-Greg Tooke, Tonsilnaut

Hello and welcome to Tonsillectomy Recovery Resources. This is an internet resource I created eight years ago after recovering from an adult tonsillectomy with very little support. Not finding good information about what to expect and limited support from family, friends and coworkers, I was determined to create an online community to inform patients of tonsillectomy, but also provide a place to share experiences and share support to each other.

It’s been amazing. Millions of patients of tonsillectomy have visited these pages and shred their stories.

I’m a one man operation. I write articles, design the website, maintain it, promote it, and respond to questions as best I can.

If you’d like to help me keep this amazing community going, I’d welcome your help. Software, hosting, domain registration, and my time have costs. If you can help, I thank you!

Tonsil Stones
Greg Tooke, Author