good tonsillectomy experience

Tonsillectomy Recovery Concerns

Hello everybody, I previously wrote, but am having concerns after my procedure. I had my surgery on the 31, and […]

good tonsillectomy experience

Good Tonsillectomy Story at 16

Levi Tells a Tonsillectomy Success Story So for about 12 years I’ve had tonsil stones, and they have only gotten […]

good tonsillectomy experience

Child Tonsillectomy

Five Year Old tonsillectomy and Recovery This is the story of my five year old’s surgery. May 18th, she was […]

Tonsillectomy bleeding

Tonsillectomy Days 1 – 9

Dustin’s Story I had my tonsillectomy on May 18, 2018 and am now on recovery day 9. Overall I think […]

good tonsillectomy experience

44 year old tonsillectomy.

am a 44-yr-old female with no history of major surgeries other than wisdom teeth removal. It’s been 9 days since […]

Tonsillectomy at Age 30

Anthony’s Recovery Story Man what a crazy last couple weeks. I am 30 years old and this has been the […]

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