Tonsillectomy Recovery in the UK

I just had my tonsils removed on Thursday 19 January and I was two days away from my 19 birthday which was yesterday. So at the time of the surgery I was 18. Going in to the surgery was nerve racking and when the anesthetist injected me with the anesthetizing agent it was really painful on my right arm and all I remember before being knocked out was complaining about the pain and then I was completely out. I woke up in incredible pain, really hysterical, crying while asking for my parents. They had to put a heat blanket on me because I was in shock and was freezing and they called my parents to the recovery area, because I was such a baby and have low pain tolerance. this surgery and recovery was very hard for me. I couldn’t drink any water or even have any food in the first day and so had to be hospitalized. I kept being injected with pain medicines and they really didn’t do anything for me. Waking up on the second day was horrendous. I woke up twice, once at 2 am in the morning and the second time at 5 am in the morning. The nurse was reluctant to give me some pain medicines since she had given me some already but I think my complaining persuaded her to give me some. My jaws were BRUISED and I couldn’t even turn my head. My uvula was also really enlarged and I could feel it blocking my throat and making it hard for me to breath properly. After the pain medicine I was feeling about 60/70 percent better and so was allowed to go long to recover from tonsillectomy

Day three in the morning was really painful waking up. I kept waking up in the morning and taking my pain Medicines (paracetamol and ibrooroojjne and sometime taking codine) because I forgot to set up my alarm and after reading all the advices in this blog, I ordered myself a humidifier which is coming on the 25 of January which is day seven of my recovery 😪😥. The pain was dulled after I toke my medication but I began feeling a small ach in my abdominal that continued through day three.

Day three was the same as day two. I kept waking up in pain in the middle of the night and sleeping was very hard. I tried to eat porridge and mash potato and that was an absolute fail so I stuck to water, ice cubes and ice lollies (as you guys call it ice popsicles in the US, I’m from the UK if you haven’t noticed from my writing haha) the eating from my side was very minimal because I was afraid of the pain since I’m not good with pain. By day three I noticed that the mornings and the evenings were the hardest.

By day 4 early in the morning (also my birthday -yesterday) I started developing intense abdominal pain and really strong nausea. I called our countries help like 111 and they instructed me to go to the nearest A&E (Accident and Emergence) as I might have ingested too much painkillers. After I went to the hospital they gave me some IV mendicants to counteract the painkillers (I felt pretty stupid but I was in pain and didn’t notice my painkiller intake) they also gave me Medicines that would protect my stomach lining (Omaprazol) and instructed me to be careful when taking my pain medicines.

Day 4 was the first day I ate proper solid food. My mother and sister organized a surprise pizza party because it was my 19th birthday and so I ate 1 barbecue chicken wing and one chicken and sweetcorn pizza which was uncomfortable but not too painful. This REALLY surprised me as I was expecting pain. I also drank a whole bottle of water and so was pretty proud of my self.

Now it’s 1.45 am in the morning in the UK so day 5 for me and I woke up with intense pain in my throat because I sneeze really hard which is a no-no. I noticed some blood in my spit but it’s not heavy bleeding, it’s just a lot of spotting so I’m not that worried. I woke up at 12 pm to take my pain medicine and am not feeling as bad as I did in days 2-3. I’m still waiting for the midnight pain but I’m not that afraid since days 2-3 were the worst for me. I’m hoping that amazon is going to deliver my humidifier soon, however since I don’t have it yet, I’m trying to sleep with my mouth shut. I’m not having really dry throat as I did in day 3-4 because I began sleeping with my mouth closed.

One of the biggest tip I can give is to drink A LOT OF WATER even if it hurts a lot because this will stop your throat drying out and it’ll stop you being dehydrated which is a painful experience. I also advise eating ice cubes because that helped me a lot and don’t be afraid to eat solid food like I was. Just go for it and don’t anticipate it. I anticipated it and it hurt but when I went for the pizza and chicken wing it didn’t hurt that much.

Overall my recovery has been up and down and I’m only on day 5 so hopefully it’ll be better.
Sorry for the long writing just wanted to put all my recovery stages on here.

Many thanks and I wish you all in your best recovery ❤️❤️

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