Tonsillectomy Recovery in Video

Tonsillectomy recovery video blog

Tonsillectomy recovery video blog

Jennifer Chronicles her Tonsillectomy Recovery in Video

My name is Jennifer. I’m 38 and a mother of two. I work full-time in a school. I decided to have my tonsils removed for two reasons;

1. tonsil stones, disgusting, repulsive, just yuck, and,

2. tonsillitis-I had that frequently.

I went with the tissue welding/ thermal welding procedure because I have a weak stomach when it comes to narcotics and after reading the horror stories, I figured that I could never have them out with plain ol’ Tylenol and Motrin. I was wrong.

I’ve been making a video diary day by day if you want to check it out. I talk too much, but maybe that’s better than not saying enough. I’d be more than happy to answer any and all question that you have. I am riding into day 6 here come tomorrow morning, and I haven’t wished for death. I haven’t felt like my pain was even a five.

Tonsillectomy Pain Scale

This is my youtube¬†detailing my experience Best of luck to all. It doesn’t have to be horrible.

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