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Aside from no longer having tonsils, the effects of tonsillectomy are somewhat unique to each individual. All surgeries carry the risk of complications. While tonsillectomies are no different, tonsillectomy side effects are usually mild. They sometimes reach the discomfort levels of the chronic respiratory infections leading to most tonsillectomies. For other people, ten days of significant pain is a common tonsillectomy side effect.

Not everyone undergoing a tonsillectomy has the same side effects. If you’re putting off a tonsillectomy because side effects are a concern, knowing the possible complications may help you reach a decision.

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Tonsillectomy Side Effects in Children

The tonsils reach their largest size in children between the ages of 4 and 7, according to the Better Health Channel. Your child is most susceptible to infected tonsils during these years. Cincinnati Children’s Hospital reports that tonsillectomy side effects for this age group include:

• Residual bleeding
• Anesthesia-induced nausea or vomiting during the first 24 hours following surgery
• Throat pain that may irritate the nerve leading to the ears
• Jaw or neck pain
• Mouth breathing and snoring for up to two weeks
• A voice change if the child’s tonsils were very large
• Low-grade fever for a few days

Some children may continue experiencing these tonsillectomy side effects for up to two weeks. Most, however, recover fully within seven to 10 days. Tonsillectomy recovery for adults is another story.

Tonsillectomy Side Effects in Adults

Adults may require longer recovery periods than children. Tonsillectomy side effects in adults include:

• Post-operative pain in the throat and back of the oral cavity
• Nausea from residual bleeding
• Pain subsiding after 48 hours and recurring three or four days later. It may involve the ears as well as the mouth and throat.
• An unpleasant taste from scabs forming over the surgical wounds.

The American Association of Pediatrics’ “Textbook of Pediatric Care” reports the most common tonsillectomy complication is postoperative bleeding, in 1 to 2 percent of cases.

Tonsillectomy Side Effects

Tonsillectomy Side Effects

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John Adlington
March 8, 2016 3:44 pm

I had a tonsillectomy along with removal of the uvula to ease my snoring which helped for a while but for some time now I have felt like there is something in the back of my throat, thinking it was food, I tried to get it to move. My gp referred me to ENT where my nose was scoped and was told I have a lump of tissue (skin) between my nose and throat and could be as a result of the tonsillectomy. I am having an mri scan to determine whether there are blood vessels to it or not, followed by a biopsy. Has anyone else experienced this.

January 4, 2016 1:26 am

I am 27 and just had a laser tonsillectomy 12/28/15.. The first couple of days were ok, I thought hmm maybe this isn’t gonna be as bad as I thought.. Well I thought wrong, day three until now going into the seventh day have been the worse pain filled days of my life.. The pain just seems to get worse and worse and worse as the hours go on.. I know this is normal and will continue a few more days.. I Havent been able to eat anything besides jello, applesauce, and soups but im fine with that.. Must drink lots and lots of liquids, its so hard though because of the pain you feel.. Must take meds like clock work, stay ahead of any infection and stay ahead of the pain.. My concern is that I have what feels like a very severe kink in my neck that starts from underneathe my right ear and wraps around to the back of my neck and then is causing pain through out my head into my eyes.. so severe that I’d say it’s a migraine x3.. I have cried for the first time tonight because of this unusual pain that set in a few hours ago.. In of course the crying has now made my throat hurt worse and built the mucus up more.. I have also been running a fever for a few days but hasn’t gotten over 102.. The mucus has been real bad the last few days as well.. It takes me a minute but I manage to get it up and spit it out.. Wasn’t for sure if the constant mucus was normal.. My allergies are finally starting to set back in, I get the sensation of having difficulty breathing which makes me cough then just have the urge to cough so I cough, this has been going on for a couple days now and the coughing is not helping my throat or the pain in my neck and head.. I don’t have any regrets to this as long as I will not be sick nearly as much as I was before this surgery.. I literally was getting sick with strep or tonsillitis every four to six weeks.. I will no longer get tonsillitis and if this cuts me down to getting strep like one to two times a year even I will be happy..

January 4, 2016 1:43 am

I forgot to mention that after day four to five up until now when I eat, drink, or take meds its burns bad and then causes a one to three minute burn sensation in my ears.. It’s horrible.. I just hope that I am about done with all this so I can get back to normal.. I don’t deal with pain at all.. I am dead set on the fact that I think this has been more painful then when I had to rush to have my daughter by c section because she wouldn’t progress down the birth canal and the pain I experienced after that for the four to six weeks or whatever.. Will be worth it in the end as long as I don’t get sick often..

December 6, 2015 11:47 pm

I had a tonsilectomy on 01-12-2015.
Recovery isnt that bad but i have lost my sense of taste in food or any fluid i take. Evrything taste the same, my togue is unable to sene or pick up any Sweet, sour,salt or bitter taste.
This happened after the operation and it continues for 7 days now.

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