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Tonsillectomy Cryptic Tonsils – Erica’s Story


So I’m 38 years old. I suffered pretty much all of my life with sore throats, well really that’s an understatement I could NEVER just have a SORE THROAT I ALWAYS had these puss pockets on my tonsils that looked awful even the Doctors would cringe when looking at it cause it looked painful and indeed it was. It only got worse as an adult. When I would get sick I would just go to the Dr get the shots, gargle with salty water, use Chloreceptic spray, and as the old folks say Drink tea with lemon and a little bit of whiskey and it would work for the time being. This is now 2018 so in 2017 according to my medical records I had been to the urgent care 9 times in a 6 month period with severe Tonsillitis and so far in 2018 I have been 4 and its just March. 6 weeks ago I went to urgent care got 4 shot and an antibiotic to bring home not even a week later the symptoms returned, so I made the appointment with the ENT. She did her exam and as expected when she looked inside she did the same as the other Doctors but this time she noticed that the tonsils had formed Crypts. This was where anything I ate would get trapped which in turn caused the bacteria growth which lead to the infection returning.

She stated the medicine was not working cause the tonsils were bad and not functioning. She also noticed drainage from my sinuses that normally comes out the nose coming back down the back on the throat. So she recommended the great Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy surgery. I am on day 9 and all I can say is, I thought it was an understatement when she said it would be 10 days. I thought I would be able to return back to work within the week. Yea Right! Day 1 and 2 were a breeze I thought this is nothing, I can do this. Yea that was the rest of the anesthesia and pain meds talking cause on Day 3 I awoke to another story. It seemed each day would get worse. By day 5 I could barely open my mouth cause it hurt so much so I slept most of that day lol. As far as eating and drinking I was able to do more in the first 3 days but day 4, 5, 6, 7 it was Super painful. Luckily on my journey I didn’t deal with any bleeding but I think that’s because I made sure regardless of the pain to stay hydrated. I kept ice chips to sooth my throat cause it always felt on fire or a burning sensation and I made sure to drink a lot. Now when I would eat it felt like the food was getting trapped, how does Jello get trapped? But it did. It was awful but like I had read and like my Dr and nurse had advised I had to drink as much as possible and eating would help to shorten the process. I suffered through eating soup, ice cream, pudding, oatmeal, and grits. I would have to stop and put ice on my throat cause it felt like it was immediately swelling. Day 5 and 6 I figured out that if I take the pain meds at least 30 mins before eating it made it easier to bare. I would still have to ice afterwards and make sure I drunk as much as possible to help the food go down. I am now on day 9 and there is not as much pain but its still there. I have attempted to eat the meat out of fish although I have to chew it a lot it feels good to be able to eat something other than “baby foods”. They said there would be ear pain and yes that started around day 5 and I still have the ear pain which I hate. To say the most I hate not being able to talk right. My daughter got in trouble at school and I was trying to fuss at her and she looked at me like I was a joke and less to say I sound like I was. I sound like I have a hugh frog in my throat. I want to finish by saying I would definitely recommend the surgery I found out that my tonsils had started to become septic which is a very serious issue and could have been life threatening. I just say prepare for the full 10 days you will need plenty of rest, and yes drinking is a MUST set a timer even to wake you at night cause once it gets dry you will regret it. I wish anyone reading this luck and Thank everyone who shared their story because as an adult I heard many horrible stories and as I can see for myself some were true and some were not. I hope this helps someone!

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  1. Thank you. My 19 year old daughter has the exact same tonsils and having them removed monday. We are very anxious about the pain.

  2. When there are crypts it’s all downhill from there. They are like catch basins for everything! I had them from prior repeated infections (when I was younger) and it was a constant battle trying to clean out the crypts. I had a tonsillectomy at 42 and it was the right choice! As painful as it is, the single biggest help to healing is to eat and drink regularly and do not avoid it! It helps the healing so much! If you try to relax and breath into each time your swallow, it helps the pain seem less. Glad you are on your way to full healing!

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