Tonsillectomy – Day of Surgery

Tonsillectomy at age 13

Leslie’s Story

Hello, I’m Leslie, and I’m thirteen. I got my tonsils and adnoids out 6 days ago. The first day was probably the worst. When I got into my hospital room, I got my gown and some weird slipper things. Then, they put an IV in me and took some blood work. They told me that was the hard part. That was nowhere near the hardest part for I am not bothered by needles what so ever. Anyway, they took me into a different room separated from my parents and to be honest I was more bored than nervous because I sat there alone for like 45 minutes. Then the surgeon came in and explained what was going to happen and this other dude put a sticker on my thumb. Then they wheeled me into the operating room and they put an oxygen thing on me, and it tickled. Then there were like 4 different doctors crowding around me. They took the oxygen thing off and put in a breathing tube (don’t worry it doesn’t hurt) and that was the last thing I remember. I woke up in the room they took me in the first time and it seemed really weird to me because that was my first time being put to sleep. I was really loopy and I remember i kept asking the nurse if it was over. Then they took me back to my hospital room and my parents came in. I drank a large cup of water and ate 2 popsicals. So they let me change into my clothes and go home. I could tell the Meds were wearing off because it was burning pretty bad. I was very hungry so I tried eating some chicken and noodles.


Tonsillectomy Day of Surgery

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