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Hemorrhage After Tonsillectomy
Tonsillectomy Recovery Experience

Chelsea’s Tonsillectomy Recovery Story

I am a 21 year old female who got her tonsils and adenoids taken out on January 11, 2017.

Tonsillectomy Recovery Advice
Tonsillectomy Recovery Advice

Day 1 (surgery day)
I woke up from surgery at 9:30 AM with minimal pain, felt like a sore throat. I ate a cup of applesauce and drank 2 cups of apple juice that the hospital provided for me. When I got home i ate a pudding cup and a full pack of ramen noodles (not too hot). I slept and had another pack of ramen for dinner. Drank iced water and blue Powerade throughout the day. My dr prescribed oxycodone-acetaminophen (5mg). I took half of a pill every 4 hours. Didn’t sleep that well that night due to enlarged uvula (felt like i was choking on it).

Day 2
Woke up and had some trouble swallowing. Uvula was very enlarged. Ate a pudding cup, got a shower, and then ate a bowl of chicken noodle soup. Started taking the full 5mg pill every 3 hours which helped a lot along with a senna-laxative pill. Took a nap and ate mashed potatoes with gravy when i woke up. Continues to drink water and blue Powerade. I tried eating scrambled eggs for dinner but they tasted bland. I was starting to get sick of the Powerade. Chewed minty gum to get the gross taste out of my mouth. I was able to eat canned peaches and little spoonfuls of peanut butter which made water more desirable. Towards the end of the night my left ear started ringing so i slept with a warm pack under my ears. Slept a lot better this night. I found that it is easier to sleep on a few pillows stacked up.

Day 3
Woke up the same as the day before. Tried to eat a pudding but couldn’t, ate canned peaches instead. Ate a pack of Ramen for lunch. Able to eat little Hershey’s chocolate bar for a different taste in my mouth. Today I mainly took my meds, slept, ate, repeat. I was able to eat a slice of cheese pizza for dinner (cut into small pieces and chewed very well of course) and ate 2 kosher dill spear pickles. Noticed some new white scans/sores form around my throat. Able to eat mashed potatoes with gravy and apple sauce before going to sleep. Slept well throughout the night.

Day 4
Woke up with slight burning in my throat. Still took meds with applesauce. Ate mashed potatoes and gravy and egg salad for lunch. Continued the pattern of meds, sleep, eat, repeat. Ate leftover pizza and ham and bean soup for dinner. Finally had a bowel movement this date!! (i thought i was never going to have one.) Throat pain was minimal throughout the day, but still took pain meds.

Days 5 & 6 i was finally able to sleep through the whole night without waking up with pain and needing pain meds. Pain has been decreasing but my head and the back of my neck aches now. Able to swallow whole pain pill on day 6.
Now i’m just waiting for my scabs to fall off.

**my best friends throughout this recovery:
-SOUP!! (chicken noodle, Ramen, ham & bean) they were tolerable to eat and kept my mouth moist during eating so it was easier to swallow. Nothing too creamy.
-Applesauce. I found it very easy to take my meds by crushing up my pills and putting them in applesauce.
-Powerade & apple juice.
-Any type of laxative. I got a little constipated from the meds & applesauce.
-Mint gum. The sugary snacks got old fast and I would have a gross taste in my mouth so i would chew mint gum. Helped with the awful taste plus kept my throat moist and helped with ear pain.

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