgery), had massive nausea attack from anaesthetic, spewing every 15 mins so they kept me in over night. If you do find that you literally cannot handle the nausea, ask for something called DEXAMETHASONE, usually administered by IV. Sorted me right out. False sense of security for day 2,3 & 4, the likelihood is it will get worse before it gets better because of the scabs, so brace yourself! Just remember why you had it done, never have to worry about tonsil issues again! Hopefully we’ll look back and laugh (or cry, or completely repress the memory of it lol).

    Here’s a few things helping me through;

    Humidifier – (warm or cold) doesn’t matter as long as you’re getting some moisture in the air. Also if you have central heating crack a window slightly.

    DO NOT LAY FLAT – If you can as uncomfortable as it is, prop pillows behind you so you are almost sitting upright, if you are that tired you’ll nod off soon enough.

    Drink as much as you can (pref water) – i’ve found anything else stings more for my throat but everyone is different.

    Soluble Solpadeine Max – If you are in the US i’m not sure if they have it or what the equivalent is but these pills have been a god send, they aren’t like the liquid pain killers (gloopy and acidic), I feel as i’m drinking it it’s numbing my throat as it’s passing all the nastiness. (Genuinely tried to switch to cocodamol last night as solpadeine can be addictive, huge mistake woke up in agony this morn.) Everyone reacts diff to medications just find the right one for you, morphine for some reason does nothing for me except space me out!

    Scratchy/Soft foods – I alternate them right now as I want to scrape the crap off but need to be careful in case they come off prematurely, do noooooot want to go back to that hospital. Just eat what you can. For some reason quavers have been amazing.

    Also finally, STEAM! – This has worked wonders for me especially with jaw ache etc, get a pan/pot chuck some boiling water in it and put a towel over your head and in hale it. It’s taken the edge off when the meds are starting to wear off.

    I won’t lie there’s been a few times I have wanted to cry, it seriously sucks, that being said it’ll be over at some point and I can eat a burger again, that day will be god damn glorious!

  89. I think that I have made a huge mistake by having so much surgery at one time. I’m on day 2. My necrotic teeth left puss pockets on my tonsils. So, my surgeon removed the tonsils, along with all of my upper teeth and half of the bottom teeth. I’m in unbelievable pain. My mouth hasn’t stopped bleeding, with my gums so swollen, I can’t shut my mouth due to swelling of gum line. My (removed) tonsils are burning, making it impossible to swallow without crying. All of the aforementioned experiences in this blog has scared me to death. I’m only on day 2, so anticipating days 4-6 have put me in panicky mode. I just sent my daughter for humidifier. Dr gave me Percocet and xanax, along with antibiotic and mouthwash. Any other suggestions? I think my retracted teeth hurt the most right now, with swelling so bad, makes it impossible to swallow without audible scream.. I would be so grateful for any advice from any of you who have experienced this. I’m especially concerned about swallowing (which I can’t without bursting into tears), and what’s this stuff about spitting up scaring from tonsil area? Seriously? I remain,
    Hopeful, but completely freaked out…. and I’m on day 2.

  90. I got my tonsils out on december 20th, so i am about to start day 11. I am 17 years old. After getting severe sore throats about once a month, i figured it was time to get my tonsils out. The first three days were almost painless with my pain meds (oxycodone every 4 hours). The pain got slightly worse on days 4-6. Once day 7 came, i ran out of my pain meds, and days 7-9 were horrible. The pain was terrible and I had a lot of bleeding. I had to go back to the doctor to get recauterized twice. Having a humidifier at night and always staying hydrated + eating helped a lot. Constipation from irregular eating habits and the pain medication was horrible, so plan on taking laxatives. The straining caused my bleeding. Now on day 11, I feel almost no pain throughout the day except when I eat and sleep. It was a rough 11 days, but I am glad I did it.

    1. I got my tonsils out almost 9 days ago, on December 21st. I constantly wake up and go to bed with a sore throat, and have for most of my life, this is due to my extremely large tonsils so a tonsilectomy it was. I was dreading it, as I heard how horrible the recovery can be, mostly from things like this and other people. No doubt this has been some of the hardest days of my life. I havent eaten a full meal thus far and it is really starting to take its toll on me. I sleep A LOT more than usual and do not really have energy for activity. The first three-five days were not horrible, i slept a lot and was on constant pain meds every 4 hours. I actually managed to be social and hang around at our Christmas Eve Party. However instead of getting better as I expected it to, it seems to have gotten/be getting worse. I travelled up to my cottage on day 6 and the roadtrip was rough–would not recommend. With lack of food, the pain meds began to make me feel nauseous and constipated. After 9 days of constipation, I had to go to the pharmacy and get laxatives. Additionally on the 9th day I threw up due to the pain meds. Let me tell you throwing up after this surgery is HORRIBLE! avoid it at all costs. So i am stopping taking pain meds now as they seem to just be messing up my body and not helping. It seems after the laxatives set in and the pain meds worn off i have began to feel slightly better. I still have pain in my throat and thus horrible associated ear pain, which i think is at times worse than the throat pain. Overall, though I am hoping after this terrible morning that it will turn around. I know the nights will be rough still, as the lack of water really causes me a lot of pain. I hope the pain subsides soon and I can eat a meal, get some normal sleep and get off the couch, starting to go crazy over here and definitely understand why this recovery is awful.

    2. I’m on day 4 and I had my tonsils and adenoids removes so do you think it’s the same process and what about my voice isn’t normal for me not to be speaking because it hurts too much so I choose not to …Do you think I can eat soft bread becAuse I can chew and it doesn’t hurt that much to swallow as it did before ,or what about something like baked chicken.

  91. I got my tonsils & adnoids out 7 days ago and i am 15 years old. I knew it would hurt but i never thought it would hurt this bad. The first day was okay and went by in a breeze but then the second day i was in major pain. Then on day three i had a blood episode and had blood pouring out of my mouth. i gargled the ice water, as recommended, and it would stop. i was rushed to the hospital. they said i was okay to go home. then day 4-6 i had more blood episodes, i was rushed to the hospital and stayed overnight. they pumped fluids in me for 24 hours and then released me. after that i went off the hydrocodone, amoxicillin, and one other medicine because i was getting major acid reflux from them. And now that i am on day 7 i do not feel as much pain as i did, i take children’s tylenol and nausea medicine as needed. The biggest thing i learned is no matter how much pain your in you need to drink 6-8 glasses of ice water, even when you don’t eat. Also, when you are hungry there are multiple things i’ve found good. Such as the following: egg drop soup, cream of (your choice) soup, chicken or beef broth, ramen noodle soup (without then noodles), the baby yougert melts (lol), any type of corn puffs or cheese puffs, jello, gatorade, popcicles, and any other soft foods. But one thing i recommend is do not eat ice cream or mashed potatoes, it causes you to get like a thick thing in your throat and it is hard to get that to go away. Anyways if anyone has any suggestions for me i’m all ears.

  92. I got my tonsils out 9 days ago and I am a 49 year old female. I am a big baby and can tolerate very little pain. But after having 2 episodes of abscessed tonsils, I knew that it had to be done and I wasn’t getting any younger. So I researched the LEAST painful way to do this, as most everything I read was horrifying. So I found out about a company called Microline. They make a tool that is sold to ENT doctors that changes the way the tissue is sealed up after the tonsil is removed. This is instead of cauterizing which creates all of the dreadful scabbing. Although they do cauterize any larger vessels. The tool is called ENTcepts. So I contacted the company because no one around the area where I live uses this method. They put me in contact with the sale rep closest to me and he shared the names of six doctors who use their tool. The only problem was that the closest one was 3 and 1/2 hours away from me. I read about each doctor as the locations were all approximately the same distance away from me. It was the BEST decision I have ever made. It was still painful, but very very manageable. I took only half the dose of pain meds for the first 3 days along with an antibiotic and prednisone. I then tapered down to just Tylenol by day 6. Yesterday was day 8 and I was able to eat almost everything at our Christmas Eve fish dinner (fish, lobster, crab, shrimp ect.). I even had a glass of red wine but had to water it down- it felt slightly acidic and I didn’t want to press my luck. When I first got home I was very cautious but ate quite a few things (popsicles, tiny pasta with butter and parm.cheese, crushed cold cereal in milk, peaches in light syrup (they were great), soup (room temp.), jello, even tuna and chicken salad by day 4 as I got more brave on wonder bread. The last thing I wanted to do was create any bleeding and end up in our local ER because they would cauterize and that was the whole thing that I wanted to avoid. I do have the white splotches in my throat on both sides, but I see more and more nice pink color every day now coming back around the area. I think it’s because the “thermal tissue welding” as it’s called minimizes all of heavy gross scabbing. So there’s some scabbing but I believe much less than any traditional methods. I am almost at a point where I feel pretty normal (ears have a little pressure and slight discomfort in throat). I did a lot of holiday activity on day 6,7, and 8 too (lots of shopping, cooking, cleaning ect.) It did tire me but I was able to do it. I also drank a ton of water and I mixed water with apple or grape juice sometimes (about 100 oz, a day). I also had a small humidifier by my bed and propped myself up slightly more than usual. The first 2 nights home I set my alarm and took pain meds because I was afraid not to. I read about people who fell asleep with their mouth open and then their throat got dry and created a lot of pain so the only weird quirky thing I did was use a small piece of “paper medical tape” over my mouth vertically so I wouldn’t accidentally sleep with my mouth open. I tucked my lips in and put a small piece of tape slanted across and it worked great and gave me security that I wouldn’t wake up in a crisis. Paper medical tape is gentle on the skin. Soooo the take away is that it was soooo worth the 3 and 1/2 hour ride to the doctor’s office visit for the initial set up and then another trip on surgery day. The ride home wasn’t too bad as drugs are still working pretty well from surgery. I had no complications at all (except a little constipation and by day 6 I resorted to milk of magnesium and that got resolved ). I was a little bit worried that my doctor would be so far away, but he wasn’t which made me feel good. He was very confident that this method results in very little complications and he was right. It is totally worth searching for this “thermal tissue welding” method and the trip if necessary. But it’s also not totally pain free, but much less than traditional methods. Good luck to anyone contemplating this surgery. If I can survive it and truly say that it wasn’t as bad as I expected anyone can.

    1. I’m on day 4 and I am very scared but also hungry.So far after the surgery I haven’t vomited and i really don’t want to ,it also doesn’t hurt as much to swallow and I can chew without it being a bother. Except I had my tonsils and Adenoids removed ,So do you think I can eat something like baked chicken or any too that I can chew slowly and swallow or what about bread soft sweet bread.

  93. Hello from Estonia,
    Im 31 years old female and had my tonsils taken out on 15th December. Since then I have been keeping my eye on this site, while I was so scared (like most of the people here). It has helped me a lot. Reading, that there are more people in the world how can undestand the pain and the horror I have to go through. Thank you for sharing!
    Like most of you I was also scared of the pain mainly. I thought it would be so horrific. Maybe the pain meds are stronger which the doctors prescribe here in Estonia, but it hasn’t been so bad. Only few days, when I thought I have made a big mistake by going through the tonsillectomy (days 3-4). The most horrific thing was the bleeding… I have had now three of them! Hardly anyone writes about them. Have I understood correctly, that most of you only spit up some small amout of blood? (I haven’t had chance to read all the comments)
    The surgery went very well. I was waiting to huge amounts of blood and being unable to speak or swollow. When I woke up I was even able to talk to the doctor and after three hours I was ready to go home. They still asked me to stay little bit longer, but 6 hours later I walked out and went to the pharmacy to get all the meds just in case the PAIN will come. I planned when I must take the meds and maybe therefor i didn’t have to suffer much. So everyone, who are afraid of the surgery – don’t the next days are much better to be afraid of.
    Then came the day number 6. It was in the middle of the night. I was dreaming something about American Horror Story (while I was watching the series to get my day past) and then I saw that I had to swollow blood while I was being killed and so I did. I did it many times and then I woke up. I felt something salty in my mouth and quite didn’t understand what was going on. I thought that someone cut my neck, but when I thouched it my hand wasnt covered with blood. When I finally spit into the tissue I was shocked. I remembered from this site, that I should put something cold in my mouth and on my neck. I send a message to my friend to take me to the ER, but he was in a deep sleep. While I was holding a cup near my mouth I had bleed about half a cup. When my friend finally woke up, I wasn’t bleeding anymore and had cleaned up everything. So I went back to bed, but I didn’t sleep anymore. The next day I actually felt much better, but still thought it would be good idea to stay in bed.
    The day after that (yesterday) I felt so well, that I went to see my grandmother and spoke with friends and made plans for today. In the evening I started to put some items away and I felt how my face started to go numb and then I felt that salty taste again in my mouth, this time the blood kept coming and coming. I texted my friend and he took me to ER, where they put me into a bed and gave me some meds to thicken my blood. While I was there I started bleeding again. So now I have been bleeding three times. Most of the night I spent in ER, but now Im back at home. Hoping that it will never happen again. I keep spitting in the tissue, to see if Im bleeding, while I feel the taste all the time in my mouth.
    I was taking diclofenac and paracetamol for the pain and it makes blood thinner. So now I have some other pain killers (which I take only one for the night, while the pain isn’t that bad) and some meds to thicken my blood. Hopefully non of you doesn’t have to go through the horror I had here few times. Stay positive and think: after the rain comes the sunlight!

    ps. Sorry for the long post and mistakes in it.

  94. Greetings!
    I just got my tonsils removed on the 21st of December. So today is day 2 to be brutally honest, the first day the pain wasn’t so bad. But now let’s go to day number two. I noticed that I haven’t really been so hydrated and that’s making it very hard for me to swallow. I woke up to a sharp pain in my ear and a very sore throat. Today I struggled to eat some chicken noodle soup that my mum made for me. I only took 2 spoonfuls of it before finally giving up and breaking down into tears. See , I have a very high pain tolerance, but this was a pain that I have never felt before. Hopefully everything will feel better within the next week.

    1. I have a huge pain tolerance also & was expecting huge pain after research etc. Nothing could prepare me for it, it’s much worse then I anticipated and relying on other people who are so use to me bring superwoman is hard. I have been crying a lot, swallowing hurta so so much.

  95. I’m 17 years old and I got my tonsils removed yesterday. Last night was pretty bad because my parents decided not to wake me up at all to give me more oxycodone. Today is a lot better because I’m taking different pain meds every 90minutes(as laid out by my doctor). The only thing I’m worried about is how the scab feels. Whenever I swallow, it still feels like my giant tonsils are still there but I know it’s just the scarring happening. Is there any chance that if I swallow too hard I’ll rip the scab off or something? Because it really feels like I’m going to.

  96. I just had my tonsils and adenoids removed yesterday (December 21). I am a 16 year old boy that is 6’1 and 220 pounds. immediately after the surgery my throat was killing me because they hadn’t given me the pain medication through my IV yet, they did immediately after I said something and I felt better minutes later. I was told to drink a lot of water and to suck on ice and that made my throat feel a lot better. On the way home we stopped at 7-11 and I had a slurpee (not red flavored). This made me feel a ton better, that night I didn’t even feel the pain. I decided to go to bed at 11:00 P.M. And set my alarm to wake me up every 4 hours and I drank cold water and consumed my medications. I got very good sleep on the first night. I woke up the next morning and my throats was dry. (I recommend getting a humidifier and not leaving a fan or ceiling fan on as it will dry out your throat) The more I drink water and take meds the better I feel. I haven’t eaten anything other than a couple ice pops. The pain is about a 2/10. A little bit later today I’m going to try eating cold mash potatoes and cold mac & cheese in an attempt to fill my stomach. I haven’t experienced any bleeding thus far (knock on wood). If anyone has any recommendations on what to eat please don’t hesitate to reply.

    1. Hi Josh
      I had mine out on the 16th, so I’m a little ahead of you. I just posted my experience which you can read. But as far as food goes : my most pleasant surprise was peaches in light syrup (canned or jar). They are cold (refrigerate) and they texture slides right down.

    1. In my experience, no. I once had it for 6 weeks because I stopped taking my meds when I felt better. I never make that mistake anymore, I always finish the antibiotics.

  97. I had my tonsils out on Friday, Dec. 16th, so I’m now on Day 5. I’m 39, so I had no idea how recovery would go for me. Days 1-3 were pretty easy. Days 4-5 were not as good. I ran a fever all day on Day 4. My medicine, liquid hyrodcodone started making me sick on Day 4 so I had to cut back on the pain meds and stop them completely overnight. This morning I got something for the nausea, so I’m back to taking my meds, but trying to stick to a half dose now. The pain is about a 4 when I take the meds. I can feel things happening to my scabs and I have a horrible taste in my mouth.
    Overall, recovery hasn’t been too bad minus a few hours here and there. I know people have said that it gets worse, so I’ll see how it goes in the next few days. Some very good tips that I’ve gotten from this site: sleeping in a recliner, using a humidifier, and staying hydrated.

    1. I just had a tonsillectomy, septoplasty and sinus repair yesterday at 12:30pm (12/19/16). So far I’m coping well. I threw up quite a lot of blood after surgery and got no rest, but after getting home today am starting to feel a bit better. Any pointers for me or what to expect with the coming days? With my pain meds (liquid norco), my pain is quite tolerable. Curious how much more painful it will get in the few day ma ahead.

  98. Hi everyone! I really appreciate everything that I have read on this site about a tonsillectomy. I am a 21 year old female, and I am having my tonsillectomy the day after Christmas (so roughly a week from now). I’m extremely nervous as I hear it is extremely painful. Honestly I’m completely dreading the surgery. Is there any other tips that anyone would recommend for pre or post-surgery? Anyone who has any words of encouragement? Thanks again for everyone’s thoughts and tips!

    1. Hello, I am a 21 year old female and had my tonsils out yesterday. The staff were lovely and reassured me as I was worried and nothing was too much trouble. Being knocked out is amazing and I didn’t want to get up but within half an hour I was eating toast and sipping water through a straw. Honestly it wasn’t as painful the worse bit is it getting stuck but just keep having your water topped up as and other than talking and eating I’m in no pain at all. If you get motion sickness sit in the front of the car and just take it slowly moving around. I woke up this morning and it was very tender but I’d managed 7 hours sleep and after having to painkillers prescribed, again it’s not as painful as I first thought! My advise is don’t look inside your mouth. Toast with fried egg has been the easiest to eat so far and iced water has been a life saver! Take very small sips as you can choke though. Eat as much rough food as you can to break down the scaring. Get easy slip paracetamol in plastic coatings as they are easy to swallow. Overall I just feel mainly tired and my tongues numb but the nurses assured me that was normal. I’d also advise someone just be around the house afterwards as I’m a worrier so having my parents around puts my mind at rest. Anymore questions feel free to drop me a message, you probably won’t believe me (as I didn’t) but it really wasn’t as bad as I thought and I now have lots of new friends from the ward and left smiling!

      1. I had mine done yesterday, along with septum and sinus repair. I heard the first few days are easiest.l, and that for many, the pain is worst days 7-10. Let’s keep connected to how this goes for us. I’m 36 and female. So far I’ve fared well.

        1. If you have any nausea, make sure to get some meds. I got some Zofran. They have made a world of difference in my ability to eat and function. I was able to eat mashed potatoes tonight with no problems.

    2. The surgery goes very smoothly, I had mine done Friday and when I woke up, I didn’t even know my tonsils had already been taken out lol. Honestly, the recovery is pretty rough. Pain medicine every 3-4 hours 24/7 is the key, you really don’t want to miss taking meds as you’ll regret it. Pain is very manageable with medicine, never rises above 7/10. The worst part is always being hungry and not being able to eat normal food, but its well worth it as long as I dont keep getting strep. Good luck and I’d recommend trying not to think about it much until the day of surgery, unnecessary stress.

    3. Hey, also a 21 yo female, on day 4 of recovery! The surgery itself is smooth and painless, and can go very quickly if you have a good surgeon! Anxiety for the surgery is normal but the surgery itself is the easy part. As you’ve probably read, days 1-3 are pretty tolerable. Definitely sleep with a humidifier and don’t expect to sleep in a normal pattern the first few nights. Passing the time has been a challenge, hopefully you’ve got some good shows going on Netflix or some family to keep you company! Don’t miss a pain med dose, even by half an hour.

    4. Hi! I’m a 19 year old female and I just had my tonsils taken out on the 19th. Luckily I got to stay overnight bc I also had sinus surgery and my deviated septum was fixed so having medicine through the IV helps. Honestly the first couple of days were not bad and I was trying to go more than the 4 hours for taking my medicines because I heard days 5-7 are awful (which will be Christmas time /:) honestly sleeping is the hardest part because your throat gets so dry. I found that hot chocolate (at a warm temperature not too hot) helps a lot and ALWAYS DRINK WATER ALL THE TIME.

    5. Hey chandler, don’t be too nervous, if you prepare adequately, you’ll be able to manage the pain! I got mine out on dec 15, I’m a 24 yr old female, and although it’s not a walk in the park, here are some things that have definitely helped:
      1. Get a humidifier-this will soften your throats while you sleep and make it easier to swallow pills in the middle of the night, otherwise you won’t want to take them. (also, sleep in a small room so it the humidifier will actually help, too big of a room will defeat the purpose unless you’re inches away from it)
      2. Get two sets of ice packs-while you have one on each side of your threat, another set is in the freezer to rotate so you. Never have to be without it. Make this your new best friend.
      3. Sleep reclined-I’ve found it doesn’t dry out my mouth as much if my head is tilted up a bit, not sure why. But it also doesn’t strain your neck if there’s proper support. Don’t lay flat-you’ll fine you slightly choke yourself with saliva which you won’t be able to spit out accurately cause your tongue and throat will be sore
      4. Jello, crushed popsicles, smashed pirates booty popcorn eaten with a spoon, soaked graham crackers in skim milk (other milk is too thick I’ve found), pedialyte to make sure you keep in electrolytes (Gatorade was too sugary and acidic for me)
      5. If you have someone to help you be accountable for meds every 4-6 hours, do it. Also set an alarm on your phone too. Temporary annoyance for waking up every 4 hours is worth not having pain!!
      6. Days 1-2 are simple, little pain, surgery is fine, you slee fine and can talk lots. 3-5 start a bit of pain, swallowing will become difficult and scabs will start to form, STAY HYDRATED, I know it hurt but keep drinking girl!! Days 6-8 I’m in the middle of, they’re not fun. My tongue is swollen that I can’t talk or swallow without pain, scabs have started to get a dark red color or bleed. I am expecting this to happen til day 10 and then for the scabs to begin to fall off and to lighten up pain a bit.
      *i was scared for it too, as I went to the hospital the minute I finished my last final at university, and the hosp experience wasn’t bad at all, as I had a great support group. Make sure you have that and get used to the fact that movies and books are now your constant companion for the next 2 weeks. It’s not overly fun sweetheart, but I’m sure you’ll do great! It’ll be worth it!! I also had lots of people praying for me which I feel has helped me with the strength necessary to get through this, you’ll be in my prayers!! Good luck!!!

      1. Janelle,
        Thank you so much for all of your advice, tips, and prayers! I am on day 5 of recovery now. The whole process has gone pretty smoothly, and your advice, along with others, has been extremely helpful and comforting. I have been faithfully taking pain meds as recommended, and that has been my saving grace. I have been taking it easy, relaxing, and have been making sure to stay hydrated! As I have read the next couple of days are suppose to be the hardest, so I am just going to keep doing what I have been doing and hopefully they will pass by quickly. I would have to say that my favorite things to eat throughout this process have been ice cream, popsicles, mashed potatoes (followed by lots of water), overly cooked pasta, and I have had some mashed green beans. I haven’y personally had any problems other pain, and my next appointment in Tuesday so we will see what the doctor says then. I hope you are almost done with your recovery process, and that it has gone smoothly! Thanks to everyone again, and good luck to anyone having a tonsillectomy in the future!!

    6. Hey chandler, don’t be too nervous, if you prepare adequately, you’ll be able to manage the pain! I got mine out on dec 15, I’m a 24 yr old female, and although it’s not a walk in the park, here are some things that have definitely helped:
      1. Get a humidifier-this will soften your throats while you sleep and make it easier to swallow pills in the middle of the night, otherwise you won’t want to take them. (also, sleep in a small room so it the humidifier will actually help, too big of a room will defeat the purpose unless you’re inches away from it)
      2. Get two sets of ice packs-while you have one on each side of your threat, another set is in the freezer to rotate so you. Never have to be without it. Make this your new best friend.
      3. Sleep reclined-I’ve found it doesn’t dry out my mouth as much if my head is tilted up a bit, not sure why. But it also doesn’t strain your neck if there’s proper support. Don’t lay flat-you’ll fine you slightly choke yourself with saliva which you won’t be able to spit out accurately cause your tongue and throat will be sore
      4. Jello, crushed popsicles, smashed pirates booty popcorn eaten with a spoon, soaked graham crackers in skim milk (other milk is too thick I’ve found), pedialyte to make sure you keep in electrolytes (Gatorade was too sugary and acidic for me)
      5. If you have someone to help you be accountable for meds every 4-6 hours, do it. Also set an alarm on your phone too. Temporary annoyance for waking up every 4 hours is worth not having pain!!
      6. Days 1-2 are simple, little pain, surgery is fine, you slee fine and can talk lots. 3-5 start a bit of pain, swallowing will become difficult and scabs will start to form, STAY HYDRATED, I know it hurt but keep drinking girl!! Days 6-8 I’m in the middle of, they’re not fun. My tongue is swollen that I can’t talk or swallow without pain, scabs have started to get a dark red color or bleed. I am expecting this to happen til day 10 and then for the scabs to begin to fall off and to lighten up pain a bit.
      *i was scared for it too, as I went to the hospital the minute I finished my last final at university, and the hosp experience wasn’t bad at all, as I had a great support group. Make sure you have that and get used to the fact that movies and books are now your constant companion for the next 2 weeks. It’s not overly fun sweetheart, but I’m sure you’ll do great! It’ll be worth it!! I also had lots of people praying for me which I feel has helped me with the strength necessary to get through this, you’ll be in my prayers!! Good luck!!!

  99. Hey guys. I just had mine out this last Monday (December 12) and I have to say I’m miserable. Food of any kind is not appealing and drinking hurts. I’ve tried Popsicles but honestly everything tastes nasty. They gave me oxycodone and children’s Tylenol and I haven’t noticed a difference in pain when I take these. Am I doing something wrong? Please help, I need some kind of relief

    1. The first few days are the hardest. Are you taking your meds on schedule? If it becomes too unbearable you can call your doctor and have him prescribe you a different medication. Not all meds work the same. Having had mine out 2 months ago, the only think I can say is its gets better I promise.

      1. As on schedule as i can. I have noticed that the oxycodone doesn’t do much other than making me sleepy. I feel no difference in pain management. I may have to call the dr and find out why my ears hurt so badly

    2. I had my tonsils removed on Monday. I am 42 yo and have been plagued all my life with throat infections.

      I am on day 5 and it is the worst day so far. Yesterday I switched back to Oxy. Today my tongue is thick and sore and I spit up some dark blood and I can barely talk. I can’t believe I was boasting on day 2-3 about how much easier it was then I had expected ….

      Waterbottle tip: Nathan 10oz runners bottle is fantastic!

      The bottle is small so you can take it anywhere (yes, I drink even while I am on the pot!). The bottle has a little pull out tip for easy drinking. And because the bottle it plastic, you can squirt the water in your mouth so you don’t have to do the painful sucking motion. I even drip a few droplets in my mouth while in bed at night to moisten my mouth, without choking on a big gulp.

      Highly recommended! You can buy Nathan bottles on Amazon or in any running specialty store.

    3. omg me too! last monday and the same medicine! i feel like it blurs the pain but doesn’t take it away. i’ve been able to eat pancakes and hashbrowns but it hurts so bad when i do. i was eating popsicles but they were really nasty, and i’ve been having a ton of apple juice even though it’s also nasty. i don’t have any tips but we’re in the exact same position.

      1. KateLynn, how are things going for you? I am slowly recovering. Days 6-8 were the worst. I went outside for the first time day 9. Eating still hurts but at least I can talk a bit without pain. I have started to taper off my oxycodone today. Hopefully clear by day 11.

    4. I was also given oxycodone and it’s not really helping me either, my doctor said to rotate taking Tylenol and ibuprofen every 90 minutes and that’s really been helping me.

    5. Hi, I had mine removed, Dec 14. I agree with you, drinking and eating is very painful. The first few days, I don’t drink directly from the rim of the glass. I used a teaspoon or tablespoon for drinking any form of cold liquid. Do it slowly. Sweet ice cream or yoghurt is painful as well. I took fresh milk instead. As the day progresses, I learned to take soft boiled egg. Then, room temperature creamy soup. I hope you feel better now that you are on your second week. I promised myself, I will eat a lot after this. Get well guys, and always follow the doctor’s instruction and advise.

  100. I had my tonsils out a couple of weeks before my 23rd birthday (early July 2016) and although the recovery period was horrible, I’ve never once wished I hadn’t had it done. Just a word of warning and some advice for people having a tonsillectomy in the future or going through recovery now; you WILL be lulled into a false sense of security. I woke up from the operation with no pain in my throat at all, it felt a little weird but it didn’t hurt. Neither did day 2, in fact I managed to go out for lunch, and eat normal food. Then day 3 hit, that’s when the real fun starts. Days 3 and 4 were uncomfortable, painful and miserable, but tolerable. Day 5 however, I woke up in the morning with a horrendous stinging feel in my throat, grabbed my trusty water bottle, and had a drink. As soon as the water hot my throat, the stinging intensified, the pain started radiating up from my throat through to my ears and deep inside. This lasted about 10 minutes, having to drink continuously through the pain, and eventually it subsided, but it came back throughout the day, especially if I were to fall asleep or not drink for a while.This lasted from days 5-9, and I found myself not being able to eat proper food, which they recommend as it promotes healing. Couldn’t go near anything acidic either, although that’s a given. I also ended up back in a&e as the surgical sites were bleeding, however by the time I was seen the bleeding had stopped and a big clot was forming, By day 10/11 things started to ease up a bit, still woke up in an incredible amount of pain but it didn’t last as long. I started forcing myself to eat more ‘normal’ foods, things that would scratch away the scabs. The rest of recovery was plain sailing, just a constant sore throat but nothing compared to tonsillitis. It wasn’t until about 2 months later that I finally had no pain whatsoever in my throat, even when yawning. Best piece of advice I could give anyone, is DO NOT skip out on any pain medication. Even if you feel like you don’t need it or you’d rather sleep, take your medication. Set an alarm for during the night to take your painkillers, it will make the onset of pain on day 3 that much easier. Also try and stagger them; I was given co-codamol and ibuprofen, so I would take 2 co-codamol (500mg) and then 2 hours later take 1 ibuprofen (400mg), to try and cover every hour, because you’ll be counting down the hours before you can take more tablets. Honestly the best thing I’ve ever done, my recovery period ended 5 months ago and I haven’t had anything other than a sore throat because of a cold, which quickly went, which for me is a bloody miracle – the recovery is definitely worth it.

  101. I am a 22 year old female, after having multiple bouts of tonsillitis I have opted to have my tonsils removed this Thursday! Reading this blog has been very helpful so far and I have already gone to the shops and bought a humidifier & lots of ice blocks. I will be commenting later to let everyone know my personal experience & to give more insight and tips.

  102. Oh and also, is it normal to not be able to breath out through your nose? I can breath in fine, but out it just shuts off. I’m praying this will sort itself out?

    1. I think it’s normal because I am going through the same thing. And I was terrified at first especially because of all the freaking post-nasal drip I suffer from! If I understand correctly, the uvula is so engorged it just blocks the passageway when you exhale a deep strong breath. I had mine removed on the 8th, so you are a little ahead of me…. If you are having more success with exhaling through your nose, please let me know! Or anyone else for that matter because I am quite curious (and semi worried). My doctor really didn’t sugar coat anything before the surgery, she really set me up to expect the worse, which was a good thing! It definitely has been by no means easy, (more so only at times) but I really did think it was going to be worse. None the less, totally worth it!! I couldn’t sit in front of the mirror picking out tonsil stones for 20-30 minutes a night ANY LONGER! HALLELUJAH!!

      1. Hey, yeah I’m 2 days ahead of you (6th) and ive gotta say that unfortunately the pain is not easing up! 😭 but on a plus side, I can breath 90% normally through my nose now. It’s still a bit off when I’m lying down at night, or if I try to blow my nose it’s just not quite right, but compared to how it was its llllloads better! When I woke after surgery, the first thing I said was that I couldn’t breath out through my nose! Scared me to death! They didn’t explain any of that to me, they just made me stick a decongestant spray up my nose! (Which obviously did nothing) so I’m guessing not a lot of people bring that to their attention that early on.

        1. Omg I know!! I was panicking so much because of that, that they injected me with something to calm down! I’m like why didn’t anybody think it was important to forewarn me about this?!

      2. Same here, I’m day five and the pain is the worst so far. I can breathe in but it doesn’t seem to work when I breathe out, I sound like a bulldog!

  103. Hello, I’m a 34 year old female. I had my tonsils out 2 days ago. I read all the forums etc before having it done, and safe to say I was/am pooping my pants! I got tonsil stones, and have done for years, so as much as I knew this was going to hurt, I chose it over having to live with these horrible disgusting lumps in my throat. So far it’s bearable. I’ve had 2 children with no pain relief, but I’m really not looking forward to this recovery. That being said, I’m determined I’m gonna do this! I’m taking liquid paracetamol and ibuprofen every 4 hours for now. I’ve been given some codeine too, but I’m saving that until it gets bad 😣 so far though the mornings are the worst, and in the night when your mouth is dryer than ghandis flip flop! But I find a nice warm cup of tea first thing and some medicine eases things. I’ve been eating 3 meals a day (small and soft meals) and drinking sips of water throughout. I’ve been gargling with half water and chorsydoyl. The doctor told me to eat normally, as that’s what will clean and clear the throat, so that’s what I’ve been doing. I’m praying it’s going to stay bearable

    1. Hi, I had mine out 3 weeks ago today now and all good. Day 6-9 was probably my worst. It’s definitely the mornings that hurt the most. I was getting up and taking my meds as soon as I could. Paramol was the strongest over the counter meds I could get (UK) but does contain codiene which makes you constipated so clever idea to hold off these until you really need them. I have my check up tomorrow and all the scabs (white/yellow gunk) have gone. Feeling fine now to be honest but there were a few days where I struggled. Being a mum I think youre going to be fine. The first 2 days you are still a little bit numb, I was munching on toast and telling everyone how easy it was but it changes when your throat starts trying to heal. When it gets bad just remember it’s temporary and try and get as much sleep as you can. I also had the weird nose breathing thing when I lied down so slept propped up for the first week. Ideally you dont want to sleep with your mouth open if you can help it due to the throat drying up. The blocked nose thing dissapeared around day 10 and its all fine now. I had a humidifier in my bedroom on full blast in my face most nights, hard to know what difference it made though. Fave discovery was knorr chicken soup with noodles. The ones that come in a sachet and you just add water. My taste buds aren’t back to normal yet but I’m not panicking about it as I’ve read it can take a little while to return to normal. I must say that it’s crazy to see all the space back there is in my throat now the tonsils are gone. Who knew?!? Good luck! 😊

      1. Well last night wasn’t good. I stupidly thought I’d be OK on just paracetamol (because you have to eat with the ibuprofen) but boy was i wrong. I won’t be making that mistake again. I’m starting to get annoyed already that I’m not better yet! Lol. I knew it would take at least 2 weeks, but I’ve had enough of this already. I’ve only looked at my throat once (because it grosses me out) but when I did I actually thought the same thing! Wow there’s so much room! I didn’t think tonsils were that big! The soup sachets sound a great idea! I’ll get my mum onto that ☺

        1. Hi,

          I didn’t use any mouthwash. I did have death breath for the first 6 days but just gargled with room temp water. I was on the max meds from day 1 to about day 9 and then just used ibuprofen for a few days after that. I tired the nurofen that melts in your mouth and solpadiene that you dissolve in water but they hurt to swallow sometimes (really hurt in the morning) and tasted rancid and I ended up just getting tablets and grinding them with a few drops of cola on a spoon. I took me a while to get the right timing of my meds and there was sometimes when they just didn’t mask the pain and I would try and just sleep through until I could have my next round. I did..

          Co-codamol as soon as I woke up 4am – 6am – worst point in the day!!
          wait till they kick in then try and eat something
          back to bed for a bit
          ibuprofen around 8
          co codamol around 12
          ibuprofen and cocodamol at 6pm – best part of the day and you can usually eat something/anything
          ibuprofen and cocodamol at 10pm – happy bed times

          obviously go by your own prescription advice if different


  104. Hi guys! Month-long lurker, first time poster 🙂
    It’s so weird but I’ve never felt compelled to participate in any sort of blog until having this procedure done. I read lots of other sites before my procedure, just to get me prepared for the worst but hoping for the best. This is definitely the most positive forum, so I really appreciate being able to share my experience so far!

    I’m 28 – had my T&A done on the 2nd of December, so I guess that makes me 6 days post-op. I really feel for ya’ll that had rough patches the first couple of days. I had minimal trouble – yes, the anesthesia did make me barf the day of surgery (which weirdly enough wasn’t painful – just all liquid), and yes, waking up was the absolute WORST. I think I was setting an alarm every 45 minutes to keep my throat moist the first couple of nights, which did definitely help; however, you get way less than the required amount of sleep. I think it’s worth the temporary annoyance, though.

    My doc sent me home with some papers on what to expect over the next couple of days, most of which I either felt very minimally, or not at all. I have been waking up every morning though absolutely DRENCHED. I guess I’m running a fever each night when I sleep, and it breaks in the middle of one of my sleep sessions. Has anyone else been feverish every night? I don’t have a temp reader (don’t hit me over the head with a rock), but I feel very fine during the day so I really am doubting it’s a temp to be concerned about. Thoughts?

    Day 5 was ironically the best day for me – I managed to have a soup-soaked grilled cheese, which was an absolute delight. Ran a couple errands with my mom (my caretaker for the day), and was able to talk relatively normally.

    And then Day 6 happened 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    And I am in hell 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I opened my mouth as far as I could, and I could see itty bitty red rings around my scabs which is fresh, baby sensitive skin. Excited to know they’re finally getting ready to slough off, but not too thrilled so far with how everything feels today. I guess this is what I get for having a really issue-free first 5 days.

    Children’s Tylenol is DELICIOUS (grape, duh) – if you prefer the liquid, the pharmacist told me that the average adult dosage is about one tablespoon. Really does help take the edge off (for me, anyway). I was prescribed anti-nausea meds and liquid oxycodone. Boyyy lemme tell ya – that stuff will be for absolute emergencies only. So unbelievably drowsy that I could barely keep my eyes open, which is honestly frightening. Lights were on, no one was home. Breathing slowed down IMMENSELY – the little I was able to sleep, I was jarred awake by the feeling that I wasn’t breathing (probably wasn’t for a few seconds). I think in my drug-induced panic I Googled “DYING FROM SLEEP APNEA AFTER TONSILLECTOMY” or something like that. No, girl. Just super scary, totally not okay, side effects. Bottom line: if you take them, be careful. If you don’t need to, Children’s Tylenol will help (and won’t make you Google stupid things out of fear).

    Anyway, I’m happy to hear from ya’ll on this journey. I have a feeling the sloughing off part is not pleasant, but I really don’t have anything to complain about overall. It is totally temporary 🙂

  105. Hello all, I had my tonsils removed on the 1st of this month, the first few days have been utter crap! Aching body! I fainted yesterday night was dehydrated! To those’s who are getting the tonsils removed be prepared for pain its not an easy ride! I’m on day 6 and still in pain!

    Good luck to all

  106. I’m a 17 y/o female and had my tonsils removed this past Monday the 28th. A little backstory- I had a crazy tonsil infection that was totally resistant to antibiotics. In about 3 months, I’d gotten the infection 9 or 10 times back-to-back, and I was constantly on antibiotics. I was feeling like total crap because of all this and the tonsillectomy was my only hope! Anyways, I will tell you that the week afterwards is not going to be fun. I’m on day 4, and honestly, the pain really hasn’t let up much. However, I have noticed some things that really help you to feel better and I’d like to share because this is such a painful thing to go through!!

    Tip #1- DRINK WATER. Or any fluid like gatorade, crystal light, etc. I stuck with water most of the time and drank some crystal light when I got bored of that. It’s going to hurt to drink, but the water will help keep your scabs moist and give them a good environment to heal faster. When they get dry, the pain is even worse, and there is a greater risk of bleeding. Also, drinking water will help you feel better overall. You won’t be able to eat much (all I’ve really eaten since surgery is a bowl of soup today), so the least you can do is keep hydrated- you won’t feel as drained.

    Tip #2- Take your pain medicine! Try as hard as you can to be consistent in taking your medicine. Most likely you will receive liquid oxycodone from your doctor which you take 2 tsp of every 4 hours. Even when you sleep, try to set an alarm on your phone every 4 hours to take the medicine. This will really help to manage the pain. Also, every 4 hours I took tylenol (I would alternate every 2 hours oxycodone and tylenol). This will help to ease the swelling in your throat and take a little more of the pain off. Don’t, however, take ibuprofen because it can increase your bleeding risk.

    Tip #3- Be prepared for the anesthesia to wear off. On day 1 or 2 after the surgery, your anesthesia will start to wear off and it SUCKS. I had very bad body aches, was extremely nauseous and actually threw up twice that day (throwing up on an empty stomach with healing scabs in your throat isn’t pleasant). Some people have worse reactions than others, but if you can, try not to take too much pain medication while at the hospital. I had 4 doses of morphine and a vicodin before I left the hospital, which is probably why I had such a bad reaction when it wore off.

    Tip #4- This goes along with the last tip, which is if you know you don’t react well to anesthesia, try to ask for a nausea medication before you go home. Most likely they’ll give you zofran, which you just let dissolve on your tongue and you’ll feel 100% better. Like I said, throwing up while your throat is healing is SO painful.

    Tip #5- Get a humidifier! When you’re sleeping, obviously, you can’t drink anything, so it hurts more in the morning because your throat is drier. Having a humidifier will help to keep your throat moist whenever you’re not drinking anything, and this will help the pain and also help you heal faster.

    Tip #6- Have an ice pack handy when you get home. It actually feels great to have an ice pack on your neck while you eat your ice cream or a popsicle. This will also help with body aches the day after if you get any.

    Tip #7- Best foods to eat! Honestly, you won’t want to eat at all for the first few days. If you’re able, though, try to at least choke down something. You’ll feel much better with something in your stomach. Stick with chicken or beef broth, ice cream, applesauce, yogurt, popsicles, smoothies or milkshakes for the first few days- your mouth will probably be very sore and it’ll be difficult to open it wide or to chew (try to chew gum or open and close your mouth to exercise your muscles, then it will be easier to eat). Once you feel well enough to eat real food, still stick with soft things, but you can have something that will fill you up a little bit more. I’m eating a lot of soup (soups with vegetables, noodles or meat are good), just make sure it’s not too hot but warm foods or very cold foods will feel best. Good luck!!

  107. I am 15 years old and I’m on day 9 of recovering from getting my tonsils removed. I have had strep throat countless amounts of times. So I decided to get my tonsils removed so I wouldn’t always have so much pain. I mean 1 week of pain and never having strep throat ever again sounded really nice. So I am going to be telling you my day to day experience and tips on what i’ve felt and what’s been getting me through this time.
    DAY 1 – Today was the day I was getting my tonsils out. It was my very first surgery so I was very scared. But it was SO easy! I didn’t feel any pain and it was not scary at all. Don’t be scared to have the procedure don’t AT ALL. When I woke up my uvula was very swollen and it didn’t hurt it was just very uncomfortable. When I got home from the hospital I was asleep most of the day but when I was awake I would eat a lot of ice cream and drink lots of water.
    DAY 2 – Today was very easy. I watched tv and was asleep a lot. My uvula was still very swollen but I got used to it. I didn’t like to eat noodles because it hurt a little and it felt like they were going to get stuck in my throat because of mu uvula. I slept a lot this day and was still very tired from the day before. I chewed little pieces of ice which felt really good.
    DAY 3, 4 & 5 – I had very minimal pain these days. I just watched tv because when I walked I felt a little nauseous from the surgery and my meds. I ate lots of ice cream and ate a lot of soup. I also drank a lot of cold water. I took a nap for a few hours each day. My uvula went down a lot with the swelling to where it’s almost normal. Overall not too bad.
    DAY 6 – I was in a little pain in the morning but after I took my meds I was much better. I even went to the beach. I just sat on the sand for a few hours and drank hot chocolate. I REALLY suggest going outside because I felt totally fine. Especially just being in the sun breathing in fresh air. I even played some ping pong with my friends at the mall lol. I also ate some mac n cheese for dinner and a few french fries. It was a good day. And I didn’t take a nap.
    DAY 7 – Normally I wake up every 4 hours at night so I can take my medicine but I thought I just wanted to sleep through the night so I didn’t set an alarm to wake up. I woke up are 6 in the morning absolutely crying I was in so much pain. It was really hard to swallow ANYTHING including my pain meds. I only ate italian ice which felt really good. I barely ate anything and didn’t drink anything.
    DAY 8 – Same pain as yesterday but a little worse. It hurts the most in the morning but once you take your medication it doesn’t hurt as bad. It feels like your throat is burning. This is because the scabs are starting to fall off.
    DAY 9 – I woke up crying for the third day in a row. I also noticed that the right side of my throat was a dark red color and the left side was white/green. So I went to the doctors for my check up and he sad everything that i’m experiencing is totally normal. I ate more italian ice which is very soothing. I also tried to drink more water because I felt dehydrated.
    It has definitely been painful at times but overall, I think it is going to be worth it. Here’s some tips:
    Get a humidifier
    Italian ice
    Wake up at night to take medicine at night
    Chew little pieces of ice
    Put ice in a bag and just set it on
    Go outside
    Drink lots of cold water
    Eat soup with little noodles

    Good luck 😉

    1. Same here. Feel like I’m never going to get better, my tongue hurts, my mouth feels distorted, I’m miserable and can’t drink water

      1. this had happened do me too, i couldn’t drink any water for a few days. Just try to drink really cold water with lots of ice because it starts to feel good.

  108. I have never cried like this before the pain is not sharpe it’s lingering I’d rather it happened all at once. I can’t seem to find the cure or relief. It doesn’t just hurt, it hurts a lot.

    1. Craig I’m not sure what day you’re on, I’m going on 12 I believe. It gets better I promise! Keep up on fluids. I drink lukewarm water, cold and hot are dreadfully painful. Jello is amazing. Your recliner is your best friend, sleep sitting slightly reclined. Use a humidifier. Keep an ice pack on your throat at all times especially in the beginning! Do not stop fluid intake. My urine (sorry if it’s tmi) has been clear my entire recovery and I have still felt like I’ve been in a living hell. I had a few really rough days and shed many tears and I swear I am NOT a baby when it comes to pain. You WILL get through this. Hang in there! Thank God for this site!!! Read through others comments when you feel you just can’t get a break. It helps.

  109. Hello, I am 34yr and both my son and I are scheduled to have a tonsillectomy early next month on the same day. He is 11 and the doctor advised his would be no where near as bad as mine. I am getting mine taken out due to continuously getting tonsillitis and originally that was the reason I had my son checked to have his removed. As we seemed to just constantly pass it back and forth. He however also has very enlarged tonsils causing sleep apnea as well. I am very thankful to be able to read through all of your stories here and be as prepared as I can. I will follow up more once we have had out surgery.

  110. Hey guys, so I’m on day 5 post op now, I am 23, with 3 very young children, this was the first operation I ever had, I was meant to have my tonsils removed as a child because I had so many bad bouts of tonsillitis, but it never happened. So a few months ago I had a seriously bad case, wich made me very poorly and I was hospitalised with it, this is when they decided they would actually go ahead with removing them, I attended my pre op and then awaited my operation date, I was placed on the cancellation list, so I had 4 days notice for my op, all the Drs etc kept telling me was ‘it will just be like a bad case of tonsillitis, think of it as your last ever tonsillitis’ so I thought great I can do this, tonsillitis without the flu symptoms that come with it – easy peesy!.. 2 nights before my op I started searching all over google looking at forums of tonsillectomy recovery, I was scared so much of been operated on I was a nervous wreck, and iv got to say I didn’t read one good thing about it, I thought I’d had 3 children, surely I can do this!! My mum kept telling me I’d be fine, nothing to worry about, I attended the hospital at 7.30am and I was called in at 10.30am to get the hospital gown on etc, my partner wasn’t allowed to come through with me so I was alone at this point, I was petrified, they come and checked details etc etc, then I was wheeled into theatre, I laid there and it was everything I imagined and more about 20 people in the room, I burst out crying practically having a panic attack and they all looked at me like I was from a different planet pmsl! They put me to sleep and I woke up without my tonsils, I was very sore and I was struggling massively waking up, I just kept falling back to sleep pmsl! Anyways I was discharged the same day, very sleepy and in pain.. I didn’t know what the next few days would be like, all I can say is I am soooo glad I prepared myself by reading the forums online, I genuinely did not think it would be as bad as what it is, I would rather give birth to triplets all at once than go through this again, I really really don’t want to scare anybody, but please consider this operation carefully! 5 days post op my tounge is still completely numb from been clamped, and I don’t even think I can explain the pain, I can’t eat properly, I can’t drink, Iv spent the past 5 days not knowing what day it is because I’m that high on drugs! I honestly couldn’t of got through this without my partner, he has done everything for me and the children, I cannot wait until the pain has gone and I can eat a takeaway! Iv lost half a stone, I just seem to sleep a lot! I have met 2 lovely ladies through this process, one had the op 2 days before mine and one had the op 3 days after mine and they have both said exactly the same as me, the only thing Iv found that slightly helps is warm drinks, I would recommend staying away from cold! All I keep telling myself is it will be worth it, but right now it doesn’t feel like it what so ever, people keep telling me to man up, ‘you’ve only had your tonsils taken out’ believe me it feels a lot more than that!! As I say, I really don’t want to scare anyone, but I feel I need to be truthful about this because people need to be prepared for 2 weeks worth of pain, I have spent the past 3 nights crying, it seems the pain is worse on a night! A huge good luck to anybody who will be having this operation in the future! X

    1. Kimberley I’ve had two C-section and I can honestly say It’s far better then tonsillectomy. 10 days was a long time for me. Felt like I was getting worse towards the end the day then suddenly there was a light in the tunnel by day 11. It certainly got less painful. I recommend taking vitamins for fast recovery as well.

    2. Hi Kim, hang in there! It gets better and it will all of been worth it in the end. I had my tonsils out October 13, 2016, and it was the best thing I ever did in my life. You will slowly start to feel better as the days go by. My 2 top tips for you is drink constantly, this will keep the back of your throat wet and the scabs will be less painful. Also have a humidifier by your bed for when you sleep. this will help for when you cannot drink. And keep on your meds schedule…very important!! Good luck!

      P.S: the pain will last a maximum of 2 weeks. However the healing takes 2-3 months, so don’t panic if things are not all back into place after 2 weeks.

  111. I’m 39/female and had my tonsils removed because of reoccurring tonsilities 12x in one year. I recovered by day 10 but during the time period it was extremely excruciating for me to tolerate the agony of swallowing plus the ear pain along with it. Felt like at the same time razor cutting my throat and my right ear. The oxycodone only helped to put me to sleep and hoping I would avoid to swallow. Regardless I kept drinking water to stay as hydrated as possible. The pain was severe that I had to go to ER to numb my throat as I’ve been terrified to eat anything or even drink for that matter. The scabs have slough off a lot by day 14. If you plan to get tonsillectomy done be prepared for long hours of darkness. I did kept my mind busy by cleaning house even though the meds kept putting me to sleep I was able to avoid doing too much activity. I mostly ate oatmeal, applesauce, sorbet, breakfast carnation drink. I lost 8lbs from not being able to eat enough due to painful swallowing even with taking meds. Day 15 I can tolerate swallowing without meds but have slowly eating solid food into smaller bites. I hope this cures me from constantly getting sick every month. Good luck to everyone.

    Also I’m told to try to keep the scabs in for 10 days to avoid bleeding too early. It definitely hurts to yawn.

  112. Hi all, so glad that I have found this forum to share my experiences with you all. OK, so I am now on day 7 following my tonsillectomy. Day 1 and 2 were absolutely fine, I thought I was going to get very lucky, just felt tired which was probably the combination of the anaesthetic and painkillers. Anyway, things started to change around day 3, the pain was extreme and suddenly eating became a challenge. I was still able to drink water with only a small amount of pain. Day 4 and 5 things got really bad, I found that waking up was the worst bit, I would wake up with a terrible sore throat and really terrible earache, all I could manage to eat was a bit of jelly and drinking water was really difficult. I found that I had a couple of hours during the afternoon where the pain reduced slightly where I tried to take on a slice of toast. I was religiously taking co-codomal every 6 hours and found that the final hour before meds was unbearable. I’m on day 7 now and the pain has been really bad and showing no sign of letting up so I have switched to a stronger painkiller (tramadol) and am trying a new tactic with food, I’m forcing down hard toast and crackers in an attempt to scrape the scabs away and reduce the likelihood of infection, I will update you on how this goes as I have only switch tact today. Fingers crossed the wake up won’t be as bad as the last few days because it has been getting more and more unbearable.
    This whole experience has been far worse than I expected and was not mentally prepared for. I know long term it’s the right thing to do but I’m not sure I would have gone ahead with it if I’d known what I know now.

  113. @TashaG I am 37 yr old female, also on day 6 post op and experiencing some pain in throat & ears mostly when the acetaminophen wears off. Staying hydrated with water definitely helps, as opposed to juice. Also I’ve gone to certain baby foods to get some fruit & vegetable servings instead of pudding and jello. Putting soup and cooked potatoes through a blender/food processor helped too, but still the fruits & veg aggravate my throat the least. Protein shake could also help.
    This article is accurate to my experience. Days 1-3 were no big deal, then increase in pain. I just keep thinking to keep hydrating and resting till at least day 10. At day 10, I may or may not need to set a new recovery time goal. Wishing you and everyone else a manageable recovery.

  114. Today, 6 Nov 16, is post-op day 6. I am glad I used Google to find out if my persistent pain is normal. I finally had normal food today. (Mac-n-cheese) I over- cooked a little to add extra softness to the pasta. Swallowing my saliva is painful. Icannot do cold or ice because they actually hurt more, I am alternating the Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen every 2 hours per my doctor’s instructions. I have liquid oxycodon for breakthrough pain but it is triggering migraines so I’m having to suffer the pain. I have a couple of friends who have had a T&A and are shocked that I’m still in pain. I’m not sleeping, I’ve lost 7 pounds since surgery, my entire body hurts, my ears itch, I’m trying to stay positive but I wish death would swallow me up 😢

    1. How are you doing now? Your entry really shook me up. How long did you endure pain? I’m ten days post op, there appears to be no end in sight.

  115. Hi, I’m due to get my tonsils out in a few weeks time. I’m going to get a humidifier but wondering if warm or cold mist is the best way to go? Has anyone tried both? Did they notice a difference? Thanks, Nicola

  116. Hello all. had my operation 10 days ago.Female in late 30th. i find it extremely helpful, as a speedway to recovery if you take antibiotics. Just make sure this is agreed with the doctor. The wounds dont recover well and fast because of the bacteria living in the mouth and there is nothing you can do about it. so having the wounds clean with the antibiotics will make your body concentrate on fast healing rather than healing plus fighting the infection gathering there. And make sure you have enough protein in you diet. I found warmish (almost cold) tender omelette very useful.
    To be honest i only took painkillers once in a while, used ice to the neck when needed. Drinking is very important to keep the wounds and mouth moist especially at night. Dont ignore the dry mouth at night. Sip on water. And have the head elevated with the pillows.
    In the end my wounds are almost healed. I still have a bit difficulty talking loud and for long. But its getting better by day.
    I hope this is helpful.

  117. 38 male herw. I’m on day 16 and the worst is over I hope. I was one of the lucky ones that didn’t have too much pain, my pain was never more than a 3, Tylenol was the only meds I took and it was sufficient. I still have scabs that are slowly healing, but my uvula is still very swollen. Anyone know if this is normal?

  118. I’m on day 8 of you include the day of the surgery and I’m 23. My recovery has gone quite a bit like Sean’s they put me on demoral because I’m allergic to all the normal stuff. And while it does help the pain I’ve honestly had more luck with Tylenol. I had a few days where I literally couldn’t eat anything and wound up back in the hospital. I can’t understand why they don’t keep you longer when you can’t keep liquids down. This morning was still pretty rough but I’ve been getting better today. I had a minor bout of intense nausea at which point I decided to stop taking my meds and force myself to eat some bread which hurt but has really helped. Now I have the worst craving for a burrito and I’m afraid I’ll regret it if I give in.

  119. Greg, thank you for this resource!

    I’m 26, had my surgery 6 days ago.
    Funny, but many of my friends think that it’s something like popping a pimple (of course they didn’t do tonsilectomy %)). So knowing that it’s quite painful not only for me is really important. Also, I’ve known a lot about what to expect during my recovery.

    This site helps much, thank you for your work on it. It’s a big deal!

  120. Piper – have the surgery! Like you I had tonsil stones and they were ruining my life. I had the surgery aged 46 and the recovery was truly horrible BUT I have not looked back – I can socialise, be with my husband and go to work meetings without worrying. This will change your life! I didn’t have bleeding, but most people who do seem to stop it by gargling with iced water. If you can trade 2 weeks of misery for the rest of your life tonsil stone free, then seize the day and go for it!

  121. 26 year old male 5 days post surgery. Unfortunately I am a recovering addict and am not able to take pain meds due to relapse prevention. I do get Tylenol and Aleve but let’s be honest, that doesn’t do much. Iv never experienced this type of pain but what’s even worse is the nausea. I am constantly feeling super dizzy and light headed. Does anyone know what that could be from? And the phlem in the back of my throat makes me want to throw up all the time but I do everything I can to not puke cuz I only know that will make things worse. Any one else dealing with this? I also looked at my throat and about fainted due to the science project going on back there. SOS

  122. I am 55 and thinking about getting a tonsillectomy because of tonsil stones. I have missed so many important functions for fear of having to talk to someone. I really want to start the New Year feeling like a new person. I am most concerned about bleeding. At what point should I panic if that happens and how long should it take me by car or ambulance to get to a hospital. I am not close to a decent hospital.

  123. Hi Tiara- Sorry you’re having a rough time. I remember that swollen uvula very well. It’s awful. You can try gargling with cold water to relieve it. Icing the area is also helpful. The swelling usually goes on its own in a day or two. You could ask your doctor about an anti inflammatory. Some don’t recommend, some do.

    Hang in there. This is temporary!!

  124. Hello, I am a 15 y/I female and had my tonsils taken out yesterday (10/21/16). Pain started a few hours after tonisllectomy. It isn’t much of my throat that’s hurting, it’s my uvula. It hurts so horribly. Any tips on taking the swelling down. Oh , I also have the weird taste and stinky breath in my mouth. Help me, ANYONE.

  125. Thank you for all the information! I also had a tonsillectomy 2 weeks ago today, and I have to say the pain was excruciating. I’ve had my adenoids out previously, and have broken bones, but this was by far the worst pain I’ve ever felt. Luckily the pain has died down at this point but I am still having trouble swallowing. It’s as if when I swallow something, (liquid, soft foods) my throat can’t handle all I put in it. It immediately pushes a little bit back out as if I was choking even if I’m not. I have tried several things like chin tucks and holding my tongue down to see if it will help, but every time I eat or drink, I have to do a large amount to get about 2/3 rds of it down. I’m just curious if anyone else had experienced the same thing, and if so, any suggestions anyone might have.

  126. Hello! I am 33 year old female and I had a tonsillectomy procedure October 7, 2016. It was not bad at all! I was reading blogs and preparing for the worst pain ever! Maybe I’m lucky but I definitely thought it was going to put me on a long recovery. Might I add that I was stressing out because I have a 9 month old baby and I did have some help the first couple days since I was in pain meds. But I could still function and ha e no problem caring for her. So, whoever is going to get this procedure done, I guess it is up to the individual and how their pain threshold might be but mine was great!

  127. Hi! I had my tonsillectomy on 21st September. The recovery was really not as bad as I thought it was going to be! Quite lucky, but on the 3rd of October, I had a pretty bad bleed and had stay in hospital for 2 days. However, No pain whatsoever now. At about 6pm today (12/10) I had the feeling something was lodged in the back of my throat, no pain but uncomfortable 🙁 I didn’t eat anything at all at work. Just drank water and some juice, which made me question why I felt I had something in the back of my throat. It feels quite far down, kind of just stuck in the middle, as if I haven’t swallowed something properly. I do smoke which I know is really really bad and not good. Just wondering if this is normal after a tonsillectomy, or if I should be worried? Thanks 🙂

  128. Tonsillectomy on Friday last uncomfortable for first 3 days (after a violent episode of vomiting when I got home on Saturday) today is Day 4 and tears run down my cheeks trying to eat something today! Painkillers Antibiotics and anti inflammatory drugs are horrendous to take and I now need to suffer Bed again!! Does anything help? Alan

    1. Hi Alan- Sorry you’re having a rough time. I did too. Read through the tips on this site- We have a bunch. Sleep in a recliner, run a humidifier, STAY HYDRATED, stay on the pain meds schedule. Remember this is temporary. Things will get better!!!

  129. I m 8 years old I had my tonsils removed 7 days ago I’m in alot of pain I can’t drink because it hurts I’ve been crying past the 7days complaining my ears hurt I hope it’s better tomorrow

    1. Hi Logan- I’m really sorry you’re having a rough time. It’s really important to drink though. Can you try drinking warm water or Gatorade? Some people have luck with that. Popsicles are good too- or chicken broth? (Not too hot) Hang in there buddy- It’ll get better soon- ok?

  130. hi Erika – I feel so bad for you right now but you are more than half way through the worst bits. Try putting tiny ice chips in your mouth. Failing that – have you tried a hot water bottle against your face – in the later stages of recovery I found that helped relax everything and dull the pain. Also distract yourself by watching films etc.

  131. hi everyone!

    24 year old female from NY and I’m on day 7 of tonsillectomy & adenoidectomy. It has been a week of pure agony!!! The pain I am experiencing is absolutely excruciating! I don’t know how else to describe it, I haven’t been taking my pain medicine (Percocet) as much the past day because I’m running low and it’s giving me such bad stomach pains but any who, I was eating some creamed spinach and Mac & cheese when I think I dislodged a scab! now it was stinging and burning like crazy. All I do is cry from the pain, I know I’m supposed to drink lots of water to keep my throat moist but to be honest I just can’t do it! it’s too much, cold stuff kills so if anyone has any advice for me at this point it is greatly appreciated as I’m growing desperate and just want it to be over but feels like this will never end!

  132. Hi, I’m 16 and currently on day 8 of recovery (currently 3:30am) and I’m in excruciating pain. I haven’t slept more then an hour a night since day 1, and things seem to be getting worse. I also haven’t been able to get any food down in the past 3 days, which is making me feel even worse. Breathing stings and causes coughing which inturn creates more stinging, and the pain medication I’ve been given is no longer working as well as it did. I’m quite worried that this is escalating somewhere bad. Should I go to the ER?

  133. Grateful to find this site & comments. I am on Day 10 after tonsillectomy, aged 53, op 20 Sept 16. History of tonsillitis & ‘tonsil stones’. I was advised before leaving hospital that although initially you may not actually think you feel too bad after all, but to expect pain to worsen days 4-7 before improving. I’d say it has gone exactly as I was told, although pain in ears, bones of face, even teeth, was not anticipated to be so bad. I was advised to keep fully dosed on codeine, paracetamol & ibuprofen even when felt a bit better, to keep ahead of the pain & thus is good advice, I too have thought hey, I dont need it at the moment, then regretted later. Day 8 when I thought I might be out of the woods, early evening I was caught out by blood coming up into my mouth, thick & fast which scared me, I collected it in a tumbler & got down to A&E as was advised to do with any bleeding. It did stop, & I probably lost 1/4 of a cup. All was deemed ok by the nurse & so far it’s not happened again. I’ve now stopped any ibuprofen as I’ve now read this could be a cause. It has been tough, tougher than expected, like childbirth, you can’t tell anyone until they experience it themselves, but do as you’re told, take advice & stick it out, knowing that in 2 weeks you’ll be over the worst. I ate toast, crackers, early on & I too think this helps with the scabs, clearing away debris that can lead to infection. I’m hoping to be able to say it was worth it in a while before I’d advise anyone to ‘choose’ to have this done. It’s underestimated by anyone I’ll informed as an insignificant operation.

  134. Do I had my tonsillectomy on the 30 August and stayed in one night at the hospital. Since the 1 September I have been in so much pain it hurts to talk, eat and drink. In the uk we are only given paracetamol, ibuprofen and a mouth wash which is a pain relief. I also have this horrible taste in my mouth that just won’t go away and my husband has said my breath absolutely stinks – he is a charmer! The pain had not improved its just as bad as it was and I thought my pain threshold was ok. When I was in labour I was 6cms dilated on 2 paracetamol! I just see no end to this and have cried a few times. The swelling has started to go down so that’s one good thing.
    Also it’s a killer to yawn!

    1. Hi there, I had mine ok the same day you did in Australia, and it was not until day 8 that I started to feel a bit better and was able to eat something that resembled normal food. I still have to have Panadeine in the middle of the night, but hopefully that will stop soon.

      Like you I had (and still have but less so) the awful taste and breath. No one warned me about that! It makes me so self-conscious which is something I didn’t need on top of the excruciating pain.

      I am going back to work after Day 13, and I am seriously hoping the taste/breath issue is resolved by then. I am eating more and more but there are still some things that really sting.

      All I can say now is that I am totally exhausted from all the pain, and it has been the most excruciating and seemingly longest 2 weeks of my life. I am 39 (guy) and I don’t think I have ever cried from pain as an adult until this last week or so.

      Thanks to all the contributors to this blog – it was comforting to know I wasn’t the only one who had suffered like this.

      1. Hiya David

        I’m with you in the pain, I told my husband that the pain is worse than labour. I am on day 12 and still in pain, granted not as worse as it was and I can talk and eat better than I could. However it still hurts to yawn and I can’t blow my nose, the simple things that you don’t realise will cause you so much pain. I’m still having to take painkillers all day and still wake up in pain. The awful taste and breath has finally gone – thank god!
        I’m supposed to go back to work on Thursday but I am just going to see how I am.
        This has been hell but hopefully worth it!!

        1. helllooo

          im 15 and on day three of having my tonsils and adenoids removed. It hurts so bad. Waking up multiple times at night is horrible, the pain is almost unbearable. I constantly feel like i have to swallow because my uvula (dangly thing in the back of the throat) is so large and inflamed at the moment that it feels like food.

          The actual pain in my throat is bad but the pain i get in my face and neck combined with that is just hell, does anyone else experience that?

          This is what medication i take for the pain:

          I have ‘stop pain’ in the mornings and nights which has codeine and paracetamol in it, the liquid form tastes like rubbish but the tablet form got stuck in my throat which was not pleasant. So i think ill stick with the liquid. During the day i have 2 panadol every 6 hours but i never reach the six hours without being in immense pain which is why i have neurofen in between.

          Also lamingtons feel really good on my throat.

          Hope you feel better soon.

    2. Hi Tam I had mine out on the 19th September and I live in the U.K. This morning at 5am I have decided to google how I am feeling and was it normal and I am glad I did. I am the same as you, stinky breath can’t even swallow my own spit it so sore.
      I am currently day 6 after surgery and I am regretting having it done, I am teary, blubbing on the hour every hour, tired, frustrated, short tempered, hungry. I feeel like it’s never gonna end.
      I have lost the ability to blow my nose.
      Hope your feeling better x

  135. I had my tonsils removed at age 26 and it was a rough recovery. Over the years one of the tonsils grew back and now at age 45, a year of chronic sore throats and laryngitis my ENT said its time to take that booger out. Shaking my head, thinking this can not be happening. At age 26 I had 2 small kids and I was a stay at home mom and I remember how much weight I lost, it truly was a time I would rather forget. Now, I have a career and I know I will be out of work for at least a week and I’m really nervous about the recovery at age 45. I’m not as young as I use to be.

  136. I am a sixteen year old female. I am on day 2. i got my surgery august 23rd at 12:45 p.m. it is currently august 24th 11:10p.m. my pain has been alright. i take my meds around the clock. but the worst thing is i was so tense going into surgery that now my body hurts so bad. the things that help me is warm baths and it feels great having ice on my chest and throat. some say that ice cream and dairy products hurt because they cause mucus but honeslty the little mucus it has called covered the scabs and made it better. sherbert is definetly my go too. so far i have had 6 bowls of sherbert and one of ice cream. my family had really been helping. get lost of sleep and sit up because others you uvula is already swollen and if i lean forward enough it will come out of my mouth. keep these things with you: tissues (or toilet paper)- for spit, your meds, an ice packs, a cold drink (sip on the constantly), puke bags ( just in case), a laptop, a phone, chargers, a humidifyer, and finally something for trash. i have to say it sucks. the worst part was waking up after surgery. i feel the worst when i first wake up but the humidfyer will help. i want a froster from circle k but all the circle k’s that are close to me have shut down their machines. i missed my best friends birthday party too. but i believe that by the end it will be worth it. just take it easy even on the good days otherwise the next day you will regret it.

  137. I’m a 19 year old male evening of Day 9 post op, and I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised to be doing okay. I’m one of those people who tends to worry, and I also struggle with some mild anxiety, so listening to all these horrific adult tonsillectomy stories weeks before my surgery almost caused me to cancel. To anyone out there who may be reading about how bad the recovery can be, take it from me, if you have had bad cases of tonsillitis before, you can definitely weather this storm. Everybody’s different though, and I like to think I have a decent pain tolerance (haha yeah right). All in all, the experience hasn’t been nearly as bad as I’ve expected. Surgery Day and Days 1 and 2 following definitely play tricks on some people, which was the case for me. You don’t feel all that bad though, and for the most part, you’ll probably be able to eat and drink with little overall discomfort. Drink a ton throughout the entire process, and stay away from the dairy at first. You can ease into it in a few days, cause trust me, you really don’t want to mess with all that mucus just yet. Side note: if you muster up the courage to take a peek back there the first couple days, your uvula will probably look and feel enormous and will be a pain in the butt, this kind of freaked me out but it’s totally normal. Days 3, 4, and 5 were definitely the toughest for me, simply because it was much more difficult to eat without discomfort and even drinking became quite painful. Stick to the soft foods, cold is good for the soreness, soups and oatmeals are your friend because they go down easy. These are also typically the days where your scabs start to fall off I guess, but don’t panic if they don’t. I still have mine moving into Day 10 and for me they have simply started to thin rather than come off completely. Days 6, 7, and 8 were pretty much more or less the same, just a slightly different kind of complication each day. Not a whole lot of pain (in my throat at least, ear pain….well that’s another story) but not a whole lot of progress either. And thats the thing about this recovery that will play with your mind a bit. No day is completely like the other, there’s no real consistent pattern of healing or feeling better (at least for me anyways). Day 3 felt like Day 6. Day 7 was worse than Day 5. I say this as a warning: DON’T GET COCKY. You’re not out of the tunnel until you’re feeling completely painless, and you’ll know when that happens. Here’s a couple little tips that I found that helped me and I want to pass along:

    The pain meds will likely daze, confuse, and constipate you (don’t be embarrassed to take a few stool softeners haha). You can probably get nearly the same type of pain relief from extra strength Tylenol (1000 mg at a time) or something similar, I heard staying away from ibuprofen/advil is smart because it adds additional risks to bleeding, but I’m no doctor, nor do I have any scientific evidence to prove that. I took percocets the first 6 days, and they depressed the shit out of me. Opiates will definitely num the pain and keep you feeling decent, but if the side effects are killing you, don’t hesitate to call your doctor and see if you can switch things up.

    Set alarms to take pain meds and keep that throat moistened, especially at night when trying to sleep. I’m telling you, it helps keep you more comfortable and helps speed up the recovery.

    If you can, eat a lot and eat often, especially in the scabbing days. Slough those suckers off with some toast if you can manage it. The less weight you lose, the less crappy you’ll feel about yourself (unless of course you’re trying to lose weight, in that case, just eat ice chips haha). Overall, I’ve heard eating early on in recovery makes the recovery process better.

    Sleep sitting somewhat up if you can, even if you feel comfortable lying down. It makes breathing a hell of a lot easier.

    Talk as little as possible, you may feel great and up to it at the time, but you’ll likely regret it later on. I had some decent soreness after some of my chattier days, and I don’t think it was simply a coincidence.

    Lastly, STAY POSITIVE. I’m a very active person who has a really hard time coping with lack of productivity. If you’re like me, after the first few day cabin fever will sink in and your mind will start to eat itself. Don’t let it eat itself. Find ways to occupy yourself, keep company if you can, and as soon as you’re feeling decent enough to do even small, non-strenuous activities, do them. Day 7 I was swimming in the pool and racing go-karts. It’s all about the mindset, and remember, if you elected to have this surgery, which most of us did, then you did it because you know the benefits of giving those tonsils the eviction notice. It means no more sick days, no more missing out on nights out, vacations, and no more feeling crappy!

    Lastly, consider writing on this forum haha. It’s therapeutic, and its helping to give me that extra little push to stay positive in moving towards this eventual full recovery. Good luck!

    1. Finally! I read a story that’s identical to mine, today is a week since my tonsillectomy and my scabs haven’t fallen off. The pain hasn’t been above a 3 and because I too suffer from a wee bit of anxiety, im freaking myself out for what’s to come because of all the other experiences I’ve read. I am losing my mind because I am so bored at home, and every night I’m thinking is tonight the night that will lead to a morning in agony. Hmmm, all I keep thinking, this is too good to be true. When will the pain come?
      But once again thanks for sharing your experience because at least I can finally relate to someone and I know I’m not alone!!! Haha

  138. Morning of day 7. actually feel pretty freaking amazing guys. yesterday was the best day, very painful at times but I was able to get up leave the house and go to Walmart and sonic. It was miserable when it did hurt tho. but back to this morning. last night I actually got some decent sleep for the first time and didn’t have to take my last pill. woke up in some pain. my morning routine consists of running to the bathroom and trying hawk up some of the scab that I can feel lodged in my throat. if it doesn’t come out after a couple tries I just give up and deal with the pain. BUT MY MOM GAVE ME SOMETHING THAT CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER. My mom gave me some mouthwash. but not just any mouthwash. Orajel Alcohol Free Antiseptic Rinse for all Mouth Sores in mint flavor and oh BLESS IT. It felt like giving my throat a winter blast. it felt so amazing I’m telling you buy this asap it will help so much. i still some discomfort with swallowing but this mouthwash is great. Good luck to everyone in recovery. I literally feel your pain!

  139. I will write more later but wanted to let people know that tiger balm works really well to help relieve the ear pain. I’m in day 7 hell…

  140. Had long overdue surgery on August 2nd. Was really concerned about recovery because of my age (52). I read a lot of forums before my surgery and was very anxious and worried about complications. Yesterday was one week and I have had some issues but nothing as bad as expected. Following surgery, I was observed for a couple of hours and then sent home. When I got home I was feeling pretty good – able to talk, drink and have a little something to eat. I gradually started to feel nauseated and threw up later that afternoon. Spoke to the doctor’s office and they called in a prescription for anti-nauseas medication. Took the anti-nauseau meds along with pain pill that evening. I hated the way the pain medication made me fee and I decided to switch to plain Tylenol to control the pain unless it got unbearable. Took three more doses of pain medication the night of day 3/morning of day 4 (ear pain had started to set in) but did not take again after that. Just couldn’t tolerate the way it made me feel. I made it a point to drink plenty of ice cold water even when it was extremely painful to swallow. I slept through the night the first night but started to have difficulty sleeping after day 2. I have been eating jello, pudding, yogurt, popsicles, mashed potatoes, oatmeal, chicken and stars soup, bread and refried beans. The ear pain has been the biggest surprise. It’s not constant, but when it starts it is very painful. I found that a heating pad helps a little bit. Ear pain peaked at day 7. Feeling better each day. I’ve started to go periods of time where I am not feeling any pain which is really nice. I am so grateful things have gone so well and wish you all well in your recovery.

  141. Hi. I had my tonsillectomy on August 4th, it is now the 9th. I am 39 years old and have been putting off having this surgery for a very long time. I had my adenoids out when I was a little girl and I have no idea why they did not do this procedure at that time as well. I sure wish they had!

    The one thing that I insisted on was that they not give me any narcotics. For me, that is a huge help. Narcotics make me nauseous and so out of it, that there is no way to feel remotely normal when taking them. Instead, my doctor had me alternate, every 4 hours between 800mg of ibuprofen and 1000mg of Acetaminophen. For the most part, this has been sufficient in making the pain tolerable.

    A nurse called to check on me the next day and was very surprised that i could talk normally and I was feeling decent.

    Three days after the surgery I drove an hour to be with family on a boat tour. I took ice water and slushy gatorade. I was very tired by the time I got home and got sore from talking too much, but it was doable.

    I eat only soft or cold foods. Scrambled eggs, cream of wheat, mashed potatoes, ice pops, pudding, & ice cream. I bought a snow cone maker and put gatorade or the snow cone syrup on that for variety. I tried pasta on day two but some small pieces kind of got stuck on the tonsil beds and made it uncomfortable. I may try again today.

    The best thing to do is to keep ice water on hand and continually drink it. The only time my pain becomes extremely painful is if I have gone too long without drinking it. Often by morning, when I’ve been sleeping too long if i didn’t set my alarm. This leads to severe perceived ear pain.

    Do set an alarm to wake you every couple of hours to drink some ice water! (Also for every 4 hours to take your medicine! Do not wait until you hurt to take the medicine).

    Sleeping laying down is not viable option. The biggest annoyance is that my uvula is so swollen that if I lay down it rests in the back of my throat and makes it seem like I am going to choke on it. So I sleep in the corner of my sectional couch with a pillow under my chin to keep my mouth shut while sleeping. Otherwise I will breathe through my mouth and dry out my throat faster (not to mention the horrible drooling;)

    Today the scabs have started coming off one side, it stings a little, but it feels better than the glob I have on the other side. Other than that, all I have today is a minor sore throat when swallowing. Not much more pain than when I have tonsil stones, but of course I am still taking my medicine religiously. I am afraid what it might feel like if I weren’t taking any.

    For those of you reading this board before your surgery, just know that recovery is different for everyone and you might find that it is not as bad as you thought. Just be as prepared as you can before going home. I had the freezer stocked and the ice cone machine delivered the next day.

    Good luck to all and speedy recovery. I sure hope that this won’t get worse for some reason. If it does, I will post an update!

  142. Hi all. This website helped relieve a lot of my stress and concern during my tonsillectomy so I figured I’d post my story. Bit of background. I’ve got tonsillitis (and a myriad of other throat infections) for about a year. It was fairly consistent – 2 weeks sick and on antibiotics, 2 weeks feeling better and then the slow decline into another infection. I’m also allergic to penicillin and rarely take pain killers – i think i may have taken 4 or 5 in total in the past yr. Finally, I’m a 26 yr old female in Sydney.

    I had my tonsils out on July 18th. It was a late procedure so I was required to stay overnight. Procedure was scheduled for 3pm, but was delayed until 7pm (STARVING). Woke up in my drug haze with the doc saying my main focus for 2 weeks was to get water down, with soft foods as my priority (so I guess some Aussie docs don’t recommend hard food). I woke up properly at 11pm and was able to send a quick text to family letting them know i’m ok before I started vomiting. Drank some water and went back to sleep. I was on an IV so I was feeling pretty good.

    Day 1 (19th July) – pretty normal. No energy (because no food). I ate some soggy weetbix in the morning because the hospital wouldn’t let me out otherwise. Spent the day drinking water and sleeping. No dramas. Visually, my throat didn’t have any real scabs at this point.
    Day 2 – horrific. Everyone told me to stay on top of my pain killers. My doc said start with normal pain killers (panadol) and he gave me 2.5 day supply of Endo/Oxy to use for my crazy days (he predicted Days 4 and 5 – he was right). He also told me to take antibiotics. I took 1 panadol at 8am, and 1 at 12pm. But 1pm I was vomiting everything and not keeping liquids down. Vomiting with wounds in your mouth is horrific. Quick phone call to my doc and he said likely my body isn’t used to pain killers, and to slow down (I stopped taking them completely – so went through the whole recovery with no pain meds. I know, right). I felt a bit better but not completely – so I googled the antibiotics (don’t remember the name anymore) and turns out it’s “associated with penicillin but not actually penicillin”. Called my doc again and he said my allergies might extend to that family too, so stop the antibiotics too. Day 2 was mentally and physically draining. Horrific. But by 11pm i felt better. Visually, my throat had a little bit of scabs, but pretty sure the vomiting stopped a lot of it growing (?)
    Day 3 – the pain was bad, but compared to Day 2 i felt really lucky. Not on any pain meds, but remembered the doc said to drink a lot. I drank 1-1.5L of water each day from this day on out and had 1 electrolyte or hydrolyte popsicle for food. Visually, I had a yellow coating on my throat, but I could tell it was soft so I didn’t count them as scabs.
    Day 4 – I thought the doc must’ve miscalculated because the morning and most the afternoon I felt… in a fair bit of pain, especially when swallowing. But it was manageable – through breathing, distractions, putting my forever cold hands on my throat. But come late afternoon and the evening, my goodness. I only cried once during this whole experience. I cried on this night for 5mins (sounds short but I didn’t have much energy so exhausted quickly). I don’t like crying unless it’s for an emotional movie, so this is an indicator on the amount of pain I was in. Visually, the yellow coating was starting to harden in some areas and were quite thick in others.
    Day 5 – The whole day was like Day 4 night, but I was mentally prepared. Lots of distraction. Forcing myself to drink water. I started using my popsicle as an ice pack on my throat throughout the hour it took me to eat/drink it. Visually, my scabs we hard. They were definitely there.
    Day 6 – I had a little bit of trouble sleeping in the previous nights, waking up every 3-4hours, but I could usually get back to sleep within 5-10mins. The night between Days 5 to 6, terrible. I think I slept a couple of hours. The pain was excruciating. And sleeping in the sitting position against my bed board (didn’t have the luxury of a recliner) – I often questioned how bad it would be for me to sleep lying down (I never did it because I’m stubborn). Day 6 morning was just like Day 5, but by the evening I felt a little better. I even thought I would be able to eat in a couple of days – my throat only hurt when I swallowed. Visually, my throat was still yellow and scabbed.
    Day 7 – The morning was ok. Only painful when I swallowed but I could tell it was a less painful than previously. By night, I could feel some scabs falling off. I would softly cough (because I had to, people – not a choice) and feel gunk in the back of my throat thin out when i drank water. Visually though, only a minuscule amount of scabbing had disappeared. More like the thickness decreased slightly.
    Day 8 – I was feeling pretty good for someone who hadn’t eaten food. (Sorry I should have mentioned I drank about 100mL of literal, chicken water from Day 3-7 – i.e. raw chicken breast boiled in plain water, and I drank the water, sounds disgusting now, was absolutely freaking delicious). I had about 3-4 spoons of potatoes that when through extreme processing until it was near soup. A large portion of my scabs came out today. I was tempted to eat some real food, but was conscious that if scabs came off prematurely, I could get crazy bleeding and start the whole recovery process again. Not happening.
    Day 9 – Today I was feeling good. No real pain in when just sitting around, just numbness. Still had pain when swallowing, but it was the sort of pain that *hurt* but not the pain you had to prepare and psyc yourself up for. So I had a very small bowl of insanely overcooked/over-boiled spaghetti (I used oliver oil and smoked salmon to give me some nutrients and good fat – fat takes the body longer to digest). By night, my throat hurt in a pulsating numbness fashion, so i went back to my liquid diet. Visually, a lot more scabs had gone.
    Day 10 – I had 2 boils of the same pasta above throughout the day. I even managed some sushi in the late afternoon. Definitely felt like an actual human today. When I woke up, it felt like i had ash in my mouth. Drinking water was slightly painful, but the sort of small pain that I used to get to flag I was about to get a sore throat. Putting that niggly pain aside, today was good. Visually, most of my thick scabs were gone. A slight, thin layer was still there.
    Day 11 – I left the house today. It was amazing to move somewhere with sunshine. I ate completely normally, in the sense i had normal soft food that wasn’t too hot or cold (Ms Goldilocks here) – I had more sushi, avocado on bread, smoked salmon, rolled oats (cooled down). My throat didn’t hurt swallowing, it just got dry really quickly, so i learnt to have a bottle on hand. I didn’t look at my throat this night.
    Day 12 – again I felt completely normal. Visually, i still had a fair bit in thin yellow.. i wouldn’t call them scabs. Maybe mucus-like substance?
    Day 13 – 15 – I felt fine. Didn’t look at my throat (didn’t feel the need to as I was doing everything normally). Eating hot and cold foods with no problem
    Day 16 – looked in my throat. Right side completely healed with pink new skin. Those deep holes in your throat that you wonder what’s going to happen – no idea. I missed the storyline in Day 13-15. But on day 16, the right side hole was GONE with new skin there and the left side … i feel like the hole is sitting behind the new skin because new skin covered about 70% of the left hole, and there was a gap in the new skin that showed nothing was behind it. The left side also had a little bit of scabbing (yes scabbing again) inside the hole that remained between the fresh skin.
    Day 22 – today. The right side is fine completely. Left side still has a tiny hole, but 90% healed. Food and toothpaste (no idea how it got that far back) sometimes sits in that little hole, but disappears on its own accord. No pain in general – I only slightly cringe when I yawn because i can feel the fresh, new skin being tugged.

    The first 10 days of this recovery was rough. I got through it (WITHOUT ANY FREAKING PAINKILLERS PEOPLE… just to emphasise the craziness of my situation) which means you will too. I spent so many hours reading and re-reading people’s posts on their experiences, comparing my daily experiences to theirs, and I wanted to add my story too. It kept me sane. That and constantly messaging people lists of food I was going to eat when I could.

    PS I took 2 weeks off work. My first 2 days at work were tiring. My body was lethargic with food and my concentration was poor. But I’m feeling better now. Just need to get back to the gym – I’m going to take it easy because my daily walk up a hill makes me breathless, even today. It’s important to note that I was a gym’er pre-tonsillitis, semi/rare-gym’er during tonsillitis and with 2 weeks straight barely moving more than 50meters a day, my muscles have disappeared. It’s going to be a long journey back to being fit and healthy, but at least my throat is in a good position.

    The turn around will be slow at first for me (see my Days 7-8), but Day 9 onwards I was surprised how better I was fairing through the process. Good luck to all those going through the recovery. Yes I was scared. Yes I cried. But, yes it was worth it (I questioned it too, but it’s true).

  143. I am a 16 yo female got tonsils and adenoids out on Wednesday July 27. Today is Day 7 and I am in complete and utter hell. The doctor told me my pain should have peaked yesterday but today has been worse. Both of my scabs have ripped and each of my tonsils have been bleeding profusely. I have had to rinse with hydrogen peroxide so often I get nauseated from the smell. The first few days were tough but everything worsened on Day 4. I am not able to chew or swallow anything that is not in liquid form, but I am craving real food so badly it physically hurts. I had this surgery to remove terrible tonsil stones and enlarged tonsils and as of now I feel very regretful. Not only am I unable to speak, eat or move my head in certain positions, but I am constantly nauseous from the pain medicine (barely works) and the disgusting taste and smell of the scabs (which is enough to bring tears to your eyes). Additionally the pain medicine causes wicked constipation that will leave you with a bloated stomach and pains. I encourage people considering this surgery to weight the costs. I have sunk into a mini-depression as I wake up every morning unable to move and in horrendous pain. This procedure is an absolute nightmare and I beg you to consider this before going through with it. I am hoping someone can clue me in to when I will start feeling better? Is the bleeding normal? Sending prayers to anyone else who is struggling with this long recovery.

    1. Hi Alicia
      I’m 20 and I just got my tonsillectomy on Monday August 1st. So far this is the third day and one of the worst for me. I feel your pain. Especially about the food. I’ve been craving all kinds of different food and it’s only day 3 so I can only imagine what you’re going through. You should try letting ice chips melt in your mouth it really helps to ease the sore throat and swollen tongue. Just remember after this you’ll be better and you won’t have as many problems so as much as it sucks it’s for the best. Stay uplifted my friend! And try to move around in small amounts it’ll keep your body from being super stiff.

    2. It is awful when you are suffering like thisand it feels like it will never get better. But it will. Just take one day at a time. And be kind to yourself. I had an awful time. Bled on the 3 rd day and had to call the paramedics. Ended up in hospital for 5 days. Bleeding is not normal and you should seek advice if this happens. I kept bleeding and was due to a badinfection. It really traumatised me but glad i no longer have tonsil stones or constant tonsillitus.hang on in there!

  144. I had my surgery tues july 26 at 9 am, I had to stop taking hydrocdone+tylenol by thursday at 2 because I was so nauseous I couldnt even stand to eat or drink. So I went off the pain meds. Ive been on 100- mg of tylenol crushed up since thn every 6 hours. I am managing but Its very hard. I had 2 pop tarts today. But now its saturday and everything besides water stings so badly! I can see the scabs thinning. Ive been able to talk and eat since the day of surgery. They said talking helps so I keep talking even when I dont want too. The stinging comes and goes. I had fairly big earache but ice packs on the ears helps especially sleeping on them. I drink constantly since im not nauseous anymore, however today is the first day it is very hard to swallow. The did give me antinausea drugs but they made it worse and I couldnt stand the diziness. Im bracing for many more days of this but its so hard, not going to lie. Im 34 and have had 2 homebirths. Id rather have a child than to ever do this again! Ive noticed that everyone has a unique story so Im waiting until I can tell my complete story. Whenever this misery is over. Ienjoy reading others comments. I want to take at least one dose more of pain meds, but Im so terrified of the side effects. A nurse told me alot of people also get nauseous in the beginning because of swallowing a lot of blood during surgery and the worst is in the beginning. Mine didnt really start bad until weds night thursday. by the way when does Day 1 start? The day of surgery or the day after???

    1. I went to the ER Sunday morning due to bleeding. Pain got so bad I tried Vicodin again and it immediately made me vomit which dislodged the huge scan on the left side. The left side actually felt amazing no stinging despite the scabless surface. Drs said to go to ER because ice water wasn’t stopping the bleeding. They gave me some steroids which helped a lot and auger I take Tylenol and ibprofin every 3 hrs alternating instead. I hoping he extreme pain has passed but you never know. I’m have low expectations. Just day by day, so hard to eat every 3 hrs, I still get nauseous as well which I take a suppository for, zofran didn’t work so I’m trying phenergan, it makes me so dizzy and nearly halicihenic but better than vomitting again. Scabs fully reformed by the end of the day, they are looking thin now tho. Still. Lot of stinging mainly on right side, but when I eat both sides. Might ask for another shot since it seemed to make such a difference. Me and my family are so tired, kids are tired husband is tired. Need some relief soon!!

      1. I’ve had really bad nausea issues also. I only threw up once so far though. I got my surgery Wednesday, July 27th. My anesthesiologist told me that the smell of alcohol takes the nausea away and that’s what they gave me after surgery. I had a friend pick up a box of 100 alcohol wipes for about $2 from Walgreens. I strongly suggest trying it, just put it under your nose and it works in seconds. My scabs haven’t fallen off yet and it’s really starting to bother me because I just want this whole thing to be over. But today is the first day I haven’t felt like I was on my death bed. I really hope this helps a little bit. Also, I counted the day of my surgery as the first day.

  145. I’m an 31 year old male and I have surgery on last Friday July 15, and I must say I’m all most at 100% better , the first couple of days was the worst but nothing I couldn’t handle. It’s still healing and I still don’t have any scaps , but I think I’m doing pretty good , because so of the story’s scared the Crap out of me ! But I must say it wasn’t that bad 12 days out

  146. I am a 19 year old female and got my tonsils and adenoids removed around noon yesterday, it’s currently 4:30 am and the pain is much worse than yesterday. After surgery they gave me a lot of pain meds through my IV and I ate a Popsicle. My throat was sore but nothing too bad. I came home from surgery and fell in and out of sleep. I ate some applesauce with my first dose of pain meds. I was taking 1 oxy every 4 for house, and 1 Tylenol about two hours after, in between the four hours. I have also been taking so zofran for nausea with my oxy. My throat was swollen, but not terrible and I was able to eat some room temperature over cooked macaroni noodles with red pasta sauce and got them down okay. Thank goodness I ate yesterday because all I can get down now are Popsicles and my throat is so swollen. I’m having a hard time breathing when I sleep and it will make me wake up and my throat is hurting way more than yesterday. I have a humidifier next to my bed and I believe it’s helping but I haven’t gone without it. I’m now taking two oxy every four hours with two Tylenol in between. I really hope that pain doesn’t get much worse than this but I know that’s high hopes and that it probably will. I’ve been drinking a lot of water despite my throat, but it’s getting harder and harder to get down. Thanks for listening to me vent, if anyone has any tips to soothe the pin more or help me sleep, please let me know.

  147. I am a 35 year old male, just celebrated a birthday so I was 34 when I had the surgery. Surgery was on July 7th, 2 weeks ago. I may have been lucky in some ways as I was always able to speak somewhat and the pain was never unbearable with medicine. I drank plenty of water throughout recovery and still am drinking lots of fluids. I was prescribed Vicodin, prednisolone, and azithromycin. On day 3 the liquid Vicodin I was taking started to hurt my stomach, but I was able to get through that by drinking milk with it, although that did lead to more mucous buildup which is not pleasant when you can’t clear it out. I was never able to eat much because everything felt like it was cutting my throat but i was able to get some food down (yogurt, pudding, cottage cheese).
    I have had 2 episodes of bleeding. The first was 10 days after surgery and I just had one small mouth full of blood and drank and gargled ice water and it stopped bleeding. The second episode on day 12 was a little worse as I had woke up with blood in my mouth. I went to the bathroom and it started gushing out. My wife and I thought I should Go to the ER although they just had me gargle ice water and it eventually quit on its own, but they did consider cauterizing. SO although I am 14 days out now I am still a little concerned about bleeding but I have a better handle on how to deal with it now.
    I am on day 14 now and the pain has almost subsided. Swallowing is still difficult if I don’t chew enough. That’s my story.
    Good luck.

  148. I’m 18 years old, I’m on day 5 of recovery and it’s been the longest, most miserable 5 days if my life. I get nauseous when I take my medicine, whether I eat or not and my doctor said I pretty much need to tough it out. I’ve puked 3 times total. I can’t really eat anything besides oatmeal because the thought of food makes me sick. On day 3 of recovery, I started my period. It’s terrible because I have PCOS, which makes my periods awful. And when I’m on my period, I crave cheeseburgers and pizza, and I cant have any of that 🙁 I’m taking liquid hydrocodone for the pain and it’s barely helping my throat or my stomach. I constantly have a headache and I’m always feeling dizzy. I’m trying to drink as much liquid as possible, but even before the surgery I never really drank a lot of anything, maybe 2 bottles of water a day. It’s killing me to just lay in bed but I really can’t do much of anything. I’m starting to feel burning when I swallow and I really hope the scabs are coming off. I just want this to be over with because I’m so miserable I want to die. I’m looking back at all the times I took being able to eat normal food for granted lol it’s pathetic of me I know. I just want my cheeseburgers 🙁

    1. Posting for 19 year old daughter.. 5 days post surgery.. Ear pain is quite awful. Taking 15ml hydrocodone every 4 hrs… Ice not helping.. When does this pain subside? Nausea every night. She’s so sad…

      1. Try a hot water bottle to relieve ear pain/tension in the jaw and throat. Distraction works too – box sets and films, new pyjamas, a nicer pillow…! 5 days is the lowest point – focus her on getting a little better every day from now on, and make a plan for something great after day 14. This time next week she will feel a lot better. But I do remember how bad it was (worst 2 weeks of my life!).

  149. Hi im here to help some people after Tonsillectomy. Im 24 and after suffering 2years from tonsillitis got yellow stones every 3+/- days then i have to poke them out. So the Dr finally says i must get Tonsillectomy. Well it was very sore when i woke up and couldn’t really speak.
    Dr said i could go home because it wasn’t bleeding. My bf bought me jelly, plain yougart, plain rice. Avode any thing with salt, pepper, any thing with spices that will burn the living hell out of you. On week 2 i started eating chicken pie it was really soft so that worked for me. You can drink ice water, apple juice, grape juice, dont try juices like orange,mango. When eating drink water after it will make it feel better and feels like your food doesn’t sit in your throat.
    When your jaw is starting to hurt use a warm bean bag and place it on your jaw.
    Before bed make sure you have water or apple juice next to you, you will wake up in the nights and your throat will be very dry.
    Im now on my 3rd week and so far its going good. Dont take anymore pain pills, the only thing im struggling to do is, i can brush my teeth and only the tip of my tongue cant brush the middle or back of my tongue. When i place the tooth brush on the middle of my tongue its like you wanna gag. I still cant eat to spicy food or any hot foods, but can eat everything else. Prepare to be in alot of pain and take 2weeks off work. The 3 days it will be difficult to speak its gonna hurt alot.

  150. I had my tonsillectomy approximately 2 months ago and had a fantastic recovery! I’m 23, female, and had tonsillitis/strep about 9 times for the 2 plus years before getting them removed. I was well prepared for it after reading on forums like this one what I should expect/have on hand to make the process easier.

    I was completely healed in 10 days, including the complete absence of any scabs—they started slowly disintegrating after about 5 days or so. I ate mostly what I wanted, just made sure to chew it a lot and drink with it. I took my pain medicine regularly, including waking up in the middle of the night every 4 hours, for 7 days. That was all I needed. I had some ear pain throughout. I also made sure to take anti nausea medicine—ask your doctor for this is you’ve had issues with pain medicine making you sick. I tried my pain med without this anti nausea medication and threw up about 10 seconds after the first time.

    Some things that I think really helped: throwing up on my drive home from the hospital. It was a substantial amount and came out black and flakey. I threw up a lot of the coating on my tonsils that the doctor used to seal up the holes/where my tonsils were. I think this ultimately helped me heal faster because my body didn’t have to discard it. I created my own scabs quicker than most people because of this. (The anesthetic made me sick, which is why I threw up.) A humidifier. I laid down for the 7 days straight and just slept as much as my body wanted (sometimes 15 plus hours a day). I took a full two weeks off work to be safe. Numbing lollipops were also a huge lifesaver. I highly recommend asking your doctor if that’s available for you, especially if you don’t like taking pain medicine. I also drank a ton of fluids and am sure that helped to keep my throat comfortable.

    A lot of the time I didn’t feel good enough to even have the tv on but I wasn’t in very much pain at all. I attribute those to the pain medicine. I’m so happy I did it and wish I would’ve gotten them out sooner as I had tonsil stones seemingly constantly and was missing lots of work/social events from being sick. I’ve had higher energy levels and haven’t needed quite as much sleep after having them out which is great. I would do it again in a heartbeat!

    1. p.s. I forgot to add my scabs never “fell off” like most peoples. They really just disappeared, closing in on themselves from the outside in into nothingness.

      1. i can see my scabs thinning from the edges and kind of just disappearing. not chunks or anything yet anyways Im only day 5 ,especially from the top near the uvula and from the back molars first

  151. I’m a 45 year old woman that is totally regretting the decision to have a tonsillectomy. I’m not one to sit on the computer and write on these types of forums, but I have to tell you, I HAVE to. it’s 1:20 a.m. And I’m laying in my overstuffed chair as miserable as can be. Considering the time, I am now starting day 8 and I don’t think I can take this pain much longer. I can’t got to sleep because my scabs are in the process of falling off and I can feel a good hunk of it dangling down my right side into my throat. I’ve been gaging on and off and drinking water but it just doesn’t seem to want to come off. I’m also being very gentle because I don’t want to disturb anything back there that may cause it to bleed; which is my biggest fear. I was getting by (5 out of 10) in terms of pain but on day 7 OMG!!!! I too was one of those people that thought maybe I would be a lucky one, boy was I wrong. I’ve been staying on top of my mess and forcing water down so I won’t dehydrate. I’ve even set my alarm at night every hour to get up to drink water, morning still are horrible. I haven’t been able to eat beyond liquids, but even they taste bad. My tongue has a horrible taste on the sides and anything sweet tastes horrible. I’m down 12 lbs. and I have to admit food doesn’t even appeal to me now like some other people.

    Before the surgery I was reading everything I could online to get a sense as to what I was getting myself into. After the first hour I was totally freaked out. When I talked to my husband he said that you can’t believe ever you read on the Internet and that people are only going to write about their horror stories. He made me second guess that maybe it’s not THAT bad, well if you’re reading this it is. I’m so tired and the pain is unbelievable. I do have ear pain but as of now it’s not as bad as some. Under my tongue in the back is killing me. It radiates into my jaw. This recovery really is deceiving because days 1-5 you think you’re going to be able to handle this, not in my case. I’m so desperate that I keep looking for someone out there that’s going to say it will be over in a certain amount of days. I know 14 seems to be the big number, but I’ve read many stories where it’s beyond that date. I just can’t do this anymore.

    I know I sound all over the place, I just can’t take the pain. If 14 is the magic number, I don’t think I can do this for the next 6 days. I have read that when the pain does start to do away it’s fast. I hope that’s true. If anything writing this has helped me focus on something other that the pain for 20 minutes. Good luck to those that are going through this or thinking about it. I know there is always something way worse than an adult tonsillectomy, but this REALLY sucks!!!!

    1. Hi, I’m 46 and female and I had mine out on 3rd of June. I’m on day 24 and I have no pain anymore but do get a dry throat. I know it feels like it will never end but I promise it will. The day 14 and onwards is pretty much right for it to start subsiding but the best thing you can do for yourself now is to eat solid foods. It seems lie the worst advice in the world but you’re throat gets worse if you don’t keep it moving. I was told to eat toast or anything quite rough so those scabs would come of instead of hanging around. If you don’t get rid of them it can become infected. I got infected two days after surgery and believe me you don’t want that on top of the pain. Please try and be strong and eat properly, it really does help. I hope you keep us up to date with how you are. Take care, Jane

      1. I am now on day 27 and I can eat whatever I want but my only problem that I’m having is my taste. I still have a horrible taste in my mouth and nothing tastes like it should. The ENT says to give it 6 weeks so we will see. I do miss the taste of food and drinks so I hope it comes back. I do still wake up in the morning with a dry throat but it isn’t really sore. It took awhile for my energy to come back. I didn’t really notice a huge change until the three week point. There are still a few scabs on the back of my throat. I never had bleeding and I think it’s because I drank a ton of water. I did read on this that people thought that day 14 was the time they felt back to normal but I didn’t. I think now I’m feeling like myself but not a 100%. If someone was to ask me if I am glad I did it I’m not sure at this point. I’m worried about my taste issue and whether or not it’s going to go back to normal. I think it’s still too fresh in my mind to make that decision. For me, this was the most painful thing I ever went through. I’ll keep everyone posted on how I progress. Many times people never post when they are better. People need to hear that it gets better.

    2. I hear you Heathers, I am 39 and on day 10, I had a really rough go from the start up until day 5 when it was suggested I take 1 Aleeve every 12 hours and 2 regular strength Tylenol every 6 hours, It completely changed my recovery! To the point thaT I didn’t notice the pain from the scabbing only the tickle and trying not to cough. I was on morphine drip in the hospital over night and when I got home percocet every three hours until day 5, that is when my ENT suggested the Aleeve and my friend who is a pain management specialist suggested the rest. I did not use another percocet since and I am almost at the end. I am sure you are feeling okay now but of not ask your ENT if you can try what I call the Shirley Cocktail! All the best!!

    3. Hi Heather,
      Any relief? I am on day 6 and I’m losing hope that it will ever get better. It actually seems like it is getting worse 🙁

    4. Well you just made up my mind I am 41 and doc just said we need to get these out and now after reading all of these that will be a big FAT NO way , I will stick with the antibiotics for the rest of my life . thanks for putting this on here

  152. Hey I’m 24, healthy, and live in a big city. I got my tonsils & adenoids removed Thursday morning & posting Tuesday evening. I was wondering when did people start leaving their houses for a few hours comfortably? I’m typically a very independent & social person, but up until now even watching movies has worn me out. I wouldn’t drive on pain meds. However, knowing there’s a social light at the end of the tunnel would be nice. I just don’t want to push it too much & end up straining the healing. Thanks.

    1. I left my house for the first time on day 10 and felt very dizzy and nauseous and had to go back home and rest. But day 11 and 12 I kept going out for short periods of time and only felt ready to be in social settings at approx day 15. Some of the not being ready also came from me not being able to talk at all until day 9 and then the fear of having bad breath from the scabs. Goodluck it’s almost over!

  153. Hey, does anyone happen to have a photo of a healed partial tonsillectomy? I got a “full” tonsillectomy but noticed that there is lumpy tissue left. Am I being paranoid?im 21 days post recovery and I would hate to have to suffer with tonsil stones again after going through all that pain. Does anyone have this tissue or are you completely smooth? If you have tissue left, has it caused you any problems?

    1. Hi, I don’t have a photo but my daughter had hers out when she was young and they left a bit behind. It’s been infected a couple of times since then and I’m talking she had them out when she was 7 and is 26 now so no major problems with the little bit that’s left. If there are no holes or crypts in the tissue though I’m sure you won’t get stones.

  154. Hi all, im a 19 year old female. I got my tonsillectomy on Wednesday the 15th and it been 5 days of recovery. Is it suppose to be very sore and painful ? I got orders to stay away from toast and any fruit and to drink a lot of coke or sprite. I only eat jelly and custard and sometimes like 2 to 3 teaspoons of oats or mashed pumpkin. Any tips for a quick recovery ? I noticed crushed ice works very well to relieve pain.

    1. Hi, I was told to eat normally, especially toast and harder foods to keep my throat moving and also scrape the white scabs off, from day one. I did and even though it hurt I had no problems with eating. Hope this helps !

  155. Hey everyone, been reading comments left right and centre about different experiences, and I’m still feeling pessimistic! I had my tonsillectomy on Monday 13th, I woke up high as anything and didn’t feel much pain, immediately had to eat a sandwich that was all thick and gloopy and kept getting stuck 🙁 I then had to eat sausages and mash, they wouldn’t let me home until I could urinate, but I couldn’t stop so that was okay! I’ve barely eaten at all since, and the past 3 nights I’ve been vomiting which i am confused about.. I got given ibuprofen and co-codamol, but the dosage was way to high and I just slept constantly, so returned to the doctors to lower my co-codamol and swapped the ibuprofen for naproxen. I haven’t even looked at my throat. I can’t stop feeling sick and it’s frustrating me, completely lost my appetite, I’ll have food Infront of me and I can’t eat anymore than 2 mouthfuls and then I just throw it back up again. Very annoying and I’m due back to work on the 27th! Luckily no bleeding or sign of infection as of yet… Maybe I’m just being dramatic! Here’s to hoping I feel better tomorrow!

    1. if you are worried go and see your GP. I didn’t vomit at all but I do have a strong stomach. It’s not going to help if you don’t eat. Take care.

  156. Tonsillectomy, female, 16, UK.
    Sorry about the detail but when I was having my operation I searched everywhere. Just remember everyone’s different and the pain does go away! So stay strong!

    So from around the age of 10 I started getting frequent tonsillitis, at least three every year. I kept going to the doctors getting the same antibiotics, when it came to my GCSES I kept getting ill, so when I got them again I asked if I could be referred and I did. When I was seen they were massive at this point in time they never went back to “normal” so I straight away got made to book the operation and just had to wait.

    I had to arrive at the hospital for 7:30, waiting in an area called pre admissions.I was waiting for about 3hours and 45 minutes, then I was called to go upstairs. I changed into a gown and then onto a bed. I was wheeled into the an anaesthetic room, the man told me he was going to give me some gas and air as I didn’t have strong veins and he would just put the cannula in once I was asleep to prevent as much pain as possible, the last thing I remember was laughing at my mam and then waking up alone in recovery! I went down at 11:15 and woke up about 12:30 the surgery took some time as the doctor said my tonsils were very large. When I woke up I felt groggy and confused. The pain was bad so the nurse gave me more pain killers and anti-sickness medicine, I was crying at this point. I was then moved up to the furthest end of the room and was asking for my mam, as I was 16 they allowed her to come into recovery room I was in recovery until 2:30 as the nurses decided where to take me ( they weren’t sure if I was going to children’s ward as I was still in full time education(a levels) or the adults ward, I went to the adults ward as there were no beds in children’s ward. At about 4 I was asked to try and eat. Because if I could eat and felt OK I could go home. I ate two mouthfuls of weetabix and had to lay down with nausea and sudden sweats, the nurses gave me more anti sickness medicine and pain killers then at 6 I got broccoli and cheese sauce and two hash browns. I managed to eat all of that so at 8 when the doctor came round again I was allowed to leave, at this point I felt great, I was able to get up and move about feeling fine. And the pain wasn’t bad. I was discharged at about 8:30 and arrived home at about 9:15. Once home I ate some custard and took my medicine, extra strength ibuprofen and paracetamol and went to bed.

    Day 1 post op:
    I woke up (7:30 ish) Feeling sore but not too bad. I laid on the sofa took my medicine then managed to eat half a tin of soup and one slice of toast, the pain during the first day was manageable and barely noticeable towards the night. I also ate another slice of toast at lunch and for tea I had chips cheese and gravy. During the day I was regularly taking my pain killers. Went to bed around 11:00 feeling fine and only woke up twice for a drink and then went straight back to sleep

    Day 2 post op:
    Woke up in slight pain Had of toast and one scrambled egg for brunch. Pain throughout the day being manageable. for tea I ate broccoli and cheese sauce. Good nights sleep

    Day 3 post op:
    Woke up in the most pain I’d been in so far, took medicine, Ate soup and a slice of toast, Later that day I started to eat peaches and had to stop because they stung. Yoghurt caused nausea Struggled through pasta for tea. Rest of night ok

    Day 4 post op:
    Woke up in excruciating pain ate a few mouthfuls of weetabix, dough balls and a few mouthfuls of spaghetti. Pain being a 6/10 throughout the day

    Day 5 post op:
    Very bad day, barely any sleep, couldn’t eat without feeling nauseous, so didn’t. Pain medicine did not seem to be making a difference. Went to a&e, got anti-biotics for an infection, codine tablets, liquid paracetomal and some anti-sickness tablets.

    Day 6 post op:
    woke up during night needing more meds, steady day. Manageable pain. Ate one weetabix, small bit of pasta and half a tin of leek and potato soup and bread.

    Day 7 post op:
    Woke up after a full sleep. Felt little pain, ate weetabix, crisp sandwich

    Day 8 post op:
    Christmas Day! I managed to eat my dinner, just a smaller portion. Starting to feel better, still laid around, Resting. As it was Christmas for the next few days I laid around and relaxed, as you would do anyways, so I would say around 10 days post op I was feeling better and well enough to go out. However I would suggest staying of work/school for 2 weeks if possible so you don’t get an infection. Any questions please ask 🙂

  157. 20 yr old from England – had my surgery on monday, was given a heavy dose of morphine so didn’t particularly notice the pain that day but did throw up a lot. I have a family history of being allergic to codeine so decided with the nurses it was probably best not to risk taking the cocodamol I was given to take home, instead just taking ibuprofen and paracetamol. Tuesday woke up feeling rotten, forced myself to eat a piece of toast as per the doctors orders. Slept most of the day and felt well enough for friends to come and visit. Woke on wednesday feeling horrible. Took painkillers but they didn’t seem to have any effect. Tried to eat my daily piece of toast but ended up choking it back up. Tongue and jaw so sore i could hardly talk. Made the fatal error of looking at the back of my throat in the mirror – GROSS! Getting minimal amounts of sleep now as I struggle to swallow and therefore choke, which each time gives me a mega headache. Same feelings for yesterday apart from the ear pain started up, so much so I was tearing up through the night and seriously considering just taking the cocodamol despite the consequences… Woken up today pretty much the same. Praying that after the weekend things should start to ease!

    1. Hey, I feel your pain. I’m 14 days past surgery and I have nothing more than a sore throat now so it does get better. I can’t take codeine or co codamol so the hospital gave me tramadol to take with paracetamol and ibuprofen, the mix really takes the edge off. You may feel a bit woozy but it’s worth asking your doc about it. Hope you feel better soon.

      1. Thank you for that reassurance!! Unfortunately yesterday i woke with the worst pain ever so went to a+e and ended up passing out in the waiting room. Turns out i’ve got an infection and its passed into my blood so on an antibiotic drip for 24hrs. Hopefully when this starts to kick in everything should begin to heal! I asked about tramadol and was told as its another opioid pain medication they wouldn’t want to risk me being allergic to that as well.

        1. Oh no! I hope you are ok. I got an infection 2 days post surgery but I caught it in time before it got into my blood and they put me on co amoxiclav penicillin. I knew by the taste I had in my mouth, nasty. It’s a shame about the tramadol, they are a great pain killer. I’m now day 16 and I still have a sore throat, not so much painful but dry and stinging. I think I should have laid off having a vodka last night! Take care.

          1. Hey, im just wondering, Ive been quite good the past few days, most of my scabs are gone, around 60-70%, but this morning, I woke up with a huge build up of phlegm, and sometimes when im spitting out, there’s slight green/yellow parts, and I’m wondering, do you think this might be an infection starting and should I get seen too? (I was put into hospital on Tuesday last week for bleeding, and was also on antibiotics. Also, I smoke, but haven’t in 6 days.)

          2. Personally i’d go! I’m the type that’d rather be safe than wait and possibly be in as much pain as i was yesterday. If you’re from the UK try ringing 111 and see what they suggest?

          3. Update: as if things couldn’t get any worse… had a nap yesterday afternoon and woke up choking on blood, didn’t stop for a good hour and it was flowing out of my mouth when i leant forward. Therefore back to a+e!! Due to my pain levels and the on and off bleeds they kept me in over night and gave me more antibiotics and fluids. Just got back home, feeling exhausted but all bleeding has stopped so just praying for a decent night’s sleep.

    2. Try sleeping in a recliner with an airplane (travel) pillow, it was the only way I could sleep. I couldn’t eat food for about a week but I bought fresh cold pressed juice and froze it until it was a slush consistency. Gets a couple vitamins in and the cold feels nice; just stay away from the citrusy ones I relied on carrot, apple, ginger. Good luck!

  158. Just an update from last week – I’m now on day 13, last night when I went to bed swallowing was stil a bit painful and I had a strange shooting pain down the front of my neck. This morning I have woken with nothing more than a mild sore throat. Happy days, there is light at the end of the tunnel…I haven’t checked my scabs yet but I’m sure they will be less than yesterday. I’m looking forward to no more nasty tonsil stones and ear pain!! Good luck everyone.

  159. It’s been 1 week and soo sore. Trying to drink more water but then I dose off and wake up in pain and drooling. Find it best to try and drinkaa lot right after pain meds because then it doesn’t hurt as bad.

  160. Hi all,

    So glad I found this site!! I’m due to go in today for my tonsillectomy. 3rd time lucky I hope! First one got cancelled cause I had mrsa at my pre op, then I went in last week and it got cancelled due to me being last on the list and a ‘complicated’ case before me. So fingers crossed! I’m so nervous!

    1. Awesome

      When the you are fully recovered you will be so glad that you had it done. I use to get sick 3 or 4 times per semester and it was awful. I completed my Tonsillectomy safely in December. Praise God. I have not been sick all year! Six months no fevers, chills, sore throat, strep throat, etc. It has been wonderful. Make sure you are prepared in advanced. Have ice chips and Ibuprofen. You got this!

  161. Just a quick update on my situation, things seem to be improving slowly but surely. I am now on day 12 post op, and day 7 post recauterisation. The pain is now more of a discomfort than a pain, and I am no longer taking painkillers. I have still got some scabs, but each time I look in my throat there is more and more pink showing through. I have had several bleeds since the recauterisation, but not as bad and they have all been self limiting. I am still signed off work for one more week so hopefully things will go smoothly and I’ll be back to normal this time next week!

    If it wasn’t for the bleeding, then I would not have had too much to complain about during my recovery, as the pain has at worst been moderate. I was expecting it to be far more painful! Hope everyone is doing well.

    Dan, UK

  162. Hello all. I’m a 20yr old Texan who is still a baby to this; I’m 24hours post-op. Never saw it coming when they knocked me out, and when I came to, I simply felt sore. I was wondering, “Where’s this pain that feels like swallowing glass shards??” My operation room nurse told me that the pain is going to be no worse than strep. I get sick every two months, and ALWAY with multiple things: Laryngitis mixed with Pharyngitis, strep on top of Mono, Tonsilitis coupled up with Bronchitis. I’m a Musical Theatre performer, so I know they needed to come out. Once the anesthesia wore off, I’m definitely feeling the Strep symptoms. Is the “swallowing glass” pain just biding it’s time until my scabs fall off? From what everyone on here has said, I should expect the worst between days 7-10.

    Holey Throated Theatre Gal

  163. Hey guys. I am now Day 8 post opp and I’m not going to lie, its been pretty bad. Things are looking up though, I’m starting to feel more human and the pain during the day is minimal. The main reason I wanted to leave a comment here is to give a tip on the ear pain. I woke up night of Day 7 CRYING and SHAKING clenching my ears the pain was so intense I thought It would never end. Anyway I found out that CHEWING GUM fixes this pain almost instantly. yup just gum. Grab some sugar free mint gum and enjoy not feeling like you’re about to die. Secondly some of you ask about dried blood on your scabs. I’ve had this on both sides of my tonsil beds after brief bleeding and I was terrified but it always cleared up by itself after a little while. Hang in there!! I’m starting to get optimistic about my recovery and I wish all of you a safe one!

  164. I had my tonsils taken out last Friday 3rd June, it pretty much hurt from the moment I woke up and even the morpine wasn’t helping. I got home on Friday night with paracetamol, ibuprofen and tramadol. Saturday I was very sore but by Sunday it felt a bit easier only to be hit with a terrible infection that landed me going to A&E to get penicillin. The infection has been disgusting, the taste was like a rat had died in my mouth and I would wake up feeling it dripping down the back of my throat. I followed the instructions to the letter so I don’t know how I ended up infected so early. The antibiotics seem to be taking hold so the bad taste has almost gone but my throat is a whiteish/green lumpy mess. The pain is only there if I try to swallow and even with the pain meds it’s still sore. I hope this ends soon and was worth all this pain.
    Jane UK

  165. I am 16 years old and day 6 post op. The first day and a half were minimal pain compared to what was to follow. I was able to have friends over to check on me, I watched movies, I colored, etc. I was also able to eat jello, mashed potatos, macaroni and cheese, and sausage bits. I drank some Gatorade but mainly water. The night of day two was when everything went downhill. I set alarms to wake me when it was time to take my pain medicine, but it ended up that I would wake an hour before in pain. The next day (day 3) was very painful. This is when my ears started to hurt. I am supposed to take my pain medicine every four hours, and around hour 3 my ears would be in pain as well as my throat. I found that placing a cold wet washcloth around my neck soothes the pain. I didn’t have an appetite for anything that day. Of course I was forced to put something in my body, but if I remember correctly all I ate on day 3 was half a jello cup and an individual cup of sherbet. On day 3, I also began to have a horrible taste in my mouth. It made everything, even ice water, taste bitter and just felt out disgusting. That was another reason I didn’t have a big appetite. The night of Day 3 was the same as day 2, but a little worse. In addition to the inevitable sore throat, my ears were hurting as well as my tongue and jaw. The pain of my ears was so bad it had me in tears a couple of times. I forgot to set alarms for my medicine this night, which was a big mistake. I got a little more sleep, but not without consequences. Because I slept past the four hours my pain medicine was due, I woke up several times in excruciating pain. I would wake up, refill my ice water, chew on some ice from Sonic (it’s much easier to chew), take my medicine, and wrap a cold washcloth around my neck and go back to sleep only to repeat the process about 4-5 hours later. One thing that I found did help is keeping a humidifier on my nightstand. It’s nothing fancy, it releases just enough to keep the air around me moist. Day 4 was a tiny bit better compared to day 3, but still very very painful. Still had no appetite, still had a bitter, nasty taste in my mouth constantly, I wasn’t able to drink as much as I should because of how painful it was to swallow (in my ears mainly but my throat as well), I slept a lot, considering I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep the night before. By this time I figured out that I should probably wake up every 30 min-1 hour to sip some water to keep my throat moist so it wouldn’t be so painful when I wake up, but sleep has always been precious to me so that didn’t happen. Day 4 was blah. The night of day 4 was much better. I didn’t set alarms to take my medicine, but it didn’t seem to matter. I would wake up in pain, but it wasn’t unbearable. I would do the same routine, drink water take medicine chew ice etc, and go back to bed. I woke up on Day 5 and felt the best I felt since day 1. I felt as if I was able to get out of the house and run some errands with my mom. I woke up and got a shower, but I think I may have gotten overheated or it took too much out of me because as soon as I got out I had to lay in bed and rest for a few minutes. I blame that on me not eating as much as I should. We ended up going into town and running the errands, but by the first one I was over it. The pain in my ears was back, I felt nauseous, I felt tired, I still had no appetite, it was bad. We didn’t get to finish the errands. When I got home I could hardly talk and I went straight to sleep. However, I had to wake up because of a mandatory Europe meeting. (I’m going to Europe in a little less than 3 weeks so pray that I’m better by then). I went to the meeting feeling bad but it is what it is. However, about thirty minutes into the meeting I felt tired and very sick to my stomach, and I was cramping as well, and I could not talk without having a sharp pain in my ear. And by sharp I mean like knives being stuck in my ear. It. Was. Horrible. We stopped by my grandmas house on the way home because she made me my favorite soup and pie, but I was in so much pain I couldn’t take one bite before I was in tears, once again. I went home and began to feel a little better, but that didn’t last long. Maybe 45 min. I went to sleep last night (day 5) and woke up at 4 am and was in excruciating, unbearable pain. I was, again, in tears. I did the routine, took medicine, drank water, wrapped cold washcloth around my neck, etc. it took a while for that to help but I think I only went back to sleep because I was so exhausted. I woke up again at 6 coughing. I coughed before but this was like a choking cough and I’m wondering if my scabs are coming off (even though my dr said it wouldn’t happen until about day 10) I took more medicine but less dosage. I went back to sleep and woke up at 8 and took the same dosage. So far, I still have no appetite, still have a horrible taste in my mouth (which btw is the only thing that is making me feel even the least bit nauseous. It’s THAT bad.), still have pain in my ears, etc. I also find myself spitting a lot. I think it’s partly because it hurts to swallow and partly because it taste like the horrible taste in my mouth, so swallowing it is double the taste.
    •sit up slightly while sleeping. It helps for some reason
    •keeping something cold around your neck may help with throat/ear pain
    •humidifiers will probably be your bff
    •Sonic ice will probably be your bff too
    •have a trash can beside your bed at all times
    •try to eat, even if you don’t want to. You will thank yourself later
    •stay on top of your medicine by all means
    •stay hydrated

  166. I had mine out on 31 May. The first couple of days were uneventful, the pain was uncomfortable but not severe. I was able to eat food that I would normally eat. However, on Friday I started to bleed. I let this run its course and it stopped, but later on it started again. I went to my GP and was informed it was infected and I got antibiotics. He told me to go to A&E if it started again. Which it did, on Saturday morning.

    So I went to A&E and they just kept me for observation while giving me painkillers and intravenous antibiotics. During the night I had a further bleed, which was a bit worse. Again we just let it run its course.

    The following day (yesterday) I was bleeding on and off throughout the day. I was given hydrogen peroxide mouthwash to gargle and the doctor suctioned a blood clot then got me to gargle. This stopped the bleeding, for about five minutes. For nearly an hour I could feel a steady stream of blood trickling out of the side of my throat. Eventually I went back into surgery to get it (I think) recauterised.

    Today, so far, I have had the occasional tiny bit of blood but hardly any really. I am now back home and got another two weeks off work. The surgeon told me I am now “back to square one”, but I believe other people have had their recovery continue from where it left off after having this done. I hope this is the case for me because, despite the pain having not reached severe levels, this has so far been a nightmare.

    Dan, UK

  167. Hi I’m on day 6 and the scabs started falling off last night. The taste in my mouth is even worse than the
    Tonsil stones I had. My throat, tongue uvula is still really swollen. When I drink sometimes it comes straight down my nose! I still have no energy due to not eating enough. I am drinking more and find that Diet Coke takes a lot of the taste away. The pain is the worst about 3am I have to sit up in bed and take more codeine then after about an hour it subsides again. I am a 43 yr old female in the uk. I have had 4 major operations I’m my lifetime and I think this has got to be up there with the worst. Anyone know how much longer the swelling will take before it doesn’t feel like I have a rock permanently at the back of my throat?
    Thanks Claire

    1. I am on day twelve and its the the first day with no pain medication and the ability to swallow normally. I read so many blogs on this before my procedure on May 27,2016 I almost scared myself to death. I have a very low threshold for pain, but I must admit it was tolerable. I followed the doctor’s orders precisely, took my pain medicine around the clock and only ate very soft foods that were easily swallowed like broth, jello, yogurt etc… I also took a multi vitamin and B12 to keep me from not getting in nutrition. I tried Gatorade but it was like a flame torch to my throat. But today I am happy to say I am still alive, I also experienced some bleeding on day 10 but it stopped soon after gargling with ice water. My advice would be to take your medicine as prescribed try not to eat hard foods and just rest until you start feeling better. Good luck to you all.

      A successful tonsillectomy recovery patient ☺

  168. I’m now on Day 13, have been off vicodin since Day 10. Used ice packs & cool mist humidifier religiously first 8 or so days. Have been drinking fluids consistently since Day 1, managed to eat some sort of food every day (not just jello), hit peak pain end of Day 6. I’ve been getting up and going for short walks pretty much the past 5 days. I feel pretty good – but I don’t think my scabs have come off yet. Is that normal?

  169. Hi all,

    I am a 24 year old male and had a tonsilectomy on 5th May in London under the NHS. I am a teacher and knew I would need 2 weeks off to recover. Operation went fine and after some dry toast they let me out. I wasn’t given any pain killers just a spray for my throat and told to take paracetamol and ibruprophen… Mistake.

    The following day I was on the train to Scotland to recover at my parents which was fine, I even managed to eat a sandwhich! However at night and the following 2 days I realised how much I should have demanded painkillers before I left the hospital. I ended up at out of hours in tears before getting the 30/500 co-codamol (fizzy tablets too!) and liquid ibuprofen. Took a day to kick in but I was then feeling fabulous and eating again, so long as I took every 5 hours!

    I was recovering so well, and even made plans to see some friends on day 12 in preperation to go back to work when I noticed some blood in my mouth. I kept an eye and realised it wasn’t stopping – so off to A&E I went! I was given some hydrogen peroxide to gargle with when it finally stopped. I was then seen by an ENT dr who was concerned that secondary bleeding has happened so late on so I was admitted for 12 hours observation – as after the dr left and I was admitted to a ward (plastics as no room on ENT) the bleeding started again… This was 12pm at this time and by 6pm I hadn’t stopped bleeding. Dr’s then rushed me into an emergency operation to stop the bleeding… Resulting in new scabs forming and an overnight stay!

    I am now on day 18 from operation 1; day 5 from operation 2 and have been signed off for another 2 weeks. Although I am eating again to almost normal (still can’t eat anything hot) and slowly coming off pain killers I have zero energy. Was taken to the shops and after 30 mins I needed a 3 hour nap!

    If you are worried about this operation, or if I can give anyone any advice – ensure you have an adequate supply of strong pain killers. I’m 6ft4 and over the counter medicine barely touched me. In terms of the bleeding, dr’s assured me that it’s extremely rare to bleed so late on in the game – but acknowledged that it happens (1% chance). So if you are unlucky like me I feel your pain.

    I have now exhausted Netflix, finished a colouring in book and making my family laugh at my voice breaking yet again!

  170. I in Sydney Australia and 18 years old, just had my tonsils/ adenoids removed and am on day 6 of recovery. This is the worst pain I have ever experienced. As with most people my first couple days were good and I was eating tinned peach on day 1! On day 4 the real pain started to reveal itself, and every day since I have thought it can’t be worse than the last but OH YES it can be. Night times are awful I wake up with a dry throat and it feels like swallowing razor blades when I try to swallow/ sip water. I’ve been trying different pain meds but seems my pain keeps outdoing the relief each time. Can’t wait until this is over. My only advice is to know what you’re in for before this surgery and to try get onto solid foods ASAP because it helps with healing and cleaning the wounds. Praying that the worst is nearly over.

  171. Im in the UK. I had my tonsillectomy last Thursday(12th May) when they said i need 2 weeks off i thought that was a bit much but i thought hey I’ll enjoy the rest but boy am i glad! Ive been taking codeine and paracetamol then ibruprofen two hours later and repeat as advised by the doctor. The pain tends to come in waves. There are times i feel fine with no pain but feeling like something is stuck at the back of my throat, and others im doubled up in pain with my ears, throat and jaw hurting so bad and being unable to swallow. My appetite is almost non existent and i miss food so much, i have to chew until its basically mush and then drink water to swallow it. I found that milk helps a lot its cold, easy to go down and fills you up too so you dont feel all that hungry alrhought ive read that you shouldn’t drink milk due to it causing mucus! Ive read that tilting your head up when swallowing helps with the pain and ill be trying that this evening when i try and have dinner. One side of my throat is still white/yellow(not sure if these are the scabs) and the other is starting to turn pink, although thats the side that hurts more! I wish all who’ve had this procedure a speedy recovery!

  172. In Tucson, just had my tonsillectomy on 5/9/16. I am 25 year old female and I liked to think I had a high pain tolerance but boy was I wrong. Day 1 was the easiest, however, staying hydrated has been the hardest part second to pain. Each sip is painfully forced down and has since eased up only a fraction and I am on day 6 of recovery now. It feels as though it is starting to dry out possibly due to my mouth breathing during sleep but I wake up to the sensation of razor blades in my throat. My nose is very dry and the mucus has been a bit bloody but only in my nose. I have felt the constant need to spit out any saliva or mucus build-up perhaps because it pains me more to swallow it than to spit it out. Soft serve ice cream has been the easiest to get down. I was crushing my meds in yogurt but the effort it took to swallow multiple times than the two to get the pill down the dry throat was too much. The doc put me on Percocet 1-2 tablets every 4-6 hours but I get minimal relief from it. For the most part it helps me with sleeping about 75% of the day away but not much with the pain. Since the surgery I have lost 12 lbs. I don’t know how people can maintain any weight after having this procedure done. I am painfully awaiting for the pain to ease up enough for me to get a decent meal in. Aside from ice cream and water, my diet has consisted of the baby purée fruit and veggie squeezie packs, yogurt, cottage cheese, and coconut waters. Does anyone notice a pattern or set recovery day where they begin to feel better and sort of get their normal diet back?

    1. It has now been one week since my surgery. Pain is high, sleep is low. I’ve been able to get at least 2 hours straight before pain wakes me up despite staying on top of my med schedule which is every 4 hours. This sucks. My neck hurts, my ears have pain off and on. Had to get more meds to last me the rest of the week. The scabs are definitely starting to solidify is what my doc said according my pain levels. My tongue however is still in quite a bit of pain on both sides- I’m guessing this is where they had to clamp it on either side during surgery. Still having to spit an obnoxious amount. Tip of the day: DONT CRY as it makes pain even worse. Oh and also avoid hiccups at all costs. Down a total of 14 lbs officially. My appetite and tolerance to swallowing has increased slightly enough for me to finish as small cup of cold oatmeal or a yogurt.

  173. Hindsight. As my 19 yr old daughter is also due her tonsillectomy next month and I’m glad I’ve had mine done first (I’m 57) so I can prepare us all for the Painful Reality. Like most people, the first three days were surprisingly great, I ate loads, seriously, I ate burger and chips, at the pub, chewed well and just avoided tomatoes and lettuce which seemed to get stuck, I drank room temperature water with just a shock of feeling of drowning as I wasn’t used to water hitting the back of my throat so directly. And took four hourly ibuprofen during the day with a codeine before bedtime.
    And then by day three the bruising following the procedure started to tell, jaw ache, ear ache, neck ache, tongue ache, oh yes, and to-be-expected throat wound ache!! all manageable with a strict four hourly meds routine. And keeping distracted. With whatever, for me, some tidying out drawers sort of stuff, the jobs we never get around to doing. Rainy day sort of stuff.
    Tip. Water water water though. Keep sipping. You’ll need to be really hydrated to take up all the meds which you will need later… (Day 7 relentless agony despite my great start first few days)

  174. I had my tonsils removed on Monday (4 days ago) the pain is something else! I thought the Dr was exaggerating when he was explained how bad the pain was during the recovery. Yesterday I went to my GP and got more painkillers and another throat spray. (It stings but it does help) Tonight I fell asleep so didn’t take my pain killers on time. When I woke up in felt like I was going to pass out the pain was so bad! I’m now dreading the next few days but just keep telling myself it will all be worth it.

  175. day 1-surgery at 9am got put to sleep woke up at 11:30 feeling dazed from anesthetic, my pain was like 2 out of 10, i told the nurse i was feeling 7 out of 10 so i can get an extra shot of morphine lol. 20 minutes later i really need to go take a leak and i was able to go on my own but they wont let me because i was in the patient recovery section. i would have to be transferred in order to use the washroom. so i got transfer to like patient check up section. walked to go take a piss, got couple Popsicles. i left the hospital like an hour 2 hours afterwards. got home lay upwards ice cold water only and rest. IMPORTANT WHEN YOU SWALLOW HURTS LIKE A BITCH, SO TILT YOUR HEAD UP EVERY TIME YOU SWALLOW. DON’T CLEAR YOUR THROAT!!

    day 2 – drove myself to go buy ice cream, yogurt, juice, Popsicles. continue swallowing by tilting your head up so it help with the pain. rest all day. don’t talk!! DON’T CLEAR YOUR THROAT!!

    day 3 – woke up with a shit load of mucus and flem, cleared it out. brushed my teeth with cold water only. brushed my tongue also. ate ice cream, drank juice. and alot of water!! drove downtown, walked around in the sun get some vitamen D. at night time i ate chicken noodle soup from tim hortons, i was chewing lightly. eat the noodles only make sure theyre well cooked and soft. went hope sleep some more.

    day 4 – which is today may 5 2016, i’m eating noodle soup make sure its well cooked, throw some onions parsley or anything green that gets cooked and soft, you need some greens in you, i ate scrambled eggs, 3 bowls of different type of noodle soup. a lot of guava juice. coconut Popsicle, some crab soup with like fish maw soup or something from a Chinese restaurant. TODAY WAS THE DAY I TOOK A SHOWER LOL. cleared my throat oh yeah have a cup of water with you always!!!!

    a note the pain so far was worst on first and second day, I havent taken the pain meds that i bought to take home yet the ocycodine. im managing without it be a man and take the pain dont mess up your body. i only took the amoxicillin every 4 hours every single day to prevent an infection. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE WATER BY YOU SIDE!!! and its not so bad i’m managing. I wrote this because i read some nonsense thinking it would be the bad…. its not that bad just dont talk!! and a shitload of water eat as soon as possible so u get some nutrients and brush that nasty teeth and tongue lol. good luck.
    dont take the pain killers if you dont need it!! im on day 4 at night and havent taken any single painkillers yet. im preparing for the pain.

    1. Hi i am on day 4 going into day 5 and this pain is something I can’t even explain. I applaud you for not taking pain meds…😷😩🤒 37 year old female mom of 1….

      1. Hey Tia – everyone feels pain differently. I would rather give birth again than go through tonsillectomy recovery.!! Take whatever meds you need to get through, and do whatever it takes to distract yourself from the pain or make you more comfortable – you have a few more days of the worst phase and then you WILL start to get better

    2. Hi,I found this entry and thought i would give you some insight upto DAY 11…
      I’m going to be blunt- the pain never ends! I swear i thought the doctor’s were exaggerating the fact i would need 2 weeks off but i feel that’s not enough. I’ve got to the point where i have broken down so many times everytime i take the painkillers I don’t check the dose anymore. It gets better though i promise 🙂 Day 5-7 is probably the most aganosing time for anyone. I’ve been to A&E (British version of ER), I’ve attatched to an IV many times to rehydrate me, I’ve suffered sleepless nights, coughing up blood… The list goes on. On a positive note you lose so much weight. I’m just waiting now for the pain to stop, plus i’m sick of eating jelly and crumpets, i want to be able to eat my Jaffa cakes 🙁

    3. day 5 – Still hurts every time when i swallow even spit alone, I haven’t taken pain meds yet, waiting for the excruciating pain to arrive. Eating scrambled eggs, noodle soup with chicken bits, ice cream, tostittos chips with salsa (make sure to chew well you don’t want any bits cutting you), ice cream, alot of juice. ALSO WATER BY MY SIDE AlWAYS. Also i notice I can’t clear my throat yet it hurts so much so what I do is I tilt my head down to the ground while standing up, and clear my throat very lightly alot of mucus will build than I spit it out, it’s disgusting. tonight before i sleep i have to rinse my mouth and throat with salt warm water. One last thing, WATER!WATER!WATER!

  176. Hi. I still did not have my tonsils taken out and I’m so scared. I’m scared of needles and now I’m so scared of taking the IV. I would like for some advise please. Thank you

  177. I’m at the end of day 8- dreading abother night of setting my alarm to take pain meds and sip ice water. On day 5 I went to ER for a reaction to the percocet. I was given fluids and a steroid. I left being able to “kind of” talk for the first time since the surgery! I started taking prednisone yesterday and all that progress has reversed. My tongue is enormous- my teeth lay on my tongue in my sleep and it’s making it sore. I’ve been diligent with ice chips, ice water, ice packs in my neck/jaw, and tylenil- no relief! Tomorrow is day 9 and I am praying for this swelling to go down again so u can at least quietly talk to my kids.

  178. I’m on day 2 on recovery and have been sick 3 times but literally can’t do it anymore. Can anyone recommend something to help with the sickness? Or tell me how long it’ll probably last 🙁

    1. You need to go to GP or hospital to get maxolon (or similar) 🙁 it is probably happening from the anaesthetic, but if it is blood thay is coming up let them know asap.
      Good luck.

  179. I’m only on day 2 of recovery and reading these horror stories, I am terrified! Pain is at a constant 7-8, no sleep, but 10-20 minutes at a time. I thought I was prepared, but I don’t think anyone is fully prepared for this…
    I just switched from popsicles all day, to having a lukewarm cup of chicken broth. It’s actually soothing! Any one using humidifiers at night to prevent the drying out of their throats?
    Any other tips would be greatly appreciated!
    We’ve got this guys 🙂 stay strong!!

    1. I know this probably isn’t a popular response but the best thing I ever did was not take any narcotics. I alternated ibuprofen and Tylenol. Nothing else. I ate and drank constantly. My doctor says I am the poster child for adult tonsillectomies. I recovered without any complications, never lost a pound and was back to normal by day 12. The pain meds can make you sick, making it hard to eat and drink. That causes a vicious cycle. I know it is scary but you can do this.

      1. That’s awesome! Good for you. I would be too scared to stop taking my meds this late in the game. They did make me sick the first few times, but I’ve built up a tolerance. Now my issue is sleeping at night. My nose ONLY gets stuffed up when trying to sleep which then leads to my mouth falling open, then terrible snoring. Anyobody else find what works well for them as far as sleeping goes?

      2. I wish I had paid better attention to what I was being given. The narcotic made me so sick after my c-sections and I should have refused it. It wasn’t until that all too familiar feeling was pack that I realized I needed to stop it immediately. I was nervous to take ibuprofen bc if blood thinning tho?

      3. What doses did you take of each? I’m at 1000 mg Tylenol 6 hrs and 400 mg ibprofin every 6 hrs, the waking up every 3 hrs is killing me tho. I’m 34 and on day 6, scabs seem nearly completely off, just a thin white film

  180. *22 years old – Suffered from strep & tonsillitis from the age of 8!

    I had my surgery Wednesday April 13th,2016 and as soon as I was admitted to my room I downed 3 popsicles and a glass of ice chips! I had minor pain. Supper time came and they served pork roast mashed potatoes and gravy which to every ones surprise (even mine and the nurses) I was able to eat most of my supper! Ive been given atasol 15s for pain (2 every 6 hours) which I feel does nothing for me so I go to the emerg room every 8 for a shot of toradol! That does me wonders. I carry my water bottle with me where ever I go with lots of ice chips.. wouldn’t be able to do this without it. My second day I got discharged from the hospital after dinner (turkey potatoes and gravy) and I even managed to eat a little of that although I was more agitated that day. I napped most of the evening then woke and went to Pizza delight for supper with some family where I had a couple garlic fingers with some lasagne. I find the nights are hard to cope with.. Im in a different town, different air and heat and find my allergies acting up so I tend to cough more during the nights which is a real pain the the arse. Day 3 I woke up with the most pain Id had so far!!! I ended up having to wait 2 hours in the emerg for my toradol shot, where my ENT upped my dose for me..I couldn’t swallow, water was a struggle, I felt like I had the worst amount of guck build up in my mouth! After about an hour I was feeling much better, had a nap, ate mostly jello and mr freezes that afternoon. When the meds kicked in I were able to eat more normal food, but constantly had a scratchy feeling in the back of my throat. Last night was the first night where I didnt wake up every 4 hours with a dry throat, thank god! But I still ran for emerg to get my shot before the pain kicked in! Mac and cheese was my choice of dinner for today which went down quite well 🙂 I feel like I am getting better slowly but my ENT told me that I’ll feel like that at first, then all of a sudden I’ll hit a brick wall before the real recovering starts… Has anyone experienced this “brick wall” and have any tips on how to get through it? I’ve been told the “brick wall” is excruciating 🙁

  181. Hey guys!
    I’m 22 and on day 9 of recovery from the tonsillectomy and oh my gosh was I not prepared for this pain at all.
    Days 1-6 were a breeze, took the pain med on time (it made me super sick but I’d rather be nauseous than in pain) it is liquid hydro 7.5/325 ate Popsicles, mashed potatoes, Mac and cheese and ice chips.
    For the first 6 days I slept, all the time. On and off all day long. On day 7, I started getting much more uncomfortable with throbbing pains in my neck, throat and even ears. The pain has definitely gotten worse up to today. I’m still taking my pain medicine, I tired so hard to wing off of it, but I just take 10ml instead of 15ml. I hardly sleep at all now, the pain is so unbearable at times I seriously just sit there and cry. That’s all I feel like I can do. I’ve had ice packs on my throat constantly the past 24 hours, it helps tremendously. I drink water like crazy and I’m trying my best to eat some tougher foods since they say it speeds up the process! Over all, I honestly think this will be well worth it. I had tonsillitis a lot and had strep throat growing up quite a bit too. Sending my love and prayers to everybody else who is experiencing this horrid pain. You’re not alone!!!!!

  182. Hi guys
    I am on day 5 of recovery. Day 1-4 was painful but i was managing with meds. I’ve been eating as normal as poss lots of toast because they say it speeds healing! Day 5 and I’m in hell, my ears and jaw are agonising the pills aren’t touching it 🙁 the throat pain I can deal with but this is a whole other level. I hope it doesn’t last too long.

    Also no one mentions the taste in there mouth so maybe it’s just me! I constantly have a bitter taste in my mouth it’s horrid! I’m constantly gargling water and mouth wash but the taste is going no where! This better be worth it!

    1. You have to stay hydrated!!!! Try to eat after taking medication also ice cold drinks while eating. Helps with the pain of eating. Re pain Med; If it’s every 4 hours take it every four hours even though the night. I am (I think) 1 year and about 5 months post op. My doctor only did my right tonsil the left was scarred and bled too much during surgery. HE was scared to take it out. Good Luck All

  183. Hi, I’m currently on Day 6 & it’s killing me.Pain killer, sleeping pills doesn’t seems to work anymore. Gosh wonder what’s next!!!!

  184. Hello. I’m day 8 post op and my pain was at about a 3-4 for the first 4 days. It then ramped up to a 7 from days 5-7. I woke up in the middle of the night with some blood in my mouth and after I spat it out once or twice it stopped and that particular tonsil (which bled) feels a lot less painful. Should I be worried about this? I know excessive bleeding requires immediate hospitalisation, however I’ve read this happens to a few people? Should I panic?

  185. Hello!
    I had my tonsils removed on the 17th March 2016. The first 7 days the pain was awful, ear aches and no sleep.
    Towards the end of week 2 I felt much better but and now 4 weeks post op I am taking antibiotics, have no energy and feel completely rubbish – has anyone else had this experience too?

    1. Hi Marie
      I had mine out on the 1 April and am now feeling the same as you describe. The pain and eating I coped with well. I even started walking last week on the beach up to 5km. But this week my body seems to have crashed. I have run out of energy and by the afternoon just want to sleep. Its as though my body is fighting off flu and yet its not flu.

  186. Hi everyone! I’m day 9 post op. I would like to ease a few minds here. My recovery was easy to say the least. yes it was painful – but buck up buttercup. no worse than strep throat. Everyone has a different experience but going into the surgery I was terrified because of all the horrifying accounts I’ve read online. Went in got the surgery and was eating mashed potatoes and max and cheese day one. my diet consisted of Mac and cheese, potatoes, applesauce, oatmeal, ice cream, Popsicles, and frozen blended drinks like smoothies or frappes from Starbucks. I stayed on top of my pain meds for the first 3 days taking them religiously every 4 hours. by day 4/5 I was starting to feel actually back to normal. Interesting because the doctors say day 5 is the worst! anyways, by this point I was on tylenol and ibuprofen, still doing pain meds at night. Day 6 was much more rough and day 7 was the same. it stung to drink water but the key in this recoevery is honestly to keep eating, and keep drinking, your body will simply not heal as well if you don’t eat or drink. it hurts but choke it down, I even was able to eat pancakes and toaster struedel throughout the whole recovery.
    Days 5-7 were personally the worst for me but even then I still slept 10 hours a night soundly.
    the scabs are coming off now so it’s a bit uncomfortable but nothing too bad! just when you swallow.
    My advice would be don’t be scared. KEEP EATING. EAT ALOT! EAT TWICE OF WHAT YOU NORMALLY EAT. EAT WHAT SOUNDS GOOD. and STAY HYDRATED. the worst part has been the ear and jaw pain for me! but I honestly have to say for as scared as I was going into it, it was a piece of cake! don’t worry! these horror stories are usually worse case scenario! it was a simple surgery. it WAS painful but nothing that prevented me from sleeping eating or drinking. Get lots of rest. it is WORTH IT!

      1. Thank you for these encouraging words. I am scheduled for this procedure next month and after reading some of these stories, quite frankly, I am scared!! I am 55 and the doctor has told me that the recovery would be painful, so I feel I am prepared to experience some pain, but the stories here are quite frightening!

  187. Okay so I’m going to start from the beginning: I’m only on day 4 but I feel like I have enough information as to how it is.
    I am an 18 year old female, I suffered from reoccurring tonsillitis and tonsil stones (almost twice a month sometimes!) So the doctors finally decided to refer me to an ENT.

    Night before:
    Okay so the night before, me and my boyfriend got a huge Pizza takeaway with sides and everything ( I’d kill to be able to eat this rn!!)
    So obviously the next morning I was starving and I forgot to wake up early so that I could eat before 7AM, so I was really hungry/nervous/moody lol.

    Day of surgery:
    I arrived at the hospital at 12 noon and had to wait for about 2 hours before I had a bed in the ward. After this, some of the nurses, anesthetic nurse and my surgeon came round to see how I was doing, they took my temp, pulse etc and reassured me about everything – they were all really nice! Apart from one doctor who kept on staring at me, she made me feel really at unease, and the fact that I could see all of the other drugged up patients who had just come out of various different operations scared the shit out of me but I just went on my phone and tried to ignore everyone else.

    Finally it was time to go through to the anesthetics room, I was really nervous, but the people in that room were really funny so I felt relaxed after a few minutes.They explained everything that was going to happen as well. They were counting down and then I can’t remember anything from there haha.

    Next thing I know I’m in the recovery room, and i have the WORSE itchy face ever, and there was a surgeon standing next to me asking how I was feeling and said my face will be itchy as a side affect from the drugs. Then he wheeled me back to my place in the ward where I started. They then took my oxygen mask off and gave me a jug of water, a yogurt and a chicken mayo sandwich. I couldn’t even eat the sandwich I have no idea why they gave me chicken when I could only just about swallow my own spit haha. I tried to eat it though but it really hurt, so I asked for more pain killers and they gave me some straight away. Also, I don’t know what the surgeons did in that room but my mouth had split either side from the clamp, so that was very painful and I had small cuts on the inside of my lip. Then i hadn’t noticed since I showered, I have a fat purple bruise on the top of my thigh! Very odd!

    Anyway, after about 3 hours in recovery, they let me go home. I thought I would be very drugged up and dopey but I was actually fine, they handed me my meds and off we went.

    That night I got home, didn’t really speak mainly because my lips were so chapped haha, then I had an egg mayo sandwich,
    BTW I WOULD ADVISE NOT TO EAT MAYO OR ANY DAIRY! Dairy really clogged my throat and made it hard to breath and every time I laughed i would start choking on the mucus, it was very disgusting lol. Also, don’t blow your nose because it will hurt!And try not to cough.
    That night I slept okay, I used about 5 pillows and kept my head upright, I’ve heard some people have woke up coughing from this position but I was okay. I woke up on my side anyway so I must of moved in my sleep.

    Day 2:
    The next day I had toast for breakfast because I really want to heal quickly and I read that scratchy foods help the scabs develop and disappear quicker, it was a struggle but I managed about a slice which is quite good. I got it down with a lot of water; water is my life atm, I’ve been drinking around 5L a day and my skin is looking amazing for it!

    For lunch I had some rice and noodles, went down like a treat with a lot of water.

    Dinner was more noodle soup, this was quite soothing.

    That night was a struggle to sleep and my ears were hurting soooo bad, but i took my meds, watched some films, had cuddles from the bf then fell asleep.

    Day three:
    Yesterday was pretty much the same for pain, still there and annoying but not unbearable. For breakfast I had a crumpet with raspberry jam (no butter of course). Then for lunch i had a fry up (well some of it haha).

    The thing is, it is really painful to eat but i love food too much so I’ve been forcing myself to eat even if it takes me hours, because eating and drinking speeds up the recovery time soo much and I’m determined to recover ASAP!

    For dinner I had noodles again, although I was really craving McDonald’s I don’t think I was ready for that yet.

    I fell asleep around 9PM for about an hour then woke up in the worse pain as i forgot to take my meds before i fell asleep, so it then took me a few hours to get back to sleep.

    Today is now day 4, I still have a long road ahead of me but I know it will get better with time, it has been the worse experience of my life so far but i know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and that it will be worth it in the end!
    My throat seems to look better already and i can already open it a little wider.

    Top tips:
    Eat a lot of ice lollies as they numb the area.
    Difflam spray is a must for numbing the earea before meals.
    Do not eat dairy unless you want to choke on phlegm all night.
    Do not eat tomatoes, they burn!!!
    Stay positive and stock up on TV shows/films.

    Good luck to anyone who is going through this, i feel your pain!!

    1. How are you doing now? I just had my surgery yesterday and I can’t even swallow water haha it hurts so bad but I know I need fluids. And how in the world could you eat toast 😂 omg that would kill me if I had to eat that lol. I hope you’re feeling much better.

  188. I am a 48 year-old woman who had a tonsillectomy March 24th. I am now Day 5 post-op. All I can say is – this pain is no joke… it is unbearable pain that nothing relieves; thus the reason for my 3:41am post to this forum. My ENT gave me 7.5/325 Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen; I then tried 10/325 Oxycodone/Acetaminophen. I can take TWO of the Oxys and still be in pain. I, like many others on this forum, thought I could handle the pain. I have severe osteoarthritis of my right hip and have suffered with constant pain for almost 15 years. That pales in comparison to the throat pain. Due to a scheduled total hip replacement coming up on May 9th, I don’t have any leave at my administrative assistant job, so I have to go to work every day (I returned the day after my surgery). The lack of sleep and constant pain are definitely working together to drive me out of my mind. I just wish I was closer to the end of this recovery nightmare…

  189. I’m a 14 yr old female and got my tonsils removed March 25th today is day 7 including the surgery day.
    Day 1-2 was horrible I kept waking up with horrible throat pain and couldn’t swallow anything. The doctor had advised me to eat solid foods as it will make the recovery time quicker but I couldn’t manage to get much down.
    Day 3-4 Were the same as the first two days and I started eating porridge which helped me a lot. I also found out that ice-cream only made the pain worse for me. My throat was hurting but I could manage sips of water and a bit of food.
    Days 5-6 is probably the worst so far, I woke up in the middle of the night crying as my throat was on fire. I couldn’t stand the pain and kept regretting of having my surgery done in the first place. Waking up in the mornings is always the worst and because of it I’m always quite scared to go to sleep.
    I’m currently on day 7 and I can’t seem to eat much. I just hope the pain quickly goes away because I’m very annoyed that I can’t eat pizza and other great food without being in incredible pain.
    I’m also very scared for the scabs to come off and I really hope that all this suffering is worth it in the end.
    Good luck to anyone who is also going through this. I hope it isn’t as bad for you as it may seem.

    1. I am on day 11 and the majority of the scabs I had fell off. And i didnt even notice that they fell off. I have been eating soft things like mashed potatoes, yogurt, pudding, Jell-O, ice cream. I ate a piece of bread today and it still hurt a little. My tongue hurts more than anything because of the way they clamped my tongue down. The past couple days I have felt good. Better than I have since I had surgery. Best of luck to you. It does get better think positive. 🙂

  190. I had my surgery on March 16th. I am 26 years old. I had frequent bouts of tonsil stones and some wicked sore throats. I finally decided to get my tonsils out. The day before surgery I wasn’t too nervous I was just ready to get it over with. My boyfriend was more worried about the whole thing than I was. So the morning of the 16th I go into the hospital get changed into the lovely hospital gown they give you and wait. The nurse checked me in asking a bunch of questions. After a while the anaesthestist comes in and asks my medication allergies and then the Dr. comes in. He asks if I have any questions I said nope. The next thing I know there are 2 people from the OR come into my room and give me a nice warm towel, sat bye to my mom and boyfriend. The nurse gives me some “goofy juice” as he called it and off to the operating room we go. The last few things I remember from the OR is getting onto the operating table and seeing a mask come over my face and hearing take deep breaths. Next thing I know I wake up to one of the nurses in recovery taking my blood pressure with one of the automatic machines (which aren’t very accurate and hurt like hell.) Then I get rolled back into my room. I was given Gatorade, and about 4 popsicles. I was beyond ready to get the IV out of my hand and go home and crawl in bed. Finally got discharged and got to go home. I was given hydrocodone/acetaminophen for pain. After surgery I didn’t feel too bad just a little sore. Day 2 a little discomfort. Had a humidifer running in my room helped. I slept ok and didnt wake up with a dry throat. The pain medication I was given didn’t even take the edge off even though I was taking it every 4 hours. Day 3 was awful. My tongue was swollen and hurt like crazy. Started taking advil every 4 hours. That helped more than the pain med did.Days 4-6 still having discomfort, scabs were slowly coming off. Sleeping did not come easy. The ear aches woke me up. Couldn’t find a comfortable apot to sleep. Jell-O, popsicles, ice cream, yogurt, and pudding was all I could eat. Day 7-8 was still rough I had a huge piece of scab on the one side of my throat waiting to fall off. It finally fell off when I was eating pudding. It honestly felt like I swallowed a bug. But I was relieved the chunk was gone. Today is day 9. The mornings are extremely rough for me. I drank a carnation breakfast drink and the ice cold milk about sent me through the roof. When it hit the back of my throat HOLY CRAP PAIN!! Immediate throat pain and ear pain. After that pain subsided I felt better. Later in the afternoon I thought I would give gargling with warm salt water another go. It burnt like crazy but it made it feel a little better. Still can’t eat normal food. I tried to give cheese rice a try and it was a no go. Even on day 9 my tongue still hurts, can’t talk for very long without noticing that pain. I think my tongue hurt more than my tonsils did. I even thought to myself “why did I put myself through this?!?!?” But the pain is only temporary and I won’t have to deal with tonsil stones and tonsilitis again.

  191. I am 22 years old and am on day 10 of my recovery (surgery being day 1) and it has been a very up and down experience with pain. After surgery, I felt great! I was talking, watching tv, and eating/drinking lots of water ice and gatorade. Days 2-4 were rough. I was on hydrocodone acetaminophen and it made me extremely nauseous and tasted so bad I gagged every time I took it. I woke up and got sick in the middle of the night on day 3 from taking it on an empty stomach. The throat pain wasn’t excruciating but I couldn’t talk at all and my tongue was extremely sore. I hardly ate, only pudding and water ice. Days 5-8 is where it got bad..all of a sudden the pain was horrible, which I’ll attribute to my scabs starting to fall off. Couldn’t stand the hydrocodone anymore so I asked my doctor to stop it, but she still recommended 5 mL but also with 3 motrin. It works! However, after days 8/9 I see a light at the end of the tunnel. My jaw doesn’t feel locked, I can open my mouth, and I can FINALLY talk (although my throat starts to hurt after awhile) and left the house both yesterday and today to shop and get my nails done. A few days ago I stopped the hydrocodone altogether am just taking 3 200mg Motrin every 6 hours. Tips: gatorade is your friend! It works better than water to keep the mouth moist. Also, almond milk. Any milk products I try taste awful because my taste buds are out of wack, so I highly recommend it. Plus, regular milk creates plegm. DO NOT GARGLE! Don’t drink out of a straw, don’t try and talk, and definitelty invest in a humidifier and some ice packs. I also don’t recommend any highly salted foods..I put parmesan cheese on my noodles last night and my throat was immediately burning (same with ketchup, sauce, etc.) Good luck to all!

  192. Annie — are you ok???

    Day 12…..I’m gonna make it!

    I’m a 37 year old female, wife and mom of two boys (ages 5 & 7.) I always had strep as a kid. Bounced from one antibiotic to the next as a kid; wondering why they never took my tonsils. Fast forward to after I had kids and started subbing at the elementary schools where I found myself with strep 8 times in 14 months. It never left me. It continued to get worse, and it was torture. Laid me up in bed for 2-3 days at a time and required everyone to take care of my family when I couldn’t. Get your tonsils out, they said. Ok! It’s not an adult surgery, they said. Ok, well what’s my other option? Exactly!!! So on a Friday morning I went into surgery. READY. I had gotten my last bout of strep just three weeks prior. It was the worst case yet. I needed to get this done and over with.

    I was ready for it, as I mentioned. What I was not ready for was the reaction of the nurses when they would see what I was having done that morning….”Oh, you’re going to be one unhappy lady….” Thanks for the encouragement!

    Post-Op: Geesh! I could barely sit up. In fact, the only thing I remember the nurse saying was that I was turning green. Please lay me back down….! I hear voices. It’s the 5 year old next to me in recovery who had her tonsils out right before mine. She wouldn’t stop talking. She listed a number of suggestions for her mother to take her out to lunch, finally settling on Panera Bread. I, however, was about to slip out of the bed onto the floor. Then, the lovely nurse insisted I would beat the nausea by getting something in my system. Crackers. The kind with four points around the edges. Not at all helpful. The next recovery nurse saw them and snagged them immediately, after nurse 1 had me swallow down two. Thank you nurse 2!!!! My hero!

    Much to my surprise, the sore throat was not that sore. Went home, rested in my bed and my husband (my adorable sweet husband) catered to me for the next 48 hours while the kids were away with the grandparents. (I should note, he took the entire week off of work to take care of our household. We both don’t know how I could have gotten through this without his consistent help – day and night)

    Day 2: Noontime. Apparently those meds and I don’t get along, and I began vomiting. THAT was not in my plan. Went off the prescription meds and rode the rest of the days out with Tylenol and Motrin. It was a personal decision that I set in stone after I vomited more on day 2. Pain from vomiting was much worse than pain controlled on Tylenol. So I thought.

    Day 3 & Day 4: Eh. Painful, but I was certain it was going to be so much worse. I’ve had strep worse than this. Granted I couldn’t eat a thing. Gatorade with ice and Carnation Instant Breakfasts were the only thing going in. Nights were rough. I had new ice packs on my head constantly (thanks to my ice-pack-delivering husband!) I didn’t really sleep….and when I did, I hated waking up because my throat was so dry.

    Meanwhile, this awful smell and taste filled my mouth. I never could have imagined such a taste. Anything that went down tasted like this, so there was no relief. It made my stomach turn. I gargled with salt and water. I brushed as best as I could multiple times a day. My tongue because covered, and felt like the top layer was stripped off. It burned. It was, constant discomfort to say the least. I had hobbies that I had planned to do to keep myself busy. I was going to watch tv series because I just never do. I did nothing!!! My attention span didn’t last more than an hour. I couldn’t find a place to be comfortable. I just dreamt of foods and pinned hundreds of recipes from Pinterest that I planned to make once I was better.

    Days 5-8
    These days were a blur. They were filled with constant pain, icing, sipping, whincing and rocking gently back and forth while holding a pillow (typically during the night) to shake off the pain. And then one night 5, I spit up a blood clot. And started to bleed. Of course it was at 11pm. Why wouldn’t it be during doctor’s office hours? Panic set it. My husband found our post-op care sheet. Don’t panic (ya, right!) and gargle with ice cold water for 20 mins. I gargled for 30 because I was too scared. It stopped. Thank goodness, the bleeding stopped. But, 30 minutes of using those muscles certainly added to extra
    pain that night. And the next night; again. Clot, gargle, stop bleeding. And the next. Three nights of these large clots that had to Coe out (because I could feel them when I tried to lay down and breathe) I hadn’t heard of this happening, but apparently that was a good sign that my blood was clotting itself. Either way, it was THE grossest part of the entire healing process. The nights continued to be rough. Although I never thought I would see the end, it was on DAY 10 that I began to feel human. I continued to dread the nights, but I could make it downstairs to the couch and sit at the dinner table with my family (couldn’t eat, but just felt it was important to be there.) Night 11 I went to bed at 10pm and only woke up once for Motrin and ice. It just feels like a really bad sore throat, but I can handle that!

    Today is day 12! I’m almost there! I can eat now. Not everything, but I am ready to try to eat everything. I felt like I had to re-learn how to chew. It became such a process to get food from my lips, across my tongue and then down the hatch. I’ve lost 15 pounds. I have more Italian ice and popcicles in my freezer than I care to ever look at again. I wasn’t able to eat them, as the dyes (mostly citrus) made my throat burn. I have lists of foods that I’ve missed and plan to have a date with soon.

    My goodness; what a journey. For something that seems so simple, it really was a challenge. For all of those middle-aged folks about to embark upon this journey…prepare ahead and line up help. You will thank yourself in the long run….

    Good luck!!!

    1. Please excuse the few typos. I typed from my iPhone and hadn’t realized the auto correct changed some grammar…. ;( I was too afraid to lose it if I went back to check.

  193. Post op day 5. How do I keep going? This has got to be the worst, most uncomfortable pain. Ever. The worst part is the lack of food I am able to consume. I am doped Up and hangry! What’s worse than that? Thankfully my husband goes to work to escape during the day. I was put on a strict liquid only because I bleed on day 2. After 20 min of garagling ice cold water the bleeding stopped. Amen.
    I have been experiencing a cough(mostly if I attempt to talk or at night time) I have been taking robitussin dm which has helped. My cool must humidifier ran out of water last night and I could tell!!! Keep the humidifier going and blowing at you and all times. It helps. I have been icing my neck consistently which also helps. I am on to about 8-10 glasses of liquid a day. It is actually most soothing to drink than to let it go dry. I am approaching (or what I believe) the peak of my pin. Today is the last day of my steroids. I have not switched to oxy yet and have been continuing the hydro/Tylenol and ibuprofen mix which I saw huge help. A lot of people told me to stop taking ibuprofen but my Dr stated that is the best to take and there are no studies to find post op bleeding by taking ibuprofen. I noticed the second I stopped and the second I started. Good luck to the rest of you on this “journey” good days ahead and also a life time with No tonsils!

    1. Hoping you are feeling better!!! I just posted my experience as a reply to yours. Had my surgery on 2/26. Hoping you’re enjoying some nice treats by now…. 😉

  194. Hello, I had the tonsillectomy, deviated septum, tabulators reduction procedures all done at once on Wednesday January 25, 2016. I was in prayer, asking GOD to help me, and this is what I believe came back as an answer. Think I have found the key to a quick and pain free recovery. Right after surgery I had about 8-cups of ice cold water. After going home the same day I had noodles and toast. When I say this, it may be hard for some to believe, but the ice cold water and toast in combination worked a miracle.
    I done this three times a day alternating between oat meal and noodles. Once the toast hits the back of my throat, I got relief from the pain. On the third day, I was up and going with little pain. When ever pain would come, I would eat and drink ice cold water. I took the antibiotic prescribed by the Doctor. People I’m telling you, drinking the ice cold water right after surgery and eating non-buttered toast is something I can’t explain but it worked wonders for me. Only off from work for a week, being that I work in the heavy construction industry. I could feel the scabs after 4 days, slight irritation, but if you force yourself to eat the toast and ice cold water, you will get instant relief.

  195. Day 1 of recovery. Is it common for your whole body to feel sore and weak? I’m not in much pain and I am currently only taking ibuprofen and Tylenol (and of course a steroid)
    I can’t decide if it is because I had to sleep sitting up or not? When I woke up in recovery my neck was o sore, it’s like they beat the shit out of me while removing the tonsils.

  196. Day 1 of recovery. Is it common for your whole body to feel sore and weak? I’m not in much pain and I am currently only taking ibuprofen and Tylenol (and of course a steroid)
    I can’t decide if it is because I had to sleep sitting up or not? When I woke up in recovery my neck was o sore, it’s like they beat the shit out of me while removing the tonsils.

  197. I am 36 and on Day 6 of tonsillectomy recovery. I had the “cold method” done. I have had an incredible recovery!!! I am so glad I didn’t chicken out getting this done (my reasons were cryptic tonsils that were causing tonsil stones which were causing a constant unpleasant taste in my mouth). Apparently it’s difficult to find a doctor who does the method I had done, because it’s a little old school. My doctor is Dr. James Ross, he is a head and neck surgeon (ENT) at Duke University, and he has performed thousands of tonsillectomies. I say this bc I know without a doubt that it was his method and technique that has given me such a positive recovery. Dr. Ross uses cold to control the bleeding during surgery, and he cuts the tonsils away with just a plain ol’ scalpel. He then “spot-welds” to cauterize any individual blood vessels that are bleeding. He will use a few stitches, but only if he was faced with increased bleeding that forced him to use too much cauterization. Dr. Ross has been around a long time and he said the more he cauterizes the more painful the recovery will be. This is why he does a procedure that is a little longer in the OR, but his method does not destroy any unnecessary tissue either. I take it he is not a fan of thermal-welding or coblation for those reasons. So, with that said the first thing in your recovery is knowing what procedure you are having done bc that will set the whole stage for how you will live your days post-op. Day 1, immediately after surgery was the worst for me bc as the throat numbness wore off the pain was bad! But as soon as I got my pain meds right a few hours later, it was smooth sailing. I was on oxycodone and I never took it on an as-needed basis… stay ahead of the pain! Day 1-3 I took 10ml every 4hrs and then gradually started cutting back to 5ml and then 2.5ml and adding a Tylenol in every 4 hours. One thing I wish I did immediately was add a stool softener in with the narcotics. I figured that out on Day 2… the narcotics really make your bowels fall asleep! As for eating, I had very little food restrictions so I pushed myself to eat immediately and I’m glad I did! It really helps the healing process! I had mac and cheese, meatloaf, chicken pot pie, soup, pancakes… I mean if I could handle it, I ate it. Not too hot, though… just luke warm. I had no problem with dairy… I ate yogurt and ice cream. Yogurt is an excellent source of protein and probiotics so it’s a really good food choice if you can handle it! Raspberry fat-free sherbert was still my favorite thing to eat, though! I also got bags of ice chips from Sonic bc you can get pellet ice there. For the first 4 days if I wasn’t drinking ice cold water, I was sucking on ice. I had a humidifier blowing right in my face when I slept, and for the first few days I set alarms to wake every 2 hours to drink water and every 4 hours for pain meds. Day 6 now and I slept great last night… my throat stung a little when it would get dry so I drank water each time I woke, but only really got up for pain meds. I’m telling ya…. stay ahead of the pain!! Another thing to mention is that with my procedure, I have very little chance of post-op bleeding. The thin white healing tissue that forms over the incisions have looked healthy and just totally white from Day 1, none of this black mess in my throat you see from patients who have doctors who remove tonsils with lasers and heat. I’m so glad I got this done! Not every tonsillectomy recovery story is a nightmare! Feel free to email me if you want more info about my recovery or my doctor. I would recommend my doctor and his technique to anyone! And one final thing… I am married with three small kids (youngest being 7 months). I had no problem talking or even getting up out of bed to spend time with my kids. Actually on Day 5 I felt so good I had to force myself to not overdo it. My mom came in for 2 weeks to help, and my husband took 3 days off work. That’s huge… don’t go at this by yourself. You need rest and help, be sure you have someone to help! Good luck to all!!!

  198. Hi everyone!

    Its been 4 weeks (sorry for the late post) but i’m reading all these comments and just want to tell you all its so so so worth it!
    ok, if i drink a drink too fast it goes up my nose, but it becomes a bit of a thrill and then you get used to not drinking liquids too fast! But other than that i’m completely fine! I came off my meds completely on day 10 but felt fine on about day 7/8. (still slight pain on days 8/9/10)

    1. Bags of ice on my throat was the best pain relief ever!
    2. My worst day had to be day 5, from then on it got easier. Though, reading some peoples stories i think i had it a lot easier that some!
    3. Give your meds 30 mins to kick in and then eat, its so much easier when the pain meds are just kicking in!
    4. Mornings are horrible and this is where i was in the most pain, so have a drink and your meds near you to take for as soon as you wake up!
    5. Eat rough foods like toast, chicken nuggets… anything as soon as possible! This helped me recover so much quicker as i didn’t have to ‘learn’ to eat again, and it keeps the scabs and mucky stuff in your throat to a minimum!

    I didn’t end up going to my follow up appointment as i was swamped in work but i knew that if anything went wrong i’d go see my doctor… but everything is fine and i feel great! Looking back, though it didn’t feel it at the time, the 2 weeks went by so fast!

    Good luck to everyone!
    Be brave its worth it!

    Katie C x

  199. Ok I’m on day 18. Doctor told me there was an infection during surgery so my recovery will take longer than normal cuz of more scar tissue. (Can’t really eat textured food feels like sand paper in my throat.) now I’m finding my food doesn’t have any taste Coke cola bitter taste…most foods have no flavour or a bitter taste…. Has anyone had this issue?

  200. My girlfriend had her tonsils removed in Septemver 2014. It is now January 2016. She noticed that she now struggles to eat and drink things she previously did. She can no longer drink her favourite kind of tea as she feels it tastes like gas, like a gas leak maybe kind of metallic. She also used to love mango, juice mainly, she finds it now burns her mouth. She also has this problem with curry and spicier food like Nando’s, no longer being able to cope with the level of spice as before. Toothpaste also burns her throat. Has anyone else experienced similar? She had swelling of her tongue after the operation for several weeks, we think this may have something to do with it but were wondering if anyone else has had the same problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. I had my surgery 7 months ago and my taste buds are still shot. It is hard to taste the flavor of most foods. I used to love avocado and banana, but since I can’t really taste the flavor, I no longer enjoy these foods because of the texture. If I eat something VERY sweet or salty, a mild flavor comes through. My throat is constantly dry and it becomes hard to talk as water does not help. I have difficulty eating and drinking at times as well. I never snored pre-surgery but now will snore at times and sometimes a sudden loud snore that it wakes me up. Looking back, I’m not sure that I would have done the surgery.

      1. I’m 3 months in and my taste buds are shot too… My doc said 3 -4 months but I have heard from others closer to a year… I find though if I eat really spicy food I taste the food it has flavour… Jalapeños has become my friend for certain foods

  201. Hi I’m Maddie and I’m 17,

    First, I got my tonsils out on 1-20-16 and it is currently 1-25-16. Since I had surgery in the morning and threw up for 6 hours in post-op, do I consider that a day of recovery? If so, I’m finishing my 6th full day and I don’t see a light. Just nonstop tears, ice packs, and weak medicine. I can’t take it and I need encouragement please!!! Anything helps!!!

    1. Hi Maddie- sorry you’re having such a tough time. Many others, me included, have been right where you are. It will get better. Keep drinking liquids, take your meds on time (even if you have to set an alarm clock!) sleep propped up- like in a recliner, run a humidifier. If your ears start hurting, chew gum and apply a warm compress.

      Hang in there sweetheart- This is temporary!!!!

    2. I feel your pain Maddie, I’m 13 days and still not able to eat anything without it getting caught in my throat. I find crushing the meds worked better for me and faster than trying to swallow it whole. I just stuck with water and ice tea seem to help. I also made my own apple sauce. It gets better. Slowly but surely. I don’t know what meds you are on but I found mine worked wonders last night was the 1st night I slept through till morning…I couldn’t eat ice cream or Popsicle they all hurt. Try smoothies with no seeds. That helps for a bit. But coconut water without pulp or jelly is really good for you, keeps you hydrated.

    3. Hi Maddie,

      I’m on day 10. It will get better. I survived off of ice chips. I put cold packs on my throat and had ice chips constantly. Do your best to distract yourself. Make sure to stay hydrated. I had to be tricky about this by taking my medicine and then waiting 20 minutes for it to sink in and then chugging as much water as I could stand before the pain got too intense again. Hang in there. This too shall pass.

    4. I am on day 7 post op, and woke up at 3:30am thinking .. Omg I didn’t think pain could be worse then the prior days, but it was. I finally got pain meds down by 5:00am and woke up at 10:00, the day went on and I had overall improvement and today was the second day I could get any kind of broth or food down.

    5. You will get through it! You are young and will recover. You have to stay positive and keep yourself distracted. Keep your head up!

  202. I am on Day 4 of getting my tonsils removed. First 2 days weren’t too bad, outside of the swallowing pain which I had the tylenol + codeine for, plus cepacol tablets. Spent the days doped up on the couch in front of Netflix & Hulu. Yesterday and today have gotten worse, today I woke up with horrible nausea and a bad headache. I was also filled with phlegm which has no place to go so I just hung my head over the sink for a bit. Pain was so bad I started crying, and then of course the phlegm gets worse and I can’t even blow my nose without it hurting. Blah!

    For food, I’m mostly doing juice, gatorade, applesauce, popsicles. I’ve been trying yogurt and pudding, but the dairy is giving me mucus so I’m cutting back on that. I tried mashed potatoes and bread soaked in broth, but it would get stuck in my tonsil holes, which was very uncomfortable, so I gave that up. I’m going to try an avocado today, mashing it up until it is soft enough to swallow.I am fantasizing about the day I am well enough to eat pizza again!

  203. Hi guys ….. I had my tonsillectomy on the 6/1/16 …… Mine has been just over 2 weeks now …… Upto day 3 I was fine … I ate fine . Rough foods … After that was horrible . Felt like my head was going to explode !! Ache in the neck ,ear ache throat pain headaches was horrible ….. This settled ….. As I said been over 2 weeks now although I feel better I’m still finding it hard to swallow and still on meds too … Codine . Antibiotics . Ibuprofen ….. I’m still sore and eating is not good feels like I have a golf ball in there ….

  204. On Day 7 and good God the pain keeps rolling thru. This morning I had to pinch my leg just to tolerate being able to take the pain medication. I hope this is a sign that my scabs are coming off and healing because I don’t know how much more I can endure.

    Today I have my post op appt and will have the tubes in my nose removed (I had my deviated septum repaired and turbines shaved down) so hopefully that will be one plus for today.

    Hope everyone else is getting through this as best they can.

    I’m so appreciative of this website.

  205. I had my Tonsillectomy on Jan 6th 2016. I am 62 years old and knew it was going to be a painful process. I wasn’t wrong. What I was not prepared for is the actual severity of the pain which makes you panic as it is truly shocking. I also developed an infection by day 9 and received liquid antibiotics and morphine. Now on day 13, I am feeling much improved and can see the finish line now. You just need to hang in there as nothing will prevent this hideous ordeal but it will heal and the pain will lessen. Not an operation for the faint hearted.

  206. I had my surgery done on January 14 2016 and I have to say I am in severe pain. I have been having a severe stiff neck a migraine and of course throat pain. I’ve been keeping hydrated and taking my pain meds but it doesn’t seem to want to work. I am also having problems swallowing. Even milk shakes give me problems

    1. You’re not alone, I had my Opp 3 days ago and I’m in hell. The pain is intense and just taking the pain killers is an ordeal, I’ve found it best to just try swallow them without any fluid. The fluid tends to come out of my nose. Also, I have a really bad taste in my mouth and really pungent breath, it’s horrible. I’ve been gargling with anti sceptic mouth wash but this has not helped. I haven’t eaten anything worth mentioning. I think if I’d known the pain was going to be so acute I would have thought much harder about this opp and just put up with my sleep apnea and the horrible CPAP machine.

      1. Hello Keith,

        Hang in there!!

        My 21 year old son is on his 17th post op day and doing GREAT! He had his tonsillectomy due to sleep apnea with obstructive breathing. He now sleeps so peaceful. At times I swear I have to stand over him to make sure he is breathing while he sleeps because of the fact the operations worked, and now he is getting sound sleep!! So all in all…hang in there, what you are going through will all be worth it in the end.
        Wishes for a fast recovery!!

    1. Hello Keith,

      Hang in there!!

      My 21 year old son is on his 17th post op day and doing GREAT! He had his tonsillectomy due to sleep apnea with obstructive breathing. He now sleeps so peaceful. At times I swear I have to stand over him to make sure he is breathing while he sleeps because of the fact the operations worked, and now he is getting sound sleep!! So all in all…hang in there, what you are going through will all be worth it in the end.
      Wishes for a fast recovery!!

  207. Hi everyone!

    Currently finishing recovery day 7! I feel a lot better than i thought i would at this point. Its been tough but I’m surprised how little fatigue I’ve had. I assumed i’d be couped up in bed for days on end but I’ve been getting along quite fine.

    I think part of a scab has fallen off in the past few hours as there is a sting like a paper cut in the back of my throat but nothing major. I think I’ve had the good side of the recoveries based on other peoples stories so i am blessed.
    I think what helped was i was drinking water as soon as i woke from surgery and i was eating solid foods like sandwiches just a few hours later. I have eaten mushy food such as angel delight and jelly but yesterday i was eating breaded chicken nuggets which were really corse and toast nearly every day.

    Ive had a humidifier on every night and apart from making the side of my bed a bit damp i think its really helped!
    Also had a sing song in my car today, made my throat tight but i think it actually stretched it a bit as my throat feels a lot better! Only been on paracetamol and ibuprofen and survived.

    Eat rough foods!!!!!!!!

    Love Katie x

    1. Katie,
      Glad you’re doing so well! Woo hoo! A lot of stuff I’ve read said that you should only eat soft foods, but the people who eat “real” food seem to do really well? When did you starting eating real food and did your doctor suggest it? Also, was your surgery technique coblation or traditional? Thanks!

      1. Hi Marielle,
        I’m from the UK and our doctors tell us to eat solid foods as soon as you can! I was eating a sandwich and salad before I got discharged from hospital the same day and eat normal since then:-) in the US I think they tell you to eat soft foods, but stuff like toast has really helped! I don’t know what the proper name for it is but its when they burn them off using a hot instrument.
        If you haven’t had your tonsils out yet good luck but it is totally worth it!
        Katie xx

  208. Hi, everyone. I’m grateful to have found this site. I’ve been suffering with chronic tonsillitis for 25 years. I am also a singer, so have delayed surgery for fear that my voice may change. However, the ENT assures me that the time has come to get rid of these bad boys. She is also confident that she can preserve my voice, if not improve it. One question, can anyone tell me which technique was used on them and the outcome, pain level, hemorrhage rate? I’ve read some literature that suggests that COBLATION might be the best option. Anyone? Thank you in advance for your help and support.

    1. Good morning Marielle,

      My son 21 is on day 8 post op (surgery date 1/7). Although not completely a walk in the park, my son has had a pretty good out come during his recovery in comparison to some of the stories I’ve read on this site. We just went to his 1week post op visit with his ENT yesterday, and to our surprise he told us that my sons scabs were 40 to 50% dissolved already
      (and here we were wondering when scabbing was going to begin, as I read it was painful)! He ate his first cheeseburger yesterday.. hooray! He had no bleeding durring/after surgery either. And no blood, blood clots on his scabs as of yesterday’s check up. He is not out of the woods just yet (one week to go), but we are very hopeful that he will continue to heal nicely without complications. Coblation is the technique used by the ENT on my son for his tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy.
      Hope this helps.

      Good luck, and prayers for a great outcome!

  209. Hi again!

    Nearly finished day 3 and all i can think about is how much worse its going to get now! I’ll admit that the last few days haven’t been what i expected but they have been painful!
    Waking up in morning has to be the thing i dread the most, i really do fear it the night before. This is the only part of the day i can not handle, so please be prepared! Ice and meds at the ready!
    I can not stress how helpful using an ice bag has been, i feel it has been more effective at times than the meds, and it has made swallowing a doddle for about an hour at a time!
    I live in the UK and my doctors told me that i have to eat rough foods i.e toast, biscuits, regular food as it will keep the build up of tissue down and will help stop the scabs from healing over everything too much. I know in the US they tell you to eat soft foods but i recommend trying our method! Ive been eating normal foods since day one, and although it hurts to swallow i know that it is helping speed the recovery up by staring it on day 1 than day 7!

    Dreading days 4-7 now! here we go…

    Katie x

    1. Good luck Katie! – sucking on crushed ice really helps too. You could also try a hot water bottle from about day 9 onwards – it helped me relax my throat/get more sleep when I slept on mine. Might not help while everything is still really swollen though.

    2. Set an alarm to get up and rotate your ice packs, hydrate with water or ice throughout the night, rinse your mouth with cool water, and don’t wait to take your pain meds! My doctor added liquid Tylenol to get me through as my pain was high two hours after taking my liquid hydrocodone. Don’t be afraid to ask for whatever helps you get through these days ahead! You will get through it trust me, I just made my two week point recently and thought I never would! The pain will increase but if you push hydration it really helps! I struggled at night and in the mornings because it’s all easier said than done! Saying a prayer of strength for you!

    3. Hi Katie, I’m in UK too and have hardly eaten anything since my Opp 3 days ago, the thought of a piece of toast passing down my throat is just too horrific to even consider. I can’t imagine ever being able to eat normally again. The hospital gave me an egg mayo sandwich after surgery which I ate but I think I was so drugged up it was ok. I tried to eat the same yesterday and couldn’t get past the first bite!

      1. Hi Keith!
        I hope you’re getting through it! I’ve just hit day 14 and I’m completely back to normal now! Off my meds 2 days ago!
        What helped me to eat was having my meds and then waiting about half an hour for them to kick in, it was a struggle and I went through stages of just not wanting to eat, ice helps before eating to as everything gets so cold you don’t feel it! I ate the tiniest bites and followed each mouthful with a sip of water to help it go down a bit better!

        Good luck!
        Katie C xx

  210. I’m 39, and had my surgery on 12/29/15. The key is lots of fluids (and ice chips) but I know it’s easier said than done (swallowing felt like razor blades in my throat). Even when it feels impossible, you have to force fluids. I pushed additional fluids with each liquid pain dose.

    Helpful tools for me were a cool mist humidifier, multiple ice packs to rotate through the day and at night on your throat, propping up on pillows to stay elevated, staying on top of pain meds and keeping a journal of the times as it was easy to feel like you need more before the next dose, my mom stayed with me the first two nights and then visited daily for a few hours to help me get through the worst days when I felt like giving up. I also had two steroid injections the first week due to the uvula inflammation which was making me feel like I couldn’t breathe. It helped a lot to reduce swelling/pain.

    I preferred cold items mostly fluids through week one, and a mix of cold and warm week two. I ate things like jello, applesauce, cup of soup chicken noodle with crushed club crackers in the wet soup, noodles, puréed chicken (week 2), Hawaiian sweet rolls, popsicles, smoothies, sherbet, crushed ice, apple juice, Gatorade, water. I also starting experiencing weird taste buds week two and some things tasted “like poison” to me. I’m still having taste issues.

    I set my alarm each night to hydrate every couple hours and take my pain meds when due as the nights and the mornings were the hardest times to get through. I woke up crying I think on day 4 saying I can’t do this anymore as things were getting worse when I thought I should feel better! That’s the key is that it gets worse at day 3-9 and then you start to see improvement or the “light at the end of the tunnel” as I referred to. I had my mom stay with me the first two nights but found that days 3-9 were harder than 1-2 for me and everything got worse before it got better. I suggest having someone available to help as I also didn’t drive while on narcotics and don’t suggest it as it’s careless!

    I’m down 13.5 pounds and still recovering with pain like one of my worst strep infections, strong ear pain and very tired/weak. It hurts to talk for more than 10 minutes without my throat feeling dry or hoarse. It hurts so bad to yawn!!! I’m just now starting to eat things other than soup, but the soft foods still are comfortable with fluids. I had a very hard time on day 3-9 and then things starting improving but were still hard on me. I highly recommend taking a stool softener or something similar as constipation was an issue due to pain meds and I had a hard time getting normal after I stopped my pain meds recently. Trust me!

    I think some people underestimate the recovery/healing or they aren’t prepared for this type of surgery. You say you’re having a tonsillectomy and everyone thinks it’s rest and ice cream but that’s so far off base!!! Luckily, I had a friend that had the surgery last summer and she didn’t sugar coat anything. I’m thankful I was somewhat prepared for the worst.

    I also had to request a refill of my liquid hydrocodone on 1/4/16 (day 7) which was a nightmare due to all the regulations with narcotics.

    TIP: Don’t wait till you are almost out as the pharmacy requires a paper RX and these meds cannot be called in by your doctor!! I was afraid of running out and was taking it every 4 hours along with hydrating. I’ve had many different surgeries and never required pain meds that much so this was definately the worst pain I’ve experienced. I requested a few more days off as I’m still feeling bad and there are too many people out in public sick with cold/flu germs. Our immune systems are compromised after surgery/healing and I cannot afford to get sick on top of everything else.

    I hope this helps prepare someone or feel they are not alone in this surgery. We all heal differently so there may be that one person that recovers fast or opts to not take pain meds. If so, kudos to you but that’s not the norm on this particular recovery and it’s best to be prepared than not. Best of luck to everyone!!!

  211. Hi everyone. I’m 21 and had my tonsillectomy on the 4th. I’m having my ups and downs. Good days and bad so far. But right now the most painful part for me is the sores on my tongue, my jaw, and my ears. I’m still not able to open my mouth all the way. I was just wondering/hoping there was some advice on what to do about the sore tongue and getting your mouth to open. Thanks!

    1. Hi Mia,
      My son also 21 had his surgery on 1/7/16. Having the same issues you have described. Just wondering how you are doing now, and do you have any tips in regards to the swollen, sore tongue? You are 3 days ahead of my son, so I’m crossing my fingers that I hear back from you with a positive update on your recovery.

  212. Hi all,

    I had my tonsils out on the 5th Jan, and honestly thought the recovery process would be pretty straight forward……. How I was so wrong!

    The first 3 days were okay, and I was eating pretty normal foods! However the 4th day was terrible, barely slept – woke up in serious pain and feeling like I could not drink water or take any tablets. The DR was supposed to give me liquid pain relief, but I got sent home with tablet form paracetamol and ibuprofen. I’m on the 6th day at the moment and only slept 2 hours last night! I literally feel like I can’t do anything right now, so I am hoping that the pain starts to ease in the coming days.No scabs are yet to come off.

    In terms or making things easier, it’s a case of drinking as much as you can and trying to keep on top of the meds. But the pain is often unbearable. From what I have read, it seems like the recovery process is around 2 weeks.

    Good luck!

  213. Hello to anyone who has scrolled down this far!
    Im Katie, 20 and from the UK.

    I had my tonsillectomy done today at about 12pm and its now 9pm. Before i go into details about my day, i feel fine! i expect there to be a lot of pain in the coming days but today…the only pain i have is from my uvula (dangly thing) as its about 10 times the size! other than that…no pain!

    After reading all these horror stories i had worked myself up into such a panic when they were about the put me to sleep i was about to scream and back out. If you have a crazy fear of needles like me, tell them, they put numbing cream on my hands about an hour before which helped a lot, as it didn’t feel like they were doing anything when they put it in! I woke up in recovery and after my checks and obvs i went back up to my room where i was eager for a drink! whilst being in there i had drank 4 cups of water (small sips at a time), a whole chicken sandwich and some orange jelly (jell-o for the US). The jelly stung a little as it was citrus but it wasn’t much and it felt so good to eat something!

    I’m now at home and I’ve had some noodle soup and a whole pizza! (greedy i know!) I’m just so hungry today, it really takes it out of you! I’m talking funny and it aches a little to swallow but its just like having tonsillitis at the moment! As soon as i got home i had an ice bag on my throat which i think helped a lot, and my drink of water hasn’t left my hand yet! I hope it doesn’t get much worse than this but I’m doubtful!

    Im currently on 2 lots of antibiotics, paracetamol and ibuprofen, these seen to be working…for now!
    I hope you all have a good first day like I’ve had and ill keep you posted in the coming days hopefully!



    1. Hi Katie and welcome!
      Do you think it would be better to have the most recent comments on top?

      It sounds like you are in what I call, “the honeymoon.” Watch out- it does get a bit more painful. Stay on top of meds and hydration. We’ll be here for you. Best of luck!

  214. I’m a 30 year old male and had surgery Dec. 31. Today marks day 9 for me and I knew this would be a painful and long recovery but I didn’t expect the pain to worsen as the days passed and I suppose that’s what caught me off guard. The first five days really were not too bad for me however, since then each day the pain has gotten worse and I’ve been sleeping less and less. Last night was by far my worst night. On the bright side my throat is looking much better and I’m starting to see pink behind the white scab. I’m hoping either tonight or tomorrow will be my turn around.

    My advice to others who are just starting their recovery or thinking about having their tonsils removed is first of all, make sure you really need them removed. I have battled with chronic tonsillitis, strep throat and a variety of other illnesses for the last 6 years and my ENT suggested surgery. The recovery from this surgery is shockingly awful and lengthy. Make sure you have a good ENT who will be available if and when you need to contact them with any issues after surgery. Take your pain meds as directed and ensure you have enough to last you several weeks. Try your best to eat something before or after you take your pain meds too. The last thing you want to do is vomit because the pain meds made you sick. Drink tons of ice water and munch on ice chips as much as possible. Expect to be off work and unable to perform nearly anything for at least two weeks. Like I said, today is day 9 for me and is my worst day (pain wise) so far. Be sure you have someone who can be around to take care of you. Flying solo for this recovery is not an option. The biggest thing is just being aware of what you can expect during recovery and having your mind and environment prepared for it. Netflix, HBO Series and movies are great for passing the days.

    1. Update:

      Well like I said yesterday was day 9 for me. In the evening I experienced my first bleeding incident. I immediately applied ice packets to back and side of my neck then gargled with ice water which stop the bleeding pretty quickly. Over night I rotated ice packs and since then I’ve had no further bleeding. Pain in my throat feels like there are obstructions like shards of metal sticking out. Pain is getting more manageable though and less pain meds are needed. Hopefully tomorrow (day 11) I will continue to feel better.

    1. Yes- There may be exceptions, but just about everyone I’ve known of had their voice return to normal- even professional singers. Best of health to you!

  215. I had surgery 12/23 and I am 38 yrs old, 2 children, 8 and 15…this is the most miserable experience of my life. I’ve given birth twice naturally, tri-male or fracture of left ankle, other surgeries….NOTHING prepared me for this!!

    1. It gets better! I am on day 13 and have minimal pain. Only had to take one dose of pain meds and ate pasta, you’ll be at this same spot soon. I had my surgery two days before you, so you don’t have much longer to go until you’re feeling better. It will turn around, just focus on the fact that soon enough you WILL feel much better!

      1. Hi- hemmorage this morning and back to surgery! Ugh cried entire time and almost choked on clots- lost about 1/2 liter of blood. Back to drawing board:(

        1. I understand how you feel, I also had post op bleeding multiple times and had to spend Christmas Eve, Christmas, and the day after Christmas in the hospital. Most crucial tips for no more bleeding- don’t cough or clear your throat, and only eat soft foods and liquids. Also, try to sleep upright and have a humidifier nearby. Rest your voice as much as possible. Stay positive, it helps. It’ll be over before you know it. My doctor told me that around day 11, I would have a turn around and would be able to significantly feel the recovery process happening, which was true. You’ll get there soon.

  216. I am now post op of 8days and I have never been in so much pain!!
    I got my op on the 12/23 and had the worst experience ever whilst still in hospital as i started bleeding an also when i coughed a lot of blood clots were coming up,ended up having blood tests done to see what was causing the blood clots & still no outcome!!!
    I was given paracetomal & ibuprofen liquid along with codeine tablets 4 the pain and when I went back to see the doctor today I was given more liquid & tramadol for the pain
    The pain I have had in my ears & jaw are so unbearable an brings you close to tears and it’s hard when trying to deal with a 7yr old when you are in pain just doesn’t work as the child doesn’t understand what your going through

  217. Thank Gd the stomach pain I was experiencing has mitigated and I can attempt to eat. My uvula is also not as swollen which helps with the pain in my throat. Every now and then I get pain in my throat like shards of glass and pain in my ears like they are being stabbed and are bleeding. From what I read on here I have been using a hot water bottle as a hot compress for that and it is really soothing. The worst part now though is the terrible taste in the back of my mouth- nothing I do can get rid of it and it is making me nauseous. I just wish I knew how much longer this will be so I could count down and not up indefinitely!!

  218. I’m 18 I had my tonsilectomy 6 days ago, I’m in some of the worst pain I have ever experienced. Nothing is fully getting the pain down. I can’t hardly eat anything, I feel like giving up. Everything hurts, my jaw, ears, teeth, just everything. Please tell me something that is going to help.. Please.

    1. First off I really hope your husbands not that much of a jerk. You’re not doing this to yourself at all. I’m 28 and had my tonsils out 12/18. The pain is life consuming. Mentally, emotionally and physically draining. On 12/6 I started bleeding because my scabs were falling off. Im told by every nurse in my life and Google that was normal. What want normal was that about 24hrs later I started bleeding again and it was constant for 3.5hrs. I was dragged to the ER crying and fighting because I knew I needed surgery again. Its been 2 full days since being cauterized again and I feel like death again. 12days of a liquid diet. I sleep all day and night. On Christmas I tried to help cook and then passed out for a 3hr nap because making cookies was that draining. Just try ice packs on your neck and cheeks, warm not hot chicken broth, the naked smoothie drinks, liquid Tylenol in between pain killers. And just rest. Your husband needs to know this is a serious surgery not like getting a knees replaced and the more you love the faster you heal. I’m also a nurse so I know these things. Good luck recovering!

  219. I’m 39 and had my tonsillectomy on 12/22. Yes, Christmas did not exist for me, nor have the other 7 days. Tomorrow will be day 8 and I’m keeping a journal because nothing could have prepared me for how bad this recovery is. I slept for 6 hours last night and woke up at a 12 for pain. Day 3 was by far the worst when my uvula swelled to 4x its size and was blocking my airway. Gasping for air did not promote swallowing. Didn’t eat from day 2 thru day 4 and until day 5 when I ran out of Tylenol w codeine and my husband found one of my many prescriptions for sore throat pain – hydrocodone, I couldn’t get the pain under control. When I could finally open my mouth wide enough, saw that the dr cut my uvula. I can see it is now smaller, but it feels like I have ulcers lining my throat and every sip, hot or cold is like a spike in my throat.

    Every time I sleep, I wake up in agony. Every time I take medicine, I am in agony. I haven’t uttered a word since the recovery room and believe me, that’s the hardest part w a 5 & 8 year old on Xmas especially. All I want is for this pain to end. I can’t see it in sight. My ears and my head just throb all day and night. I was sleeping in a recliner, but the arms are wooden and my elbows needed a break, so I moved to the couch to try to remain upright. I’m guessing that the scabs are falling off, though how can you tell? More raw redness than before? I have definitely spit out some weird stuff too and feel like I have an excess of yucky saliva. I haven’t found the humidifier to be helpful either, no matter how much I leave it on. I’m always nauseous and don’t want to use a stool softener even tho I’ve only gone once since the surgery and that was 3 days ago. Afraid it will make it worse when the antibiotics side effects kick in – and they always do. My husband thinks I am doing this to myself by not getting off the recliner and doing things. I honestly feel incapable of doing anything. Even the walk to the bathroom is much too far. Any positive advice? Thanks.

    1. First off I really hope your husbands not that much of a jerk. You’re not doing this to yourself at all. I’m 28 and had my tonsils out 12/18. The pain is life consuming. Mentally, emotionally and physically draining. On 12/6 I started bleeding because my scabs were falling off. Im told by every nurse in my life and Google that was normal. What want normal was that about 24hrs later I started bleeding again and it was constant for 3.5hrs. I was dragged to the ER crying and fighting because I knew I needed surgery again. Its been 2 full days since being cauterized again and I feel like death again. 12days of a liquid diet. I sleep all day and night. On Christmas I tried to help cook and then passed out for a 3hr nap because making cookies was that draining. Just try ice packs on your neck and cheeks, warm not hot chicken broth, the naked smoothie drinks, liquid Tylenol in between pain killers. And just rest. Your husband needs to know this is a serious surgery not like getting a knees replaced and the more you love the faster you heal. I’m also a nurse so I know these things. Good luck recovering!

  220. Got my tonsils out Wednesday 12/23. Been doing the non narcotic route as I don’t wanna deal with all the side effects. Just been taking Tylenol and Advil as needed. First few days were ok. Pain is the worst when it hurts In the ears but from reading on here I’ve been using a hot water bottle. Yesterday I got some stomach bug and it hurt and i was scared to move- I didn’t want to throw up. Now I barely ate or drank anything and am really hungry. I think the pain is getting worse. I hate just lying around all day, I just want this to be over already!

    1. I definitely understand what you are going through. I am only seven days post-op. the pain does get a little bit worse but it has made a great turn for me around the sixth day. its like having bad strep throat. make sure you stay ahead of it and make sure you follow your doctors instructions. for the first four days i took the narcotics as directed. it really made a difference. after the fourth day i stopped using them because i didnt want to feel dopey all the time. Extra Strength Tylenol is all i use now and i dont take it that often. I want to this to be over soon as well but good things comes to those who wait. I’m pulling for you.

  221. 27 years old and in college. Feeling very depressed and hopeless. Surgery was December 21st. It was uncomfortable for the first day or two but then I felt like I was suicidial thereafter. Thankfully my mom has been with me this whole time but I was honest with her. The pain was sssoo bad on day 3 that I would have easily taken more pain meds than I needed in order to stop the pain. I think this was also the time I realized what I had actually done by choosing this surgery. I did this to myself. I chose to be uncomfortable and suffer pain in order to get better and no matter how hard I could try, it was irreverisible. There is no going back and I’m stuck with this pain. That was a very low moment for me. I cried sssooo hard for like 15 mins. I havent cried that hard since my grandma passed. During this episode, blood rushes to the head causing even more pain and more tears. After a very long prayer for inner peace, i regained my composer. In addition my mom started crying because she could see how much pain I was in but couldnt do much about it and she was already doing alot. Shes a saint! I understand and I know that things will be better in a few days. I know it will be worth it. I hear you but its not helping me through today. What can help me through the next afternoon or the next hour? Im eating ice chips constantly, drinking fluids, being mobile at a minimum, etc. Im looking at all the possible online forums for tips and advice to help. Is there any more I can do? To make matters worse my mom has to go back home now, in another state. The doctor says i cant leave town for two weeks but i have no family in this state and all my friends are gone for the holidays. Im alone. Should i leave with my mom or stay here alone for the remainder of my recovery?

    1. I’m so sorry. I’ve been where you are. I was actually alone through my whole recovery. One thing I can recommend is to try to move your focus from yourself. Hard to do- I know. Sitting and thinking about how painful it is makes it worse, and crying- Ow! that’s THE WORST. Plan little events. A movie at noon, a bath at 3pm, a walk around the block at 6pm…etc. It helps.
      Also try changing your attitude about where you are at. You said, “I realized what I had actually done by choosing this surgery. I did this to myself. I chose to be uncomfortable and suffer pain in order to get better..” this is true- try to focus on why you had it done, and the benefits you’ll enjoy by not having tonsils. I can tell you- my life has been MUCH better without them. 10 days of misery- yeah, but now I’ve enjoyed 8 years without strep, sleep apnea, tonsil stones, and frequent sore throats.

    2. reply #2: A COUPLE MORE THINGS: I gather that you are a person of faith. I didn’t really think of myself that way but I stumbled across something when I was at a low point in recovery- The Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual adoration. These women have held 24hr/prayer vigil for, geez, a century? They happen to be located a mile from my house- I know they are legit. Anyway, you can put in a request and they will pray for you for a week, I think. It gave me great comfort- I was even a little scared as the week came to an end. Here’s a link:

      It can’t hurt!

      Finally, please know that many, many others have been and currently are where you are at. I’ve read thousands of stories. I’m pulling for you. If you join us on Facebook, you can probably get more support- the people on my friend list have all been through it and are WONDERFUL. Send me a friend request if you like:

      I wish you comfort and peace.

      Greg- Webmaster

    3. I had my surgery in my 40s and understand fully what you are going through! It does get better and in the end it is so worth it! It has been 3 years for me now (i think) and the best thing I found was the support of Greg and his friends on facebook! If you write what you are going through – someone will respond … It is the best thing for recovery! Having support from those who understand!

      I found that having netflix and choosing a few new tv series to watch really helped pass the hours and days! Almost like taking you somewhere else – for a short time!

      I wish you peace while you heal and just remember – this too shall pass! All the best!

  222. I had my tonsillectomy on the 17 and had a trip planned for christmas on the 27 to Indiana, wow I never knew what a horrible mistake I had made.
    Surgery went well came back home and was able to eat some jello and fall a sleep but from that day on hell was unleashed in my throat I ended up crying myself to sleep in front of my family on the 6 day and felt depressed and anxious because of my pain medications, and on day 7 ended up bleeding so much I had to go to the ER and basically have the surgery again as a scab started bleeding like hell… After that I felt way better I am now on day 9 and I feel fine still not eating but I can now swallow and do normal things, had to cancel my trip because of my trip to the ER.
    When will I be able to eat solid foods my stomach wants a pizza but my throat wants jello

    1. I had mine out the 18th and had to go back for a 2nd surgery on the 27th. I feel better than I did the 1st surgery but the pain is still bad! I’m so hungry… I want a chicken chipotle burrito 🙁 but these naked smoothies are all I can handle now.

  223. Hi, my 5 year old daughter had her tonsils removed on 23rd Dec – she’s doing ok as I’m keeping on top of her meds but she’s barely eaten anything & im struggling to get her to drink much. My question is – her breath is really smelly – is this normal???

    Thanks for any advice

    1. Yes this is totally normal as the scabs and mucus and such have bad smell I was told by my doctor to not worry that after probably 2 weeks this smell and bad saliva will go away

  224. Hi everyone – I had my tonsils removed a year and a half ago at age 42, and I just wanted to say hang in there!! It is not an easy surgery, but it has been so worth it for me – I haven’t had a single sore throat since the surgery (after years of strep/tonsillitis/regular sore throats) and have been sick much less often overall. What helped me in the recovery were many of the tips I found here – shaved ice, gum, humidifier, setting alarm to take meds and drink water, etc. I got very tired of sweet stuff and found baked potatoes (overcooked) with salt to be a good meal as the days wore on. Good luck!!!

  225. Hi Paul. I know what you are going through. I had mine out 7 weeks ago. It will be rough for the first 10 to 12 days and I promise once you get to 11 days you turn the corner, it is amazing you wake up and you feel the difference. You are just at the beginning and day 7 and 9 were the most painful , from the throat though the jaw and most painful into the ear. Make sure you take your pain meds please you do NOT want to go through this without them. I was only given Panadol and volvast and thought I was dying . But there is light at the end of the tunnel I promise you. At the time you don’t think so but now I breathe better , don’t snore anymore and no more painful tonsillitis . I am a 40 year old male so I know what you going through. Drink water water water and grab sleep when you can it all aids in the healing . Get well soon and a Merry and Blessed Christmas

  226. I’m 16 and had my tonsils removed yesterday at a 9am surgery. Lots of pain today, can barely even swallow my liquid medicine. Forcibly and painfully had a cup of water, a cup of jello, and a Popsicle today. My mouth and throat are coated with thick mucus which combined with the pain is making it even harder to swallow, speak, or do anything with my mouth. I can’t grasp the thought that the pain will get a lot worse, especially because Christmas is in 3 days. If anyone has any tips, please let me know!!

    1. Hi Jill- sorry you’re having such a hard time- especially at Christmas. If you read through this site, you’ll find tons of tips. The biggies are, in my opinion, stay hydrated! run a humidifier, sleep propped up, take the pain meds on schedule- if you can, a little food before. It’s tough – I know, but it will be worth it! I’m hanging out by myself today- if you’d like, feel free to message me on Facebook.

    2. Hi jill merry Christmas: ) stay on time with meds, sleep upright, use humidifier, drink LOTS. jello jello lol, sherbet made me vomit 🙁 heating pad helped with my ear pain. It DOES get better! !!!

    3. Nell.
      Hi Jill. I got my tonsillectomy done on the 21st as well. Day 3 and 4 were the worse but im managing better now. At times when I get depressed about how much pain I still have to go through and how many more days I have, i find forums like these to help me syay encouraged that this will all be over soon

  227. I’m 23 and on day 8 of my recovery. I had bleeding and ended back up in ER in day 6. I got home yesterday and started losing my scabs. I now have WAY pain. But this worries me because the whole thing starts with barely any pain and then increases to a crazy amount of pain days 3-7. I’m actually hoping I’m on the upside of this finally! It’s been a long recovery, but I still think ill find it worth it later. Does anyone know if my pain will pick back up again, or is this it?!

  228. I’m a 32 year old female and on day (night) 4 post-op. I made the mistake of thinking I had gotten off easy because until today, my pain has been minimal. I still don’t have much throat pain but my ears are killing me. I’m taking my prescribed antibiotics, steroids, and Demerol right on time with an alarm, even in the middle of the night. I’m constantly drinking, mostly Gatorade and tea, and have eaten too many popcicles to count. I also have a humidifier right beside me and it seems to be helping with my throat. The throbbing ear pain is what I can’t seem to get relief from. I’ve tried gum and heating pads. I just got some Vicks so I’m crossing my fingers that will work a little.

  229. I’m on day 4 of my recovery and I feel like keeling over. The pain is in my ears and it’s giving me a headache on top of my throat pain. I’m afraid to run out of pain meds because my doctor won’t prescribe me anymore and I don’t have very many left either. I drink water regularly but swallowing is the worst task I have ever done.

  230. Hi, I’m female and 18 years old from the UK.

    My tonsillectomy recovery wasn’t all that bad, I’m currently on day 9 since operation date and I’m starting to feel a little bit more human.
    My surgery went fine, however I did swallow some blood so I was quite nauseous for a few hours and had to stay over night. The worst day of recovery for me was day 5, I woke up with severe ear pain, I couldn’t swallow or eat and couldn’t really drink anything and when I did try to swallow I felt like crying. I went to the doctors and they gave me stronger pain meds and anti-biotics (the hospital didn’t give me any medicine when they discharged me). Once the meds began to kick in then I felt much better, day 6 & 7 were pretty good and now I’m feeling a lot better.

    My advice to people would be to try to eat as normal as possible as I think this made my recovery easier, before day 5 I was trying to eat bread, biscuits and harder things even though it wasn’t pleasant.

    Just remember that it does get better, reading this forum helped me when I was feeling helpless.

  231. Hi,

    24 yr old female, UK.

    Had my tonsils out on Thursday 10th, so heading into day 7.

    Into the surgery room for 9, waking up by 11:30 and off to the day wards for recovery at17:00 (after being informed by the much amused staff that in my sleep I was doing yoga positions, responding with ‘mums the word’ when being guided back down!!) honestly, no idea. Was in a lot of pain but desperate to get home. Prescribed codeine 60mg 4 times daily in conjunction with 1g para and 50mg of tramadol for when things get messy (I react to anti-inflammatorys with anaphylaxis, fun).

    Had my tonsils out after 5 years of consistent tonsillitis and on rare occasions Quinsy. As a nurse, I hate taking time off and being ‘the patient’ so agreed to have them whipped out.

    Woke up the day after my surgery and just threw up for hours. Repeatedly tested myself in between sick spells to try and recover without needing a&e however was unable to in relation to a) throat bleeds commencing and b) the pain and inability to stay awake between being sick. Cut a long and quite unattractive story short, transpired I had managed to contract some nasty infections. Popped on IV antibiotic and fluids. Admission for 2 nights, stupidly painful however managed with morphine and the wonderful care that is our NHS.

    The pain has been consistently there. In the morning is the absolute worst, I advise to wake take pain relief, drink water and try to nap again. Primiary needs are a) rest b) fluid (preferably water) c) regular pain relief d) stay away from dairy and sugar during your recovery and d) breath slowly when you feel overwhelmed. Yes, you will intermittently cry, wonder why the hell you agreed to this and question if it really was worth it. However, what you will not be able to recall well during these times are the countless throat infections, pain, antibiotic use, exhaustion, tears, time off work, lack of sleep and everything else that comes with suffering from tonsillitis. That is why we have made this decision and it is and will evidently be the right one soon.

    Yes it hurts like hell and is unfathomable for people who haven’t experienced it. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

    Heading into day 7, and thinking of all the other people heading into day 7 also and how great we will all feel I’m 7 more days. There is nothing better than the feeling of recovery and noticing the pain slowing depleting.

    Take care

  232. Woke up in the middle of the night wanting to scream from the pain. Headed into day 5. Also the urge to spit is constant now. Are these little yellow flakes what people are calling scabs? Waiting for the Percocet to kick in. Feeling a little down and drained because haven’t had a good nights sleep in a week. In fact haven’t slept more than 4 hours at a time. Also realizing I haven’t had a bowel movement since last Wednesday. This worries me. Please wish me luck on getting back to sleep. I’m so tired.

  233. Hi! I had my Tonsillsectomy on December first! As everyone stated the first few days were ok, then it gradually increased, and finally the tears came! Day seven I cried for three hours. Actually i cried for three days straight. I feel ALOT better now…thank you God! So many cons that come with this! Thrush and losing all your strength. The constipation. I just started working out again and I’m happy for that. But before I did, the smallest activities would wipe me out! I’m slowly trying to resume a normal diet. Lost nine pounds and it shows. I still have a minor sore throat so I can ever really complete a meal. And things will still burn so im constantly drinking tons of water. Its so annoying because after all the agony from day 2- practically ten, it’s like can’t I magically be back to normal???!! It hasn’t been that long but I’m praying that by Christmas ill be good to go! You could not pay me to do this again😊😊😊😊😊😊!

  234. I had my tonsils out on November 24, 2015. I had them out due to chronic tonsil infections, tonsil stones and a lump in my throat feeling that wouldn’t go away. I am 27 and was very nervous for surgery risks, especially after reading all the comments online. Here is my experience:

    Surgery day: Met with the entire team that answered all questions prior to surgery and helped me to calm down a little. They gave me pepcid and a “cocktail” to help me relax and then took me back. After that I woke up in recovery phase 1 and was there for an hour or two being monitored and getting pain meds. They made me eat two popsicles prior to moving me to phase 2 where my mom and husband were. Here I got extreme nausea and was given medicine for that, I was here another hour or so. The ride home was about an hour and I drank a lot of water and apple juice then. Ate apple sauce and popsicles at home and took pain meds religiously. Very tired all day but made myself sip ice water constantly.

    Day 1: Feeling of needing to cough/clear throat but can’t. I felt very drained and could only sleep in small times frames. Lots of spit and mucus building up and really nauseous.

    Day 2: Today I realized I was hungry and was able to do mashed avocado and potatoes with water in them. I started taking a stool softener and absolutely needed my medicine to make things tolerable. Rough night and trouble regulating my body temperature.

    Day 3: Ear pain started showing up and the pain bad still and I have no voice. Lots of dozing on and off and heard from the nurse who said to move around a little and only do lukewarm showers. Tonsil results found that I had huge tonsil tissue which were inflamed and had bacterial colonies in them. Belly really hurts and no dinner from pain.

    Day 4: Pain is much worse today, pry a 9. Lightheaded today and cold and shaky. Ate a little and still taking meds regularly. Still waking up every hour to sip ice water which helps.

    Day 5: Started losing scabs today which was a little scary because I coughed them up. Bad breath and lots of pain still. Walked around a little more and increased stool softeners.

    Day 6: Horrible acid reflex today that causes a lot of pain in chest and throat. Collapsed in the afternoon from lack of food/energy and drank a gatorade later which helped. Started taking pepcid to avoid heartburn. Still need ice packs on my neck around the clock. Sleep still a little difficult.Started miralax with stool softener.

    Day 7: Missed a dose today and woke up in extreme pain. More food today to help build energy- actually ate a small piece of sliced turkey. Spitting up large scabs- it burns after I cough them up but then the pain actually decreases.

    Day 8: Slept pretty well today and took applesauce each time with meds which helped. Coughing a little from dry throat. Moved around a little more and rested a lot today. Still sleeping at 45 degree angle.

    Day 9: Less pain and pain meds backed down. A little blood in mucus but ice water stopped it right away. I had to do a home enema today from constipation from pain meds which wasn’t fun but it helped instantly which is good.

    Day 10: More energy today and okay sleep. Less pain and more food, I can have almond ice cream, mac and cheese and potatoes and gravy at this point with some deli turkey. Gatorade is now a staple along with ice water.

    Day 11: Hard night coming off the meds with ear pain and scabs falling off still.

    Day 12: Slept longer the previous night and pain meds cut in half at this point. Blood in mucus but stopped again. Weight going back up (lost about 6-7 pounds since surgery date).

    Day 13: Rough sleep and more food. Still needing stool medicine and pain meds and ice packs.

    Day 14: Moving around much more and able to do smoothies and banana bread. Throat feels raw and achy. Ice pack at night only now.

    Day 14-20: These days I have been moving around much more and eating better. Nausea meds are needed occasionally since adding food back in is hit or miss. Pain meds as needed but mostly just a small dose at night, stopping these completely today. Pepcid will continue until diet is normal again and stool will stop a couple days after stopping pain meds. Gaining energy back is a little rough, you really need to take it slowly and let your body get used to normal routine again. I worked out for the first time on day 20 and felt like I waited long enough to not be at risk but was still drained after a bike ride. Sleeping better these days and waking up with a dry throat but minimal pain. A little lump feeling but nurse said this could be muscles in throat getting normal again or heartburn still- I certainly hope this is all it is. I only really use ice packs when I need them and will switch to Tylenol if I even need it for ear and throat pain. Mostly I am just a little fatigued but happy the surgery recovery is mostly behind me! I will add in sharper foods pry in a few days, I am taking this slow as to not irritate me new tissue.

    Helpful Tips:
    * Have ice packs on your throat and switch these out regularly. It helps with swelling and pain so much.
    * Take your pain meds on a schedule.
    * Take a stool softener to avoid constipation when on pain meds.
    * Drink ice water constantly, seriously sip every 20 minutes it helps.
    * Sleep at an angle, trust me the mucus is bad and you need to be propped up.
    * Force yourself to eat/drink to avoid passing out or fatigue.
    * Stock up on soft foods and drinks (nothing acidic) before your surgery.
    * Ask for nausea meds prior to surgery, I did and certainly needed them.
    * I don’t know how I would have done it without 2 weeks off and a caregiver to help me through. You definitely need the time of to rest and someone to help you at least those first days.
    * Be patient, it is a process and you will be just fine!

  235. Hey! It is 12/14/2015,
    I had my tonsils removed 4 days ago now- 12/10.
    I am in some serious pain. This blog has helped me immensely just to realize that I am not alone in this experience.
    Still, I will give a summary of my experiences up until today and then describe the problems I am still facing. I hope somebody will be able to help me out a bit.
    The day of the surgery was a breeze. I was under anesthesia and it seemed like it only took about 5 minutes. The rest of that day/ night, I was still pretty dopey. I ate a bunch of popsicles and watched movies with my younger siblings. I thought the nightmare my mom described her tonsillectomy to me as was just her being nice and trying to over prepare me.
    I was wrong.
    Day two I was still kind of in a daze (I think from the anesthesia). The pain had worsened a bit but I was also prescribed some liquid Vicodin.
    For some reason my pharmacy had a problem with filling up my prescription to the proper amount so I had to go back to the doctor for another one. Luckily that was during say two when the pain was still manageable. I don’t think I could go to a doctors office right now. Let alone leave my bed.
    My new prescription is plentiful, but it is in pill form. So I have to mash it down and put it in some apple juice or “ensure”. This is extremely disgusting. But also extremely worth it.
    Day 3, the pain got worse. I couldn’t eat anything because I didn’t have an appetite. I tried oatmeal but that was a mistake. It was too soon. Maybe cream of wheat would’ve worked but I don’t have that. The flakes and chunks immediately make my throat throb and I just broke down and cried. I threw my food away. I mashed up some pain pills and drank it and about 5 minutes later I was very naseous. That scared me a lot because 1) I had no food in my stomach and 2) my throat was on fire already, I can’t have imagined what throwing up would do to me. Luckily I did not throw up. I just made myself lay until I fell asleep.
    Now I am at day 4. Here is the advice I can give so far before going into my current dilemma.
    1) ice cubes. This is the biggest thing for me. I have been sucking on ice cubes all day which is good because my throat has been consistently semi- numb and because I have been actively swallowing for most of the days. So when I try to eat or take painkillers I am not all of a sudden surprised and in great pain at what my throat is doing.
    2) take your pain meds on time every time. I thought one night that I could get away without them because I was lazy and had my ice cubes. I was rudely awakened in the middle of the night by a dry, ANGRY throat.
    3) eat as much as you can just after you’ve taken the meds. I find this to work somewhat for me because the meds have started kicking in so I can eat very quickly before I realize it is painful. If I don’t eat, I get very nauseous from the meds. It’s an awful feeling when you think you’re going to start gagging and you haven’t had real food in 3 days and your throat hurts jut thinking of swallowing your spit.
    NOW::: today, at day 4. Pain has worsened. I woke up in the middle of the night basically crying in my sleep. My throat was dry and felt like I was swallowing glass. I made my disgusting concoction of pain meds juice and that put me back to sleep. Woke up 4 hours later- repeat. Woke up at 8 and knew if I didn’t have some food, this time I would be naseous. Here is my problem, (along with all of that lol), I read a bunch of accounts on here of people saying they’ve been eating eggs. I love eggs! I had my painkillers and scrambled some eggs and voila! Great idea. Yummy, fairly easy to eat, and now there’s something in my tummy. The issue I’m having now is that I finally had the strength to open my mouth and take a peek at the war zone in the back of my throat, and YUCK. It looks like the holes where my tonsils once were are completely filled in with egg! I tried to gargle some water (although that is very painful) and indeed some of it came out. But it lookes like it’s really caked back there. I can’t imagine that being good for recovery. I’m scared of some sort of infection. Oh I just don’t know what I would do if this got any worse. Any advice??

    1. Hi I’m paul I’m 40 from the UK. I had my tonsils out on the 23rd of December. Yes I know great timing for Xmas !! The pain has been extremely bad jeer the last couple of days and I’m beginning to wonder if there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I have had 3 hours two nights and feel like the walking dead. Can anyone please advice! !!

  236. I am 22 years old and am getting my tonsils removed tomorrow. Is the pain really going to be bad as the rest of the posts on here? (I’ve noticed that people are in their 30s, 40s, and 50s).

    I am now even debating canceling my procedure because now I’m starting to think “Do I really need to remove them?” I get frequent sore throats throughout the year, and this past summer, I got strep 3 times within a span of one month. Not sure if this warrants getting this procedure done?

    1. Hi Claudia. It’s definitely worse some some than others. Youth helps.
      Find us on Facebook. You’ll get lots of feedback.