30 Year Old Tonsillectomy

Man what a crazy last couple weeks. I am 30 years old and this has been the hardest thing ive ever gone through. Literally thought i was going to die. So leading up to my surgery my tonsils would not go back down. Went to the ER 5 times before i could see an ENT. Constant feeling of choking from my tonsils literally touching. Finally got to the ENT and he told me im fine and stay on the antibiotic and recover. 2 weeks later and another ER visit im like ” cut them out or i will”. finally set up an appointment and had surgery and got both removed. After surgery Doctor looked at my wife in disbelief and said ” man those were huge, They were the size of lemons”! :/

Surgery day- 5:30 a.m. and was done with surgery and out in a couple hours. Wife drove me home and i was failing in and out of sleep. I work from home and as soon as i got home i felt good enough to work on the computer. Just kept falling asleep which is no big deal. The rest of the day was just resting and falling in and out of sleep.

Day 2- Felt fine. Was taking the pain meds every 4 hours day and night. Felt good enough to work on the computer

Day 3- Same as Day two. Not really in any pain, Wasn’t eating much but but was eating Popsicle and drinking fluids.

Day 4- Felt like hell! throat was pretty sore and that night something happened and felt a burning in the back of my throat like a swallowed a hot pepper. Blood came out of my nose as it was running but not enough to worry. Ended up just sleeping it off.

Day 5- I was actually feeling fine and thought i was through the hard part.

Day 6- Uvula 🙁 swelled up and then gave me problems. Went to the ER and they gave me a weak steroid and didnt help. My Uvula literally was flopping in and out of my mouth. i would literally have to swallow it back and keep my head back to keep it from coming into my mouth. Worst feeling in the WORLD! On top of that tongue was still swollen and had a yeast infection on my tongue. and that made it feel like there was a hair in the back of my throat.

Day 7- Went to see the ENT about my Uvula. He prescribed me a steroid and told me to go home. So i did…spent that day battling my Uvula and was absolutely miserable.

-Here on out only half my pain meds when i would wake up in the morning and my steroids. Mornings were the worse, Also had horrible Heart burn from here on out too, also started taking acidohilis throughout the day which helped-

Day 8- Still the same and wasnt feeling any better but tried to push through to get my Uvula to go back down.

Day 9- I called the ENT and said i Need something stronger. Went in and got a steroid shot and was starting to feel a little better that day. Also noticed one scab was gone.

Day 10- Woke up feeling better but was gagging when i would talk. Even mowed my lawn and went to the store and was eating a little. Mashed potatoes and mac and cheese. Was able to talk a little and talk to my wife and daughter for the first time about what all has happened.

Day 11- Today, Woke up feeling groggy but took my pain meds and probiotic and steroid and was finally feeling somewhat normal. Went and had taco cabana for breakfast and ate like a king. break fast tacos, chips and queso and beans, SO GOOD! lunch i had chips and cookie and Dinner we had burgers and hot dogs and i even ate chips and salsa! So Starting to feel much better. Throat feels like its healing and everything seems good. Both scabs are gone and no longer feel like dying. YAY!

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  1. Oh no! I couldn’t imagine the suffering you’ve gone through after the surgery. Glad you’re getting better each better. 👍

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