Coblation Tonsillectomy Surgery Recovery


Amisha’s Coblation Tonsillectomy Story

Hello , I am Ami 25 year old from Gujarat India, I just had my coblation tonsillectomy on 23 january 2016 due to reoccurrence of tonsillitis, I had tried all the therapy ayurvadic, homeopathic allopathic but did not work so finally I prefer tonsillectomy,

And also suggest to all if you are facing problem of reoccurrence of tonsil problems, surgery is best option, it is not more painful as we think.

Before surgery I searched a lot on google and read review of others but sometimes online surfing is very dangerous, you will be scared like me and it will be more painful, I had coblatoion method , bloodless surgery on 23/01/2016 so I am sharing my experience with you, it might be helpful to someone

On surgery day:

I had breakfast at 7.30 am and admitted at 9 a.m at hospital, after that no drinking and no eating till surgery.

My surgery was on 3 Pm. I was in so much tens,, ohh my heartbeats are like on fire,,,

I couldnt be cool bcz it was my first surgery in life,

Before coblation tonsillectomy surgery lots of tests are done, ECG BP etc etc

At 2.30 hospital staff came to pick me to OT, I was so much nervous, I didn’t know what is going on and what will happen, but from inside m feeling my husband and parents are with me so everything will be alright but still breathing fast in tens.

I was taken at recovery room first,

Anaesthetists were there, all were known to my husband as my husband is also anaesthetist.

My surgeon came at 3.30 so I was taken at OT on 3.30 and I was so much nervous, Anaesthesia was given to me but my heartbeats became so fast. I never be that much afraid ago.

And I sept… Sudden there was a noise.. ‘ Wake up surgery is over’

I was awake but I could not open my eyes even I could not move my hand… m still in anaesthesia, I am feeling something was in my mouth and doctors were taking it out, after 5 minutes I opened my eyes and I am not in pain at all,,,

It was 4.30 Pm, I can talk to my husband and I am so much thirsty but doctor don’t allow me to drink water till 8.00 Pm.

Daily Coblation Tonsillectomy Recovery Notes:

Day 1 surgery day ; little bit pain, I had taken pain killer but at night I could nt sleep more than 4 hours well due to cough and irrittation

Day 2: day 2 was quite good from day 1, I can eat ice cream, soft food , milkshake etc. but I could not sleep more than 4 hours due to irritation in throat.

Day 3 day4 and day 5 were same as day 2. Regular pain meds are taken and gargles made by betadine and hydro paroxide on hourly basis. Constipation gas acidity were big problem for me due to pain med side effect.

Day 6 : little pain was started and bearable due to pain meds. My new skin are coming so pain was increasing, my doctor alrady said me that pain will increase on 4 5 day and after that it will decrease.

I am still taking light and soft foods. More rely on fruits and ice cream.

Day 7 : after 6 days of leaves finally I started to work in office and my day was quite good. Busy schedule helped me to forget my pain for the sometimes but still pain is increasing.

Also having earache but it was bearable.

Day 8,9,10, are also so much painful, 6 hourly pain meds help you to reduce pain and you can eat soft food

Still nights are not good as all

I have heavily side effects of pain meds vomiting and stomach cramp,

But work and office kept me busy and waiting for a day when I can sleep peaceful.

Day 11 12: pain was horrible especially in mid night, I have to take pain meds on every 6 hours and resulting vomiting uhhh….

Day 13 pain was decreasing finally, little pain, pain medicines on every 8 hours

DAY 14 15: I have stopped to take pain meds as pain is bearable.

DAY 16: after 15 days of pain, finally on day 16 I was able to eat my normal food without pain, also had a good night sleep of 10 hours without pain meds reminder.. J J so happy…..

Day 17 onwards: normal day…. very little pain…

after 20 days onwards: pain gone almost but feeling like something is in my throat , little irritating.. i can eat anything so happy… but still healing…
I think total recovery takes time.. at least 1 month or more…

My advice you for tonsillectomy recovery:





Tonsillectomy is really better than re occurrence of tonsils. Only u have 15 bad days but u will have good days without tonsils all the life…..

Go for it, It is not horrible than giving birth…



ALL the best…..

Coblation Tonsillectomy Method
Amisha’s Coblation Tonsillectomy Method Recovery Story

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  1. Hello amisha where have to done this coblation tonsillectomy…reply ASAP

  2. How was your tongue? What day did your tongue stop hurting when you ate?

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