Ear Pain After Tonsillectomy

After tonsillectomy surgery, patients have plenty of unpleasant side effects to deal with.  Swelling of the uvula, tongue, and throat are usually the first hurdle adults have to deal with post tonsillectomy. Swallowing and breathing can be difficult.  This isn’t too surprising, especially considering all that the throat has been through.  Icing and gargling with ice water can help reduce this swelling, as can a steroidal treatment. The next problem after tonsillectomy, usually a day or so post-op, is pain in the throat area.  Again, no big surprise.  Icing is also a good way to treat, as are narcotic pain killers and/or over the counter pain medications.  Topical analgesics like throat sprays can also offer some relief.

What surprises many is a phenomena occurring several days into their tonsillectomy recovery- ear pain.

Post Tonsillectomy Ear Pain – Cause and Treatment


Literally thousands of patients sharing their experiences on this website have commented that their ears hurt after tonsillectomy.  Ear pain after tonsillectomy is probably the second or third most common side effect that patients experience- second only to pain and swelling.  But why does this happen? There was no scalpel or hot knife near the ears, so why should they feel like they’re being stabbed?  The cause of ear pain post tonsillectomy starts at the throat and radiates to the ears.  This is called a referred pain. Take a look at the attached diagram and note the lingual nerve.  It’s directly connected to the ears and throat.

Ear Pain After Tonsillectomy- a diagram

Ear Pain After Tonsillectomy- What’s Going on?

Treatments and Home Remedies

This referred pain can be quite severe. Often prescribed pain medications do not seem to relieve the ear pain that many experience after tonsillectomy. In addition to the pain medicines patients are taking, there are two home remedies that usually can provide some relief. The first of which is chewing gum. In light of the unpleasant side effect of have sugary residue in and around the throat, most tonsillectomy patients prefer a sugar -free gum. A mint flavor can also feel cooling. Exactly why chewing gum relieves ear pain is hard to say. Certainly activating the muscles around the ears and jaw may help, but more likely, like yawning, gum chewing releases pressure from the ear area.
Seagate Olive Leaf Throat SprayThe second remedy for ear pain after tonsillectomy is applying a heating pad or warm compress to the affected area. Again, the reason for its effectiveness is not entirely clear but most patients describe a relaxing comfort from applying a wet, warm towel or electric heating pad to the affected area. To reduce inflammation, alternate between warm and cold compresses.


Have you found a trick for taking the edge off of ear pain, especially after tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy? Please share it in the comments section below. Thank you!

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  1. Hi , im alfred
    I got my tonsils and adenoid removed on september 11 2018. I wish i didnt remove my tonsils. I think giving birth should be less painful than thos . Cant even swallow my saliva. Ear pain is very high that i feel like plucking out my ears and cleaning it . Hope my pain reduces in the coming days. I read all your comments and i thankyou for sharing it.

  2. Heat always made my ear hurt very bad, so I tried an ice pack withba thin fabric wrapped around it, and it made my ear feek better.

    1. When did ears stopped hurting you ? Please Can you mention after how many days it stopped? Now I’m on 8th day after surgery. The pain is so severe from past 3 days and I couldn’t sleep atleast.

      1. I had my tonsillectomy Aug 20th, 2018
        I’m in so much pain, jaw,ears, throat are killing me! I have a high tolerance for pain… but this shit is a hole another level of pain. Im literally in tears cant sleep eat… I just want to bang my head against the wall. I’ve had neck surgery, hysterectomy, given birth no problem. But this tonsillectomy is crazy ass painful. I’m ready to take painkillers with tequila shots. This liquid pain med and ibuprofen isn’t cutting it. Sorry needed to vent. I so regret this surgery!!!! FML!! My ears still hurt even with heating pad and ice packs.

        1. Hey Cindy, I totally know how you feel I got mine out on the 13th of August and I wish I never did it. I have a pretty good pain tolerance but I have never experienced this much pain and it’s driving me crazy aswell. I’m nearly 3 weeks post op and I have had a horrible run. I didn’t eat at all or drink hardly anything for the first week I couldn’t even swallow my own saliva as I was in so much pain and I was at the point of collapsing by the end of that week and due to the immense levels of pain ended up in hospital for the entire second week with IV Fluids, antibiotics, pain medication (morphine) the works and nothing could control my pain. The only thing that helped me begin to eat so I could just begin the healing process was xylocaine viscous gel it’s a local anaesthetic that I was given in hospital and used a syringe to apply onto my throat and it temporarily slightly numbs your throat so you can at least get a bit of soft food and water down your throat it still hurts a bit but it’s the most pain relief I got with trying to eat and unfortunately and it’s something I struggled with hearing eating is one of the things that helps the healing process start. The gel is pretty pricey just over the Counter at the chemist but if you go into your local emergency and express the amount of pain your in they may give you a small amount for free. Keeping up with nurofen, panadol and a pain relief for example endone helps aswell, just really try and stay hydrated. The ear pain Is horrible and I wish I knew a way to help, as I need one !! Chewing gum and heat packs slightly reduces my pain but I’m nearly at the 3 week mark and I’m still not coping with my ears. I really hope this helps and you find some relief !!

      2. I’m day 18 post op still chewing gum and using heat packs and one of my ears still hasn’t stopped hurting, it constantly feels like I’m being stabbed in my ear !!

  3. Usually never comment but this tip has saved me so much trouble. My ear pain started getting unmanageable at around day 3, i thought i was going crazy. Combined with the teeth ache and inability to eat/drink day 14 seemed like it was never going to come. At first i would get an ice pack and place it around my ear and that seemed to help but as day 4-6 rolled around and it wasn’t enough. ***So, I ran a q-tip/cotton swab under cold running water (just one side) and placed it on the outside of the ear canal. When it got cool enough to reduce the pain in that area i turned the q-tip around (to the dry side) and spread the cold around the ear canal and that honestly was the best relief i had ever felt. Ever since I have kept q-tips handy.*** Good luck to everyone going through this.

  4. July 3 I had my tonsils removed and some polyps in my nose. After the gauze was removed from my nose the pressure isn’t so bad. My throat feels like my tonsils are still there because of the swelling and that maybe I’m feeling the stiches string. That’s a bit bothering. Overall My healing process is better than everyone expected considering I’m 30years old. One thing that is bothering me is that everything I drink or the little bit I can eat feels like it’s “going down the wrong tube” or to my ears. It’s a funny feeling that I hope subsides soon. I put cotton balls in there while I drink and eat. And at night it helped to put a blanket around my head so the cold air wouldn’t hit so hard and covered the air from drying out my throat while I sleep. It’s summer and I can’t make my partner suffer. Hope my testimony helped others..

  5. I’m on day 5 and for the last two days I had sharp ear pain when trying to eat certain foods but today I discovered that I had to chew on a cup of ice before meal and then I could eat anything. I make my ice cups by adding a bit of vitamin drink powder to the water (less than usual because it would be too sour) and then putting it in the freezer and breaking the ice with a spoon so it looks like colored snow in the end. It also helps when my scab starts bleeding a little.

  6. I have found that liquid Benadryl helps with the ear pain.

    My mom the nurse figured that if my sinuses were filling with mucus, my eustachian tubes would be affected as well. Benadryl every three hours has helped a lot.

  7. My 8 year old son got operated for tonsils and adenoids on 30 December, 2017 and began complaining of a ear ache by day 3. A heat pad seemed to help but application of a single drop of wintergreen oil around each ear calmed an extremely painful child who woke up in the middle of the night crying with unbearable pain.

    1. Forgot to mention that the wintergreen oil was diluted with mustard oil 1:4 parts. Olive or coconut oil can also be used in the same proportion- means 1 spoon of wintergreen mix wittb4 spoons of olive oil. Use a drop of the mixture to massage the external ear.

    2. My 8 yr old too is complaining about severe ear pain. Waking her in pain. She is having 4/24 Endone still – day 8 tomorrow…

  8. I had my tonsils, the uvula and soft tissue removed as well as septum correction on December 19th. For the most part it had been an easy recovery. My only issue was i child not breath through my nose for the lady couple days which caused my mouth and throat to dry out constantly. Using the nasal rinse had resolved that problem. Now my only outside is the eat pain when swallowing. I use a combination of hot and cold compresses. Also drinking warm soup and herbal teas. Anything frozen now creates a lot of pain in swallowing. Drinking the medication also burns my throat now and is very painful. It goes away quickly though.

    I do not recommend getting the mouth and sinuses done at the same time.

  9. I’m 27, got my tonsils taken out in December 18. No one warns you about the ear pain! The only relief I’m getting from it is putting two ice packs on either side of my head. It feels very much like strep throat, making swallowing painful in the ears. One thing that has helped with swallowing pain is a couple of bullion cubes dissolved in warm water. The warmth is soothing and the sodium from the bullion helps the throat retain water. Hope this helps!

  10. Got my tonsils removed Dec 14, 2017. I’m 32. Pretty big guy. This is the start of the 7th day after surgery day. I still can’t swallow great. I thought I bounced back on day 4 because I was starving and tried to eat a piece of fried chicken. It took a while to chew up the food but once i swallowed it I felt better. The very next day my ear pain was horrible. This morning my throat was hurting so I took some codeine that was prescribed and my ear pain got worst as soon as I swallowed. My body felt like it was breaking down. I was shaking fiercely like I was thrown in a ice bath. I needed help making it back under the covers because I was shaking too much. I threw on a hat and the meds kicked in probably 5 minutes after taking it. I need this ear pain gone because now I’m even scared to drink. Moral of the story. I don’t want nobody I love to have their tonsils removed lol.

  11. Hey everyone, I just got my tonsils out on Monday December 18th,I’m 20, and ice water and cold cloths to my face and neck help with the swelling but for the past 2 days now the ear pain is getting worse. At one point today I thought I wasn’t able to hear anything. I’m not able to have any other pain med except what they gave me and I cried so much today that my mother had to call my dr and all he did was up my meds. They say 3rd-5th day are the worst. If anyone else has more they could tell me please!

    1. I got my tonsils out on the 19th. I have been eating as much as I can (broth, baby food, fresh shredded chicken, buttered noodles) and drinking basically every second that i’m awake. I was terrified to have this surgery but it honestly hasn’t been horrible. I know it’s supposed to get worse when the scabs fall off around days 7-10. my ears are in a lot of pain right now. i’m icing the very back of my neck with a hard ice pack to relieve some tension in my neck and I have a homemade heat pack (rice, essential oils, and fabric) held next to my ears and it feels amazing.

    2. I had my tonsils out on Dec. 12th. Days 5-6 were bad, and then there was a positive upswing – don’t get too excited. Day 10 just about buried me. This is a long process which I don’t feel I was properly prepared for. Today is day 14 – the ear pain is almost unbearable, and I’ve already been back in the hospital to have the surgery “re-cauterized” after a Tonsil Artery hemorrhage on Day 11. REST as much as possible! Only gargle VERY GENTLY when necessary. Don’t lift or carry anything more than a gallon of milk for the first 12-14 days! Good Luck. Extra Strength Tylenol around the clock, and Tylenol PM to sleep – that’s all I can do.

  12. i’m 15 and mad my surgery 5 days ago. i’m in lots of pain and still can’t eat. my ears started hurting this morning when i woke up and i thought it was just me. it got worse so i decided to check the internet. the doctors told me i could eat soft food but i can’t swallow anything. i’m barely drinking because it hurts so bad.

  13. I’m 17, got my tonsils removed this past Tuesday (12th December) and my experience has had a couple differences to many of you. In South Africa our post op food is very different. We are required to eat things such as toast or chips as it scraps away the scabs so there is no scar tissue in the end. In fact they make you eat jello, an ice Lolly, chips and a Coke while in hospital. The problems I’ve had are water/ food coming out my nose and the obvious pain in throat and ears. I actually haven’t had a problem with eating pain as it feels okay (probably due to the fact that we are constantly scraping away the scabs that cause pain during eating) but I find it difficult to eat and drink because of the nose problem. It’s very strange how different our diets are made to be here. We still stick to the other rules (eg- no spicy foods) but eating toast-like foods is a must. And of course lots and lots of water. I must say I thought my pain was bad and I was feeling miserable, then I read some comments and I realized many have it a lot worse! My worry now is that it’s only the 4th day so it could and will apparently get worse. Luckily for me I have been spending my days sleeping- I think I’m only awake for 5 hours everyday so I’m getting plenty of rest. Sleep is actually getting easier.

  14. Just making it through day 6. I have read a good deal of these comments and I will be trying the hot water and honey.
    I had a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy and they re-shaped some of the inside of my nose because my sinuses where blocked.
    No real trouble with the adenoidectomy apart from the saline wash I need to do which is grim. Although I think it sort of also helps my throat. It just isn’t pleasant.
    I was told to eat normal food and have had some success but it is quite painful depending on what I try.
    I woke up from surgery with ear pain and they topped up my drugs because I woke up crying from surger, the ear pain was so bad.
    I did go back to the doctors day 4 because of the ear pain and they upped my pain relief.
    Will try the heat packs too. Fingers crossed they will make a difference. I am 33 and a mum so I need to get sorted ASAP.

  15. Day 5 of tonsil regrowth (3rd regrowth) you thought I would have learnt by now! Had numerous quinces and tonsillar abscesses on my tonsil regrowth didn’t have much choice but to have it removed, first couple of days not too bad, today my worst day, not eaten, pain in ear and a stinging sensation like salt in an open wound every time I swallow, on Co-dydramol, ibuprofen and antibiotics as had infection on day 3 coughing up green golf balls (sorry) not looking forward to bed as wake in the night once painkillers wear off and then trying to take more with a dry painful throat and ear, am praying NO MORE REGROWTHS!

    1. Just had mine out for second time…three times , poor you. I had hypnotherapy the first time before surgery and had no real pain or any other problems after. This time, day six and downing painkillers like sweets!

  16. I’m on day 1 had the surgery yesterday and this is by far the worst pain I’ve ever felt. I’m 22 and I hear it can be worse for adults…the ear pain is horrific and I find if sleeping sitting up it isn’t as bad. My surgeon said If I rest and follow instructions I’ll be fine by this weekend but by the looks of these comments I beg to differ lol.

  17. I’m 23 and on day 6 of tonsillectomy recovery.

    My story has been similar to the rest on here with ear pain beginning most intensely on day and night 5 – ice packs on the back of my neck and ears seem to help.

    Something I’ve not read about yet is the scabbing? From yesterday afternoon, I’ve felt something in my throat that doesn’t budge when I drink water, swallow, eat and it is infuriating me. I don’t know if it’s a scab releasing or maybe some food that’s stuck, but it makes me wretch and I don’t know what to do.

    I woke up crying last night as my ear pain was so intense. Also coughed so much a scab actually came up, followed by vomit (sorry for the graphic descriptions), yet still feel this in my throat.


    Has anyone got any suggestions about how to get rid of this or what it may be?

  18. My 8 year old daughter just had her tonsils taken out 8 days ago…She is having the worst ear pain EVER!! What have you guys done to help with this??She was NOT given any pain meds…I have never seen my child in this much pain..Thanks

    1. How long did it last? Brought my 8 year old to the ER yesterday for a steroid shot and different med, but that still hasn’t helped. We’re on day 3 of severe ear pain.

      1. Hi Sarah, My 9 year old is at week 4 after tonsil and adnoid removal and still isn’t 100%. She had the horrible ear pain for three full days then a milder ear pain for another two weeks. She says her throat still feels like it’s burning. And now she has had a cough for the past week. How did your child recover?

    2. What kind of doctor doesn’t give a child pain meds post op?? My daughter is on day 4, and I cannot imagine her not having anything to ease the pain! She’s taking Hycet every 4-6 hours, as needed. I can’t imagine what this experience must’ve been like for your daughter, or you 🙁

      1. My son is 8, and his dr did not give him any pain meds, antibiotics, nothing post-op. He’s on day 9 and his ears are still hurting real bad. He is just now starting to not complain about burning every time he drinks. His Dr also put him on soft food. I noticed thrush on his tongue yesterday and the on call nurse called in meds for that. It has been horrible for him. My 5 year old had his done over Thanksgiving week and he was given pain meds, antibiotics and a med to keep him from getting thrush. He was also told to eat normal food, just nothing sharp. By day 6 to 7 he was back in school. They go to the same office but see different E.N.T.S. in that office. Even the on call nurse was shocked my 8 year old didn’t get post-op meds.

  19. I’m 37 got my tonsils out 1,8,17 .. I’m getting earaches real bad 2 weeks later , will they fully go over time cause I don’t think I can handle this for ever

  20. I’m 15 and am still recovering from my tonsillectomy. While it has been quite the journey I would say my ear pain has been the worst. After taking the pain killers it’s okay but 3 hours into the pain killers the ears get to be pretty bad. The warm compress really helps but I haven’t tried the gum bc I’m scared it’ll hurt.

  21. I am 25 and got my tonsils removed on august 4.
    Day 1: really nice. I could speak and eat anything, and just felt a small pain on the throat.
    Day 2: better than day 1. Almost no pain
    Day 3: I started to bleed A LOT. I had to be taken to the emergency room because I was bleeding from my throat so much that i looked like a Zombie from the walking dead. Needed to get stiches because an artery had been cut in the operación
    Day 4: pain in the throat and ears, couldnt eat anything nos drunk.
    Day 5Terrible pain. Pucked all my medicines. Fainted twice. Uncontrollable shivering.
    Day 6: just starting to feel better. Could finally eat something but pain in the ears is the worse.

    1. I am 19 and had gotten my tonsils out on the exact same day as you. This means we are both on the same day of recovery, however, it seems that our recovery is very different.

      Day 1: I could not speak, not a lot of pain but could only drink liquids and threw up twice.
      Day 2-3: Could eat things like pudding and ice cream, still little pain and could not talk
      Day 4-5: Started to talk, could eat soft food and throat pain started to increase
      Day 5-7: My neck and throat are swollen and my ear has a pain that feels like someone is stabbing me. Everytime I swallow I get the stabbing pain. My neck is extremely uncomfortable, no matter what position it’s in.

      1. How was it after the 6th day? Im on mine and i swear i cant deal with this pain. Its worse than an ovarian cyst bursting 😪. When did you properly recover?

        1. My pain did not decrease until day 10. My meds had to be changed so I am now on Toradol which has helped so much!!! I have gone through 4 bags of crushed ice since my surgery on 11.27.17. I keep my throat hydrated ALL day long even while I sleep! The moment you let any part of your tongue/throat dry up you are screwed. I was barely able to eat and talk on day 10. I hope you are feeling better.

  22. I’m 21 and had my tonsils and adenoids removed on August 3rd 2017. I had them removed because of severe tonsilittis.
    The doctors prescribed be endone and the surgeon did tell me that it could hurt for up to 2-3 weeks. He also mentioned about the ear aches.
    The first night I spent in hospital after the surgery wasn’t to bad apart from not being able to eat much and a wrestles nights sleep!
    But from then to now my ears are always so sore once the pain relief wears off. I’ve been taking codeine because I don’t want to take endone threw out the day!
    Also swallowing my own saliva is also very painful.
    I’ve been surviving by staying hydrated by always drinking iced water it’s quite soothing on the throat and easy to get down. My diet has been awful! Mostly been eating jelly for breakfast just so I don’t take medication on an empty stomach. Also noodles and soup aren’t to bad to get down if you’re looking for some advice !
    I also have those cup of soup things that you mix with boiling water (obviosuly let it cool down) and I’ve been making ham and cheese toasties then dipping them in the soup to soften the toast ! I also tried eating lasagne on about the 4th night which wasn’t to bad aslong as it is soft enough and not to hot !
    I’ve been sleeping with a bucket beside my bed to spit in because swallowing it isn’t an option which is ridiculous but people who have had the surgery will understand !
    Also putting an ice pack around your neck really does do wonders ! Sometimes it can stop my ear aches in a matter of minutes but they come back later.
    I’ll be honest I didn’t expect it to be this worse but it’s gotta be close to the worst pain I’ve experienced !
    Being on my 6th day after surgery I just want it to end so I can eat a kebab and talk normally and have a decent sleep ! Haha
    Glad to see other people are finding it difficult and not just myself.

    1. Help! my ear pain is more pressure. My ear pressure started on day 2. I also am getting some drainage. Is this normal. I too would like to sleep again and, talk normal. But what I miss most is a nice juicy steak. I got mine out on Sept 7, 2017

    2. Mine sounds just like yours. I am on day 7 of recovery but struggling to swallow as it hurts my ears to much, so im not having many fluids at all unless im taking medication. The pain relief does nothing for my ears at all, just a hot water bottle soothes the pain. I cant wait to talk and eat and just be happy again. This has 100% got to be the worse pain ever.

  23. I’m 20 and I had my tonsils taken out, as well as a deaveaded septum surgery on aug 1st. This is the end of the 5th day of recovery.
    First off I had mine taken out because of very bad snoring and sleep quality. The doctor prescribed me vikiton as my painkiller. He said every 4 hours to take 1-2 pills. He did say the longest post recovery time he has seen in 20 years of doing this is 12 days so I really hope that’s the truth.

    Day 1 I felt pretty good, mild pain and slept a lottttt because I was put under the same day. I drank a little bit but couldn’t get much down slept ok

    2: woke up to bad/dry sore throat and wanting to take more pills. Did not start to experience ear pain yet. I did have some ice cream.

    3 I woke up dreached in sweat and shivering all over. The doctor did add there could be mild fevers as the days go on. I took a hot shower (prob shouldn’t have done that) to try and cool off it worked but I felt so dehydrated that way, I had a low fever the rest of the day. Also bad ear pain. I recommend drinking coke, fir me at least it is a lot easier to go down than ice water

    4: woke up sweating again and shaking, ear pain has gotten worse. Took the pills and passed out again expect around dinner I felt adventurous enough to go to chipole . I took my meds while in the car. It was a nightmare I had my dad order my food because if I stood in line I would puke. I had to sit at the cold table and lay my head so I wouldn’t throw up ADVICE: never take your meds on an empty stomach. You will have horrible nausea like I did.

    5: not surprising woke up with a fever again and I moved to couch which was not drenched yet. I had bad ear pain starting at around 11am, my throat and nose were bad as well. I did some research on Icepacks and I highly recommend them, I use the ones you put in the freezer. I believe they are not liquid but idk. I put it on the back of my neck for 7ish minutes and it really does wonders. I’m now in bed writing this hoping it will all end soon

    1. Omggg I finally found someone thats going threw the same thing I’m going threw I got my tonsils tooken out on Aug 1 2017 and this shit is horrible the pain is unbeatable I just wanna know when we this all be over or at least less pain cause every night its very hard to sleep I cry I cry my kids cry ask mommy what wrong its very stressful for a 27 year old with kids that cant do for herself or her children’s so yes I need answerrs

    2. Hi guys, I’m 19 and I had my tonsils out on Wednesday the 13th. It seems as if there are a ton of people with the same concerns… so I’ll just add into the pile lol. I had a Deviated septum fixed as well as the tonsils removed.
      Day 1: surgery on time, 9:30 AM I was out cold on the operating table. 12:30 I woke up clueless as to where I was but someone was feeding me ice and telling me to sleep. When I left I found that I wasn’t able to eat anything more than popsicles and ice. Unsuccessful vomit attempt in Tim Hortons parking lot when trying to take pain meds.. blood was pouring out of my nose intensely. Couldn’t sleep at night and continued to wake up and I had some pretty colourful hallucinations from my pain meds and the anesthetic still being in my body.
      Day 2: Pain was a little better when it came to taking pills and I could actually eat some jello. I tried to eat some noodles but it was too painful. Blood had mostly stopped, just a little here and there from my nose
      Day 3: more painful and I had burst into tears because I couldn’t even swallow my medication. It took me 35 minutes to down 7 pills and I thought I was going to die. Couldn’t talk and slept all day long. No blood at this point but definitely some swelling in the nose and throat. I forced down 3 perogies along with some warm broth and jello.
      Day 4: yet again even worse, but I managed to get down all of my meds and took a hot shower. Went to see my grandma and my ear pain started minorly. I keep getting a dry tongue over night even though I’m drinking plenty. I went to Dairy Queen and ate 2/3 of a beef patty, 3 French fries, and 1/2 a small blizzard . Undoubtedly the worst thing I could have done and so painful. Took over an hour to eat it all. In the night I ate a blueberry pancake and lots of tea. Slept all night.
      Day 5: that’s today I guess. I’m still laying in bed. I just made some tea and took my pain meds. I am avoiding swallowing my own saliva because it is so painful and my ears feel like they are about to explode. Today is hopefully the worst and then it will start to get better maybe.

      Concusion: slowest and most painful 5 days of my life so far and I recommend to soothe the throat, eat cold jello and sip on hot tea. Rest with ice packs and heat packs… and any other tips from anyone would be wonderful 🙂

  24. Hi. Im 14 and had my tonsils removed on the 26th of july. Its been a week and my throat feels fine . However my ear is throbbing , it feels like someone is sticking a knife down my ear. I cant swallow without it hurting talking is of the table . I had been waking up every night and was fed up. Got a doctors appointment and he said i needed antibiotics. Have taken 4 already and they have made a slight change however i cant bare to eat but need to in order to take pain killers. Have a warm compress on the side of my face as it is my left ear that is affected. Right now all i want is a nice cold glass of water but cant handle the pain. Please be over soon.

  25. I’m 19 and I had my tonsillectomy on July 24th, 2017. I got them out due to chronic tonsillitis. I woke up from surgery screaming and crying, in so much pain. Very horrifying. That night was okay, I could talk at least and eat soup. The next day was truly awful, uvula swollen to the point I was choking on it. Swallowing was awful, breathing was awful, speaking was awful. Lots of tears. Uvula swelling went down around day 3, making breathing and swallowing a tad easier but not less painful. I started waking up with pain radiating in my jaws and ears each morning after day 4, tothe point where I would bawl my eyes out. Feels like a double ear infection. The painkillers they gave me are weak, keep in mind, even though I’m an adult. We had called the doctor around day 2 and they laughed at us for suggesting different meds. Anyways, on day 6 I went out to run errands with family and puked twice. I don’t know if I was dizzy from the meds or didn’t have enough to eat (I’ve only been eating soup). Now it’s the morning of day 7, I woke with excruciating ear and throat pain. I’m just wondering when it will all stop. This week has been absolute hell and I am now regretting this procedure.

    1. Yes I needed my tonsils removed because they was very painful growing up but right now with the pain and stuff I’m going threw I regret it to

  26. So I am 14 years old and had my surgery for removing my tonsils and adenoids on July 13th, 2017 and the pain is unbearable. Even swallowing my own saliva is an issue. I’ve been taking the medicines recommended and the right amounts at the right times. My doctor said that the recovery time is 2-3 weeks. I’m only on day six and cry every morning because of the pain. Right after I woke up from the surgery and was placed in the recovery room, I threw up four times but it was mostly mucus and a little blood. The scabs on the back of my throats are white and the stitches haven’t fallen out yet. The doctor said that on my right, that tonsil was much larger than the left, but they were both equally big enough for stitches. I’m having terrible mucus and it hurts to try and release it. Today is the sixth day and I woke up with terrible pain in my right ear, and couldn’t sleep through the night because I was coughing so much. Any recommendations on how to deal with this or soothe the pain as much as possible?

    1. My daughter just had hers taken out on the 12th. Tylenol and Motrin every 4 hours are the only things helping. But you have to alternate them every four hours like clockwork.

  27. Pain is indescribable. Horrible pain in the ears brings me to tears daily. Pain meds don’t work and can not eat anything. I’m already petite and I’ve lost 5lbs. Threw up twice from all the medication in my stomach. Horrible experience… regret ever getting my tonsils out, I’d rather deal with the sore throats all winter than this pain.

  28. I am 23 and had mine removed june 16th. Today is day 6.
    Day 1. Slight pain buth with anaesthesia still abit on took alot of ice cream.
    2- woke up with throat pain tho after painkillers managed to take 3 bread slices , sausage n porridge. Later at nyt had fine mashed potatoes n could talk alot.
    3- pain but after meds, was good. Yoghur was easy to eat. Took mashed at around 4pm. Those three days i slept alot.
    4- woke up at 3 am with sharp pain in right ear n in the throat like i had blades in there. Left side much better. Even water was an issue. Felt better during the day tho it was impossible to talk or swallow.
    5- woke up at 5 am with same sharp pain in the r and throat. Painkillers helped but still couldnt eat 5hrs later. Hunger is insane. Tallking is no go zone as opening mouth is issue. Afternoon felt better, even took lots of yoghurt, n later milk n soft bread, no pain. By 8pm the pain was back even to the years. Slept.
    Day 6- today, woke up in excruciating ear n throat pain on both sides at 4am.. The pain is divided. Managed to drink some fine porridge but the pain in both ears is there. Its like am going deaf.. Painkillers n sleeping pill to help me doze off n avoid the ear pain .
    Been advised to keep warm at nyt as inhaling cold air makes the pain worse. The bad breath is still there but dont skip on brushing. Hydrate. Keep talking to minimum. Cant wait for my review tomorrow see if i can get stronger painkillers. Been the most painful thing n i wasnt prepared for the yrs. As if thats not enough ive got 2 wisdom teeth disimpactions waiting after i recover from this .
    All the best.

  29. I’m 20 and on day 5 post op. I was doing great had my dinner the night of surgery and snacks in between and I was feeling fantastic until I got to the end of day 3 into day 4 is when the ear and jaw pain started (the pain shoots right down to my nose it’s that sharp) I wasn’t told anything about this ear pain but it’s to the point where I cannot eat a thing because it feels like my ears are going to explode. I can’t drink anything other than water as it hurts so bad in my ears. I’m fine to swallow it’s just when I do my ears take of again. I wish this was over and done with but I took 2 weeks off work and don’t think i will be fit to go back. Never again would I go through this pain for anything.

  30. My six year old son had a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy on June 9, 2017. He began having bad ear pain starting the 5th day post surgery. After reading the comments here, I decided to use the warm compresses on his face. That seems to bring substantial relief when applied. On a whim, tonight I decided to try Real Time Pain Relief, a pain relief lotion that can be purchased on Amazon. Within a minute after application, my son stopped complaining and calmed. I have applied it twice so far and he says it helps. I would say to give it a try.

    1. An update on the Real Time​ Pain Relief:. It has been a miracle for my son. He will be crying and screaming in agony. I rub a little of the RTPR into his cheek, jaw, and ear, and within 30 seconds, he is calm and feeling better.

      Heat packs also help. Also, cold drinks and foods seem to trigger the pain, so I have been giving him lukewarm drinks instead. Another help is to force yourself to drink more. His pain seems to lessen the more hydrated he is.

      This is now day 11 post op and he is definitely turning a corner. Be encouraged.

      1. Day 13 now and my son is infinitely better. Ear pain only once or twice a day and no throat pain. Also, he tells me he can breathe easily through his nose now which he couldn’t do before surgery. Hang in there everyone. It will improve.

        1. Hi I just order that Lotion off Amazon my 5 year is having a time with this ear pain. I pray and hope this work, I’ve been in tears as well trying to help her thanks so much for commenting and updating. Do I rub the lotion on her ears and throat?

        2. Thank you so much for this info. My son is 13 days out and is still miserable with ear pain. I’ll follow your recommendations!

  31. I am 24 and on day 6 post surgery. The first 3 days were a breeze. I managed to eat and drink and sleep a load, I didn’t know what all the fuss was about.
    Then I woke up early hours of the morning on day 4 in such an intense pain, chocking and couldn’t talk or swollow. I took my pain meds and managed to sleep most of the day due to the strong pain meds.

    Day 5 came out and so did the the ear pain! They really don’t tell you about any of this! My ears feel like they are being stabbed at constantly, throat feels like it’s been cut and can hardly eat or drink now. Starting to feel like this isn’t going to end. 😖.

    Day 6 is today! What an absolute joke!! Just let this hell be over with! It’s so so painful. I guess I just have to keep hoping it’s over with fast!

    I’m still not 100% sure what happened when I came round in recovery but I woke up with about 10 doctors around me and a tent erected over my bed with heaters blowing lovely warm air into my bed. It was very frightening. I remember crying and being given alot of morphine and going straight back out cold?? Not the best experience I have ever had.

    Wishing everyone a speedy recovery ✌️.

  32. I am 43 on day 6 post op. I think the first few days throw you off as they are easier than what comes. I have a sore throat, tongue and ears. My tongue feels like it is all burned on the sides. Weird tastes come and go. Water can be metalic and it is sickening. I tried to eat earlier on too, a more regular diet. Citrus does NOT hurt me. I have 2 weeks off and I really hope it’s enough. Right now I can’t imagine feeling really good for a full day. Lots of ice packs on the neck. Keep a regular pain med schedule. Set alarms!

  33. Its been a crazy roller coast for me post tonsilectomy. My parents decided it was a good idea to go on vacation 4 days after my surgery. Being in the car has been rough. No access to popsicles and I have to spit all that disgusting spit up stuff into a cup and it starts to smell like no other. And the nausea was worse thrown in with the car sickness. The meds were making me act too weird so we decided to switch to over the counter Tylenol which SUCKED trying to switch from being stoned out of my mind from the meds to something that didn’t help nearly as much. I’ve had a few mental breakdowns from the frustration of not being able to eat because I am passionate about food and even soft things such as mashed potatoes or refried beans hurt my ears pretty bad. I’d say one of the worst things I’ve experienced is the terrible taste in my mouth because it makes me nauseous and when I puked it just makes me have more of the terrible taste in my mouth.

  34. Day 1 woke up from op and first thing I noticed is that my jaw is in agony!! No pain in throat just the jaw.. back on ward managed to eat toast. Morphine every hour slept through the night with medication every hour.
    Day 2 slight pain in throat. Managed more toast and a cup of tea and biscuits. Told I can go home so stop at macdonalds on the way and have a mc chicken sandwich meal managed it no problem. Get home sleep until morning.
    Day 3 wake up in PAIN!! Quickly take medication that hospital gave me.. still in pain 3hours later so phone doctors and got an emergency appointment. Home with antibiotics as I have an infection.. I smoke so doctor thinks that’s what cause it 😵 In agony the rest of day and night sleeping on and off.
    Day 4 PAIN PAIN PAIN!!! Now regretting getting my tonsils removed have never felt pain like this before!!
    Day 5 Excatly the same as day 4!! But now I have ear ache 😓
    Day 6 Still in agonising pain. Hurts even to swallow water. Read on a previous post here to try hot water and honey.. try it and instant relief 😆 First time I’ve not wanted to scream in pain all week!! Relief only lasted a hour so I have another every hour until I fall asleep.
    Day 7 woke up not in as much pain as I have been with most of the scabs off.
    Now on day 8 and I have came off the strong medication completely just having paracetamols. The first week was the worst I have ever experienced in my life.. I tried everything from iced water, Ice chips, ice packs, heat packs! Nothing seemed to help except the honey water wish i had known about this from day 1. Yes I smoke and this probably caused me more pain but it was the one thing that gave me joy in the whole week! I got my tonsils removed due to having bad glandular fever which cause holes in my tonsils resulting in tonsils stones. Right now i wish I never got them removed but by next week I think it will be a different story. Also a lot of my pain was on the right side the left side didn’t bother me so much did anyone else notice this?

  35. Had my tonsils out on the 22nd of may. It has been the worst week of my life!! uvula was so swollen it was going down my throat! Throat pain was hell!! Ear pain brings me to tears. Have been living on ice and scrambled eggs for a week and still managed to put weight on 🤔

  36. I had surgery December 31st 2015 and my ear pain continues. I don’t know if it’s normal but it won’t go away. Pain killers don’t do anything. I might have to go in for surgery on my ears now (great 😒) just know that you might be like me and a year and a half later the pain continues

    1. Hi Mercedes, my 11 year old daughter has ear pain still, continuing from her surgery March 2017. What type of surgery do they think may relieve it?

  37. I’m an adult in 30’s and had my tonsilectomy on 8th May 2017.

    The main reason i need to go for the procedure because there was a big growth on one side of my tonsil. It was totally discomfort as if there was some kind of food stuck in the throat. In worst case, at any point of time if I were to vomit, I will get choked and the vomitus which has bigger particles are not able to come out resulting that I have to forcefuly swallow it back.

    My surgery went really well under GA so i dont feel anything during the procedure. However, the nightmare started right after I woke up till now, the 7th day after the surgery.

    Day 1: unable to eat and talk properly

    Day 2-6: • unable to eat but hungry
    • saliva taste bitter
    • throat swell badly in the morning after awake
    from sleep

    Day 7: all of the above + earpain!!!

    This is the most suffering period in my life but on the bright side, i’ve lost 6kg over a week. lol

    I’m gonna visit my GP real soon to check if i need other medical attention prior to the damn painful earache!

    1. I’m going through the same as you. I did tonsillectomy on the 8th May as well. The reason I did it was they were sick.
      I’m on my 8th day recovery and the mornings are the worse! I’m waking up in pain every day with ear pain and swallowing. Can’t talk properly too. I’m taking 2 different types of pain killers and panadols.
      I went to my GP yesterday and he was happy how ‘quickly’ I recovered but he couldn’t tell me anything about ear pain too :'(.
      I’ve lost 5kgs.
      Wishing you a speedy recovery. I know what you’re feeling :).

  38. My ear pain lasted about a week, I had my operation 2 weeks ago today and I’m only starting to feel human again, the ear pain is the worse part I thought. I used a wheat heat pack around the ears and throat it really really helps. I hope your son feels better soon x

    1. I had my tonsillectomy on april 6 17. The ear pain started 3 days after and i have never felt pain like it. i could not communicate in anyway, i just woke up screaming. i ended up in A and E and was given morphine for the pain. I am still having trouble with my ears now, they are very sensitive to loud noises, phones ringing and the clanging noise when you put plates together. I also was not given a follow up appointment and am fighting to see a professional to find out what i can do about the pain. I find G.Ps dont really believe you when you tell them because they can not see anything much going on in the ears. I did find that a hot water bottle on my ears helped the pain. Don’t believe anyone when they say you will be fine in two weeks, it’s a load of rubbish! i hope everyone heals up soon x

  39. My son is 3 y old , underwent tonsillectomy and adenoid 6 days ago, he had severe earache in last 4 days , he had the worst pain since his life , he became flushed sweaty on attacks , when this pain will going to subside? Any idea?

  40. Just had a T&A done the 21st of April, I’m on day 10 and I’m seeing a lot of people aren’t eating my doctor MADE me start on day 2-3 back to hamburgers and such but I feel everyone on the earache. I haven’t found anything to help. I guess I’m on day 10. Good luck everyone. Keep the sodas coming and all the greasy food. It coats your throat and healing time.

  41. I had my tonsils removed on the 21st and all I can say is WOW THE PAIN IS UNBEARABLE! Day 1&2 was ok was sore to swallow but that’s to be expected… day 3 was bad took myself to a&e the pain was unreal then day 4 I started feeling a bit better thought I’d turnt a corner. Well how wrong was I…. Today day 5 well I’ve never experienced pain like it!!!!! My throat and ears = severe pain and I’m definitely regretting getting this done!! The pain is unbearable crying all day been put on morphine and I can still feel the ear pain and it’s horrific 😪😪 I’m praying that this starts to get better because I literally can’t take no more pain… I heard this ear pain last a few days is this correct, any pain remedies or advice would really help as I’m at my wits end and I literally have no tears left 😪

  42. im 14 and had a tonsillectomy on April 12th, making today the 9th day. Immediately after the surgery it only felt like a sore throat but the next day it was so much worse. I didn’t eat or drink anything the first 5 or so days, and i would only swallow my saliva maybe once every 5 minutes. then days 5-7 was the worst. I would wake up 6-7 times a night with excruciating ear pain, it felt like i was going deaf. Id go back to sleep and it would start again. The first week i didnt talk at all. Yesterday and today (8th and 9th day) Ive been able to eat a little and talk. Ive noticed that when i try to eat something thats not cold it provokes a burning sensation on my right side, and if i eat cold food my throat is really sensitive to it so it hurts. These past 2 nights Ive only woken up with moderate ear pain once a night, so its getting better. Midday my 9th day right now, and im able to eat a slice of pizza if i chew it up good. For the people saying the pain might get worse near the end, i havent gotten there yet.

  43. My daughter is almost 16 and on day 8. Yesterday was an awesome day and I thought we were done and this morning the ear pain has been unbearable all day! Warm compresses, chewing gum, Tylenol, Motrin. Nothing is helping! Please tell me this ear pain doesn’t last long. We are at the end of our ropes with this and even regretting it, as she has lost 10 pounds and is honestly not doing well at all with this:(

    1. My daughter (19) had adenoids and tonsils removed last Friday. Today is Thursday. Throat pain is bad but the ear pain has been the worst. Yesterday, the doctor prescribed Prednisone and it has been a HUGE help. It takes the swelling out of the ears and sinus. Pain is never totally gone, but she feels so much better. I don’t know why we haven’t seen anyone mention steroids before. Ask your dr. about this option. Also, she drinks about 50 ounces of ice water a day. It is very hard to swallow right after surgery and upon waking each morning but the doctor said dehydration makes the pain much worse. Force yourself to sip as much as you can and measure your fluid intake.

    2. Im 16 too, turning 17 soon, and I can relate. I’ve been traveling for days 5-7 so the car sickness and altitude change has been weird. When the altitude gets higher it hurts really bad and if the altitude changes and gets lower it actually helps. I can’t say what will help you. I’m already underweight and I’ve been struggling trying to gain weight for years now. At least I’m a solid 103 now but since the surgery I’ve gone under 100 again and that’s been a disappointment because last year they told me if I didn’t get my weight under control I’d be in the emergency room for malnourishment. it’s a bit frustrating because no matter how much food I eat, even if it’s fattening and full of protein and nutrients, I’m never able to gain weight and it’s a problem for me.

    1. Its way worse than strep throat, but yes, you cant swallow without a load of pain for the first week or 10 days

    2. I can honestly say that I’d take strep over this any given day. This has been the worst pain I’ve EVER experienced. The only word I really have to describe it is literal suffering. Can’t sleep eat or talk and I’m on my 6th day. Apparently it only gets worse from here… Goody

      1. No strep is way worse I’ve had it 5 times before In a rapid succession, swallowing doesn’t hurt and is very manageable the problem is the ear popping. That’s stopping me from eating and drinking because every time I swallow it pops. Also. Nighttime pain is the worse I constantly have dreams where I’m in the most deafening environments. But it’s day 5 and my scabs are starting to fall off. Percocet prescribed by the doctor help a lot when it’s food time. Only problem is I getting extremely high off of those pills, but it relaxes your body.

  44. Hi my name is Rebecca and I had my tonsils removed a few days ago .After the surgery I had absolutely no pain but I couldn’t keep good down and felt dizzy as the anaesthetic were wearing off.You guys won’t believe me but my ENT doctor recommended that I eat normal food immidiately after surgery as this would help me heal faster and so I did ,yes it was difficult and I would cry at times but I knew I had to do it if I wanted to heal faster .
    So yesterday was my day 3 and I had zero pain ,I even helped clean the house,cooked and even ate rice and sausage😊I was so proud of myself .I even drank sprite which stung a lot but after a few minutes I felt much better.
    So now it 3 am and my ear is soooo painfull I just want to scream ,which I can’t as my throat is sooo painfull😢,but chewing gum makes it a bit better and exercising my jaw.

  45. Hi guys, I’m 25 and I had my tonsils and adenoids out on March 28. I’m currently on day 10. I continously have sporadic days that I feel great, (days 5,6&9) and in between I’d feel like death. Now it’s day 10 and my pain is back full force again. It feels like I have a giant hole in my throat that the doctor forgot to close up. When I eat or drink it causes so much pain on the right side I have to stop. Days 7 & 8 I couldn’t eat because the taste and the smell in my throat made me want to vomit. I just wonder when this will end. I have to go back to work on Monday (4 days from today) but with the way it has been going I don’t know if I’ll be ready. The doctor told me I’d be out for 7 days.. But I took of 14 just to be safe and I definitely feel I needed it all. For the first couple of days all I could eat was apple sauce and Popsicles. Pudding and mashed potatoes were way to thick. I have just begun eating regular food like mashed potatoes and noodles. Here to hoping this gets better because this surgery was something I’ve wanted for a long time and finally I was given the opportunity to have it and I am completely regretting it. 🙁 good luck everyone.

  46. Im 45, female, had tonsils taken out on the 27th and today is day 8. Yes yes YES this is the most pain and it is worse than any surgery or childbirth I gave! NO you will not be better and back to work for over a week and no do not listen to those who say “oh you’ll be fine”
    Eat ice chips, ice water, put ice around your entire head and take those PAIn meds! Drink drink drink bc although I am hydrated I still ended up in ER on 3-4th day with an IV and steroid shot. My head felt like it was going to blow off from pain. And mind you I have. Huge threshold for pain so sleep, drink water/ice chips and take your meds! Do not do anything unless you feel strong enough and call your dr as many times as you need! My scabs are starting to slough off and now only my right side and ear pain is horrible but thank God it’s not like a week ago! And poop? Omgggg I didn’t for A WEEK and also threw up! Take those meds! Take something to poop! Drink tons and tons of water and rest! I took pictures everyday of my progress. It gets horrible then you’re tricked thinking you’re “good” but ohhhhh nooo it comes back around! So hang in there!

  47. I’m 19, had my tonsils out on the 30th and I honestly feel like I’m dying! I was sick on the morphine in hospital and sick at home around 4 times on the prescribed codeine so my throat is killing! I’m just taking ibuprofen and paracetamol which doesn’t do much to the pain but as I’m on day 5 the ear ache is the worst, everytime I swallow it gets worse but I’ve found putting an ice pack around my throats somehow calms it down, and also allows me to drink, sometimes eat as that’s the hardest of them all! It is so difficult to talk aswell, don’t know what else I can do to help ease the pain as I’ve eaten nothing since having this done and all I want is a takeaway!! I too regret having this done but hopefully in the long run I’ll be completely greatful!

  48. I’m 13 and had my tonsils and adenoids removed on the 22nd. Yesterday and today have been the worst usually inruprofen helps the ear plan but that isn’t helping today. I got throat numbing spray and it says to only use 2 sprays but my pain is so pain I have to use 3-4. All I’ve been doing is sleeping so I don’t have to feel the pain but I woke up around 6 am this morning and my ears hurt so bad I just went back to sleep and I just woke up again. Last night I also was feeling super sick, I almost felt hungry but I wasn’t hungry because I had eatin a bunch of food yesterday and I almost felt like I could throw up. This has been the worst experience of my life! Also my scans have started to flake off and it’s really gross because I can taste them and when I drink water the scabs will fall into the water and the whole drink is effected by the taste. I’ve just had orange tic tacs in my mouth so I don’t have to taste it but it kinda hurts bc you have to almost suck on them. I hope my pain is done soon. And I know it will be worth it when it’s done because I will be able to breathe when I do harder physical activity and when I sleep.

  49. Wow and double wow! 49 years young had my tonsils, adenoids and uvula removed on the 21st and I would never do this again! Eating has been the biggest hurtle to get over and if It wasn’t for the amazing numbing spay I would have thrown in the towel! I’m on day 6 and the ear pain is killing me. What seems to relieve this pain for some of you?

    1. Ice shavings eat like a slushee, use ice packs around your ears neck bedind neck and on forehead bc a heating pad makes you swell more. Do this 10 mins on then 10 off.

    2. What kind of numbing spray did you use? I had my tonsillectomy last Wednesday the 19, and it’s now the 25, worse than child birth if you ask me!! I’m super hungry and the ear pain is the worst!!!

  50. I’m 18 and had my surgery on the 17th. This has seriously been the absolute worst experience of my life. In the past 3 days all I’ve eaten are 3 spoonfuls of mashed potatoes and half a popsicle. I couldnt hold any of it down either. I was alright on the first 2 days then after that it’s been downhill. I try to drink as much water as possible, but it hurts so bad. I can barely brush my teeth because it hurts, but the smell is horrible. Has anyone else gotten like thick phlegm? Because mine is terrible and it sucks because I can’t even spit it out. And the ear pain has been the absolute worst. Does anyone have any remedies for this excruciating ear pain?

  51. Anyone know a good Facebook page for chatting through all of these things related to tonsillectomy? I’m in the tonsillectomy support group but hardly anyone comments & I need advice lol! I had my op 14th march, it’s been HELL!! Got taken back into hosp with an infection & haven’t eaten except for a few mouthfuls of luke-warm soup, for a week. Worse pain ever & this ear pain is just crazy. I can’t yawn, chew, swallow properly! When will this get better. Wish I’d never had it done either, it messes with your head, I feel so down 🙁 thank god the antibiotics I’m on god rid of them awful smell!! My dr says if you have a terrible smell get it checked for infection, mine made me vomit!!!

    1. My daughter just had this done 2weeks ago. I was told she would miss a week of school and be fine. NO why she has missed two weeks and she’s still having ear pain that wakes her up at night. NO ONE told me about how bad this would be.

      1. Same here! My daughter is 11 and had the surgery 2 weeks ago and it has been HELL! The ear pain which actually is temple area has been terrible!

  52. Hi I’m 21 years old I had my tonsils out on the 14th march.
    On the day when I came round from anasthetic I was dehydrated and the put me on a drip I also had difficulty breathing so was also on an oxygen mask after 5 hours I came too I managed to eat a small hospital tub of ice cream followed by a slice of bread with butter minus the crust I went home that evening I was in pain but bearable I managed a bowl of jelly and went to bed best night sleep ever. I thought the surgery wasn’t so bad.
    Day 2 I woke up in abit more pain but not much I couldn’t talk but kept having painkillers all day I spent most day outside enjoying the sun that day I managed to eat one bowl of jelly , 1 slice of toast, 3 small slices pizza and small amount of sheperdspie. That night the pain hit me hard I didn’t sleep all night my throat was like razor blades it was almost impossible to swallow . Day 3 was hard all day I had 5 spoons of ice cream I was drinking water when I could but didn’t take any tablets I couldn’t the pain was so extreme it was the same for day four and five I cried all those days day six the pain in my throat had settled slightly I could talk most of the day I tried to eat again first I tried a sausage roll but the taste in my mouth made it taste disgusting ant my throat began to hurt again I took painkillers then tried spaghetti and sausage from tin at first its seemed ok it was hard to swallow about half a tin id had and the taste changed which made me gip I couldn’t eat anymore. It was so hard watching my family eat takeaways or really nice meals I spent the afternoon in tears coz I couldn’t eat and the taste at the back of my throat was making me hate the taste of food I normally love. I’m on day 7 I woke up with servers ear ache I tried taking painkillers but only managed one I’m trying to motivate myself but I have no energy I feel so weak and I still cant eat my family say I’ve lost weight I was a size 6 in clothes before surgery I’m getting worried I’m starving and in pain when will it stop someone help 😓

    1. Amy I’m exactly the same as you 🙁 had my tonsils out on 14th, all went well although they nicked my throat with breathing tube after surgery so had to get that sorted, I was in theatre for 2 hrs! Got home that evening but got admitted back into hosp on fri with an infection!! Sooo sore, I’ve lost nearly a stone & was a size 10 before. The ear pain now is awful, I’m just out of hospital today & have a weeks more course of antibiotics. I’m so depressed I can’t eat! The nurses even ordered a Chinese on the ward 🙁 !! I love my food & this whole experience has left me feeling so down, the pain is excruciating. I haven’t eaten since the day of my op except for a few mouthfuls of blended soup!! Hope you’re better soon x

    2. My 7 yr old (8 in June) daughter had a full tonsillectomy acme adenoidectomy on MARCH 15th. We’re in day 7 at 10:10pm. She grabs her ears so tight and cries like I’ve never seen her cry before! Today she has eaten finally a couple spoonfuls of Ramen noodles and she was so thirsty but only after taking the oxycodone was she able to drink. She drank 2 & 1/2 cups water today! Over the last 6 days she has had a sip here a there and I was so worried about dehydration/infection. We haven’t had a restful night’s sleep since the day of theach surgery! We’re exhsusted! Makes me think whether or not i made the right decision! Only time will tell. She said to me as she was holding her ears and pushing her shoulders to her ears, “I was afraid something would go wrong!😢😭” I felt like crap

  53. Hello, I am 17 years old and got my tonsils out exactly a week ago this is by far the worst pain I can remember experiencing. I’ve done so much research on how to stop the pain of not only in my throat but in my head and ears. The first 2 days I was feeling pretty good all drugged up and felt like I could accomplish a lot getting them removed. Boy I was wrong once the 3-7 day came I felt so bad my ears are in the worst pain and I feel like they are being stabbed simultaneously, it hurts so bad to swallow especially the medicine they gave, eating is very difficult and impossible, I don’t really drink a lot of fluids because I can’t. I highly regret getting my tonsils removed and waiting to see the light, I find myself changing the channel when food I crave comes on, brushing my teeth is difficult because your siliva is thick my breath smells bad, can’t talk, on the 3/4 day my uvula swelled up to the size of a freaking baby carrot, I want to eat food so bad and can’t wait till the day I can.

    1. I’m 21 and had my tonsils put on the 14th you have literally described my recovery exact I’m on day seven I’m not eating but I’m starving I’ve lost weight and my ears are killing me I too regret the procedure and cant wait till I can eat again.

  54. I just recently got my tonsils removed on the 23rd of February and I am now on the morning of day 10.. I still have a shooting pain in my right ear and my jaw hurts. I have noticed on my 7th to 9th day it was at its peak. My throat feels a lot more healed up and it isn’t painful when I swallow anymore. But I can’t eat popsicles without my ear being in a terrible pain.

  55. Omg I’ve never felt pain like it but if your thinking about having a tonsillectomy don’t do it I’m 33 years old and have 2 children and I would go through child birth 100 times rather than have this pain. I really had no idea that it would be this painful and wish I had of done my research before hand. I’m on day 7 and have woken up feeling like someone is stabbing me in the ear with a knife. When reading what people have wrote I thought I may have escaped the ear pain but no it’s kicked in. Can someone tell me how long this pain lasts?? first day I was in pain but it has got worse as the days have gone on I am trying to eat but only able to eat a few mouthfuls I am drinking lots of fluids. I find first thing in the morning and towards the end of the day is when my pain is at it’s peak. Can someone please tell me I will start to feel better soon and that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

    1. Hi charlene, i share ur same thoughts and wonder why i didnt do my reserach before doing tonsillectomy. It hurts so much. Im on my third day and i just woke up with the most severe ear pain. The doc advised me that I should keep an alarm every hour in the night and try and wet my throat so it doesnt hurt so much in the morning. Please see if this works for u.

    2. Dear Charlene
      I had my operation in 2014 together with my SINUS operation..till today 3 years later..I m still feeling the pain on my right ear..my condition now has escalated to ANXIETY..Has been seeing all kinds of specialist yet no remedy.. We just have to live with it…
      ANXIETY has cause me to be afraid to leave my house and cant work at all…

  56. I’m 38 and I had my tonsils out feb 22 I’m on day 4 I can finally talk in a full sentence ear pain is starting which is more annoying than anything I keep right on every 4 hrs with Tylenol I recommend a humidifier that’s helped a lot and ice chips also pure aloe with apple juice has helped scabs are starting to come off feels weird
    Get lots of movies bc you will do a lot of laying around

  57. Hi Rebecca, I am so sorry that you are going through this horrible pain. I can definitely understand as I went through the same pain since day 1 of my surgery. I am already 4 wks post op and I never thought I ever was going to see light. I am not going to lie to you the first 2 weeks will be very stressful and painfully. Every one recovers differently as others. I didnt really feel better until the 3rd week. A few tips to help you cope. Stay hydrated all day. (Water) will help you heal and also help with the scabs. Eating dont worry alot of people say eat but if u cant u cant. Applesauce (cold) will help. I use to crushed my tylenol and put in inside the applesauce that worked wonders for me. Pain will subside so quickly. I had ice chips all day. I tried eating jello as well. Broth will help as well. Get a humidifier and be on it all day will help not get dried out. And get some ice pack and put it around your neck. Try to get enough rest as that will help your body rest. I know it seems like it will never end but have some faith it will. You will experience alot of pain. Stay Strong! Keep me posted. Good Luck!

  58. I had my tonsils out 6 days ago, most people say they don’t have that much pain until a few days in but I have been in absolute agony all day every day. The day I had it done I just slept on and off the rest of that day due to the anaesthetic, but I woke up the second day and hardly stopped crying since. On day 3 almost all of the thick, hard scab/pus kind of things at the back started coming off and sliding down my throat which made me sick, which left my throat looking red and raw and the worst pain I’ve ever had. Pain in my ears and jaw came on suddenly along with the throat pain so I got an emergency appointment in the doctors, they were pretty useless and just said it looks normal and it’s obviously going to be painful etc. Since I’ve had the operation done in total I’ve eaten 1 piece of bread with no crusts, about 5 little pots of jelly, 2 mushed up weetabix and 2 bowls of ice cream. The pain is just never ending! I’m currently laying in bed with a thick scarf around my neck and ears and whimpering like a baby. Since having it done I have been taking co codamol 30/500 and ibuprofen 400mg every 3 and a half hours. Also I’m 21 years old. I hope to god this pain settles soon, I feel like ripping my head off!

  59. Hello, I’m 23, I had my tonsils out 7 days ago. I also had my adenoids out and turbulence done.

    Medication: I was given Oxycodon and Tylonal for the pain. Both are in liquid form which is nice. Adult Tylonal in a liquid is hard to find now so my doctor told me I could take a higher dose of children’s or I also was able to find adult Tylonal in liquid at Walmart (Equate brand). I’ve been told by my surgeon it’s safe to take both at the same time, every 4 hours. I’ve been doing them alternatively, so I’m taking something every 2 hours.

    Ear pain: The only thing that has worked for me is a warm compress. I have been able to fall asleep on my side with my ear on a heating pad and another warm compress on my other ear. It does not make the pain go away, but does relieve it briefly. The ear pain increases drastically when swallowing which is very difficult since the recommendations are to drink plenty of fluids.

    Eating: I have been eating since day 4 (very very small and limited meals). I have tried (cooled down) mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, low-sodium soup broth (salt hurts the throat), yogurt, and Jell-O. I do think forcing myself to eat 2-3 bites every few hours has been good for my throat and my stomach (taking pain meds on an empty stomach causes me nausea).. but it increases the ear pain like crazy. Everything I’ve heard is that as much as it hurts to eat, giving your body even a little nourishment more than water, will aid in recovery!

    Overall: Lots of fatigue, and still a ton of pain. Ear pain is by far worse than anything right now. Also still very hard for me to talk… can only get out 2-3 words before I need to pause and swallow/clear my throat.

    I am not a doctor, but these are things that have worked for me.. I hope they help someone else!

    Hoping everyone is having a speedy recovery!!

  60. I am 35. Just had tonsillectomy, endoscopic sinus surgery, septoplasty, and bilateral turbinate reduction on 15th. Today I got the ear pain in both ears. Yawn like stretches relieve my eat passion but cause my throat to feel like it’s tearing. The Norco isn’t helping. The splints in my nose areally very irritating. I can’t smile without pain in my nose and I’m assuming elsewhere in my sinuses. I hope I see the doc tomorrow and he’s can help figure out something for all the pain. Let’s hope this helps me sleep better after I’m healed. Because right now I’m not getting more than an hour or two a day because I can’t get comfortable, stay at an angle to keep drainage down, or pain free. When I do sleep I wake up either freaked out from a nightmare, a feeling like I hadn’t been breathing for a while, or choking on blood n saliva.

    1. Hello,

      One thing that has worked somewhat okay for me is taking adult Tylonal with my prescribed medication. I’ve only been able to find liquid adult Tylonal at Walmart and it was the Equate brand. If you’re able to swallow better now, maybe you wouldn’t even need the liquid.

      The thing that’s helped most for the ear pain is warm compress. I have a heating pad that I wrap around my head, or two warm compresses I heat in the microwave and hold to my ears.

      Hoping you find some relief soon!

  61. Hello everyone! I’m 20 years old and had my surgery on Feb 14th. I honestly thought I had it easier because I drank so much water and was eating pretty well. The first day was not bad at all until that night when the percacets made me vomit which was very unpleasant. The second day was a little worse but manageable and I just started taking Ibeprofen 600. The third and fourth day worsened but I was still able to deal with it. I woke up in the middle of the night (starting into day 5) and I never felt a pain like it! I honestly wanted to die. It felt like glass was in my throat and the ear pain has started. I’ve felt horrible all day and have been crying about 80% of the time. I tried to eat and that made me cry even more. If I go through this another day I honestly don’t know if I’ll make it. Just hoping it goes up from here.

  62. Hi Im 23 years old I got my tonsils out & in my right side of my nose a deveated septum repaired on feb 13 this past Monday the doctor told me take a week off work I go back to work in 2 days this Tuesday I’m so nervous I’m in so much pain im having the ear pain & idk how to stop it please help me also my left side of my throat hurts I’m having trouble eating I haven’t been eating also drinking it really hurts please tell me how to help this pain go away yesurday I spent all day throwing up im on oxy but I stopped it bc only helped for the first few days also I’m taking amoxicillin as my antibiotics & it gave me a yeast infection I just want to me better please help

  63. My daughter got her tonsils our a week ago. Starting yesterday afternoon she was getting these horrible earaches. Holding the sides of her head and just crying. I rubbed some Wonder Oil around her ear, behind it abit in it. It helped a lot. Every two hours she woke up with this pain. Couple times I couldn’t give her meds but just used the oil. Really helped.

  64. Hello lovelies,

    So I had my tonsillectomy on the 8th February and I’m currently on day 5 including operation day, I had a few complications with my surgery so was rushed back into hospital on Friday morning as I was severely dehydrated and had post operative bleeding which was so bad I couldn’t catch my breath without choking on blood sorry for the grim image!! I have been forcing myself to eat even when I have no appetite because it’ll do me good over the course of the next few days, as I said in day 5 post op and ear pain I’m honestly crying I only get it at night between 4-9am which is very weird! However I think it’s crazy the hospital don’t prescribe ear drops or something as it’s not my throats that hurts as much as my ears!! Good luck with your recoveries everyone x x x

  65. I had my tonsils out Feb 6th after years of chronic strep. It’s currently Feb 11th, and I still feel so miserable.
    Ear pain-
    My ears are killing me! But, something that I CAN GUARANTEE YOU RELIEF with is heating up olive oil and garlic in a pan, then dripping it into the ears, and then applying some pressure with a warm, wet washcloth (wrapped in a plastic bag). I’m doing it on one ear while I write, and already it’s like there was never any pain there. It doesn’t last forever, but break from pain with natural, home remedies is always worth it.
    I was give 60 tablets of Percocet, and it’s only day 6 and I’ve got like 8 left. I’ve been taking 1-2 (usually 2) every 4 hours to keep the pain at bay which are the directions on the bottle. It doesn’t do anything for the ear pain, but it does make it possible for me to swallow. I really will need
    The only solids I’ve eaten since the surgery is scrambled egg whites and banana, but that’s hardly “solid”. I haven’t had any milk or dairy ice-cream because milk has a tendency to get “flemmy” and that’d be an added irritation I didn’t want to deal with. I’ve had soy ice cream, recently had some instant chocolate pudding, Jello, Italian ice, lots of ice water, watered down Gatorade, banana/peanut butter/almond milk/cocoa powder/ice smoothie, tried some chewing gum, chewing it was hard but moving the mouth muscles allegedly releases pressure from the ears, but so far I only really know the warm olive oil works.
    The Percocet makes me really sleepy unfortunately it gives me bad dreams, so I wake up from nightmares. Also, I can’t breath through my nose when I’m sleeping so I keep waking up to a bone dry mouth–one of the worst feelings.

    1. Hi, I am experiencing the same you ! I also had my op on the 6th feb! My pain relief is running out and looking at so many different ways to get through this !!!! I have SERVE ear pain so am going to try warm olive oil and hope it works. I can’t sleep either as I can’t breathe when I lay down and today to even swallow water is hurting like hell !!! I really hope i start feeling better very soon because I really don’t know how much more I can take !

  66. My daughter is 4 she can’t chew gum. Help me. The meds don’t work on it she is asking me to squeeze her ears together – day 6!

  67. Hi I Had tonsils out Tuesday and from 2nd day my ears have been so sore its unreal and nothing has worked an doctors don’t care but I think iv found a salution wrap a tight bandage around ur head covering both ears don’t seem to have much pain afterwards

  68. Hi I’m Emerson, I’m 18 and I had my tonsillectomy on the 20th of January, day 7 now including op day.
    Um I still have excruciating earaches it’s been going since yesterday. Last night I toke my hair out of the pony tail and toke my earrings out as well, seemed to help a little bit. Also taking regular painkillers starts soothing about twenty mins after taking them and lasts about 2-3hours after taking them. It feels as if someone is drilling into my ears with the bluntest drill bit they could find. Hopefully all this pain goes away in the next few days, because I’m having withdrawals from not being at work… I love my job and don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have it. I just want to be pain free so I can return to work.
    I’m so glad I found this site. I didn’t know my ears would hurt after a tosillectomy. Well… They don’t hurt – they are literally killing me!! And if they don’t stop hurting imma shoot myself in the head!!! Ahhhhhhh

    1. I find ice pack around my neck soothes the pain and will help reduce Inflammation. Also chewing sugar free gum. Going to try it out today. I am 8 days post op. My left ear throbbs alot and I am also having pain on my left side of tongue. Boy I cant wait either to be pain free.
      Good luck.

  69. I’m 14, and had my tonsils out on the 4th of January, 2017. I’m currently on day 7 including the day of surgery and have only started with severe, agonising ear pain today, but it started to show a little yesterday evening. (WARNING. MAY BE VERY TMI)

    Day one: I went In for surgery at 10:30 and was woke up from anaesthetic at 11:30. As soon as I regained myself I was able to talk almost immediately. I was drugged up on Morphine, paracetamol, ibuprofen and Ketamine( Ketamine only because of my ADHD). The pain was heavy when I first woke up but the medicine soon set in and I was able to eat and drink about an hour after I’d woke up. The morphine has made me sleep for hours on end, atleast 12-18 hours a day since surgery. I wasn’t in a lot of pain then, and managed to eat quite a lot. I wouldn’t say my pain tolerance was high, with me being only 14 and I haven’t really experienced any major pain like all of you have (childbirth etc) but I did get to eating solids straight away as it was recommended for quick recovery whilst I was drugged up. What I remember eating was a ham and cheese wrap, a cheese string and pepperami’s throughout the day. Most of the food I ate was in the 3-4 hours after me waking up where the painkillers were at their best. Between sleeping in and out, with the hospital bed raised up to a sitting/laying position, and morphine, paracetamol and ibuprofen every 4-6 hours by the nurses, the pain was bearable and trust me, I regret ever underestimating the pain. By the evening, the pain had increased, just in my throat, and I had now started to spit into a cup instead of swallowing. I had been given a burger and chips with orange juice and ice cream for dinner and only managed to eat a chip, a third of the burger, the ice cream(which I mentioned earlier) and the orange juice. I tried to eat as much as possible to scrape away the White/greenish stuff from the cotorising as much as possible so it would scab over and heal ASAP, which I’m grateful for at this current day. Overall I drank and ate a lot.

    Day two: It was pretty much the same, I stayed in hospital overnight due to sleep apnea and the doctors wanting to monitor my breathing. I didn’t get much sleep apart from 1 hour naps because I was on a ward with 3 babies, which I didn’t mind, I wasn’t very tired. I had toast for breakfast and drank two glasses of water. Overall the pain was bearable still. I got discharged at 1pm and was home by 2pm. I was able to talk but not shout, and if I talked for too long it’d become painful. When I got home I was extremely tired and drugged on morphine, and remember going to bed straight away. I didn’t eat much, other than a pot noodle and pizza (and a lot of water/ apple juice). I slept for most of the day and restocked on my meds.

    Day 3 was the same. I was eating solids and drinking apple juice as well as keeping up on my meds. As soon as I woke I’d take them, and before I slept I would too. The pain had incresed moderately but it was overall still bearable and didn’t cause many problems other than swallowing. However, in the evening I ended up in excruciating pain from constipation. I hadn’t been to the bathroom since the night before the surgery, but had urinated. The pain was much, much more agonising than the pain I’m in now with my ears and throat. I was in tears and screaming, and was paralysed. It felt as if there was something under my ribs to which I took laxatives which helped. I haven’t had any more problems like that so far.

    Day 4;I didn’t wake up in any pain, but my mouth was dry, to which i drank juice as well as tablets and ended up writhing in agony. I didn’t eat a lot, and missed out on a lot of meals due to me sleeping. I’d been taking liquid painkillers since the surgery, and they were vile. The morphine tastes disgusting and the ibuprofen tastes like sugary syrup that makes me cough like mad. It numbs my throat for about 2 minutes, so enough for the pain of swallowing to go away. I stopped taking the liquid ibuprofen and paracetamol and resorted to tablets, which are a lot more painful to swallow but much, much more nicer to how my stomach handles them. In the afternoon we went out to my grandparents for my aunts birthday, and I felt great other than a little bit of pain. I did my makeup (which I wasn’t going to do but I felt a lot better and had nothing better to do, so I did.) as soon as I was done then morpine started setting in and I felt unbelievably nauseous. I immediately went to the bathroom and threw up, it burned and scraped most of the gunk in my throat off. It didn’t hurt as much as I expected it to be, and did taste disgusting, but it actually helped the pain. (I don’t recommend forcing yourself to be sick to ease the pain, though.) I managed to eat Chinese food at the party and I was fine for the rest of the night. I’m taking Lansoprazole once a day so the morphine and ibuprofen don’t upset my stomach again.

    Day 5;EAR PAIN BEGINS, but only slightly, on and off. The pain is a lot more agonising and I didn’t eat a single thing apart from a slice of pizza and water that day. I slept like a baby most of the night.

    Day 6; EAR PAIN IS WORSE, TRUST ME. the pain is at its max and I’ve cried quite a few times (mostly because I can’t eat). I haven’t ate anything in over 24 now hours apart from my meds and apple juice. It’s fine as long as I stay hydrated, right? The pain from not eating isn’t agonising but annoying? I can’t describe the feeling but I’m sure you all know what I’m on about. I’ve been taking pictures of my throat to see the progress of the healing (gross, I know) but It’s improved A LOT. I can now see fresh skin and my mouth is not as swelled, but the pain is horrible especially from my ears.

    Day 7; I haven’t slept all night, it’s currently 5am and I’m about to take my meds before I try to sleep without throwing up from the taste. The ear pain now is excruciating but I haven’t cried yet haha, I doubt I’ll be able to sleep.

    My tips are; DONT GET THIS DONE, STAY UP TO CHECK WITH YOUR MEDS(Jot the times when you took them down too, it helps, trust me) and please please if you’re just having this done try to eat solids straight away whilst you’re numb from the meds when you first wake up, I know it sounds extremely dumb but it speeds up the healing and actually makes it less painful to swallow later on.

    I hope it’ll get better for us, just hang in there guys!!

    1. I’m 28 and had tonsillectomy and adenoids removed in the 16th after having gallbladder removed in the 13th. Up to date, cold drinks and eats were best until today, day 3-1/2 and 4, when the ear pain set in. My Lortab narcotic syrup is only lasting about 3 hours, but I’m taking it every 4.5-5 as directed, alternating with children’s Motrin which has minimal effects on pain. The swallowing and ear pain is tremendous. I go in later today for an antinflammatory steroid shot, but am finding hot tea with honey and warm broth helps the ear pain substantially. It’s still keeping me up at night. Looking forward to getting this all behind me.

  70. I got mine out on Dec 21 – this is day 13 counting surgery day. I promise it does get better, just not soon enough. Most of the pain in my throat has subsided by now. I found that using a cool mist humidifier really did help. I had it on 24/7 up until two nights ago. I constantly drank a mixture of half water and half Gatorade. I’m also drinking two protein shakes a day since I’m not able to get down much food. I’ve only recently started to eat solids, but still more soft solids and it takes me a good amount of time to eat something small. My only issue is ear pain which absolutely kills! It started around day 4 or 5 and still hasn’t got better. Drinking water or taking hydrocodon brings even more intense pain to my ear. I tried to switch to Tylenol to get off the pain killlers, but it did absolutely nothing for my ear.
    I’m scheduled to be back at work on Jan 3… I’m not sure how I’ll be able to handle that. Ah, when will it get better?! Where is the light at the end of the tunnel?!

    1. My 19 year old had her tonsils and adenoids removed on Jan 4. The first few days were what you thought the pain would be from burning out the tonsils. Very painful,, but what was after was worse. The swelling,canker sores, jaw and neck pain. Swallowing nearly impossible. My daughter is usually a whip when it comes to pain but I don’t know how she did this! I kept reading here and finding new remedies which some helped I believe. As a care taker it’s so hard to understand what hurts. Now that it seems to be over ISH, I can say she drank water the whole time from the minute she left from the hospital.ice packs on her neck. I had her chew gum and take melds! She was started on Tylenol/codine but day 3 had to get stronger script. Oxy next. She was not a fan of oxy and Liquid Tylenol seemed to almost work as well, for pain. But to relax her the oxy helped that. We ran a humidifier in her room all night, and slept propped up. Did not wake her up for med doses. Mornings were the worst.
      She did not eat anything till day 6. Water only, nothing appealed to her. No ice cream, popsicles, jello,yogurt, just water which Dr. said was fine. Day 6,Panera mac n cheese!! After that she recovered faster. So now that the light at the end of tunnel is here- ISH. I an say these things helped:
      WATER and ice on neck, the most!!! Gum, medication, drink warm or cold water. Sleep sitting up. wedge pillow. And hot packs for the severe ear pain which I think was a bit less thanks to chewing gum.
      Eating to see how she wakes up today she has not had oxy for 2 days. Just Tylenol. And not even that often. Swallowed a pill last night so no liquid Tylenol. Would I do it again? Only time I’ll tell.

  71. My name is Jessica and I’m 23. I got my tonsils and adenoids removed Dec 27, so I’m on day 6 of recovery.
    The ear pain started two days ago for me. I was told the ear pain starts as the scab at the back of throat is falling off (which is a good thing).
    To help with the ear pain, try “cupping” your ears. Lay on one side with your ear facing down and putting a pillow or towel over the other ear. This can help decrease pressure and transfer pain. This method is used with children who have a lot of feedback from their hearing aids.
    Although I have been in pain, nothing has been too severe. I sleep with two humidifiers and keep them on throughout the entire day/night. I set a timer to take pain medicine every 4 hours even if that means waking up in the middle of the night. I am on liquid hydrocodone, a steroid, an antibiotic, and an anti nausea medicine which have really helped.
    For the first couple of days, cold foods really upset my throat. I drank warm mint tea with honey, applesauce, and chicken broth. As well as LOTS of water no matter how much it hurts.
    After that, I tried mac n cheese, scrambled eggs, and some soft baked potato and onions.
    Feeling like I’m starving is one of the hardest things next to the ear pain. I’ve tried oatmeal and that’s too painful.
    After day 7, I plan to stop taking the liquid hydrocodone as that can cause bowel movement issues. Highly suggest taking stool softeners or laxatives if you’re past day 7 and haven’t had a BM.
    My sleeping schedule is also up for an hour, sleep for three. Sleeping is going to help since you have no calories to do anything, heal, and help you forget about the pain.
    Also, listen to your body. If you are in extreme pain, bleeding, or something doesn’t feel right, contact your doctor or ER. Just because something works well or doesn’t work well for someone else doesn’t mean it will or won’t work for you.
    After all the articles and friends I’ve spoken with, their turning point day was between 7-10. Mine seemed to come earlier, but the ear pain is in full effect! Thinking of all of you on this journey 🙂

    1. Hi Jess,
      I am about the same age as you–I turn 22 on Feb 4–and although I know everyone is different, I was hoping you could give me some sort of update as to how you are feeling now, how you felt after a week/a month…I am scheduled to travel from the US to England in a month, and I’m scared after reading through these posts.

      I really did need the surgery, my tonsils were so big I couldn’t breathe or sleep and I was waking myself up snoring (and not that I can deny this being vain, but I couldn’t stand to sound like a 12 year old girl anymore with that nasal thing I had going on).

      So far, although the pain IS terrible, I don’t know that I could say I wouldn’t have the surgery again; I’m really just hoping this was all worth it. I am currently on day 5 counting the morning I had the surgery…how are you feeling?

  72. I am 38 years old and I had a tonsillectomy on December 14th and I’m still experiencing swelling and pain in throat and ears. My right ear is a constant ache. This has been a horrible recovery. If anyone has any pointers on helping with the ear pain let me know.

    1. My 8 year old son had a tonsillectomy 10 days ago and had ear pain start on day 5. He has had most relief from using a heat pack. A neighbour (old lady) suggested a drop of olive oil in his ear as it helps with inflammation. So we tried that, he dripped his little finger in some olive oil and rubbed it into his year. He said this also gave him relief.

  73. I got my tonsils out on the 28th and am in excruciating pain especially my ears and it feels like I have a toothache. I also have a persistent cough but the pain with that is nothing compared to what I’m feeling in my ears. I was prescribed oxycodone elixir but it made me throw up so I’m trying my best with just Tylenol. Anyone have any advice? Or just remind me there’s a light at the end of all of this!!!!

    1. I got mine out on the 23rd… slowly things are getting better. I had a cough too, I have asthma so I took my albuterol inhaler and that seemed to help a little bit. Try using a humidifier to moisten the air, it helps a lot with recovery. I have the ear pain as well, I’ve been taking ibuprofen which helps a little bit… but hot/cold compresses work too.

  74. I got my tonsils removed the 27th and my pain from ear aches and sore throats have been extremely painful, I was prescribed oxicodone but have been taking Tylenol b/c I am a minor and my parents insisted, any suggestions to reduce the pain?

    1. You should alternate Tylenol and ibuprofen dosing ever 2 hours if you’re a minor. Make sure you use the right dose for you weight. But if you were give a script for the pain meds you should use it. The doctor gave it to you for a reason. Use the heating pad too it might help. Best of luck. My daughter is 7. I’m an RN myself. I’m just making sure I am aware if home remedies that have helped others. Hang in there.

  75. I got my tonsils out on December 21st I am on day 7 the only pain is on the right side of my mouth I can barely open my mouth so I can’t chew gum and I’m dehydrated because every time I try to drink something my ear gets worse I don’t know what to do

    1. Call your doctor and ask for a strong steroid prescription, or go to the ER and get one in an IV. It made a HUGE difference for me! The liquid prednisone the doctor had originally prescribed didn’t seem to help me much but the dose at the ER took the swelling down significantly after about 12 hours.

      1. My 11 yr old son was admitted on day 5 post op. He quIT drinking and was SCREAMING in ear pain. He went back in hospital, was given fluids and steroids through IV and this did help for the day, we come home and he stops doing everything but SCREAMING IN PAIN.

    2. Take some pain medication (tylenol, ibuprofen) make sure you can with the narcotics you were prescribed. Rest next to a humidifier to keep your throat moist. For dehydration, start eating some ice chips and once its numb, chug down some gatorade to give you some electrolytes.

  76. Today is December 20th, I had my tonsils and adenoids out on the 14th. The most helpful thing that I have found is taking my pain medicine on schedule. Every 3 hours alternating between my prescribed pain medicine and children’s Motrin. And sleeping ALOT. Warm smooth foods help soothe my throat more than cold. Also gargling with a 1/4 teaspoon of salt in 1 cup of water has helped with pain, swelling, bad breath and dry mouth. My ears have been killing me the past 3 days though and the only thing that helps is laying on my side on a soft pillow. Hopefully this helps some others going through the same thing.

  77. Hi I’m 17 years old. I got my tonsils out and adenoids out because they both were huge. I got them out December 12th 2 days after my birthday. I’m on day 9. My doctor appointment is on the 22nd. Nothing is helping me. I think my left ear has been swollen for a couple of days now. I can barely open my mouth enough to brush my teeth. I can’t chew anything because it hurts my tongue. I am starving and all I can bear to eat is apple sauce. I decided since yesterday to take the medicine on schedule so I don’t feel any pain. Mornings suck because of my dry mouth. And every time I take a drink this weird sound comes out. I haven’t talked in almost a week it hurts to much. Chewing up is nasty. I feel like i am going to die I wish this would be over. I hope this doesn’t last forever because I want to eat food. I can’t eat icecream anymore because of the mucus it causes and I committed twice already during this week. I can’t eat chicken noodle soup nor mash potatoes. I tried mac and cheese and it was hard to chew because of my tongue. And my taste has gone. All I can drink is water and it’s painful. 🙁 nothing is helping me and I lost 10 pounds already.

  78. I am trying to help my 16 year old daughter through her tonsillectomy and adenoids removed – she is on day 5 with horrible ear pain and throat pain obviously. While I appreciate hearing all the experiences and now realize it’s a valid complaint from her – it would be nice if you all could update the board with when you did start feeling better and maybe some positive comments about feeling better after recovery. I won’t let her read this as it’s depressing and since she has had it done, nothing to do but try to find a light at the end of the tunnel.

    1. Hi Stephanie – I ended up going to the Emergency Room yesterday (day 10) after some bleeding in my throat and feeling very weak. I got a steroid in my IV along with a bag of fluid and two doses of pain medicine. I feel drastically better today, I think the steroid really helped reduce my swelling a lot. Today is day 11 for me, and I can finally eat soft food and drink without serious pain. If she is not feeling any better in a day or two, consider taking her into the ER. I also had severe neck pain and could not tilt my head back to gargle, but they prescribed a muscle relaxer that has also helped. I think even with the swelling going down, it also helped reduce the pain. i also finally slept all night since my surgery, which is great for letting my body heal!

  79. I am a 37 year old female on day 9 post tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy. The ear, jaw, and back teeth pain started to get very severe about day 6 and the worst trigger is cold liquid. I’ve been drinking warm almond milk (avoiding dairy) but that’s the only liquid that is somewhat tolerable. If I drink cold water, I basically end up in a fetal position in tears. Try to find your triggers so you know what to avoid.

    Other tips for reducing the ear/jaw/teeth pain:
    – Use a large rice pack that wraps around the back of your head and apply the heated rice pack with slight pressure to both ears. Also helps with neck pain from adenoidectomy!
    – Take a decongestant or Mucinex to help deal with any excess mucus causing pressure in the area. Afrin can also be helpful if you are congested, just don’t overuse it.
    – Stay on the pain medicine even if it only hurts when you eat or drink
    – Gargle with a warm salt water and baking soda mixture several times a day, helps reduce swelling and clean the throat area for faster healing. Do this both before and after eating!
    – Get a chiropractic adjustment, your body has been dealing with a lot of physical stress from the surgery and needs help to get nerves working properly again
    Hope this helps someone who is in pain like me, it will be short term and we will feel better after this nightmare is over!

  80. I’m so happy I found this site! I thought I was going crazy! I had surgery on the 7th and everything went fine. The first couple of day were rough but nothing I couldn’t manage. I am a 25year old female who has given birth all natural so I know pain! BUT THIS…. I would so rather go through birthing another child than have one more day of these earaches!! I am running out of pain meds and I am scared to ask for more. My surgeon told me there would be no reason for a post op appointment and that I could return to work in about a week. Boy was he wrong! Today marks one week and I can’t go anywhere with this ear pain or this breath!

  81. Hey guys!!

    Honestly thank goodness there is this page. Im going to try every tip and trick to reduce this intolerable pain. I’m 30 years old and have lived an independent life since 18. I am currently in my parents spare room trying to stop crying every 30minutes because it feels like someone is drilling through my ears with a toothpick. I’m on day 6 and don’t no how much more of this hell there is left or I can go through but Sleep is rubbish and the pain when I wake makes this the stupidest decision I’ve voluntarily made in my life.


  82. Im on day 6 of recovery, being 29 and having my tonsils out. On day 4 I ended up back at the hospital with severe dehydration because my throat was so swollen and packed with gunk (yes I had been eating toast and drinking water but over night it just went crazy). They had me gargle some water with disolvable asprin in it and oh my god it felt a million times better almost instantly (warning if you try, your first attempt at gargling might be difficult if your throat is blocked like mine was…though we found it a little funny). Anyway the gargling cleaned out all the crap (and there was quite a bit) and I was able to eat and drink right away, it even helped a bit with the pain. Highly recommended this.

    Otherwise im still dealing with this unending ear pain. Keeps me up all night when it seems to be worse, even with oxycodone Im struggling with it and Ive tried just about everything I can think of.

  83. I am on day 8 of recovery i has surgery on the 3/12/16 im 17
    And if i was told about the emount of pain i would be in i would NEVER of done it, the first day i just wanted to sleep. Managed to eat some toast. But ever since then my ears have been the worst pain ever now i think some of the scabs are coming off because everytime i swollow it feels like someone stabbing me in the throat is that normal?? Eatings getting a bit easier but hurts like hell i wake during the night crying because of my ears! Cant wait till this is over!

  84. to anyone considering / being told they ‘NEED’ a tonsillectomy: DONT DO IT!
    i’m trying to look on the bright side and imagine life an a few years with our strep and not getting sick as much anymore. but this is so hard to think about when the pain is making it hard to simply sit at home! i haven’t slept in 4 days other than closing my eyes for an hour at a time.
    im 17 and tonsils were out november 30/2016
    day one; pain was sort of tolerable because of the hospital drugs and i slept like a baby. could not, no matter how hard i tried, drink anything. i got so dehydrated and light headed. my parents were close to taking me to the ER. i could still talk softly. i ate applesauce only to get my meds in me. at night, i coughed like crazy.
    day two; still not drinking almost any water. headaches galore. sleep was not my friend. no talking, today! pain meds, pain meds, pain meds. stayed in bed ALL day. tried very hard to drink a FLAT diet ginger ale. still coughing, so hard to breath, honestly thought i was dying.
    day three; best day so far. woke up in pain, hard to drink. but got meds once and then the rest of the day was pretty tolerable. i was able to shower with out passing out and it felt relieving. i was able to talk a lot and i ate soup. ear pain was come and go. still couldn’t sleep at night. scrambled eggs!!! coughing slowed down but still right when i woke up, phlegm and major cough.
    day four; i had a voice today. pain was come and go, again. no sleep, just closing my eyes a few times through out the day. pain meds were still a must have. popsicles. sherbet. chicken broth. i enjoyed a luke warm cup of coffee. water water water. sore ears. took a shower.
    day five; woke up realizing today would be a no voice day. pain was sharp more than achy. ear pain was slightly making an appearance. i felt confident that i could sleep through this night because i was feeling a bit better. even thought i felt a little better, the pain was still aching. with every swallow it hurt still and i broke down crying in the middle of the day. still on pain meds. took a shower again, little relief. enjoyed scrambled eggs, coffee, soup, popsicles, and applesauce. less than average amount of water. went to sleep with out a problem, but woke up in tears at 3AM.
    day six; so it’s 3:42AM right now and i was woken up out of my sleep about at hour ago. the crying is somewhat uncontrollably because this pain is indescribable. my ears feel heavy and full of needles. they’re ringing and i’m in so much pain. my throat is ok until i swallow, then holy sh*t it’s like someone’s kicking me in the throat. i tried to drink some water but it really does hurt. i want to try a heating pad on my ears but i can’t heat it up right now with out waking my whole family. i will try it as i sit in bed, miserable today. i think the scabs are starting to come off or something cuz this pain is seriously making my stomach hurt. and when i’m not voluntarily crying from the pain, my eyes are involuntarily watering. i am laying at an angle and it still doesn’t help. i wish i could sleep but that doubtful. i can’t imagine that i will eat much today.

    can’t wait for days 7-14 ☹️

  85. I just had a tonsillectomy on Dec.2nd which was also my 26th birthday… Today’s the 4th and the ear pain just appeared… It hurts but I currently have a heating pad on it… Throughout the day I have found trying to eat Luke warm food helps me… I still eat my Popsicles and jello but the little but of warm helps me tremendously… When I left the hospital after my surgery I was fine… Until 7 p.m then it was hurting to breath we went to the E.R and turns out I didn’t need my tonsils out in the first place I had pneumonia the whole time… My Dr never did xrays just kept prescribing antibiotics and they didn’t help.

  86. I had my tonsils removed November 17th a week ago from today. I was fine at least I thought I was until the pain just started to get worst and worst. I can eat anything at all I try to drink and it hurts so bad to swallow. My ears hurt so bad I want to rip them off. Last night I had a panic attack because I didn’t know what to do with the pain anymore. The bottle of narcs are 3 spoons away from being done. I’m not one who likes to take meds not even an Advil or Tylenol but this pain is so unbareable I can’t take it anymore. Today is thanks giving and I probably won’t be able to enjoy a full meal 🙁 I don’t know what to do

    1. Aw Cynthia- sorry. I know it’s hard.It gets better- I promise. Just be in the present moment. Breath. I know it hurts, but you really must drink. Dehydration is NOT your friend. Are you running a humidifier? That helps. I’d call the clinic and ask for a refill right away. Don’t take no for an answer. I went through the exact same thing. You need it- you’re not a junkie- you’re in pain. Try eating and drinking a half hour after taking the pain meds. Also, I found that sleeping in a recliner was better than laying flat. I’m with you and wish you the best. Hang in there!!!

    2. Cynthia how are you feeling? I had my surgery on the 15th. I found this site a few days after surgery and have been reading posts daily. I sure wish my ENT would’ve sent me to this site! It has really helped me through a few tough days. I feel like nobody knows how I feel. 🙁 I have a pretty high pain tolerance (29ish+++ mamma of 3) but omigosh this recovery has broken me down a few times! I am feeling pretty good today, I hope your Thanksgiving was ok. Don’t worry about food if you still can’t get it down, keep up on the fluids. Cold water is like drinking glass shards so I like it room temperature. Jello is amazing. I’ve never been big on frozen things but lots of people say that popsicles help. My biggest issue now is the ear pain. Puts me into tears! I like to soak in the tub to help get relaxed. I’ve tried the heating pad but chewing gum seems to help the most. And for some reason sleeping upright… STILL. I also still get very tired throughout the day so naps are incredibly helpful. Don’t try to do too much. I use regular Tylenol throughout the day and my prescription for night. Hope this helps! Brandy

  87. I had surgery the on Thursday (11/10 /2016) I had my tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy but I also had a septoplasty… I wish I had never gone through with the surgery. I’m on liquid norco taste nasty as hell!!!! I have had the worse ear pain ever the only thing that helps it is to take a scorching hot bath and layou down tI’ll my ears are under water. I need so excited relief now!!!! I haven’t eaten or drank amlost nothing since surgery and I have lost 6 lbs in 5 days!!!! I can’t take this pain much longer I would never recommend this surgery to anynody!!

    1. I feel the same way. I regret the surgery. I dealt with my tonsils 32 years I may as well have just kept them. I too haven’t eaten and have lost weight. I have had other complications as well resulting in a 3 day stay in the hospital as opposed to an outpatient procedure. This pain is unbearable. I cannot sleep and the liquid oxy and ibuprofen doesn’t even begin to touch the pain. The ibuprofen feels like acid going down every time I take it. I am also hypoglycemic so not eating is causing other complications. I do not recommend this surgery unless it is absolutely necessary.

  88. I had my adenoids and ligual tonsills removed on 11/10/16. I had my vocal cords scrapped n regular tonsills out three years ago. I thought i was going to die then. The pain was very severe. Now this pain is worst due to the removal of adenoids because i cant breath which causes me to breath through my mouth which drys out my throat which already hurts. It feels like knives in my throat. The ear pain is horrible. The first two days i was able to eat while in the hospital but once i came home it begin to get worst. I am 36-year-old and i dont see how a child could go through this. I eat ice cream and take norcos every four hours which i also have to take stool softeners. Hot tea with lemon helps but bananas was horrible it burned. I sleep with my head elevated just to be able to breath at night. Talking is strenuous on my throat so i use a notepad. Praying for all recovery. This is day 5 for me. Last time it took 3 weeks to recover and i was on voice rest. I had try to attend church and school but the pain was to bad afterwards i just stay home. I have a very high tolerance for pain but this is unbearable. Drink plenty of fluids use straws.

    1. They say it’s harder as adults. I believe them now. My best friend’s daughter had the same procedure as me two days later and she is already almost 100%. The ear pain is getting worse daily. I also ate at the hospital at first but they said it was because I was still numb. I cannot eat any ice cream or dairy because it makes the mucus thicker. (Sorry for details) I can barely sip water at this point without choking. If I could go back in time…this is definitely something I would not do again! Good luck in your recovery

      1. I had my adenoids and tonsils removed on the 30th and I am having the same problem with dairy products. I haven’t eaten anything but 2 jello cups since coming home from the hospital and can hardly swallow water. The ear pain makes me not want to swallow at all, and every time I have to I start to cry cause nothing helps the pain. The liquid Tylenol does nothing, and regular Tylenol doesn’t help either. I’m at a loss at what to do. If the pain persists past day 7 when they said it would stop I’m going back because it’s affecting my sleep more so than it already was. I’m right there with ya, if I could go back I never would have had it done!! Hope you’re recovering well

  89. Im 16 years old and just had a tonsillectomy on november 4th. Straight after the procedure and I woke up I was in a lot of pain. I could barely swallow and I didnt drink or eat anything when I got home, maybe 10 sips of water. The next day I was still drinking the same glass of water from the day before. I ate a popsicle. That night I woke up with the most terrible ear pain Ive ever had. I was hysterically crying and didnt know what to do. Every time I eat the pain in my ears and throat gets a million times worst, and that is just with ice cream or jello. Even drinking water causes the most severe pain ever. Today is November 9th and I feel worst. The ear pain is uncontrollable and I even had to buy some extra medication to take. Ive never been in this much pain before.

  90. I just had the surgery on Oct 28th and I’m suffering all the same symptoms. I was doing just fine the first 3 days and now I can not even move my head. The jaw/ear pain is so bad… Every time I try to eat or drink something it hurts so bad that I need to take 2 percocets and have 2 hot water bottles on my neck every six hours. After i take the pills i can eat a soup that has been blended and drink a little water. I’ve been so constipated with the percocet and have not drank much water that I have not gone to the bathroom for 7 days. I had a bleeding episode and had to go back to the Dr. to clean and cauterize the bleeding spot, that was more painful that surgery itself.

    I’m hoping to get better soon but as of now I can not even talk or move my jaw. The reflected pain from my throat into my ears are much more painful than the throat itself. I find the only thing that help is the hot water bags. I do breath much better and I think the surgery will fix my problem of sleeping apnea but I would rather have my balls cut out without anesthesia than have this surgery again. Think about before doing this to yourself.

    hope everyone gets better soon!

  91. I am 26 and had a tonsillectomy on Oct. 27. I am on day 6 of recovery. I can say, i’ve had pneumonia numerous times in my life, got my front tooth knocked out by running into the playing equipment at school at age 9, have permanent damage done to my left eye from being hit by a baseball at age 12, suffer from bad acid reflux and asthma. And i can say getting my tonsils out was the worse experience in my life. I went home the day after surgery with pain meds. For the first 4 days, I suffered from intense throat pain and fevers. I would wake yp through the night with intense throat pain. Then right when the fevers had finally finished and my throay seemed not as bad, on day 4, my ears started hurting intensely. Then on day 5, throat pain got a lot worse and when i’d try to swallow, my ears felt worse. Today, my ear pain is still there and becomes intense when i try drinking anything and still can’t eat anything. I tried pudding yesterday, but it hurt too much. Any suggestions on how to help my throat and ear pain???

  92. I’m 22 and just had my tonsils removed on the 28th of October I’m on day 5 of recovery and I wish I just kept my tonsils the recovery period has been so sore they even struggled to get my left tonsil out during surgery need some advise on things to eat as I’m still not eating anything except from little bits of bread I have ran out of pain med twice already and I’m struggling to drink water too any advice would be great thanks

  93. Surgery Date: 10/18/16
    I agree with everyone on this being the worst pain ever! I am on day 12. I have been experiencing tongue, throat, and really bad ear pain.
    The ear pain actually feels like it’s getting worse. My only remedy that works for me is sleeping in a sitting position, lots of back pillows, a neck pillow to keep my head upright and ice packs on my left and right side of my throat and ears and neck. Use a light sheet to hold it all in place.

    I can’t stomach the pain Meds from the doctor, so I stick to walmart brand liquid Tylenol.
    I also found out on day 2/3 I am allergic to Amoxacillin. That was fun!

    I stay away from anything hot (shower, drinks or food) that can make me hemorrhage if anything happens. I can’t stand popcicles, but noticed the walmart brand banana ones are awesome. BLEND them up and spoon it. Make sure to let it sit to numb the throat. I’m still getting exhausted quickly and try to rest as much as possible. Anything that gets ur heart beating can increase your chances of hemorrhaging. Good luck everyone!

    DRINK PLENTY OF FLUIDS! ice cold gingerale or 7up is amazing! Or slushy water. Blend ice cubes and water add 1 popcicle to give it a little flavor.

  94. I’m 24 and I had my tonsils removed on Wednesday (19/10/2016) everything was going fine, normal amount of pain I thought & getting through the medication fine until Friday. I got a tablet stuck in my throat, coughed it up, saw a small amount of blood so myself to the bathroom. Where I then started to loose a huge amount of blood through being sick & bleeding. I have to say this was THE most scariest point! I was rushed to hospital via ambulance and admitted straight away. I had picked up an infection :/…after being pumped with pain relief & antibiotics I was discharged the next day. It is now early hours of Monday morning. Thinking I couldn’t possibly take anymore, I woke with the mosh excruciating pain in my jaw and up to the ears at 11:30pm and again at 3am. I’ve had more pain relief, but it doesn’t seem to touch the sides. I’ve also tried ice packs and they aren’t helping either……not sure how much more I can take! Any suggestions on how to relieve this pain, I would be hugely grateful!!

  95. Hi all,

    On day 3 of recovery and boy do I wish I found these threads BEFORE I went through with the surgery. But then I might not have done it, so I suppose it’s a blessing in disguise? We shall see.

    I’m 22 y/o and I had excruciating throat pain and a swollen uvula blocking my throat –making it impossible to swallow or speak– since day one. I started reading a bunch of recovery stories and prepared myself for a week of this horrible pain when swallowing (literally feels like I’m swallowing knives) but no one mentioned the ear pain! It has kicked in today and it has been far from pleasant. The combination of symptoms has made this the most painful experience of my life, hands down. However, I find that alternating between hot and cold compresses on the ears do give some relief. Still seeking relief on the swollen uvula as swallowing sips of water hasn’t helped much and is extremely painful 🙁

    Hopefully I can post a positive update in a few weeks. Thanks for sharing your stories, wishing everyone a speedy recovery!

    1. Hi Christina, I am about the same age as you–I turn 21 on Feb 4–and although I know everyone is different, I was hoping you could give me some sort of update as to how you are feeling now, how you felt after a week/a month…I am scheduled to travel from the US to England in a month, and I’m scared after reading through these posts.

      I really did need the surgery, my tonsils were so big I couldn’t breathe or sleep and I was waking myself up snoring (and not that I can deny this being vain, but I couldn’t stand to sound like a 12 year old girl anymore with that nasal thing I had going on).

      So far, although the pain IS terrible, I don’t know that I could say I wouldn’t have the surgery again; I’m really just hoping this was all worth it. I am currently on day 5 counting the morning I had the surgery…

  96. Just finished day 6 of my recovery. I thought I was doing great. Pain for sure when swallowing but not much else aside from that. It improved around day 3 to be a bit less. Have barely touched my pain meds after day 2. Today though, I was leaning over and watching TV for ten minutes. Then after that, I had intense ear pain every time I swallow. It’s crazy. How long before it goes away?

  97. I’m post tonsillectomy day 6, I’m 40 years old and this is by far the worst recovery I have ever went through. My ENT gave me off work til tomorrow! I still can’t drink or talk plain and I’m a nurse that talks on the phone all day! I’m almost out of pain meds given 20 tabs. This is crazy!!! Is anyone else coughing up copious amounts of yellow “snot like” drainage??

  98. Hang in there . The ear pain will go away. I used a heat pack to help with pain and RX to help with the ear. I kept Ice packs around my throat from day 1 until day 8. It helped a lot with the pain and I lived on ice cups and cold bits of ice cream . It’s hard but you will get thru this. I am 52 and had this and it is hard but I believe the ice packs around my throat 24/7 helps . My God Bless you thru this 😇👍🏻

  99. I’m a 33yr old female and just had my tonsils and adenoids removed on 8-16-16. I knew that I would be in pain but no one can prepare you for the torture that you endure during recovery. My doctor said the surgery went wonderfully! However when I woke in recovery I was screaming. 2 shots of dilaudid followed by 2 shots of morphine then Zofran and Phenergan and I was then able to have a bite of ice. I was kept in the hospital until Sunday to monitor my breathing. Thank God I was kept because the pain was unreal. I couldn’t breathe or swallow and was up literally all night. I have gastritis and so a lot of pain meds really mess with my stomach. I was released Sunday evening and by Monday morning I was at the ER in severe ear and throat pain. They gave me liquid vicodin and sent me on my way. I have been battling this ear pain since! Nothing helps and I am petrified to try heat because the heat brings blood to the area. Had I known what this would be like I would have kept my enormous tonsils!

  100. Day 10 for me! I never wish this pain on anyone! Everyone said its rougher the older you are (I’m 26) but they didn’t say anything bout the ear pain! I’m at the point where my throat is sensitive to cold things. So I drink my water at room temp and 2 days ago my friend suggested a life saving tip: hot tea with honey! It feels so incredible on the throat. I let it cool to about lukewarm. The honey coats and soothes the throat. It’s amazing!

  101. Hey everyone. I’m 22 and had my tonsillectomy on 8/31/16. Thankfully I did not experience much throat pain but I feel like I made up for it with ear pain. My pain was severe much like others who have commented. It put me in tears a few times. I have picked up a few tricks that helpled me and wanted to share them. For me warm soft food and drinks have been that biggest help! I have read a lot of comments saying cold stuff but warmth really eases the pain for me. Also throat losengers have been a huge help along with giant ice packs wrapped around my neck and behind my ears. Today is day 8 in my recovery and I am definitely better but the ear pain is still there. I have been pureeing soup, heating them up and just sucking it up through a straw as it is painful to chew. I still talk with a lisp due to the swelling but most of the toung and neck bruising has gone away. I hope my tips help you!

  102. HELP!! I am 59 and had to have tonsils removed for second time. I would rather go through childbirth again and I had an 11 lb baby naturally! This is the worst pain I have ever been in. I am on day 8 . Yesterday was the worst, I don’t know if it was the medication or what but no more oxy and Motrin for me! I took Tylenol last night but it is leaving such a horrible taste in my mouth I can’t take it either. Ear pain is the worst part only good thing is I’ve probably lost 10 lbs.. Any suggestions on ear pain relief ?

    1. Just one other thing I’ve been afraid of, I’m 42 and on day 8 of my tonsillectomy, and my ear pain has been horrible let alone the throat pain. The ear pain seems to get worse when I move my tongue. Before my procedure I read through the documents that mentioned the possibility of tonsils growing back, and my ENT assured me that it’s more common when you’ve had them removed as a child that your tonsils could grow back. I’ve seen some people refer to some type of herbal oil for their ears after the tonsillectomy, but I’m just not comfortable with putting stuff in my ears…however, with the way I’m feeling right now, I’m just about willing to try ANYTHING to get rid of this horrible ear pain!!!

  103. Jason. Almost 41 years old. Had tonsillectomy and “palatoplasty” on 8/15. (Look it up – horrible.) I thought (hoped) my Dr. was just kidding when he told me the pain would be “excruciating.” He wasn’t. Haven’t been doing much but sleeping and taking warm soaks in tub. Seems to help. Ear pain is really beginning to get bad now on day 5. Also, teeth really hurting, I’m sure as a result of gritting my teeth to swallow through pain. Breath horrible. I would suggest to anyone to get a cool must humidifier and sleep with it on in the room where you’re laid up. It seems to keep the throat a little more moist. I am really in nothing short of hell. If I had it to do over again, I wouldn’t. Sorry – but it’s the truth. Good luck to everyone.

  104. Thank you Maddie for your advice. im very young and my ear pain is unbearable. I cant even swallow without being on the verge of tears.so im glad that im not the only one experiencing this pain!

  105. 24y/o female, surgery 8/2/16 so glad to hear you all had the same thing I’m not experiencing. Today is day 7 for me. Around day 5 my pain started to worsen in my throat and eat pain started to arise. My doctor had warned me of this so I just kept keeping on. Decided I wanted to get out of the house for a bit and wound up throwing up in a movie theater bathroom. NOT FUN. Day 6, ear pain was severe and I vomited again! Day 7, ear pain is unbearable and untouched by pain meds. Decided to try a trick I learned from a flight attendant when I was young. Put wet paper towels in a mug, nuked it in the microwave for 45 seconds, and cupped it around my ear. Instant relief!!! Make sure there’s no water sloshing around in the cup before you place it around your ear otherwise you will burn yourself. Good luck, friends! This is one sucky post op!

    1. Help my baby is 4 years old n only at night does the ear pain get extremely bad.he cries so much n I’m desperate for help. Did u put the cup over the ear?the ear being inside the cup?

  106. 20 y/o: tonsillectomy on 8/3/16. I’m going on day 6/7 post-op. I woke up from surgery feeling like I had a sore throat, I even remember saying, “I’ve had strep worst than this.” I was prescribed Tylenol & hydrocodone, and I’m suppose to take it ever four hours even though it makes me nauseous as crap but I started alternating it with ibprophen. Every two hours I take some type of medicine. I slept the first couple days and don’t remember much. Day 5 my scab opened up and I started bleeding just a little but I took some medicine and woke up and it scabbed over again. Today (day 6) has been pretty brutal. Every time I swallow my ears are on fire. I started keeping a cup next to me to spit in instead of swallowing. I think the worst part is that when I swallow I feel like my saliva is getting stuck in the back of my throat and I can feel it slide toward the front of my mouth. Definitely annoying. It’s almost like I need to swallow twice (which kills my ears). Best solution; having two ice packs, one in the freezer and one of your face. I have mesh-able cold compresses because when my brother and I got our wisdom teeth removed the oral surgeon gave us each one. I definitely recommend having this type of ice pad.

    Good luck fellow tonsillectomy patients.

  107. 21 y/o: tonsillectomy on 7/26/16. 7 days post-op. First day wasn’t bad, just felt out of it. Days 2-5 I felt very naseous and tired, had a bad sore throat but being naseous was the worst part. Finally, end of day 5 going into say 6, I called my doctor and he said stop taking the antibiotics. I did and started feeling better! I was moving around a lot, eating more foods and even left the house to do an errand. I was getting ready to return to work! But 6 into 7 was possibly the worst night I’ve had. The ear pain is becoming unbearable. The throat pain I can deal with but nothing but tylonnel seems to help the ears and I’ve been using a heating pad. I can’t sleep for more than 2-3 hours before waking up. This needs to stop! Good luck to everyone in post-op, we can do this!

  108. It’s quite comforting to know I’m not alone. Had my tonsils out on the 27th of July and I’m 19 years old. They told me it would be painful and take a lot of time to heal. What they didn’t tell me is that it would feel like my ears are going to blow out of the sides of my head. The drugs they have me on are a big pain relief, although the nausea from the drugs is just about unbearable. They make me very loopy and like I can’t do anything on my own. I’ve found it helpful to alternate between ibprofen extra strength and acetaminophen extra strength every 3 hours before the pain kicks in during the 4th hour. Nothing is helping the ears or the headaches and sleep seems like something I’m unfamiliar with.
    Everyone talking about my bad breath isn’t helping any, I understand it’s unbearable. Now imagine tasting that 24/7 and being in pain. It’s not any fun and I really hope it all pays off in the end.
    Any advice on what to do about the ears or breath is appreciated. Or advice in general.

    1. i learned using baking soda water as a rinse gets rid of the taste as well as the bad breathe… I’m on day 7. And wishing I’d never done this.

  109. Hi I’m Eli, 29 M in the military and I had my tonsils removed on 06 July 2016 and today is day 6. The first day sucked big time, I felt nauseous like I was about to puke all over but never did. I was able to keep calm and control it but felt weak the whole day. Could hardly swallow anything because it felt like I was swallowing glass, even with the drugs I was given which I can’t remember the name of. I do know that it was in liquid form and couldn’t take a crap for almost 3 days but it help with the pain. I ate a little creamed chicken soup and then later in the day started filling aches, pains, and dizziness so I let the warm water of the shower run on me and helped did help a little. Day 1-3 didn’t do much talking, which is hard for me because I can’t be paid to shut my face. Also I had a little uncomfortableness but could handle the throat pain. Day 4-6 is when my ears starting pulsing and feeling warm, my wife took my temperature near my ears and it was at 101.6 degrees. I put some ice packs near my ears and neck, and it helps trust me. Also I have been eating things like mashed potatoes, soups, jello, pudding, cream of wheat, ice cream, smoothies, and am working on eating French fries with ketchup. (Wait for the fries to cool off and eat with cold ketchup, chew a little and let it dissolve in your mouth and drink with a icee works amazingly!) I have definitely lost some weight but still look like crap. I have drank mostly water, clear Gatorade, and icee’s which help a lot. Ears have been the biggest problem for me, like I am on an air plane and my ears are about to pop. Also being as I don’t get to many sick days in the miltary I had to go back to work on day 5 and 6 which was left me feeling weak and having dizzy spells, so don’t go right back to work if you can help it. I would recommend to people the days before to drink lots of water to stay hydrated after the sugery and eat a big meal with lots of calories, because not drinking or eating anything after midnight sucks. The surgery leaves you weak and you need and the help you can get. Also have things ready before like ice packs and even a empty bottle to spit into during the day and at night, it better than drooling on your pillow and swallowing your spilt and being in pain. Hope everyone gets better post surgery and hopes this helps a little.

    1. I was givin ibuprofen and Hycet. I’m still on them, because it has just been a week after my surgery. It seriously sucks. I hate it.

  110. Hi, I’m summer. I’m 18yo got my tonsillectomy on 7/6/16 and I’m 1 day away from a week since I got my tonsils out and some other thing that I keep forgetting that they usually takeout as well. The first day of my recovery was alright. Uncomfortable for sure! But then I woke up the next morning, it wasn’t that bad. Till the evening, it hit and was very sore. Felt like I needed to hock up something when it was just my uvula so swollen resting upon my tongue and stuff. Then the 3rd day my uvula blocked my throat. I heard you should get lots of fluids when that wasn’t happening, so I went to the hospital they gave me 2 shots, also that was the day the horrid taste started! felt better that night and woke up my 4th day. The earaches started, it was freaking dreadful! Doped up on Tylenol and ibuprofen, the taste makes me want to vomit! When will that go away!?!?!?! The earaches make me want to go cry and I did get teary eyes last night and just they feel like my ears are gonna bleed tremendously. Through the whole process the ears and taste are then worst part! Really praying the worst of it has passed.

  111. Hi, I’m Alexa and I had my tonsils removed 7/5/16. The first couple days I was so sore and felt like I had been hit by a truck 25 times over. A couple days ago the body aches subsided but the throat and ear pain increased. I find myself holding on to my saliva in my mouth as long as possible so I don’t have to swallow. All ive been eating is jello, applesauce, scrambled eggs, popsicles, water, and Gatorade. I hope the worst is behind me

    1. I just had mine done on the 20th of this month (July), and I do the same thing LOL. I’m just on day 4, and my ears ate hurting really badly; I can somewhat deal with the tonsils, but this ear pain sucks balls.

      1. My 5 year old has his removed on the 20th as well and the ear pain is the worst. He’ able to eat and drink and seems fine as Far as his throat soreness but the ear pain is terrible at night and he cries and cries. I can’t get him to chew any gu . We’ve done ice by the nerve because the Dr said it would dull that nerve but we Are gonna give heating pads a try. I hope you feel better soon.

        1. My5 year old daughter had her tonsils put on 25th july. We are at day 4 post op.
          Her throat is so swollen. She talks funny. Hasnt eaten since the op she sleeps all the time. Ive been keeping up with the pain killers. Her ear aches are painful.she cries all night. She snores from the swelling in her throat. I gate seeing her in pain like this. Noone told me it was going to be this bad.

          1. I’m with you on that! My 6yr old son had his tonsils and adenoids and also nasal turbinate reduction! The ear/jaw aches are the worst by far! Today is day 5 and he’s in agony every night! What I found helped was when the pain starts, I massage his jaw/cheek immediately , and the pain usually subsides in about a minute! His pain is in his jaw/cheek area rather than in his ear!
            I’m just wondering how many more days this pain will last?
            Good luck to all us mothers out there!

  112. 29 y/o male had my tonsils out on July 1st. Today is one full week and let me tell you, this has been the worst experience of my life. Reading all these responses makes me feel so much better to know I’m not alone and everything I’m going through is completely normal. 8 days in and all I’ve consumed is water, snow cones (shaved ice), Italian ice, freeze pops, and apple sauce. Anyone getting this done in the future, my best advice….buy a snow cone machine! It has been my life savor! Days 1 to 4 were a breeze. I was uncomfortable but not in any real pain and I thought I was going to be one of the lucky ones. Boy was a wrong! Day 5 til now have been excruciating! There has been a halt on all eating except for plain shaved ice and water and even that hurts. My ears, jaw, and tongue are absolutely killing me. My throat isn’t even the real problem. I have slept a total of 4 hours over the past 3 nights and am so ready for this to be over. The only thing keeping me going is hearing everyone that has been through it say that the end result is worth it. Taking my pain meds regularly still and praying the worst is behind me. Hang in there everyone, I’m right there with you!

    1. Lol I had my surgery the same day as you! I’m 17, by the way. Wish I had have gotten it done a long time ago. Just as you are, I’m on day 10 and things are sorta getting easier. My only real issue is when I swallow, I get a terrible pain in one of my ears. That’s what led me to this page. I’ve been surviving off of ice, cream of wheat or farina here and there, and juice. I haven’t been a fan of water lately which is weird because I usually only drink water! People make this surgery to be something so little when it’s really something difficult to get through! Especially being that we’re older. I heard recovery is easier, the younger you are. I hope you feel better really soon !

  113. 21y/old Female. Day 7 of tonsillectomy. These last couple days the ear pain has been the main issue. Especially yesterday and today. I knew it was normal but it got so bad I was worried they were infected. I have put a drop or 2 of peroxide in them and let it sit and run it out if it would, and then cover ears with cotton balls at night to keep air out, and take aleve (I try to stay off the pain meds and aleve works best) and warm heating pad under ear lobe to help with swelling and discomfort. Strugglin with this post op surgery recovery. Cannot wait till this is over with. GoodLuck everyone!

  114. Hi guys! I’m only 5 days in! I got my tonsils out Monday June 13th. I’m 26 and have needed them out since I was a teenager because of my reoccurring tonsillitis and sinus infections. I was happy to finally get them out but also dreaded the pain. For me the throat pain is actually somewhat bareable it’s the ear pain and the ringing in my ears that have been the worst! It didn’t start until day 3 and it keeps me up at night and it is hard to fall asleep or drink. Also if I sneeze or cough which I do a lot when I wake up it’s a game over and feels like explosives are going off in my ears. I’m going to try the cold ice pack and warm one under by neck and see if that helps! Thanks for your recommendations. As far as everything else goes recovery wise, I’ve only thrown up once but it was because I coughed and could feel my swollen uvula in my throat and had a natural gag reaction. I’ve eaten some but I have no appetite. It’s not too bad to eat when I want to. The most frustrating days so far have been day 3 and 4. I’ll see what today holds and let you guys know at the end of my recovery.

  115. Hi, I am on day 7 after having a tonsillectomy. It’s been by far the worst pain I’ve ever had. I have lost 14 pounds already due to hardly being able to eat. I have had the worst taste in my mouth and have to brush my teeth and gargle water at least 4 times a day due to the scabs. I also had to be re-admitted to hospital yesterday due to coughing up lumps of blood. I panicked a lot – but if this happens to you it’s just an infection which is treated by anti-biotics. My ears have been popping and aching also but I find an ice pack under the ear / throat helps a lot! Hope you all get better soon!

  116. Hi my name is Lien and I am on day 7 of having a tonsillectomy. I definitely am experiencing the lovely ear pain. It’s triggered because the scabs are gone from the back of the throat. I was able to suck on ice to get rid of the pain but that isn’t working very well. I’ve been doing an ice pack on my throat to help with the pain. I’ll try putting a heated rice bag behind by neck. I borrowed a warm mist humidifier hoping that’d help with the dryness in my throat but hasn’t yet. I pray that all of your recoveries turn the corner and the ear pain diminshes.

  117. Hey Guys, My name is Tim, 23, from Arlington MA. I got my surgery done June 10th. The first few days sucked, and I ate nothing. I drank water, that was it. Day 3 I was able to choke down a smoothie which hurt like hell, but the Oxycodone helps with the pain. Now, Day 4 and today weren’t that bad. I was on my pain meds, and I was eating waffles with peanut butter. I headed off to bed, and then all of a sudden, my left ear feels like someone is grinding an icepick around inside it. It came out of nowhere. Now, the doc said that the pain should be like at a 5 for the first few days, and then ramp up to like a 9 until day 12. My throat doesn’t really hurt that much. It’s just my ear. Any idea why that is?

    1. I think it’s because your throat has swelled up first – usually this is the second symptom that comes. Unfortunately your throat will start to become more painful. I use an ice pack under my ear and it really helps soothe the pain! Hope you feel better soon!

  118. Hi, my name is Maicy. I am currently 15 years old. I had my tonsils and adenoids removed on the 2nd of June. The doctor that performed my surgery prescribed Hydrocodone, Tylenol, and Ibuprofen. I finished 1 bottle of the Hydrocodone within a few days, I’m pretty sure. I also finished the 2nd bottle in a few days as well. I probably only have about 1 or 2 little cup fulls of it left, which I’m saving in case pain happens. My doctor wouldn’t prescribe me anymore Hydrocodone since I’m suppose to be off of it within a week. I’m currently on day 12 of my recovery, so in 2 days I will reach the 2 week mark of recovery. At this moment I am taking just Ibuprofen, which I’m soon to be out of, probably by tonight! Haha. I only take one dose of it, and that’s right before I go to bed. Out of this entire recovery process, I’ve mostly ate just popsicles. I’ve tried mashed potatoes, which I didn’t like, I think it was because I let them cool down longer than I should have. I’ve tried applesauce, which I didn’t like either. At the beginning, I did eat Jello. It went down fine! I’ve tried to eat it now, but I get a couple bites into it, and I don’t want to eat it anymore. I’ve tried chocolate ice cream, I ate a couple bites, and didn’t want it. Believe it or not, I felt like it stung my throat! I’ve also tried Vanilla pudding, it didn’t last long, I stopped eating it after a few bites as well. I tried Mac and Cheese, one bite and I was done because I don’t like eating leftovers. I have tried scrambled eggs, I didn’t eat all of it, but it went down well. I have tried tuna noodle, which I wouldn’t let it cool down for a long period of time. I feel like it hurt my throat because the noodles got a little hard! I’ve drank nothing but ice cold water, cold bottled of water, Gatorade, and at times I drank Berry Propel. I have been drinking slushies that have flavors in them, such as Mountain Dew. I saw my doctor on the 13th of June, and I have to wait a few weeks before I can start drinking pop. Poor me. Before I go to bed, I take almost 15 ml of Berry Ibuprofen. I also grab 3 ice packs. I put 1 behind my neck, and the other 2 on both of my ears. I also grab a cold water bottle to put on the table, just in case, but I’ve never woken up to drink it! The mornings are horrible because I wake up with a large amount of saliva in my mouth. But this morning I didn’t, and it was such a relief. One morning I woke up to spit the saliva in the bathroom sink, and I threw up 3 times. It was a little amount each time, and I think I might of threw up some scabs even. Out of this entire recovery process, I’ve thrown up 4 times. The first time was when I was getting wheel chaired out of the hospital, and I threw up a puddle of blood, that had blood clots in it, I’m pretty sure! The lovely nurse said that it was my reaction from the anesthesia, and I threw up in front of a waiting room! A little embarrassing, I know! Having my tonsils and adenoids removed was my first surgery ever! It wasn’t that bad, although they had to give me the anesthesia in the surgery room before they could put the IV in my hand, because I’m very afraid of needles, and I will pass out! Lol. This ear pain is horrible, I experience it whenever I swallow something to drink or to eat. It lasts for about 30 seconds, I believe. Does anyone know how to get rid of the ear pain? My doctor said that almost all my scabs are off on the right side of my throat, and the left side is still working on removing the scabs. I haven’t experienced any bleeding throughout this process, and I’m praying that I don’t at all! That’s my biggest fear at the moment. I’m really looking forward to being able to eat solid foods again and being able to drink pop as well. I’m just wishing it would hurry along! I haven’t left my house that much. Other than to go to my doctor appointment that I had on the 13th of June, and to my local gas station to get a Mountain Dew slushie. I’ve had 3 of them since the 13th of June! I’m sorry that this post is so long, but I just wanted to go into details about my recovery process! Does anyone think that it would be a good idea or a bad idea to go to a theme park anytime soon? Let me know if I would be fine going or if I should hold back on it for awhile. Thank you, Maicy! 🙂

    1. Hello, My name is Tamara from Atlanta GA I just had surgery on 6-28-16 and my ear is ringing something awful. I try to hold it an apply pressure when I am swallowing. I am trying to eat oatmeal, mac and cheese, chicken noodle soup but I am not hungry as I know it hurts to swallow. I have done an awful job staying hydrated because I don’t want to swallow. I keep a bottle near my bed because I have to spit up tons of salvia. This is the worst pain ever, all I can do is cry and say why did I have this surgery but it was due to tonsil stones forming constantly. I pray that everyone in this thread heals well. I can ‘t wait until the day I can eat Hibachi. It is the July 4th weekend which makes it more depressing.

  119. Hi guys I’m Louise just reading all your coments, crikey I know what your all going threw, I had mine removed June 3rd and don’t I know it, every day has been hell. And like you say the morning when you wake up I dread it especially knowing that I have to try and eat at least something. I love food buts it’s just so painful never known anything like it, and my ears the pain won’t go away it makes me cry, I thought it was me just being a baby. But we are all in the same boat, I hope soon we will wake up feeling okay fingers crossed.

  120. My name is Jorden. I am 26 and currently on day 6 recovery from a tonsillectomy. I have been using liquid hydros, ibprofin, medicinal CBD tincture, and penicillin as medical options to help with the pain. Now the first two days were great. I felt like I was handling the pain well. Although I was very uncomfortable, I was still able to eat some apple sauce, drink plenty of liquids, and even eat some pears easily. Talking even felt easy even though my uvula was very enlarged and swollen. Days 3-6 have been the closest I’ve been to hell. Mornings and early-evenings are unbearable. After attempting to sleep all night, my throat is so dry and feels as if someone has literally stabbed me. One morning (day 3) the pain was so bad it made me nauseous and I thought I was going to vomit. Luckily fresh air prevented that. Mid-evenings (usually after a nap) the pain is back and unbearable again. Trying to eat is beyond painful and the pain meds don’t seem to really help. Mid-day seems to be the best time. The pain is subsided, talking, drinking, and even moving around seems easy. My diet has consisted of: Apple sauce (easy to eat), cream of wheat with mashed banana (my favorite and has come calories), instant mashed potatoes (yummy and easy to get down) canned peaches and pears, ice chips, pudding, a wide variety of popscicles, and cups of veggie and chicken broth. I tried to stay away from dairy because it coated my mouth and made it harder to swallow. I also tried smoothies, but I couldn’t get all of the blended chunks down. My menu for each day was different depending on my pain, but I didn’t eat a lot. It usually took me a long time to eat and I was in a very high level of pain and still starving afterwards. Now on day 5 and 6 I’m starting to get this ear pain. It’s a sharp stabbing pain going from the back of my throat, up my jaw, and deep into my ear. Now this pain just heightens everything. It is debilitating. I have been icing and using hot pack while laying still on the ground and it seems to help. I have looked back there and it is healing. My scabs are becoming smaller and new (very sensitive) skin is starting to grow. Good luck to everyone bearing the unbearable, I truly feel your pain. Stay strong!

  121. Hi guys, I’m Holly, 24 and I had my surgery 4 days ago, was feeling really good until today and now my ears feel like there is a tiny little army of Spartans fighting their way out of my ears, and swallowing is a nightmare too but I am forcing toast down (I know, crazy) but I am told rough food helps the tonsil beds heal quicker.

    I actually found something that helps… And you might think I’m crazy and I discovered this by accident but orgasms help! It relieves the pressure from your ears, distracts you from the pain in your throat and makes it easier to breathe afterwards. Sorry if it sounds really offensive but masturbation definitely helps in addition to the other bits of fantastic advice I have found on this page.

    Good luck to you all and I know we will be thankful in a years time when we are healthy and haven’t had tonsillitis in a year!! Think of the end goal 😉

    1. ha ha – Wow- I’ve read close to 15,000 comments on this site. THIS is a first. If it helps, it helps! Hope you have a speedy recovery. Thanks for commenting!

  122. Hello every one! I am a 19 year old female from Cincinnati ,Ohio and I got my tonsils removed June 1st and man oh man has this been the WORST experience that I have ever had in my life! I’v experienced extreme pain when I get my period cramps and I thought nothing could every beat that but I think this tonsillectomy experience has . Everyday has been torture for me😖 Every morning I wake up crying in pain,my throat literally feeling as if someone broke and crushed a whole glass mirror until tiny little peices and dumped it in my throat while I was asleep . I wake up crying and its hard and uncomfortable to sleep at night😟 I toss and turn for like 2 hours before I dose off knowing what awaits me in the morning😟 And the ear pain, oh the ear pain is unbearable I just sit there crying holding my ears until it stops😢 It is day 8 for me and I still have these extreme symptoms starting yesterday (day 7) I feel better during the day except when I get my 20 second earache episodes😢😵 But I’m able to walk arround the house and I couldn’t do that before. I couldn’t move. I was on Oxycodone for 3 days then I ran out and my doctor wouldn’t give me anymore so my mom went out and bought me some Motrin which helped but didn’t stop the ear pain. I see I will just have to deal with that until it decides to stop toturing me😖 I plan on trying the hot rag method today and PRAY that it works. I also haven’t eaten anything but slushies and Popsicle so yeah I am starving😖 Early on was able to eat small teaspoons of applesauce but i t started to hurt to badly. I honestly don’t know when this will end. I’m afraid that I am one of the very unlucky ones😢

    1. I had my surgery the same day and I am with you on everything. My jaw/ear also hurts, I can’t sleep on any of my sides. And if I do, I will wake up with PAIN. I cry sometimes too. I do have the option to take vicodin, however, it gives me massive migraines so I am taking Tylenol 500MG liquid form from walgreens. It takes away SOME pain, however, the ear/jaw pain hurts so much. And my throat has now started to STING and BURN so bad I hardly do not even eat anything. It was not like this the first couple of days, but they say its because we are healing and scabbing that this is happening now. Hang in there!! I am also trying to hang in there……

    2. I am writing this for my 16 yr old daughter. I just peeked in on her, and she is like ear pain leave me alone! She was already at the point of going over the edge last night. I will try the hot pad for her today. I am bracing myself. It helps me to read what everyone else is saying, so I can understand what she is going thru.

      1. 8 days out here. I swear by a heating pad for the ear pain – it provides such relief. I put ice packs on my throat and then switch the heating pad on my ears and throat when the pain gets bad. Good luck everyone! This has been the most taxing experience ever but I’m hoping it was worth it!

  123. Thank you guys this has helped south I just got my tonsils done last wensday 1st June and I tell you what most painful experience I’ve been through and going through. Ear aches omgsh why why they are so bad but heat packs works wonders thanks for you for suggesting as I was up till 2am ready your guys stories I’m on day 7 I found it hard to drink becos it triggers my ear ace any other suggestions
    Hope pain goes away and good luck to everyone

    1. OMG I had my surgery on June 1st as well!!!! It’s been one week now and I am in so much pain. I can’t even sleep on any side of my faces because my jaw/ear pain is so bad 🙁

  124. I’m on day 5 after having my tonsils removed and I wish I never had! My throat is killing me, my ears are absolutely aching and I’m having so much trouble swallowing. Worse choice ever getting them out. So horrendously painful.

    1. Sophie
      Hang in there it really does get better but not for a while. I keep ice packs around my neck/throat 24/7 and fir ear pain used warm washcloth and heating pad and took pain pill. Ear pain went away in 5 days for me. I am on dat 60 since my surgery and am finally feeling better. It will get better, hang in there… Also I lived on ice chips and keep throat hydrated at all times.

  125. I had my tonsillectomy a week ago tomorrow. I’m 47 and had it due to tonsill asymmetry found at an unrelated visit. Since the asymmetric tonsil can mean lymphoma I was scheduled for surgery ASAP.
    I printed out all of the tips etc…that I could to help myself get through this. It helped tremendously, but my ear pain is excruciating !!! I thought I was doing well, but about 5 days in ears really started this deep burning pain. I literally have to hold my hands over my ears. It mostly happens after I eat or drink anything too cold.
    I feel like a big baby because some people seem to think I should be out and about and be pretty much healed already. ????
    Also my scabs are falling off already and now it hurts to talk. Ugh!!

    1. I’m a week out now and I’m nowhere near being out and about! Everyone experiences the recovery process differently. I’m hoping for a turning point around day 10 or so.

  126. I found that using a hot corn bag on my ear/throat helped tremendously. I also had the same problem of the pain coming back upon eating or drinking. This surgery/process has by far been the worst pain I have ever felt. I am on day 12 and I can finally say things are slowly looking up! Good luck to all!

  127. I found that the chiropractor helped me with the pain in my ears. I am amazed how much releif I have in them since my alignment. Nothing else worked for me, and the pain was unbearable. One trip to a great chiropractor and I could feel the pressure/pain in my ears just draining away. I am now able to swallow and move my head around with no ear pain!!!! I figured it was worth a try since nothing else worked and am so glad I went.

  128. I have a question, I am in my fifties and on day 20 of recovery, went back to work and suddenly having sharp left ear pain come back and feel like I am swallowing glass. Wondering why this pain came back 😥. Has anyone else had this 3 weeks later??? Am desperate to get better

  129. I’m 17 years old and on Day 7 of recovery – the ear ache was no where near this bad until about Day 5 where the pain seemed to be 100 times worse than it was the previously (although the other side effects were worst on Day 3/4, which have been my worst days overall so far). I use a small hot water bottle one the worst ear, and chew gum non-stop.
    The pain subsides after about an hour, but even eating something soft like a yogurt causes it to come back, and it literally feels like someone shot through my ear drum. Wondering how much longer this is going to last.

    1. I am in the same boat you are, on day 6. Nothing makes the ear pain go away. I went to the Dr. Today and he started me on a steroid, but nothing wrong with ny ears he said. the only thing that has helped with the ears at all was making a trip to the chiropractor. We are fortunate enough to have a great one here in my small town so I figured I would try that. I was there about an hour ago and can’t believe the releif I have felt. I can move my neck around without pain and even swolling liquids doesn’t hurt my ears, yeah it still is tender on my throat but the ear pain is almost completely gone. I have cried multiple timesin the last 48 hours because the pain in my ears was so bad and nothing helped. My son called my mom and told her to come over because he had only seen me cry one time and that was when I blew out my knee and he was scared because I was crying on the couch, he is 9. After my alignment at the chiropractor my ears feel 100% better, hopefully it lasts a while

  130. I’m 24 and on day 5 post-op. I’m able to eat but nothing substantial really. I’ve been lucky and able to eat shredded chicken and soft veggies, things like that. But I woke up on day 3 with some of the worst pain I’ve ever felt. My ears hurt so bad, it feels like there is water in my ears almost, though I’ve been checked and there isn’t.

    Nothing helps the ear pain at all. I take Tylenol or IBprophane, but it just helps with the throat pain.

    My ear pain doesn’t ever seem to go away.

    Idk what else to do, I’ve tryed everything everyone here has said for the ear pain bug nothing has worked.

    I just want this over and done 🙁

    1. I am in the same boat you are, on day 6. Nothing makes the ear pain go away. I went to the Dr. Today and he started me on a steroid, but nothing wrong with ny ears he said. the only thing that has helped with the ears at all was making a trip to the chiropractor. We are fortunate enough to have a great one here in my small town so I figured I would try that. I was there about an hour ago and can’t believe the releif I have felt. I can move my neck around without pain and even swolling liquids doesn’t hurt my ears, yeah it still is tender on my throat but the ear pain is almost completely gone. I have cried multiple timesin the last 48 hours because the pain in my ears was so bad and nothing helped. My son called my mom and told her to come over because he had only seen me cry one time and that was when I blew out my knee and he was scared because I was crying on the couch, he is 9. After my alignment at the chiropractor my ears feel 100% better, hopefully it lasts a while

  131. Hello fellow tonsil-less adults my name is Malaiya and I’m 17 years old. It’s been absolutely horrible dealing with the recovery but the ear pain is definitely the worst factor. Reading through all of the comments has actually made me feel better knowing that I’m not the only one going through this. All of the helpful remedies are greatly appreciated as well I’m about to try the rice bag method and I hope it AIDS in some relief. Stay in there everyone we can get through this!!

  132. Hello all! I am a male(32 years young) who just had his tonsillectomy. Im on day 8. I have to confess..this pain is sky high! I have a pretty decent pain threshold but this ear and throat pain is way beyond anything i could ever imagine. The meds the doc gave me just made me sick, dizzy, and plugged up. After the second day i stopped using the prescription meds and started using extra strength tylenol and ibpropfen. They work well but i think i may have went over the daily limit a few times. Days 1-3 were really easy. I ate pudding and broth. My beverages of choice were gatorade and more broth. Day 4-8 have been hell on earth!!! The pain literally feels like i was tied down on the ground and a very experienced construction worker jackhammered my ears for a full 12 hour shift!!!!!! Im ready for the pain to subside. It doesnt even to go completely away…just drop from 100 to maybe 10 on a 1-10 pain scale!! Ive tried everything for the ear pain. The ice bag works pretty well. I did fall asleep for about 20 mins last night with it on my neck and it felt great. Im wondering why nobody has tried the numbing ear drops for ear pain. Is that a bad idea?

    Thanks for your time. Ive read all the other comments and it helps me feel better.

    1. Hi jadori
      Im a 24 yr old female who has just had my second tonsillectomy.All I can say is thank you so much for writing this!.When I was 8 (my first tonsillectomy) I don’t rememeber these symptoms besides vomitting and bleeding.it was great to find this as I am having a completely different experience this time . I am currently on day 8 after op and have had the exact same experience fine day 1-3 but meds doing nothing but causing more grief.now the ear ache kicked in around day 4-5 and doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere!! Thank you for making me feel better about this 🙂

  133. Im 32 years old and had a full tonsillectomy on 3/31. The first 2 days werent too bad. Had time swallowing, and some pain in roof of my mouth and tongue, but nothing too bad. 3rd day was bad, very bad. Bad ear pain, no relief from pain meds and dr wont allow any more pain meds. Hardly any sleep from coughing last night. This is Day 4, can swallow a bit better, still having throbbing ear pain ( putting cotton in my ears helps a bit). I have lost 10 lbs so far and im HUNGRY! Just want to be able to eat without any pain or feeling of choking and to be able to get full! Still isnt the most painful surgery i have had. Just gotta keep on going!

  134. I am a 56 yo woman who had one enlarged tonsil removed last Friday, 4/1. Surgery went very well, and I have not experienced the amount of throat pain that I anticipated. My problem is the ear pain! Prescribed oxycodone 10 mls barely touches it, but puts me to sleep, which is somewhat of a relief. I will be trying the remedies mentioned here for some added relief. Can’t wait for this to be over…good luck everyone!

    1. I had mine done Friday the 1st too. Day one was such a breeze. Tuesday I threw up a ton have had shooting ear pain since. This is miserable. I also have lost 15 lbs since Friday. I’m a 22 year old female by the way

      1. Ooh, I’m sorry Ericca…throwing up had to be the worst! My ear pain is still there, 10 days later. Seeing my dr. for follow-up on Tuesday….hoping she can give me some hope of this pain ending soon…how are you doing?

  135. Man oh man. The pain!! I had my tonsillectomy on Good Friday, March 25th. I tolerated the procedure pretty well, but my problem is the ear pain. I noticed the ear pain is more intense on the left side, which is where I had the largest tonsil. When I swallow, it is very intense. I have still been icing my throat, and had to increase my pain meds. When does this end?? I honestly thought I would be better off by now. Will email my doctor today because I’m becoming concerned.

  136. I’m a 52 year old female who just had my tonsils removed March 30th. My biggest problem thus far has been how huge my Uvula and tongue became. In recovery they gave me steroids via my IV and then they gave me Benadryl about an hour later thinking I was having an allergic reaction to something, I wasn’t, my Uvula has been so swollen I can’t drink anything without getting strangled. The only way I can get medications down is putting it in either maltomeal, pudding or ice cream. Also, horrible ear pain in both ears and pain when I swallow. By far, uvula, tongue then ears have been the worst.

  137. Hello I am 52 yr young female went under knife last Friday morning (good Friday ) 3/25/16. Today’ my ears started popping and the pain is so intense a 12 out of 1-10😱. Going to try the rice because hydrocofone 5/325 isnt touching the pain. I want to know when will i start to get some relief.. I ice all day and night and living on ice chips. What can I eat that’s not going to affect my scabs ?? Need help

    1. Hi Sammy, I just had the procedure done last Wednesday and I’m on day 10. The ear pain will most likely remain for another week or so as well as the throat pain. Make sure to drink and eat lots of liquids because this will help your wounds to heal more quickly and the recovery will take less time. Foods and drinks that helped me were sweet potatoes, sorbet, chicken broth, miso soup, and 7up. Make sure to drink as much water as you can, even though it doesn’t go down very smoothly.
      I hope this helps. I can tell you personally that the pain does get better and you will see a huge shift in the next few days– just make sure to take care of your body.

  138. I am on day 11 post op. I am 31 years old. Day 1-9 were excruciating. Pain medication given from hospital never totally relieved the pain, only made it possible for me to eat and drink at their height of relief with copable pain. Day 5 plus I suffered from terrible ear pains in both ears, mainly right hand side. Nothing eased it. Sitting up from laying down was agony in the ears. Day 7 I spontaneously haemmoraged and had to be rushed to hospital. This happened 3 times. Each time I lost a lot of blood and choked on huge blood clots. Day 12 I still feel ill due to constant pain and ingesting lots of blood. I am glad I never ever have to have this operation again.

  139. Holy ear pain! I am 24 years old and am on day 5. The ear pain really kicked in yesterday and my prescription pain medication did nothing to help. I tried peppermint oil, ice, laying down, sitting up, and nothing relieved it. I found this site and heated a rice bag in the microwave and oh my goodness! It felt wonderful! I haven’t tried gum, as I don’t have any but the heat help a TON!

    1. Like a cooked bag of rice? My little sister is on day 4 post op and nothing seems to be helping. Thought we’d try this (:

      1. Fill a fabric bag or a thick sock with uncooked rice, warm in microwave for 30-60 seconds. Then apply to the pained area. It’s a very pliable heat pack – works if you toss it in the freezer too.

    2. Caitlyn,

      I am 21 and I am currently on day 05 and have radiating ear pain and can’t sleep. Even the prescribed Percocet isn’t doing the trick. How was the pain on day 06-08 for you? When did you honestly start to feel better?


  140. Stabbing ear pain was BRUTAL post-op for my adenotonsillectomy (that is tonsillectomy w/ adenoids removed at same time). No one warned me or mentioned how I could manage it (as stated above with chewing gum and/or heating pads) but I survived somehow. That said, it was hands down, the most intense, relentless, and overwhelming pain I’ve ever experienced & lasted for a solid 2 weeks. The liquid hydrocodone did not alleviate it but did take the edge off of it…..but my mom had to get the nurse to approve bumping my dose up to every 3 hrs vs the standard 4. All in all….surgery was totally worth it—-my throat never hurt AT ALL during recovery & chronic strep/tonsillitis&bronchitis became a distant memory. I literally NEVER get sick now….had the surgery on my 20th bday & 16 years later, I’m still the only person in the group who doesn’t get the “office cold”, have never once had the flu, and just honestly can say “I just don’t get sick.” (Totally different story in my childhood…..lived with Strep throat, ear infections, then as I got older, chronic tonsillitis that always turned into bronchitis very quickly). Wish I would’ve had the surgery YEARS AGO!!!

  141. I’m 30 years old and I’m on day 7 after surgery and still can not eat and barely drink. This is the worse pain ever, I can’t even function and my pain meds are barely doing any thing for the pain. What has kind of helped is sleeping in my recliner and having ice chips. On day 4 I was so dehydrated I was taken to ER and I felt better but shortly after coming home pain meds wore off and not being able to swallow. My most pain that hurts is my ears and jaw and throat, ugh this is terrible, I’m praying for a little releaf.

    1. Hang in there Amanda!! Push for more pain meds & STAY HYDRATED! Try CEPACOL numbing lozenges and force yourself to eat a few Popsicles/day. I know the ear pain is un-fing-believable but it WILL vanish around day 9 or 10. As for eating regular food…..took me an entire month-6 weeks to even feel up to it…..everything still felt too raw back there & I was afraid of bleeding. So, I lived off of soup and ice cream and lost about 15 lbs without even trying. (Hell, I earned it with al that pain!!). Good luck!!

      1. 23rd I had tonsillectomy after operation I was on a IV drip over night felt sick 3 times I can’t eat much as everytime I do it hurts biteing I’ve lost weight which is good I was in hospital for couple of days as they were worried as my selling in throat blocked my airways and I was tacky cardic 120 hopefully I will be better

  142. I’m 20 years old and I’m on day 7. My throat is no longer the major problem now, although the left side is still pretty sore. Its my ears, especially my left ear. I find taking ibuprofen helps a lot, takes away all the pain but only for a few hours. The worst is in the morning after I wake up. The pain is excruciating, I can’t talk or open my mouth at all. I still can’t eat, haven’t eaten in a week and have lost 5kgs but thats to be expected. Im counting down the days I can eat copious amounts of pizza haha!

    Also doing a warm salt water gargle I have found has helped a lot with the healing. I started doing it on day 5 and seen massive improvements.

  143. I’m 16 and had my surgery on Monday, it’s Friday now and I’ve had the most excruciating ear pain ever since I returned home from hospital however last night it rapidly worsened. Cold and warm compresses don’t seem to aid the issue just numb my face. My ears (especially my left) hurt constantly and swallowing and chewing makes it so much worse. If anyone could PLEASE tell me a way to relieve the pain besides medication (because it never fully fixes the problem) it would be greatly appreciated as this is my second surgery in the past 3 months and I’m sick to death of the constant pain post op.

    1. I’m 16 and got my surgery on Tuesday. The medications they gave me do nearly nothing. I am now very anorexic looking because I haven’t eaten at all. I can’t; It hurts and I choke, and I can’t fit anything down my throat or in my mouth. I’m taking it very bad because I am very fragile. It is horrible and I’m right there with you. The advice on this page is probably the best you’ll get, I’ve tried to find other information but couldn’t. I hope you heal fast and get better soon!

      1. Ask your dr. if you can take prednisone. My daughter was in same condition and it helped a lot . after one day she could eat and drink much better. 😊

  144. Hello I am Jazzmyn. I am 11 years old it my 5th day after surgery. My pain is horrifying. My ear ache started 3 days ago I woke up in the middle of the night is so much pain and I still do. I cry and I cry. I have tried everything but the only things what seen to help me was, Heating Pad, Cotton balls in my ears, Sometimes tynol would help but not always and chewing gum. I am very sorry for everyone who went or who is going through this. This part of it is VERY HARD.

  145. I am on day 5 since my surgery and nights 4 and currently night 5 is horrible! The ear pain is my biggest pain so far. Getting out of bed and sitting up on the couch trying to sleep propped up is the only relief (past hydrocodon) that I have found so far. I thought i was having an easy recovery until day 4 came and WOW! The war stories I heard about this surgery ain’t no joke! I’m so ready to get this over with!

  146. I am 17, and had my surgery Nov. 20th. The day of and after were my two easiest days. Of course I was still coming down from my surgery medications (anesthesia, etc). The next three days after that were the worst! Constant war pain, a part of my mouth where my nerve is next to my tongue has not be cauterized (OUCH!) so that is causing severe burning, irritation, and of course: ear pain. I went through my entire bottle of liquid hyrocodone by day 5, and since day 6 was thanksgiving, I definitely could not eat. Day 7 the refills my prescription with Percocet, and that is doing less of a job than the Hydrocodone. The only time I’m in no pain is when I sleep, which is (if I’m lucky) 4 to 5 hours a night, because I have not been able to fall asleep from my meds unless I force myself. I always end up waking up in the middle of the night with the worst of the pain, all from the one spot not cauterized, even saliva burns. The throat and “tonsil” area do not hurt at all! Aside from the swelling the first couple of days, and when my throat is dry. I have so far lost 24 lbs because i cannot eat through the pain. When I do try, it causes the ear pains and burning of the uncauterized area. If that were to have been cauterized, I’m sure my post opp would have went fantastically!!

  147. Hi, I am 17 and currently on day 4 of Tonsillectomy recovery. The most helpful thing for me so far has been shaved ice. the ice machine was $30 and it is soooo worth it. I highly recommend. It helps you stay hydrated while also numbing your throat, jaw, and ears. Blend some watermelon and put on top for flavor/ extra nutrients. Also helpful for me, chicken broth!!

  148. Its been 5 days since my tonsillectomy. The first 2 days I was fine and had hardly any pain at all. Around the 3rd day I started getting more pain in my throat and the 4th day the pain when I swallowed and in my ear was unbearable. I remembered from awhile back when I was in the hospital that they make their own heat compresses. I read a lot that these help but I didn’t have any heating pads. All you do is get a washcloth wet, wring it out, place it in a sandwich bag, heat it in the microwave for 45 sec (be careful when removing as its hot), and then wrap it in a larger dish towel. I then just placed it on my ear or throat and it’s helped so much! For the throat pain I found that chicken broth helps a ton. It loosens up the mucus in the back of the throat and moisturizes the scabs. Almost WVERYTHING I ate or drank caused me horrible pain except the broth. The salt in it helps prevent infection and healing also.

  149. I’m 20 and on day 5 of post opp and the ear pain is horrible. I found just using cotton to lightly plug up my ears has helped. Also I was able to eat somewhat of a normal meal today (taking small bites to avoid discomfort).

  150. My ear pain, behind my ear is so bad. I don’t know what to do. I never new the pain would b this bad all around. I wouldn’t do it again that’s fur sure

  151. Day 10 post op. The ear pain still wakes me & is the worst at night!!! I have been using Chloraseptic max sore throat plus with coating protection, it stops the ear & throat pain for about an hour. Good luck

  152. Thank you so much for mentioning the Vicks. I am on day 8 of recovery and it’s 1AM and my throat only bothers me when I speak, but my ears have been keeping me miserable 24/7. The pain didn’t completely go away, but it is now manageable. I recommend this trick to anyone who’s ears have been giving them pain.

  153. I am on day 6- I was in hospital yesterday with horrendous ear pain. I could cope with the throat if it was only that. I feel like my medication just isn’t working with all of this ear pain. I am going to try the vic now-I really hope it helps! X

  154. Try rubbing Vicks or deep heat behind your ears because that helped for me. It only lasts for about 20 minutes and then the pain comes back slowly but just keep applying it and it will help relive the pain.

    I also tried hot showers and baths but it only takes the pain away from maybe 2 minutes and then it’s back. I recommend the Vicks!

    1. I cannot thank you enough! Vicks was a life saver for me! I had the worst ear pain yesterday and it has been the only thing to relieve it and have me 10 HOURS sleep wooo!!
      Now my ear pain only kicks in when i swallow, which sucks, but you know what its better than what it was. Hopefully tomorrow will be the day that I return to feeling normal and I am so excited for it! Roll on Day 9!

  155. Omg I am on day 8 and finally my pain is slowing down. I’m off the meds and eating soft foods which is ultimately making my mood waaaay better. Unfortunately my ears are driving me crazy! I had the same ear pain as everyone posting here when my throat was bad, but that seems to have gone as the pain has left… I have, however, had THE WORST pressure in my right ear all day and night and it’s driving me crazy.. It’s like I need to pop my ear but I can’t. Has anyone else experienced this? Could this be due to the adenoidectomy? It’s so so annoying I can’t even breathe without feeling it. Please anyone else that can help… Help! 🙁

  156. After spending a year trying the Ayurvedic approach to health, where one balances the body through knowing your body type and then eating accordingly, I have seen some great results. Warm sesame oil is used medicinally in the ear to help alleviate pressure from going on a flight, etc.

    I am on day 6 of my post op for tonsillectomy, age 42. My ear(s) started hurting yesterday but today is worse, especially on the right side. Applying drops of warmed sesame oil, warmed in a small pot over another pot containing water is a great way to help your ears!! I didn’t have to think much about what to do, as I have done this before in my ayurvedic treatments prescribed by my ayurvedic doctor. To do this home treatment: warm the oil so that it is a nice warm feeling on your skin. ALWAYS test a drop next to your ear to see if it is too hot. Do not put hot oil in your ear ever, just warmed. The warm oil can be dropped into your ear as you lay on your side with a towel under your head. Have some tissues ready in case the oil drips down your face, as you will feel the ear plug with oil and then top it off until you can feel it begin to drip out. Ahhh! Now that is a calming experience…just lay there for 10 minutes. Put a cotton ball in if you want and then switch sides. When you are done with 10 minutes on the other side, you are ready to let it all out. Do not hold oil in your ear longer, as the oil has already nourished the tissues of the ear. You can do this twice a day, and maybe even three times.
    Sesame oil is traditionally used in Ayurveda for it’s warming and healing qualities. For another relaxing and nourishing body experience, rub in sesame oil to your entire body, bottoms of feet and head included, then take a warm/hot shower, no soap, except hair, and then just pat dry. You will feel good. I’ve been doing this also to help my body relax and heal during this post op time. Hope this helps.

  157. 5 days post-op here. (21 years old) What’s weird is that I only have pain in my left side. My right side feels completely normal. I think I’m going to try the decongestants because I have a lot of phlegm for some reason and it’s such a pain to swallow and it’s so difficult to spit out. I was hesitant to mix any other medicine with the Norco (hydrocodone mixed with paracetamol) the doctor prescribed me, but it has done SQUAT for the burning pain in my ears and throat. The pain feels like it’s more between my nose and my ears. My mother told me to try the oil in the ear trick but I was paranoid of a nose/throat bleed because the nurse said that I couldn’t even take a hot shower, let alone allow something warm near my ear drum. Now that I see you guys have been experimenting with warm compresses, etc, I’m gonna give the oil trick a go. I guess I should grab some gum too. Thank you guys so much for these tips because eating has been limited to two Popsicles a day, if I can withstand the pain. Mostly, I’ll stop halfway through and try again later because it burns so terribly. I really hope it get better soon.

    1. My 5 year old daughter is now 9 days post op and the ear pain is getting the best of her. For the throat pain, numbing suckers were great but now we are struggling on the ears with just Tylenol as she hates the way the hydrocodone makes her feel. Hang in there!

  158. DO NOT GARGLE!!!!!!!!1! I REPEAT DO NOT GARGLE!!!!!! And aplying a cool ice pack to the back of your neck will relieve some of the pain.

  159. I just discovered something. I’m having constant ear pain. Covering the ears really helps. I’ve never been a person to wear ear coverings, but it works. I’m wearing those that look like a headband. They make them for men, too. The fleece ones seem to be the best.

  160. Dealing with post-tonsillectomy EAR PAIN!

    Since this has been the worst pain and yet surprisingly easy to remedy for me, I thought I would share my experience, as my treatment has not been mentioned much on different forums I’ve researched. I hope this helps save some folks from the intense ear pain!

    I suffered from intense shooting, stabbing ear pains for three years before having my tonsils removed. In hindsight, I wish I would have known about the referred ear pain, because I probably would have realized my ears were hurting due to my tonsils and their cryptic party friends!

    On day 3/4 when the first twinge of pain released in my ears, I had a ceiling fan going in the living room. The breeze from it, combined with the pain for swallowing socked me so hard in the ear that I yelped and grabbed my ear! As a child, my mom always put “sweet oil” or mineral oil in our ears when they ached. So, in a desperate hurry, I found mineral oil and a dropper.

    You can buy sweet oil at a pharmacy. I found I had to ask them for it and it was behind the counter. Or, you can use mineral oil found in the laxatives section, and I even read one post of using olive oil. The sweet oil comes in a bottle with a medicine dropper, so it is more convenient, however, I was desperate and had two pharmacy techs just give me medicine droppers for free to go with the mineral oil.

    The key is you need the oil to be warm so it can soothe the tissue in the ear. DONT heat the oil– heat a small bowl of water and place the jar or small cup of oil down in the water to warm it. Get some cotton balls. Pull off a small piece that will fit in your ear and twist it kind of like a wick to fit down into your ear. Lean your head so you can drop the oil into the ear canal until you can hear/feel that it is full. Move your ear around to loosen any air bubbles. Hold your nose and swallow (if you can tolerate it) to release any excess air in your ear to allow the oil to settle. Push the cotton wick in until it soaks up and expands down in your ear. Cap it off with an additional larger piece of cotton to ward off breezes or air flow. Do this in both ears. When you need to add oil, simply take off the cap cotton, add more warm oil to the wick already in your ear, and the oil will follow it down into your ear! This is my mom’s way of describing what her doctor told her to do years ago during a terrible ear infection.

    He reasoning is this, and it only makes sense: the ear tissue is irritated and dry, is being expanded and contracted by the swelling in the throat. When those irritated tissues move from swallowing, ear pressure, air flow, crying, etc., they rub against each other causing agony! Lubricating the tissues with the sweet oil allows them to not only be soothed, but to move freely against one another when you chew, swallow, etc. those nerve endings need relief too!

    Of course, after a day or two and after showering, you’ll need to replace your wicks for new ones. But this has been the best thing for me. If I remove one just to listen for even a little while, the intense ear and throat pain returns In a few minutes, especially if the fan is on! This has even soothed the intense pain right after waking up when I sip a drink of too cold water!

    I also applied heat packs to my ears and cold packs to my throat, but trust me when I tell you, the oil in my ears has made a HUGE DIFFERENCE! I have been able to eat well for the most part because when I chew, air bubbles aren’t moving in and out of my ears and the tissue isn’t rubbing on itself.

    Please try and let me know if this works for you! I think this is a very valuable piece of information, as I have seen SO many people tormented by the ear pain, especially when the scabs start coming off! I welcome any questions, as I am only on day 9 of recovery and still can’t sleep well. I find reading and posting and sharing with others going through this ordeal is more helpful than watching mindless tv all day!

    Questions, comments, I am willing to help anyone after how bad I know my ears have felt! Angel

    1. Look at an anatomy book! Placing oil in the ear will not “lubricate anything that would be “rubbing together”! There is a reason this was an OLD home remedy!modern medicine has seen many harmful results from the old warm oil in the ear! It is a breeding ground for bacteria! Especially with a wick that is left in place for days!!! OMG!
      I know the pain is severe. I gave my daughter a set of earplugs. Think thatt will ease it some.

    2. I was wondering when I would read about someone using sweet oil! My grandpa is the one who told me to do it and lord already I see a huge difference!!

  161. Hi, I am on day 9 after a tonsillectomy and have found something that helps -a lot- with my ear pain is to rub pure Lavender essential oil around my ear concentrating more on the bottom half, then rub the oil from the ear down the line of the cheekbone across the face towards the corner of the mouth and again from the ear down the line of the jaw to the chin. No harm in a few drops from the ear down the neck across the throat too.
    I find it gets the pain under control very quickly while the pain meds kick in, I am in Australia and am alternating taking Panadeine Forte and Nurofen Plus.
    Hope this works for others too, good luck with your recovery.

  162. I’m on Day 10 of a tonsillectomy and sinus surgery (they also used a retractor on me, so my jaw hurts, too). I have taken to wetting and freezing q-tips and put them down my ears. It is a very very intense momentary relief, and it also lifts your spirits (my 3 and 6 year olds thought mommy was a little crazy), but after all that pain, a little levity couldn’t hurt. You can also run the q-tips around the back of your ears and press down against your jaw bone. I also keep a hand full of “teething rings” from when my kids were small in the freezer. They are great for emergencies, and freeze up really quickly. You can keep a few of these on rotation, especially for the back of your ears and jaw. Hope this helps.

  163. I am 40 years old. I had my tonsillectomy on 1/31/14. I have had a rough time with the healing going into my throat. It feels like there are stitches in my throat…if I try to eat…I feel like food gets stuck in that area and then the ear pain begins. Does anyone have any helpful tips about how to help this heal quicker? Has anyone else had th is problem?

  164. this website seems to be the best that ive looked at. i am 14 years old and am on day 4, my ear pain has been the wrost! i find it hurts more than my throat, it hurts the most in the morning and evening. i really hope the gum chewing and heat helps! i have been taking tylenol extra strength and advil every 4 hours and it seems to be helping but not as much as i would like it too, but thank you for this info it was very helpful!

  165. I’m on day 7 after my tonsillectomy and my ear pain started to hit on day 4. It is insanely painful. I couldn’t handle the percocet (throwing up for the 12 hours following surgery disabused me of any thoughts of taking that) so I’m taking motrin and tylenol alternatingly, every 4 hours or so. I’ve been a bit more fortunate than a lot of people in these forums because I’ve been able to eat decent meals for the past couple of days. Yesterday I made salmon and zucchini and it was delicious!! Someone wrote to eat ice cream – don’t do it! Do sorbet instead. Such sweet relief 🙂
    For my ear ache I’ve been taking my pain meds, obviously, but also a decongestant (with the logic that the pain was coming from fluid buildup). It helps a LOT. I have taken the off-the-shelf decongestants that you can take every 4 hours, but honestly, what helps the most is the behind the counter stuff with pseudoephedrin. Just thought I’d share!

    1. I use ice on the outside of my neck over where it is most painful. Also, DO NOT IRRIGATE THE HOLES IN YOUR THROAT WHERE THE TONSILS WERE. This will increase the ear pain. If food gets stuck, just drink water normally. This will dislodge some of the material and some of it will work out on its own. Sherbert and anything cold will help. Ricola cough drops have helped me and I am 10 days post op.

  166. My ear pain started at 1am this morning. I’m on day 5 after surgery and I’m having the worst time. I took my prescribed pain medication and it didn’t help one bit. I almost passed out from the pain and I was crying so hard until 4am. I finally fell asleep and when I woke up this morning the pain was back so I did what any 23 year old would do, texted my mom haha. She advised me to wrap a towel around my head and use my blowdryer on my ears on medium cause the heat would help the pain and she was right (I didn’t have any heating pads on deck). I’ve been doing that on and off all day as the ear pain starts to get worse but I just saw what you posted about chewing gum. I was hesitant because my tongue is still numb and my teeth have been so sensitive but my teeth adjusted after about 30 seconds and the chewing gum really seems to be helping. Thanks for this website, it’s helped me through this painful time a lot.

  167. Maybe I’m a bit different than your average person, but I have been coping with ear pain by using external ice packs…I put it in the crook of my neck and lean my head on it so it ices both my throat and my ear at the same time. I get such relief from this that I actually can fall asleep for the 20 minutes or so that I’m doing it!

  168. Heat packs definitely help with the ear pain! I’m on day 6 and the worst part for me so far is the ear pain- particularly in the mornings and evenings, I constantly have a heat pack on each ear and it really does help!

  169. Thanks Danyelle. Hope you get feeling better soon! I appreciate all of your comments- It’s what brings this site to life- an amazing community!

  170. Excellent research Greg! I hope you’ve received some awards for this website. Seriously it has been a blessing to me! I just sent my boyfriend to the store for some gum, it feels like I’m on an airplane, my ears hurt bad. What has kept the edge off for me is just sitting up. Especially after drinking or (attempting) to eat anything. The days that I fell asleep laying flat were the worst, I spoke with a nurse who said the acid from my empty stomach went up my esophagus to my wounds, irritating it more, which leads to my ears. Thanks again Greg.

      1. Hello .
        Any suggestions I just got my tonsils out last Monday I am 25 . I was fine until about 4 days into it this is the 7 my ears hurt and my throat hurt !! What can I do I’ve been trying Tylenol and heat packs and drinking more but it doesn’t help!!!

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